Obama Sides With Saudi Arabia Against Americans, Says Will Veto 9/11 Victims Families Bill

“Given the long list of concerns I have expressed ... it’s difficult to imagine a scenario in which the president would sign the bill as it's currently drafted,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters.

The White House on Monday signaled President Obama would veto legislation to allow Americans to sue the government of Saudi Arabia for any role officials played in the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”Barack Obama

“Given the long list of concerns I have expressed … it’s difficult to imagine a scenario in which the president would sign the bill as it’s currently drafted,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters.

4/18/16: White House Press Briefing

Go to 20:20 in the video to hear the official White House paid liar explain why the traitor Obama is going to veto the 9/11 victims families bill.

Earnest argued the legislation could jeopardize U.S. citizens overseas if other countries were to pass reciprocal laws that remove foreign immunity in their courts. “It could put the United States and our taxpayers and our service members and our diplomats at significant risk if other countries were to adopt a similar law,” he said.

“The whole notion of sovereign immunity is at stake.”

The legislation drew widespread attention after Saudi officials reportedly informed the Obama administration that they would sell off $750 billion in U.S. assets if the bill became law, a threat that carries widespread economic consequences if the Saudis follow through.

Earnest appeared to strongly caution the Saudi government against taking such a step.

“A country with a modern and large economy like Saudi Arabia would not benefit from a destabilized global financial market, and neither would the United States,” he said.

The fierce debate over the legislation has bubbled up at a precarious time for Obama, who is set to land in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday to meet with King Salman.

Earnest said he is not sure if Obama will raise the issue during a meeting in which the leaders are expected to discuss the Iran nuclear agreement and the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

“If this issue were to come up … the potential consequences of rolling back this core principle of international law is how the president would explain our position to his counterparts,” he said. The nuclear agreement has already strained relations between Washington and Riyadh, and the 9/11 legislation could raise tensions even higher.

Obama Admits He Is A Muslim:

Saudi officials have for years denied their government had any role in the plotting of the attacks. The 9/11 Commission report said the Saudi government “as an institution” or its senior officials individually did not fund the attackers.

But there has long been speculation that lower-level officials may have been involved. And victims’ families and lawmakers in both parties have pressed for the release of 28 pages of a 2002 report on the attacks that reportedly detail Saudi officials’ role in the plot.

The legislation, the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, would allow victims of terror attacks on U.S. soil to sue the governments of nations that support terrorism.

It has bipartisan support; Sens. John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) both authored the bill. They argue it would allow American citizens to recoup damages from countries that have provided financial support to groups like al Qaeda.

Earnest said Obama has “devoted significant time in office to fighting for the 9/11 families and those who have risked their lives to rebuild after 9/11.”

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both bucked Obama andbacked the legislation ahead of Tuesday’s New York primary. Sanders also said he supports making the 28 pages of the 9/11 report public.

Deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes on Monday appeared to acknowledge concerns shared by critics of the U.S.-Saudi relationship. He said the Saudi government paid “insufficient attention” to money flowing to extremist groups before the 9/11 attacks from wealthy Saudis.

“There was, certainly, at least kind of a insufficient attention to where all this money was going over many years from the government apparatus,” Rhodes said in an interview with former senior Obama adviser David Axelrod. source

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  • Ole Ingvar

    9/11 was done by FBI and similar structures.

    • FBI was part of this? Sorry, don’T buy that..

      • Ole Ingvar

        Sure. FBI, CIA, NSA, FEMA (whatever) – you’ve seen them once – you’ve seen them all.
        Just look, how buildings were collapsed – just like those buildings, which are signed to demolition.
        Then about airplanes – first, no part of planes was found on place of tragedy. Second – if you’ll look at the video, where planes are collides with towers in slo-mo – you’ll see, what they’re nothing, but holograms. Check and mate, comrade. Your country isn’t paradise on Earth. Such as mine, of course 😀 .

