Obama’s Plan To Bring 50 Million Muslim Immigrants To America

The shocking plan by Obama to first grant amnesty to the 12 million illegal immigrants already in this country, and then, to bring in an estimated 50 million Muslim...

The United Muslim States of Americanistan


The shocking plan by Obama to first grant amnesty to the 12 million illegal immigrants already in this country, and then, to bring in an estimated 50 million Muslim immigrants to change the voting blocs that exists now.

That would allow the Muslims to take over legally, by voting their way in. Not a shot would have to be fired.

Is it true?…could this really be happening?

Watch and decide for yourself…




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  • Good gravies.. if this happens.. shira law would become effective and Obama would allow USA be destroyed because we killed bin Laden.

  • Suenell

    Even so, come Lord Jesus!

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  • The nauseous, nervous feeling I got when I read this felt familiar. After thinking about it for a little bit, I remembered where I felt it before: recently I had a dream where it was announced that the Muslims had won and taken over the US. That feeling is hard to describe. It’s some kind of combination between “What now?” “Not many people realize how devastating this will be” and “When is Jesus coming to get us? I hope it’s soon!”

    I know the bible says not to worry, but it’s getting harder and harder. I worry more for my unsaved friends than for myself. I just keep praying.

    “I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
    where does my help come from?
    My help comes from the LORD,
    the Maker of heaven and earth.

    He will not let your foot slip—
    he who watches over you will not slumber;
    indeed, he who watches over Israel
    will neither slumber nor sleep.”
    Psalm 121:1-4

    • My wife had a similiar vision as well. I’m not going to debate the rapture or anything like that, but just make sure to not despair if the events of the end times happen and we’re still here. I used to believe pre-trib myself, but now because of my studies believe mid-trib, though I have no problem when people believe pre-trib except that I do have concern that some may end up in denial if the anti-christ rises up in full force and the judgments start and Christians are still here.

    • I love what you posted!!! Keep the faith friend!!!! Just remember that whatever happens it has already filtered through God’s fingers first!!!

  • Man are you people ever sheep. As if America even has space for an additional 50 million or work, lol.

    I cant believe you all get so hyped up on bullsh!t from the zionist media.

    Sharia law is for Muslims only so Christians have no need to worry & American Law & the Constitution both forbid any laws usurping American law so to worry is ridiculous & the more I learn about America, the more I feel embarrassed for you all because you all seem so stupid to believe all the hype……..

    • Wow are you ever misinformed. Sharia mostly has to do with the non-Muslim and how to deal with them. The constitution is under assault as we speak from Sharia compliance all over the country. Get your facts straight before you open your mouth to such nonsense. And you should feel embarrassed by your own stupidity rather than people around you who actually know whats going on, and not what the leftists tell you is NOT going on… you dolt. Why dont you pull up a chair to the kiddie table and let the adults finish the conversation.

  • Unfortunately if you don’t believe this could happen at all you are the foolish one my friend. We live in very strange times. Anything is possible with evil running rampid in this world. We here in the US already have Federal Judges refusing to rule because they believe the ruling falls under Shaira Law. This is setting precedence in our court system.

    We all need to wake up and get involved with this next election to make sure Obama is giving his walking papers. We all need to be praying every day to our Lord and Savior to help us fight the evil that is rising across the world. I am awake and ready to do what I need to do to secure the future of our two sons. This Christian, wife, mother, daughter and sister will bow down before NO Muslim POS man. I will never denounce Christ as my Savior. It is time we unite together, stand arm and arm with God. Prayers my friends ask God how you can serve Him.

  • Holy crap! Think of relationships and such! A muslim dating an american? Father finds out and kills her? Violence? Think of the controversy! Has he lost his mind?! There is only 1 God and thats Jesus Christ!

  • I don’t know why he would want to bring them HERE. That makes no sense. We are collecting unempolyment by a horribly high percentage already! Where would these people work 1st of all? 2ndly where would they live, I can think of 6 houses that are vacant in our area right now. That isn’t very many. Maybe there are lots of vacancies in larger areas, but there really isn’t here. Also, for the person who said Sharia law only applies to muslims. If they were in control you would abide by their rules. Just as Christians must still obey Sharia law in Muslim Countries. To say someone is stupid for believing this is really not very informed. This could happen. If you truly don’t believe so, go speak to the Israeli’s. Just see what has happened to them in the name of peace!

    • The same reason that democrats do anything – to get more votes and gain more power… that is the bottom line of the democratic party; their followers are just too enraptured by liberal media sources to be able to see it.


    Dr. Manning Interviews Avi Lipkin of Israel. Recorded on 11 April 2011

  • Do you people really believe that you 30 million Christians have it all right and the rest 6 billion of the world are wrong? How on Earth could that be? Just please think about it for some time, make decisions based on LOGIC and not your imaginary friend.

