Obama To Give 20 F-16 Fighter Jets To Islamic-Run Egypt On Israel’s Election Day

Obama To Give 20 F-16 Fighter Jets To Islamic-Run Egypt On Israel's Election Day...
Obama to start sending US F-16 fighter jets to Egypt – on Israel’s election-day
Obama to start sending US F-16 fighter jets to Egypt – on Israel’s election-day


Obama arms the Muslim Brotherhood to the teeth

The Obama administration took a careful look at the political calendar before announcing that the first four F-16 fighter planes – of the 20 approved in a $1 billion US foreign aid package to Egypt – would be delivered Jan. 22.

Obama to start sending US F-16 fighter jets to Egypt – on Israel’s election-day

Obama to start sending US F-16 fighter jets to Egypt – on Israel’s election-day

The announcement came Tuesday, Dec. 11, as Cairo and other Egyptian towns were set for massive rival demonstrations for and against President Mohamed Morsi’s decision to hold a referendum on a pro-Islamist constitution Saturday. It therefore came in for rising criticism in Washington of the wisdom of sending the jets to an unstable Egypt in the grip of a strong political confrontation.

A broad range of opposition groups – pro-democratic, liberal, secular, women and Christian – are demanding that President Morsi cancel the referendum. The Muslim Brotherhood is mobilizing its supporters to counter this protest. As the first anti-Morsi groups began gathering in Tahrir Square Tuesday, nine were hurt by masked gunmen.

The opposition has clipped President Morsi’s wings once by making him annul the near-dictatorial powers he gave himself. Forcing him to forego the referendum would further undermine his authority.

So the president fought back by authorizing the military to secure state buildings and arrest civilians in the incendiary days leading up to Saturday’s referendum. DEBKAfile’s military sources report that Monday, six Egyptian Air Force F-16 fighters flew symbolically over Cairo.

However, the 2nd and 9th Divisions stationed around Cairo stayed in their barracks and the only uniformed personnel visible on the street were the Republican Guard troops on permanent duty in the capital’s center.

By approving another 20 F-16 jets for Muslim-ruled Egypt on the day of the competing demonstrations, President Obama showed the Egyptian people that he stands foursquare behind President Morsi and that more US military aid is on the way.

The first four jets will arrive in Egypt the day after Barack Obama’s Jan. 21 swearing-in for a second term as US president at the Capitol – and not by chance. That date also coincides with Israel’s Jan. 22 general election.

Obama is therefore using those warplanes as a signpost for the Muslim-Arab Middle East – and the Israeli voter – to show them that he is sticking unswervingly to his policy of support for the region’s Muslim Brotherhood – and especially the Egyptian president – even if Morsi did slip up by a grab for sweeping powers that alienated most of the opposition.

The US promise of new fighter planes was also a recommendation to the Egyptian army to pick the right side and opt for President Morsi if they wanted US military assistance to keep coming. Washington was also ready to consider providing them with more high-tech items in addition to those already supplied.

At all events, President Obama has made his choice, opting for Egypt’s Islamists against the pro-democracy and liberal opposition – a choice that he might have found embarrassing when he campaigned for his second term.

Israel had a dark premonition of what was coming.  Obama began laying the background for his strong alignment with Islamist Egypt last month with the dramatic announcement of a ceasefire in Cairo on Nov. 20, that was delivered jointly by Morsi and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
By this announcement – and by maneuvering Israel into abstaining from a ground operation in the Gaza Strip to complete its air operation against Palestinian terrorist targets – Obama pulled the Egyptian president out of his hat as a fully-fledged international figure ready to jump to the top of his newly-minted Sunni Muslim Middle East coalition. In addition to Egypt, its chosen members were to be Turkey, Qatar and the Palestinian Hamas. Israel was to be a secret partner and contributor of high-grade intelligence.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was ready to fit into the role cast Israel by the US president. He therefore chose to hold back from a ground incursion in the Gaza Strip and then agreed to the radical Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal visiting Gaza last week.