        • froggie

          Yes, you are correct brother our own government allowed this to happen. As a kid I witnessed many demolitions so when I saw this happen I felt in my spirit something was not right. As I investigated further many experts came to the same conclusion that it was a demolition. Most people, and many Christians, are being decieved big time. The Elite already control the world and they are the one’s causing all the chaos around the world. Like they like to say, ” Order out of Chaos”. They create the problem, so they can make new laws, to enslave the masses even further. I get so frustrated when people don’t think for themselves. To much TV I guess. They are going to cause so much destruction in the near future so that people will embrace their messiah (anti-christ). Blessings my brother and happy that the scales of blindness are off your eye’s. Praise God !!!!!

          • Ole Ingvar

            Holy Spirit always guides to every Truth 😀 . Blessings, brother 😀

          • GRACE

            Even steel engineers and firefighters know it was demolition because of how hot steel has to be to come down like what was shown and fuel from an airplane would not have cause that much damage and then there’s building seven that came down perfectly,etc. etc. our government was in on it, they could have stopped jet airplanes coming onto our shores like that, they would have had them on radar, they allowed it to happen if there were jets at all and now they have that one creepy world trade center built out of arrogance against God, reminds me of a replica of the tower of babel and the whole rising phoenix thing is just too much. Every year the bells ring for those who died in that massacre and we are sold the bill of goods again. The only good thing that has come out of it is that it has woke ppl up to the truth of our governments underhanded actions, it certainly helped wake me up that all was not as we have been told. And as Obama is concerned as to being muslim, he wears not a wedding ring to his wife or man, whatever, it is a muslim ring but I also think he is like a chameleon in his beliefs for one of the things he carries in his pocket is a monkey trinket which is the hindu false god Hanuman which btw is linked to the false deity shiva which was displayed on the empire state building recently. All I know for sure is he is not christian, he mocks God’s word openly and he is antichrist, maybe not the man of sin but there are many antichrists and false prophets today. There used to be a show that said, “will the real so and so stand up”, well one day the real antichrist will stand up when the one who restrains is taken out of the way and reveal himself and I don’t think we are far from that day and he will appear to be a man of peace, he will be many things wrapped into one to deceive.

        • MareZee

          So, by your standards, Fort Hood, San Bernardino, CA, 7-11, WTC hit of 1993, etc – they were all inside jobs, too? Mister, you’re completely out of your mind.

          You ought to do yourself a great service; research their ‘endgame’ ▬ that of the particular ideology.
          Only then will you understand what they are, and how they operate. http://www.politicalislam.com

          • Ole Ingvar

            Even WWI and WWII were artificial projects. Further conflicts are fiction too. Satanic blood theater.
            Also read post from ‘froggie’ – we have similar thoughts. If we out of mind – then why we think same?

  • Estrella de David

    I pray that Obama is soon destroyed by YAHVÉ. May he burn in Hell forever along with all the other luceferians in the lake of fire!

    Barry “bath house” Soetoro is the most despicable, vile and vomit producing excuse for a human being that walks on this earth. He loves abortion and eagerly wishes to be the man that will destroy the USA.

    I spit on the legacy of this egomaniac and pray that YAHVÉ have mercy on all the innocent children, women, elderly, and humans in general who have perished and will die in the future due to his support for ISIS and nefarious policies that have destabilized the Middle East and that have brought murderous muslim terrorists into the USA!

    ¡Que muera el perro de Obama y la oligarquia de los globalistas del NWO!!!

    ¡Viva Trump!

    The Rapture is coming! Get yourself ready and in good standing with GOD today!

    • RobiMac

      Which is why I can’t figure out for the life of me why anyone has always and still calls him president when he never was.
      He high jacked the white mosque er house making him the worlds most successful terrorist.

    • Joy Freedom

      You are amazing

    • froggie

      Obama is just a puppet playing his role. He is a nobody without the NWO (Elite) behind this man. He is very evil but all the rest of the bunch are also very evil including Trump. These people are just playing their roles to entertain the masses and to divide us. Wake up!!!! They are setting their NWO while everyone argues about the fake elections. I don’t come to this site often anymore because I see some deception on here as well. Geoffrey should know better if he’s suppose to be a watchman for the Lord Jesus. God have mercy on us.

