Palestinian Missiles Rain Down On Israel Injuring 4 IDF Soldiers

Violence spewed out of the Gaza Strip again Saturday night, Nov. 10, with a rocket attack on an IDF Givaty Brigade jeep on a routine task some distance from...
Target: Israel


Violence spewed out of the Gaza Strip again Saturday night, Nov. 10, with a rocket attack on an IDF Givaty Brigade jeep on a routine task some distance from the border, injuring four Israeli soldiers – one critically, two in moderate condition.


Target: Israel

This time Hamas’ contractor was the Palestinian Popular Front. After Israeli tanks and helicopters fired back, the Palestinians loosed rockets against the Eshkol and Shear Hanegev districts, followed by Grad rockets aimed at Ashkelon, Ashdod and Gan Yavneh. Iron Dome intercepted two. Locations north of Ashdod as far north as Gedera went on missile alert. No more casualties are reported thus far.

Thursday, Nov. 8, Palestinian terrorists detonated by remote a tunnel packed with explosives  against a group of Israeli soldiers. None were hurt. The soldiers were searching for bombs rigged as booby-traps for use against their comrades. IDF units in the Gaza sector have been on high alert since before then as Palestinian attacks have kept on coming in an escalating spate – eight from Oct. 8 until this Saturday.

But before that, on Oct. 6, two days after an Iranian stealth drone flew over Israel, Hamas loosed its heaviest barrage ever of 60 rockets and missiles against the Eshkol district. The IDF made no response this this outrage.

On Oct. 13, after an Israeli air strike killed the jihadist Majlis Shura’s commander, Hisham Saidani, Israeli civilians in Beersheba, Netivot and other locations suffered two running days of Palestinian rocket fire on their homes.

On Oct. 19, an IDF patrol was hit by a roadside bomb near Ein Hashlosha. For three days, Oct. 22-25, rocket salvoes descended on Ashkelon and other locations. This time, the Palestinians began firing for the first time mobile 120mm multiple-firing “Katyusha” systems. Another roadside bomb near Kissufim seriously injured a senior IDF officer, blowing off both his arms..

There was a further escalation after the Israeli bombardment of an Iranian missile plant near Khartoum, one of Hamas’ arms suppliers. On Oct. 28, Palestinian Grad missiles were again fired at Beersheba and the regional area of Dimona where Israel’s nuclear reactor is situated.

Now, once again, nearly a million civilians living within the Palestinian terrorists’ ever widening radius of fire are being told to stay close to shelters – those who have them – and mayors worry about opening schools.

And once again, they hear that the Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has called an urgent conference with Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz. The people living in an area between Gedera and the southern tip of the Gaza Strip up to Beersheba wait again on tenterhooks for some action to put an end to their long agony as hostages to Hamas. source – DEBKA

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  • I pray for Israel. My heart goes out to Israel, but I trust God to protect Israel. To many Americans it is hard to see our alley in this situation, and we as Israel’s alley should be there for Israel.

  • Chris

    They need to go in and destroy this pathetic excuse for a nation. Israel goes and bombs these people when they hurt 4 or 5 of their soldiers. We let 4 die and our pathetic president doesn’t do one thing. God bless you Israel and I am for whatever course of action you take.

  • I get a post from “Christians United For Israel”: I’ve lost count of the hundreds of missiles that have been fired into Israel from Gaza since the summer. This is NEVER reported in the liberal media. They don’t want America to think the “Palestinians” are anything but poor, harmless, peaceful people! This is the first I have heard that Iran has drones – thanks to Obama! He could have had the drone they shot down destroyed, instead he let them have it! He truly IS trying to help his Muslim brethren. We know the Lord protects Israel. We know the end of the story. What we don’t know is how far away the end is, and how many will suffer unspeakable horror before the end is here. The Bible says no one knows, not even the Angels, when Christ will come again. We must continue our lives, expectantly, positively, sharing our faith. I’m listening for a Mighty Shout…..

    • Here is the fact:
      We have a Muslim in power, in the White House controlling our military.
      Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian, controlling him.

      WE are like the Germans in WW II, we will pay for the sins of our leaders.

      Those acts of arming Al Quida, as -0- has done,[our ememy], will come upon all America.

      Prepare your hearts and lives.

      Turn off the Propaganda Media this country has and find other sources. Canada will report facts, right now.

      Seek the truth through other sources than the US media.

      God bless you, Prepare beloved.


  • Lord, be with Israel at this time and protect them from their enemies! Let the Obadiah war begin and let Israel regain all the land you gave to them by covenant. Destroy their enemies and bring them peace! May The Lord Jesus keep you and watchover you and bring you Peace Israel!

  • democraticly speaking

    Obama wins Florida, topping Romney in final tally 332-206….now let’s defeat Israel enemies

    • Just as Communist groups from WWll ddid to the people of Germany, we have been fed lies. This election in America was stolen from the People. The People were awake! We voted overwhelmingly for a new leader!
      (Computer generated numbers were placed to swing our votes).
      It is well documented; yet the opposing party lays blame on so many issues. DO NOT BELIEVE THE REPORTS.

      Americans voted to oust the current government. WE have been denied this vote and DECEIVED.

      No one in the world will come to our aid.

      America has fallen.


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  • democraticly speaking

    So are you saying….if mitt romney had won ….the media still shouldn’t be trusted….or is it just because president Barack Obama was victorious? Even fox news said president Barack Obama won fair….true he is not the GOD fearing leader we need…But we didn’t have much to work with…so judgment is inevitable

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  • Pingback: Palestinian Missiles Rain Down On Israel Injuring 4 IDF Soldiers « SHOFAR 37()


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