His reward came at the same time as Washington’s announcement of the 20 F-16 fighters for Egypt: The US has appropriated $650 million worth of ordnance to refill the Israeli arsenals depleted by the massive Pillar of Defense air offensive in Gaza.

Under this deal, the US will supply the Israeli Air Force with 6,900 satellite-guided “smart bombs;” 10,000 mixed bombs – including 3,450 one-tonners and 1,725 bombs weighing 250 kilograms – as well as two kinds of buster-bunkers – 1,725, GBU-39 bombs and 3,450 BLU-109s. source – DEBKA


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  • WRONG WRONG WRONG Our country should not ever sell these HEATHENS any kind of weapons so that they can go in and try to destroy Israel and that is what is going to happen. Then they will come after us.

  • So obama is giving Egypt 20 of our fighter jets and yet giving Israel more bombs??
    I’m not sure what he has in mind. He dislikes Israel with a passion and we know he is totally siding with morsi and the brotherhood.
    Not sure what angle he is driving at….other than maybe to show that he isn’t anti-Israel by giving Israel some token bombs.??

  • ….well, actually it’s more than a few token bombs, but still, it’s rather strange.

  • I agree with Becky M.
    Israel will be protected by God. But the US may not be.
    I worry more about our judgment from God (for supporting Islam against Israel) than from the Islamist, though God may use them to destroy and inslave us.

  • Some things are done to save face, or to hide true intentions. Things are very strange unless you realize that some times people don’t pay attention, so they miss seeing what needs to be seen…or they feel some things can never happen. We need to watch and pray and God will show us the truth of every situation. A lot is happening for those who can see, you know what I mean.

  • This idiot we have for a president , is a MUSLIM so we should not expect no less from this low down half breed bastard . We deserve what we are getting , for ever letting the Muslim , ever even run for president , let alone , get elected . We brought this on our self , well I did not I did not vote for the half breed bastard , but a lot of low down stupid white people did , so “HOW DO YOU LIKE THE CHANGE NOW ” ?

  • This man has no morals,….How can you supply the middle east with arsenals like this and claim you want peace in the name of foreign aid. Send them all a Bible as this is all the aid they will ever need!…….God bless Israel!……

  • Obama is playing both sides against the middle. He thinks he’s the smartest man to walk the earth. He thinks nobody can figure out what he’s doing. His arrogance has tripped him up. He’s just putting on a show, trying to fool the American public who voted for him (they ARE fools, aren’t they?) into thinking he’s a “peacemaker”. He’s a warmonger! He’s arming his Muslim buddies to destroy Israel (this man who claims to be a Christian!) so they’ll acclaim him their leader. He is evil personified! Where’s John Wilkes Booth when we need him?!

  • friend of God


  • US Sends Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi 20 F-16 Warplanes so they will be well equipped to attack Israel…otherwise, who else do they want to eliminate. As president of Rabbis for Romney, I WARNED YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN.
    Thanks, in large part to liberal Jews and Rabbis , this is what America gets. A President arming the Muslim Brotherhood with the latest weapons. And who, exactly are those weapons to be used against, Saudi Arabia? Qatar? Dubai? I don’t think so. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

  • The only peace this man wants……..Is a piece of Israel…….Disgraceful……..God bless Israel !

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  • Jane bennington

    What a complete slap in the face for Israel, openly supporting this Islamic terrorist morsi, playing games with innocent lives again. Long live Israel .

  • Why do we give ANY Muslim nation ANYTHNG!!

  • Well Egypt managed to get rid of all its Jews in the aftermath in the wars with Israel in 1948 and 1956. It is just taking them a bit longer to get rid of its Christians. Every Coptic Christian will be gone in the next decade and not all of them will be leaving on an airplane. The fact of the matter is Egypt’s Christian and Jewish populations were there long before Islam came into existence. Obama now has the perfect storm: The so-called “Arab Spring” has brought Islamists to power across the breadth of the old caliphate and his re-election continues to undermine traditional American values and most particularly its Judeo-Christian moral underpinnings that formed the foundation of this great country. The liberal media loves everything Muslim…And hates Christianity and “real” (religious…NOT cultural) Judaism. God must weep…


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