Obama Says Nothing As Christians Slaughtered In Middle East

Throughout the Middle East the pattern is the same. Christians are murdered in mob violence or by militant groups. Their churches are bombed, their shops destroyed, and their homes...
They are slaughtering Christians in the Middle East, and no one seems to care.

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Barack Hussein Obama

The Week: Like many Coptic Christians in Egypt, Ayman Nabil Labib had a tattoo of the cross on his wrist. And like 17-year-old men everywhere, he could be assertive about his identity. But in 2011, after Egypt’s revolution, that kind of assertiveness could mean trouble.

Ayman’s Arabic-language teacher told him to cover his tattoo in class. Instead of complying, the young man defiantly pulled out the cross that hung around his neck, making it visible. His teacher flew into a rage and began choking him, goading the young man’s Muslim classmates by saying, “What are you going to do with him?”


They are slaughtering Christians in the Middle East, and no one seems to care.

Ayman’s classmates then beat him to death. False statements were given to police, and two boys were taken into custody only after Ayman’s terror-stricken family spoke out.

Ayman’s suffering is not an isolated case in Egypt or the region.

The Arab Spring, and to a lesser extent the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, were touted as the catalysts for a major historic shift in the region. From Egypt to Syria to Iraq, the Middle East’s dictatorships would be succeeded by liberal, democratic regimes. Years later, however, there is very little liberality or democracy to show. Indeed, what these upheavals have bequeathed to history is a baleful, and barely noticed legacy: The near-annihilation of the world’s most ancient communities of Christians.

The persecution of Christians throughout the Middle East, as well as the silence with which it has been met in the West, are the subject of journalist Ed West’s Kindle Single “The Silence of Our Friends.” The booklet is a brisk and chilling litany of horrors: Discriminatory laws, mass graves, unofficial pogroms, and exile. The persecuted are not just Coptic and Nestorian Christians who have relatively few co-communicants in the West, but Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants as well.

Throughout the Middle East the pattern is the same. Christians are murdered in mob violence or by militant groups. Their churches are bombed, their shops destroyed, and their homes looted. Laws are passed making them second-class citizens, and the majority of them eventually leave.

In Egypt, a rumor that a Muslim girl was dating a Christian boy led to the burning of multiple churches, and the imposition of a curfew on a local Christian population. Illiterate children were held in police custody for urinating in a trash heap, because an imam claimed that pages quoting the Koran were in the pile and had been desecrated. Again, the persecution resulted in Christian families leaving their homes behind.

In Syria, the situation is even worse. In June 2013, a cluster of Christian villages was totally destroyed. Friar Pierbattista Pizzaballa reported that “of the 4,000 inhabitants of the village of Ghassanieh… no more than 10 people remain.”

Two Syrian bishops have been kidnapped by rebel groups. Militants expelled 90 percent of the Christians in the city of Homs. Patriarch Gregorios III of Antioch says that out of a population of 1.75 million, 450,000 Syrian Christians have simply fled their homes in fear.

In Iraq, the story is the same but more dramatic. According to West, between 2004 and 2011 the population of Chaldo-Assyrian Christians fell from over a million to as few as 150,000. In 2006, Isoh Majeed, who advocated the creation of a safe haven for Christians around Nineveh, was murdered in his home. The number of churches in Iraq has declined to just 57, from 300 before the invasion. The decline of Iraq’s Christian population since the first Gulf War is roughly 90 percent, with most of the drop occurring since the 2003 invasion.

The U.S. and the U.K. bear some responsibility in this catastrophe, since they oversaw the creation of Iraq’s postwar government and did little to protect minority faiths.

West’s book touches on the clueless and callous behavior of Western governments in these episodes. U.S. reconstruction aid to Iraq is distributed according to Iraqi laws that discriminate against Christian Iraqis. The U.S. pours billions of foreign aid into Egypt, and yet the Christians in that country are not allowed to build churches (or even so much as repair toilets in them) withoutexplicit permission from the head of state, almost never granted. Last September, the U.S and Britain attempted to make their support of Syrian rebel groups explicit and overt, but at the same time some of these militias were executing a pogrom against Christians.

A Christian shopkeeper in Ma’loula summed it up in a quote to the BBC: “Tell the EU and the Americans that we sent you Saint Paul 2,000 years ago to take you from the darkness, and you sent us terrorists to kill us.”