    • watchman48

      You sound as though you are a Christian, but are you a truly washed in the Blood, Bible believing Christian? If yes than you should know that God is still capable to fulfilling His WORD to the very end just as it is written… No president has ever sat in the Oval Office that He didn’t allow there…
      And He changeth the times and the seasons: He removeth kings, and setteth up kings: He giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: Daniel 2:21 (KJV) Just as God gave the Israelites the unrighteous leaders they deserved because of their worship of false gods, so has God given us Barrack Obama… And just as the Israelites failed to turn back to God before the destruction of their nation so shall it be with United States…
      God will allow the destruction of USA thus no president nor all of our Armed Forces can save this nation… The 9/11 attack was the first of three major attack, the second will be approx. 1000 times great and most likely the third will follow in approx. 40 days or so… Google: “watchman48 RFC Newsletter #101”
      Our only hope is in Yeshua, the Christ.

  • Pete

    I am certainly no fan of Obama, but please stop lying about what he has said. He never said “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”. This quote has been deliberately changed and taken out of context, and it really does no good at all to lie or to spread falsehoods. The actual quote is taken from his book, and here it is verbatim:

    “In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans, for example, have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging. They have been reminded that the history of immigration in this country has a dark underbelly; they need specific reassurances that their citizenship really means something, that America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II, and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

    • Ole Ingvar

      Whoa, so GG is a little bit cheater?

    • Marian

      Let’s put aside basic reading comprehension for a moment (you clearly don’t understand the careful wording on his teleprompter)and look at other evidence of Obama’s loyalties.

      Obama signed the NDAA (which allows the disappearing of American citizens), so his actions verify the true meaning of this oft-quoted admission of with whom he sides ie not American citizens.

      Add to that his installment of the MUSLIM Brotherhood in the governments he has overthrown during his tenure as Commander-in-Chief.

      And how about his release of confirmed Muslim terrorists from prison at Guantanamo? And his rude snubbing of Israel’s prime minister? And refusal to observe National Day of Prayer because it isn’t a Muslim day?

      I could go on, but you get the picture… the larger context of his words and actions confirm the paraphrasing of the quote.

      You, Pete are nit-picking.

      • Pete

        Marian, perhaps you aren’t really following the discussion. In Geoffrey’s post, he placed a quote that Obama supposedly said. It isn’t the first time I have seen this quote. It’s at the top of the post in red: [“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” – Barack Obama]

        This is NOT something Obama has ever said. The real quote is from his book and it’s in my original post. As Christians, we need to be HONEST. We need to not break the commandment of bearing false witness. Obama has NOT said that he will stand with the Muslims. That is TWISTING what he said, and it is NOT nit-picking to point this out. We are supposed to be bearers of TRUTH.

        If anything, when people like Mr. Grider post a blatantly FALSE quote, it makes one wonder if the rest of what he posts is totally accurate.

        The rest of your post is irrelevant. Quite frankly, I guarantee that most of what you posted is along the same lines of half-truths, hype, lacking evidence, political gamesmanship. Not becoming of a Christian.

        • Marian

          Paraphrasing a quote is not lying. And yes, I have read the quote in context.

          Let me explain this: Obama is good at using the “sins” of America (and I admit this nation has had evil people carrying out evil operations). But he uses the examples to cover his own evil agenda against the American people. The logical fallacy is called “tu quoque,” which means “you do it too,” (paraphrased for simplicity).

          The rest of my post is quite relevant because it exposes his “bait and switch.”

          Therefore a paraphrase his comment is appropriate. I don’t expect to convince you… but other readers may appreciate my explanation which satisfies their feeling that you are wrong to castigate Grider, but they can’t quite pinpoint Obama’s use of a logical fallacy.

          • Pete

            “Paraphrasing a quote is not lying”. True. But quoting someone with those little marks (“) IS lying, when they never actually said the things inside of those marks.

            “And yes, I have read the quote in context.” And what was your conclusion? The man said nothing about Islam in that context at all. He was talking about the fact that innocent people can get hurt because they resemble the perpetrators. And he is 100% correct.

            The rest of your post is now gobbledygook, sounds like you are desperately trying to squirm away from the bald-faced truth. Just to set your mind at ease: you can still stand against what Obama does. But we shouldn’t lie in the process. Let’s keep things clean. I don’t God honors that type of behavior.