    • The majority has almost always been wrong on every major discovery. The majority believed the world was flat. There is a narrow road and a wide road. The wide road leads to destruction while the narrow road leads to everlasting life. May God bless you with enlightenment of the truth.

      • btw, I do base things on logic. That’s why I’m a conservative Christian. Liberalism cannot work… it is idealistic and cannot work with selfish humanity. It is illogical to believe that such a fairy tale can work. Resources are far too scarce for everything to be spread evenly… all such would cause is equal poverty. A wealthy class is necessary in order to employ the non-wealthy. It is simple logic, just most liberals are too busy daydreaming and acting like they’re logical while they’re some of the most illogical people out there.

  • What a joke

    Wow, you guys sure are ridiculous. I like how the title says 12 million Muslims but then it says 12 million illegal immigrants (mostly from Mexico, central and south America). Last I checked (and I’m from Phoenix so I have a pretty good idea, most Mexicans and South Americans are Catholic and Christian, which is pretty far from Muslim.
    Not to mention, Obama DID release his long form BC, which NO other president in US history has EVER had to do.
    You people make me feel very sorry for you. Wake up.
    Wait, let me guess… Your Slogan, Donald Trump 2012! lol. What a joke!

  • What a joke

    And if you imbeciles are worried about people killing their daughters (or wives, brothers, sons, neighbors, etc), you need only look to the bible.
    Not to mention, have you all forgotten about the Crusades? You know, that time when Christians slaughtered hundreds of thousands of unarmed, peaceful men, women and children?
    And have you forgotten that Saladin united the warring Arab world to fight the invaders, and won time and time again (doesnt that make you wonder whose side God is really on as your God and Allah are one in the same)?
    And yet, each time Saladin re-conquered the cities that the Crusaders invaded and murdered innocents in, Saladin was merciful and let the non war raging Christians and Jews leave peacefully without slaughtering them as Christians had done to Arabs, as well as letting them remain in the holy city peacefully…
    But you people are great at twisting the truth, listening to and believing extreme extremists, and picking and choosing what you want to believe out of the bible, and what you conveniently leave out.
    For those of you whom haven’t read the Koran, (which I suspect is all of you), it clearly states to, “love your brothers and sisters of the book [the bible].” it recognizes Jesus as the messenger to Christians just the same as it recognizes Mohhamned for Muslims.
    And I agree with the guy who posted above, only I wish to shorten the statistic, because clearly not all Christians are such fanatical extremists such as you people.
    So how you like .0001% of the population think you’re right over EVERYONE else is beyond comical.
    Not to mention, if Jesus were to return today, you would almost certainly deny him and reject him, not believing he is who he says. I mean, you’re all so caught up in your conspiracy theories that you wouldn’t know one lunatic from the other.
    I truly feel sorry for you people. You live your lives with so much fear. And in doing so, you’re absolutely giving OBL and his supporters the “win,” and letting him accomplish exactly what he set out to do when he attacked the US over many years.
    And don’t forget, it was your republican right winger presidents that funded him (as well as Saddam), so how you want to stick that on lefties is beyond me.
    But, I’ve been around long enough to see that you people never accept responsibility for what you do, if all else fails, you blame someone else, turn on each other, or my favorite, blame SATAN!!! Ahhh!

  • Gee, I can’t tell if maybe Avi Lipkin has a motive to peddle this kind of stuff, since he’s offering his services as a “special guest” speaker. Also, clearly anything muslim broadcasts say are absolutely true, especially about what the Obama administration plans to do. I’m sure we should definitely trust everything this Lipkin guy says, especially since he’s conveniently the translator and have to take what he says to be true. Did you see him give any actual evidence? No, of course not.

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  • This is all Propaganda! This is the Rights way of deceiving as many as they can! What… You are that evil that you would deceive millions, To all that read this, Make sure of all things…Prove this! I am… this is a lie of the Devil himself, and you all are believing it, don’t you see they are basting and getting you ready to eat!… so shameful, that anyone would believe this, This is also a strong dellusion to believe a Lie…And when Obama is our of Office, then the oil Prices will fall, and the GOP, will have deceived many! … it doesn’t matter because the Economy is going to collapse anyway! And Gold and your Bunkers will be worthless. your of the Devil himself.. Liers, this all Propoganda! People wake up, you are sleeping!….and being deceived!

  • These posts were written a year ago. There are cities in the U.S. that are overrun with Muslims a year later. Milwaukee and Detroit to name two. Look for this to come to your town if Obama is reelected. God (of Abraham, Issac and Jacob) please help us.

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