Obama Silent As Ukraine Prepares For War

SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine — Ukraine put its military on high alert Sunday in response to Russia’s move to seize control of the Crimean Peninsula, and it threatened war against Moscow...

SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine — Ukraine put its military on high alert Sunday in response to Russia’s move to seize control of the Crimean Peninsula, and it threatened war against Moscow if the Kremlin made further incursions into Ukrainian territory as Western powers scrambled to find a response to the crisis.


“This is the red alert, this is not a threat, this is actually a declaration of war to my country,” Ukraine’s prime minister, Arseniy P. Yatsenyuk, told reporters in English, a day after Russia’s parliament approved the deployment of troops to any part of Ukraine where Moscow deems Russians are in danger. He warned that Ukraine was on the “brink of disaster” and appealed to the international community to stand by Kiev. source – NY Times

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  • Is it right that Putin should be condemned for doing this? I do not think so. He is only trying to protect his own

  • Surely the world is near its end of times

  • it is good to be alive in these days as prophecy is being fulfilled daily. Our Redeemer, Savior, Christ Jesus is coming soon.

  • This is only the start of radical moves from Putin. With a weak US president the power inbalance will grow to levels not seen since WWII.

  • J

    Poor excuse

  • Ya, but don’t forget, we have Harpp to defeat them, if they should try anything on our country!!! Just a little zap, and it will all be over! Who needs Nukes when we have Harpp!!! LOL

  • I lives for this stuff. Putins is welcomes in my compound so we’s smokes weed. I wes a viet nam vet. We smokes to forgets abot life. Putuns is my hero. I is a cowards who live in mesxico. I is dosable. Obmama is a gAYS PREZ. I is also Gay ands proud. Longs live gay pridez.
    Must leaves now to go meets my mans. peeace! Smokes them if u gots thems

  • Who ever is doing this under the name of Pastor S.T. LaRue, I hope your not a Christian. Because if you are this is very stupid, as God will judge you for it. It was humorous at first, but now your getting nasty, and this is over the top! 🙁

  • NTEB! do your job, get this persons off the websites. I is gay but nobody knows. My boyfriends dos not appreiciates this insults. Now I must bend over for him.

  • 🙁

  • Things are escalating very rapidly on the world stage at this time. We have peace talks with Israel, Syria (Isaiah 17:1) and Iran (Daniel 8) which are all end times prophecies. Now the Bear is waking up….

  • Putin is not the real threat, once Russia and NATO finish each other off the 50+ million muslims in Europe and 20 million muslims in Russia will take over just like they did 14 centuries ago when the Roman and the Persian empires fought a war which left both of them exhausted, muslims jumped at the opportunity and took over the Persian Empire, Christian Middle East and Christian North Africa. Then China will take over Siberia putting the final nail in the coffin of Christian civilization.

  • Plan B ????? Obama may indeed sit quiet, the
    last time he opened his mouth, Russia invaded
    the Ukraine ! This is what happens when you
    make threats or draw red lines in the sand when
    the tide is coming in, it all gets washed away !
    So, plan.. B ?????

  • Iran, will be rolling around on their prayer mats
    laughing their nuclear AS.pirations off !..There
    is no way that Iran will take Obama seriously 
    now, their best buddies the Russians, have made
    a complete and utter fool of Obama along with
    his hand puppet John Kerry. It will be full steam
    ahead for their nuclear bomb project!

  • Magog hurry up and fulfill prophecy


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