          • Estrella de David

            Yes, I agree with you Marian… “Paraphrasing a quote is not lying. And yes, I have read the quote in context.”

            Besides, it is really absurd that Pete uses this to insinuate that Brother GG’s articles are all a fallacy…so there is a clear maneuver being done here…

            Pete, I would go so far as to say, that Barry Soetoro’s actions, to me, scream “I not only stand with the muslims, but in fact, I am a “Trojan Horse” of the jesuits (Biden is the puppet master), who is diligently working towards bringing down the last bastion of freedom in the world, the USA, using the Vatican’s creation, the religion of Islam, towards that goal, and thus, the establishment of a NWO, “Neo-Feudalistic Corporate Colonialism” as this it was described so precisely by Bill Jones of Info-Wars, where Lucifer-Satán’s seed rules unmercifully over the entire planet!!!!

        • wolff bachner

          Pete, You are correct that the quote in red a the top of the page is not a real quote.” I have also commented about this on many forums and blogs. We certainly have enough real issues with Obama that we do not need to manufacture quotes.

          However, He did cite Arab and Pakistani Americans, and as we now know, 97 percent of immigrants from Arab countries and Pakistan under Obama have been Muslims. So, while he never said anything about Muslims, if we look at his immigration statistics, one might make a reasoned assumption that he was in, in fact, being very clever with his wording, while sending out a message that would be understood by Obama’s preferred audience, which certainly isn’t patriotic American Christians and Jews.

          I would enjoy your take on my comment. I also feel quite strongly we should never alter a quote to attack a political opponent.

          • Pete

            Personally I don’t agree with many of Obama’s policies but I don’t see any real evidence that he is Muslim, that he regards radical Muslims as a preferred audience, or that he desires to allow Muslims to take over the country. It’s the same tired rhetoric we endured with the Bush administration. Frankly it’s getting old. The President doesn’t have as much power and influence as people think.

    • Obama is a lifelong Muslim, was raised a Muslim, and remains a Muslim to this day. When he said that he will “stand with the Muslims”, he has 100% kept that promise.

      • Pete

        He never said that.

        • Marian

          So Grider made punctuation mistake. The essence of his post is true. You’re majoring on the minors… ‘fess up and admit you actually ARE an Obama supporter.

          When I read Obama’s words in his book I understood exactly what he said… and what he meant. At the time, it was quite politically correct to say that Muslims shouldn’t be discriminated against bc of 9/11.

          But the research I did BEFORE Obama was elected revealed his hatred for the US, his Muslim upbringing, his Communist father, his CIA grandfather, and his Brezenski benefactor. So I knew then that his defense of Muslims was at the expense of Christians.

          • Estrella de David

            Excellently put Marian!

          • Pete

            Marian, it isn’t merely a “punctuation mistake.” Mr. Grider is purposefully (perhaps ignorantly) attempting to quote a person as saying something he never said. Why don’t we try quoting something YOU supposedly said and splash that all over the place, and see how fast you get your panties in a bunch? I never voted for Obama. I am a TRUTH supporter. Unlike you.

            Estrella de David – now you are committing false witness against me by claiming that I “insinuate that Brother GG’s articles are all a fallacy”. Nope. Never did that. I pointed out one single error, and I stand by it. He is misquoting Obama.

            For goodness sake, there are plenty of quotes Obama has made that are bad enough. Pick a different one. At least we keep things clean.

        • Estrella de David

          Pete, I ask you, is he standing with the muslims???

          • Pete

            Estrella de David, that is a loaded question. What exactly do you mean? If you mean Obama isn’t demanding that all Muslims leave the country, or declaring death to all of the Muslims, or declaring war on them…then yeah, he is “standing with” the Muslims. If you mean he is giving preferential treatment to Muslims because they are Muslim – I don’t see any evidence of that. If you mean that he is teaching that most Muslims are nonviolent people, and that we cannot declare war on Islam, then I agree…he is doing that. I happen to agree with him on that. We live in a free society where people can worship as they choose. That means Christians, Muslims, Jews, Satanists, Buddhists, Mormons….anyone. I 100% stand by the constitution.

