Obamacare Rates Set To Skyrocket In 2016 As Ugly Truth Of Socialized Medicine Settles In

When data for all four plans are included, premium costs will actually rise on average 20.3 percent next year. The 2015 Obamacare price hike was 20.3 percent.

Obamacare premium costs will soar 20.3 percent on average in 2016 instead of the 7.5 percent increase claimed by federal officials.

As I opened my mail the other day, I was informed that my health insurance premiums would rise over 20% in the new year of 2016. A few weeks earlier I had received a notice that because I did not have Obama-approved health insurance in 2014, that I would have to pay hundreds of dollars in fines in the form of a tax. I am ones of the tens of millions of Americans that this is happening to. America is starting to wake up to the ugly truth of what life under a Socialist-funded regime is going to be like.

Recently, the Obama administration released figures for a modest 7.5% increase in the cost of health insurance for 2016, but they were highly and intentionally skewed numbers. The actual amount, as I found out first hand, is over 20%.

The Incredible Lies and Coverup Used To Get ObamaCare Passed:

The architect of Obamacare, MIT professor Jonathan Gruber, said that it was the “stupidity of the American voter that allowed Obamacare to be passed”. After the passage of Obamacare, in true Nazi fashion, all key members of the Obama White House disavowed all knowledge of Gruber and the part he played. Hitler had Albert Speer, and Gruber fulfilled the role of chief architect for Obama. Funny how history keeps repeating itself, isn’t it?

The discrepancy is because the government excluded price data for three of the four Obamacare health insurance plans when the officials issued their recent forecast claiming enrollees would face only a 7.5 percent average rate increase in 2016. When data for all four plans are included, premium costs will actually rise on average 20.3 percent next year. The 2015 Obamacare price hike was 20.3 percent.

The Obamacare program’s federal exchange operates in 37 states where officials declined to set up state-run exchanges. Officials in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Center for Medicare Services, which manages Obamacare, only calculated price changes for the health insurance program’s Silver plan, thus ignoring data for the Bronze, Gold and Platinum plans.

Obamacare and Planned Parenthood

Obamacare absolutely funds and pays for the services of Planned Parenthood, as seen in this article on their own website. Obama promised dozens and dozens of times when campaigning for the passage of his draconian neo-socialism-disguised-as-a-health-care-bill. Like all of his other promises, it was simply words with no intent of ever making good on it. Not only does Obamacare fund Planned Parenthood, they also used the extensive PP network to act as “navigators” to implement Obamacare as well.

President Obama’s Speech at the Planned Parenthood National Conference 2013:

At Planned Parenthood’s annual fundraising gala last year, President Obama lauded the group’s efforts in helping pass the health care law, remarking: “I know how hard you worked to help us pass health care reform.  You and your supporters got out there—you organized; you mobilized; you made your voices heard.  It made all the difference.”

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  • Loz

    Yah here we are the United states of Europe! This has been the plan all along! Socialize medicine, gun control, gay marriage, minimum wage increase,secular taught youth, division among people, immigrant invasion, out of control drug use! The sad thing is that the millions of tax paying Americans that are helping to destroy the country along with the liberals, total morons think that everything is fine and dandy with there good paying jobs! They to will find out they’ve been deceived! The government is the beast, civil war here we come! It’s like a roller coaster when you’re creeping up to the highest point getting ready to go over, god please help us! Please open the blind eyes to see who you are, Jesus is the sun the light in the sky that shine on all mankind, the God of Israel is real! It’s a no brainer!

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  • Beth Bell

    There are three Christian medical share programs available that qualify as medical coverage and are exempt from Obamacare. We are members of Christian Healthcare Ministries. http://Www.chministries.org

    They have been wonderful to us, paying tens of thousands of dollars of hospital and outcare bills for my husband this past year. They’ve also paid out tens of thousands of dollars for my boss when he had his heart attack.

    They’re very affordable, and offer several programs.

    Hope this helps someone. We highly recommend them.

  • Tia

    This is very true! We were pretty much forced into Obama care or start paying the”fine” for not having insurance. Last year we paid $94 per month for 2 adults, as of today we have to pay $182. Per month for the same exact insurance plan, I complained they said “sorry” then blamed it on the insurance company!!!! That person in the white house.

    • Robert Zeurunkl

      “We were pretty much forced into Obama care or start paying the”fine”… ”

      I think it’s called the jizyah. 😉

  • Trish

    Is there a Petition going for each state to take control of health care or Petition to step over the elected politicians? Please inform so we the people can stop this. My insurance went from $743 month to $1049 monthly with $6000 deductible.
    We the people need to put the justices out the door along with the politicians.
    Mandatory Term Limits put in place!

  • Terri Stoikes

    Funny…. Using the Silver plan (7%) increase. would mean IF I were on it. That I would have about $35 dollars to live on a month. I make too much money on my tiny pension to qualify for help but not enough to buy insurance and live.
    So exactly who is this supposed AFFORDABLE Healthcare supposed to help? The insurance company? It does not help those of us tiny pensions and trying for disability (legally blind). And don’t tell me how wonderful England’s system is. I have a cousin there with health issues for going on three years with no solution and no improvement.

  • Tia

    To Robert Z. Perfect word/term! “Jizyah”

  • JeFf frantz

    Like to know how much government employees healthcare rates go up?

  • The problem is not socialism. The problem is that the health care system does not go all the way. You can “game” Obamacare. You can sign up when you get sick. You can lie on your tax form and avoid the tax. The Canadians like their single payer system as do the Brits. A single payer health system would have a 3% overhead. No more advertising, paying high CEO salaries and paying out profits to investors at the expense of the sick. The real problem is an oligarchical insurance and drug industry; not socialism.


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