            Personally I believe Muslims are valuable people to God just like you and I. They are lost. I was lost once too, and God graciously saved me. I have no right to determine whether another human being is worth less than another simply because they worship the wrong god. If you think this country is all about forcing people to worship Jesus, you are in the wrong country. And Jesus never forced anyone to worship Him either, and He never will.

          • Estrella de David

            Pete, just answer these questions: So you are totally ok with obamama siding with the Muslim Saudis instead of the people he is “suppossedly representing”? So it allright by you that he created ISIS and sent them off to behead all the Christians of the Middle East? You are fine with watching him demoralize and weaken the US Armed Forces so that the US is now being laughed at in their faces, when Russian jets fly right by them, in a visible “flipping of the finger” so to speak of Putin to Obamama?

            Any one of those in the affirmative means that you are just as deluded as 70-80% of all the people who live in the USA…You have been seduced by Barry Soetoro’s lies!

            You don’t need a degree from Harvard to figure out that all of Obamamas “mishandlings”(he knows exactly what he is doing to destroy the US) are geared toward the destruction of the Christians and Jews of the world!

            Repent from supporting such a monster, one that actually said “hey, I’m pretty good at killing people”!!! How is that for a quote!!!

          • Pete

            Estrella de David, you are so deceived and filled with vitriol you cannot even fathom that I am merely pointing out a misquote. That’s all I have done. I have offered up no form of “support” for anything Obama has done. The rest of your post is nothing more than a misguided rant, filled with talking points, spew from whatever right wing radio show you most frequent. It just proves one thing: you have bought into the LIE from some form of mass media (probably right wing) that everything is black and white….you either support Obama 100% or you are against him 100%, there is nothing in between. He is either 100% filled with lies or 100% filled with truth. Just like the days of GW Bush, just from the other side of the aisle. In this made-up world you occupy, people are either Republican or Democrat. Blue or red. Conservative or liberal. There’s nothing in between, pick one or the other. All carefully created by the big parties and big media, designed to divide everybody up. There’s more money in it that way.

            Go get a brain of your own.

        • wolff bachner

          As this site lacks a function to edit a post after it is published, I will continue here. I read one of your other comments about Muslims, and I have to reply. I do not presume to judge for G*D, and I have no hate for Muslims. I do , however, take great issue with the dogma, doctrine and laws of Islams as found in the Qur’an, The Hadith, and Sharia Law texts written by renowned Islamic jurists over the last 1100 years. I say 1100 years as Islam was not codified until about 300 years after Mohammad was reported to have lived.

          Based on my 45 years of studying Islam and reading the texts in English and Arabic, I have no hesitation to say that Islam, not Muslims, but Islam is totally incompatible with a free and open society or a Constitutional Republic.

          The other great lie is that Islam is one of the three Abrahamic faiths. Islam, in the Qur’an denies the Resurrection of Christ, states that Allah substituted a double for Jesus on the cross, and Jesus will renounce the cross and welcome the Mahdi to announce the establishment of the Islamic paradise. Imagine if a Christian claimed several of the founding acts of Mohammad for Islam were lies. The media would go nuts, the politicians would call it a hate crime, and Muslims would riot across the world. Yet, Christians say nothing about the denial of the foundations of their faith in the Qur’an, and no one has a bad word to saay about hate crimes against Christians.

          As far as Islam and Jews, we can star with the Sura that calls Jews apes and pigs, and go on to the Sura that claims that all of the Torah is stolen from Allah’s book and poisoned with Jewish lies.

          Islam is not an Abrahamic faith. It denies and ridicules all the aspects of Judaism and Christianity that are the very core of both faiths doctrine and dogma. Islam can not claim brotherhood with Jesus and Christianity, then call the resurrection a lie and state that Jesus will denounce the cross and submit to the Islamic messiah.

          I submit that while it is wrong to discriminate against individuals for their choice of religion, it is perfectly acceptable and factually justifiable to say, in no uncertain terms, that Islam as found in its own holy texts and law, is totally incompatible with freedom and human rights.

          • Ole Ingvar

            +1, sir 😀

          • Pete

            wolff, I agree basically, but that is irrelevant as to the value of the human beings who practice the religion, and it is irrelevant as to whether they should be able to practice it in this country. If their religious activity interferes with the rights of the rest of the population, or if it breaks the laws of the country, or if they attempt to make laws that alter the constitution itself, they have a big problem. Muslims have been in this country since Day 1 for 100s of years. Only since 9/11 have Christians taken it upon themselves that they have to “do something about the Muslim problem.”

      • froggie

        Obama pretends to be a muslim. He is a satanist !!Part of the elite just playing his role. Wake up !!

        • GRACE

          I would agree with you froggie and does it really matter for any faith outside of believing in Jesus Christ is a road that leads one to hell and their master is satan, they are luciferians who believe they will fight against God and win, they have bought the lie that satan will give them all the kingdoms of this world among other lies, they are deceived by the demons possessing them and ignorant and puffed up as to who they are fighting against for Almighty God is all powerful, all knowing and everywhere. I don’t think satan gives a hoot what a non believer calls his faith as long as it isn’t a follower of Christ. One thing is for certain for me, God allowing this man into the white house has woke me up to truths and revelations in the Bible I didn’t see before and has drawn me nearer to Christ. A line was drawn in the sand the day the white house was lit up in rainbow colors, something drastically changed in our world that day, it is easy to see what side a person is on these days if you just ask them what they believe about marriage and abortion. Draw near to Jesus, He is the Life, the Truth and the only Way!

    • Armandina

      Ok, your right, accuracy in quoting is of the utmost importance, so how about this, which is what he meant? : “… and I will stand with them (Arab and Pakistani Americans) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” It doesn’t change much the implication of where his loyalties stand, does it?


    Thank you for sparing me of listening to this entire speech, every answer he gives drones on and on, I’m surprised that the journalist aren’t nodding off, I sure was, he is so careful in what he says and seems to circle the same wagon w/out giving a logical or truthful answer, I guess that is the point in order to distract from the truth, he and Obama are one and the same, lying and manipulating comes easy for them. I wonder if Obama will bow before the Saudi King again…what an insult to God and the American ppl he makes every time he does that, he fakes humility to the point of making me want to puke. The only one he should be bowing to is Christ Jesus and one day soon he will bow.

    • Estrella de David

      Grace, Obamama will be dragged in chains up to the Throne of YESHUA HAMASHIAK on Monte Sión and as a spectacle for all the world to see, will be humiliated and sentenced to be thrown into the lake of fire for all eternity, to a horrendous suffering that will be a just punishment for all the humans he is going to destroy in this upcoming WWIII! Eternal damnation for Barry Soetoro and all those who worship the fallen angels of Satan!

      • GRACE

        amen but He will bow first and confess Jesus as Lord of Lords and King of Kings before being thrown into the pit, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess.

  • jay sprueill

    If the 9/11 families were allowed to sue Saudi Arabia for wrongful death it would open the gate to sue other countries such as Afghanistan for supplies of POPPY for HEROIN. The C.I.A. couldn’t have that since it would cut their income. It’s all about the MONEY for greedy politicians, and has nothing to do with what’s right.

    • You Nailed it bro..

    • Estrella de David


  • Obama could care less what we Sheeple think of him, his agenda, or what he does or says…The GOP establishment is in his pocket. So, the Thievery will comtinue…It’s a Win-Win for him, and a loss-loss for us..

  • Leonard

    Obama can’t afford to dis the Saudi king. Back in the early 1970’s the US Treasury Dept. under license from the Federal Reserve Bank (a privately-owned bank from whom the US “borrows” money)printed and placed in circulation several billion more dollars than there was gold to back it up in Ft. Knox. This was in violation of their charter. Foreign govts–whether aware of this or not–began to exchange US dollars in their possession for gold. Nixon saw that we’d run entirely out of gold if the trend continued, took us off of the gold standard, and instead, offered to back the dollar with the good faith and credit of the US. No oil-producing nation would take any currency not backed by precious metal (Deutschmarks, Swiss Francs and Pounds sterling only ones left at the time). This was why we had gasoline shortages. Nixon’s Administration disingenuously presented this as an “embargo” placed against the US, probably to hide from public opinion had his incompetence and the illegal actions of the Federal Reserve been exposed. Nixon then went to the Saudi king to negotiate, and after much pleading over a period of many months, The Saudi king agreed to accept the US dollar in exchange for oil–if we gave them a LOT of free military hardware and other foreign aid concessions in perpetuity. The Saudi king talked other OPEC nations into accepting the dollar for oil, and the concept of the “Petro” Dollar was born. No oil could be purchased from any OPEC country for any currency BUT the US dollar. The Saudi king died a year or so ago. The new Saudi king is already in bed the China, who has “gifted” him an island with a refinery and docking facilities for oil tankers. The Saudi king now sells oil to China for gold. If this trend continues, other nations may follow suit, and then, the US Dollar–backed by an EBT Card that’s $19 Trillion overdrawn–may be undesirable for purchase of ANY goods manufactured overseas. They may still accept it, but at a greatly discounted rate, causing the cost of all imported goods to rise dramatically. Since we no longer manufacture anything in the US, nor seriously tap our own massive oil reserves, things would go bad for most Americans. Nixon’s deal with the devil is about to blow up in all our faces. The solution–if started back in the 70’s–would have been to begin SERIOUSLY mining gold in the US and rebuilding our reserves and return to the gold standard. Unfortunately, during the late 60’s, mining and smelting became politically incorrect, all so-called “public land” being needed in pristine, pre-Columbian condition so as to keep the beautiful vistas, and protect “endangered” head lice and such. Today, our country has no gold to back the dollar, the Saudis truly have us over a “barrel”, and aggravating them now would destroy our economy entirely and almost overnight. An added problem is that today, China is presenting it’s new gold-backed Yuan, and word is that it will threaten the dollar’s future, regardless of the situation with the Saudis.

    • Estrella de David

      This is something that is totally possible…and the Dollar could soon be substituted by the Yuan… And if it is true that the US does not figure into prophecy for the Last Days, then it could very well be that it is because the nation will be devastated and irrelevant, just like Barry Soetoro wants it to be… That could also be the time when the Rapture takes place, and all of the deluded masses who adore this vile man will then have to fight and kill off their brain dead bretheren just survive the economic meltdown that will ensue…

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  • Larry/vietnamvet1971

    Here you go…ALL you obama Fans you can defend that Muslim Trash living in his White Mosque for 276 more days so suck it all in….bath in his radience of Evil….Plain & Simple I can see through his Evil mask he wears…but people like you that are ” saying you are no fan” of this Evil UNAMERICAN is short of LYING…..you worship the ground he Slithers on.

    • Estrella de David

      I stand with you Larry!

    • Questionman

      Man, this has to be the worst example of bigoted, black-hating racist c-nts blaming the damage they caused on the black man they hate. And I was right. Hatred of Obama comes from racism and bigtory, Bar None.

      Yes. Because having been in office for 8 years, it makes so much sense to be a secret Muslim. And use drones to kill Muslims. Have US troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and military advisers and weapons in Syria to kill Muslims. A secret Muslim president would be doing all this because it serves Islam. I don’t understand this “logic.”

      Obama is not a Muslim, that one has been well and truly put to bed. Sheriff Clarke identifies himself as a complete and utter prat but I guess as such he can’t really help himself.

      Nonsense. Obama has spent years pulling America out of the devastating mess dopey Dubbya left it in after he crashed the economy of not only America, but also of the whole world. Dubbya’s legacy was a worldwide recession, a banking crisis, a collapse of the housing market and two more wars, one of them illegal in Iraq. The incarceration of prisoners of war, held without charges or trial for years and tortured with Dubbya’s blessing, against the rules of the Geneva Convention. Terrorism was rife during Dubbya’s time with 9/11 being the worst attack of all, due to the lack of security and complacency of the Bush era. He also failed to capture the worlds most wanted criminal, Osama Bin Laden, which Obama managed to accomplish in his first term of office. During Obama’s Presidency you have seen the economy flourish, the Dow increase, unemployment reduce, terrorist acts prevented, trade developed, and restored faith in America from around the world. G W Bush was rated the lowest ever approval rating of any President, past or present. His legacy remains a total disaster from which the world is still reeling. The only thing Obama is guilty of is being black as far as Cons are concerned, and despite all their abuse and racist ranting and political put downs, it’s Obama’s race that bugs Republicans most of all.

      You ARE a racist!

      You ARE a bigot!

      You ARE a black-hating retard inbred hick c-nt!

      He’s black.

      Get over it.

      • Larry/vietnamvet1971

        that is your opinion….live with it….I look at this president through Spiritual eyes not physical eyes like you and most people do…that is why you see just his physical human traits and you think he is Good and what he is doing is Good….How can a Believer …Christian if you are one claim to stand behind some one that has Proven his Evilness time after time and out right LIES …you do know who the Father of LIES is don’t you?…in your Zeal to defend him you have tripped over the Word of GOD…

        Sorry to burst your love bubble for an Evil man who has Blood on his Hands and will pay for it…..he gave PP his blessings & MILLIONS of your bucks (some of it) to kill unborn children…and opened the homosexual pandora box and you of course are just great with all these Wonderful things he has done ….since you are of course a Real Christian….you should be standing up & speaking out against him…..his color BLACK has nothing to do with his Evil policies.

        Let those who Love GOD stand up & speak out against EVIL…. I have and I will continue.

        • DC

          Love your response, Larry! Nothing we haven’t heard before (minus the vulgarity). It’s Bush’s fault. We’re racists. No blame that Bill Clinton had Osama in his sights and let him go. You can hit some people over the head with the Truth and they still won’t get it. How easy these one will be to fall for the lies of the AC. Bet “questionable” man thinks blacks robbing stores and beating up merchants and going after a cop’s gun are harmless, misunderstood kids whom the cops are just itching to kill. Yup, they’re all victims. Oh, and those abortions Obama’s all for? More black babies are killed than any others, in a disproportionate amount, with clinics strategically placed in poor black neighborhoods. Who’s the racist now?

          Right now Sheriff David Clark is speaking on FOX. I love that man! And guess what? He’s black! I also liked Ben Carson and Herman Cain and any other Conservative who happens to be black, which never even dawns on me until the LEFT points it out. But the race card and the name calling will continue to be played by people who have no good argument. I really hope these people are the first to be persecuted by the gov’t, not because I’m hateful, but I think it’s the only way their eyes will open up. When it happens to THEM and they are brought to their knees, I hope they will then pray and receive the only salvation that matters—not from Uncle Sam but Jesus Christ, Who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, now and forevermore!

          • GRACE

            amen DC

  • Not surprising…

    More End Time News At:

    We Provide and You Decide…

  • MG

    Well, I’m sure had the Saudi people or osama had anything to do with 9-11, he would still veto the bill. However, let’s set things right….I’m in no way defending a muslim, or muslim’s country, but the blame goes in reality to the USA gov’t along with the Israeli Mossad, CIA and MI6 for the true culprits in the New World Order kick off event on 9-11; debate this fact all you want…but just because you want it to be true does not make it so…the evidence has been mounting since that day….YES, it was an inside job…PERIOD. Want money…seek it from the criminal minds who did the deed. Simple.

  • ROSe

    Protecting the elites once again!

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    What a stage show distraction. I wonder who writes this garbage. The families should be suing the US Government.

  • I have an pamphlet named Obama and Islam written by Robert Spencer and David Horowitz, which shows a picture of president Obama bowing to the king of Saudia Arabia which also can be seen here:

    Since the American president one of the Baal worshippers who are nowadays called muslims, it is only natural for him to protect Islam – it’ s quite obvious.

    The only hope for us living the West is to repent from our sins and totally renounce Baal, which in the Western world always is identified by perversions such as sex orgies and the like. Please read the Old Testament which has a lot to tell about when Israel turned away from the One and only true living God and began to worship Baal.

    If you think I am totally far out and over the hill then just take a look at the symbol of Islam. It is fully approved/documented in history and once again read the Bible. I can say this in other words: Read the Book and watch the movie right before your eyes.

  • Love the site– really individual friendly and great deals to see!


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