In an email to The Week, Ed West says there are things America and its allies can and should do to aid persecuted Christians:

Western countries should make clear that our friendship, cooperation, aid, and help depends on: 1) Religious freedom, which includes the right to change or leave religions; 2) A secular law that treats all people the same. That was not the case in Mubarak’s Egypt, which the U.S. helped to prop up with $500 million a year. That is not the case in Iraq, which under U.S. control instigated sharia into its constitution. That shouldn’t be acceptable. In 2022, Qatar will host the World Cup, a country where death for apostasy is still on the statute books. Why aren’t we all boycotting it?

The last request does put the plight of Middle Eastern Christians in global context. Western activists and media have focused considerable outrage at Russia’s laws against “homosexual propaganda” in the lead-up to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. It would only seem fitting that Westerners would also protest (or at the very least notice) laws that punish people with death for converting to Christianity.

And yet the Western world is largely ignorant of or untroubled by programmatic violence against Christians. Ed West, citing the French philosopher Regis Debray, distils the problem thusly: “The victims are ‘too Christian’ to excite the Left, and ‘too foreign’ to excite the Right.”

Church leaders outside the Middle East are afraid to speak out, partly because they fear precipitating more violence. (Seven churches were fire-bombed in Iraq after Pope Benedict XVI quoted an ancient criticism of Islam in an academic speech in Germany.) Oddly, unlike Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Russia, the U.S. and the U.K. are the only powers acting in the Middle East that do not take any special interest in the safety of those with whom they have a historical religious affinity.

These are the lands in which Jesus’ apostles and their disciples made some of the first Christian converts. In an interview, West pointed out that these communities “were Christian when our ancestors were worshipping trees and stones.” Now they are in danger of imminent extinction.

In 2013, Raphael I Sako, the Chaldean Patriarch of Baghdad, said the following at his installation homily, “Still the shadow of fear, anxiety, and death is hanging over our people.” He warned: “If emigration continues, God forbid, there will be no more Christians in the Middle East. It will be no more than a distant memory.” West’s book is a sobering reminder that Western policy has helped shape this grim fate for Middle Eastern Christians — and Western silence allows it to continue. source – The Week


NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.

  • Alot of dead christians are going to heaven each day in spirit!

  • Richard Carr

    He’s been saying he’ll stand with the Muslims & Islam all along. So why does that 6 year old statement he keeps reaffirming either shock people or get ignored by his sheople?

  • Teresa: When MRH replies about the truce with Ron, sounds like the truce between Hamas and Israel!

    • STL you are sailing alone on this one. 🙂

      • Teresa: I was just stating that MRH does not believe Ron would honor a truce and Ron does not believe we need a truce because he never did anything wrong posting his comments on this web site.

        So basically its a Hamas and Israel stand off?

        • I understand what you were thinking but it is assuming and putting thoughts out unknown, as well as using people in 3rd party discussion which I don’t take part in, it only causes strife w a comeback comment. sorry friend, have a good wknd

  • And now the truth is coming out. WOW! sad. And it’s only going to get worse people. This is an MSM website reporting this. Read below.
    Wall Street adviser: Actual unemployment is 37.2%, ‘misery index’ worst in 40 years

  • Engr: That 37.2% should make Obama much happier?

    Now with Sear, Target, Macy’s, and J.C. Penneys closing stores and laying off more people these figures will climb?

  • The Muslim in chief Obama, cannot, according to his Holy Book the Koran, interfere with the holy actions of his fellow brotherhood brothers. This nation USA, who has murdered almost 5 million of God’s children, is not about to get their eyes opened to the truth. This nation is soon to be punished for its sins, like the other nations of the past who killed children, and turned their back on the only one true GOD, the GOD of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

  • And many Americans still insist that Obama is a Christian. Wow, talking about blindness.

    • Mario: How’s life? Love sure getting cold like an iceberg? The report came out that USA is at 37.2% unemployment now and we still have 2 more years to go with Obama, do you believe it will take 2 more years to destroy the USA?

    • Mario on this my take is, most that voted for him that call themselves Christians, belong to Churches who do not support Israel. That would be what I call mainstream, Methodist, Catholic, Lutheran, United Church of Christ, all those. I am not saying they are not Christians, just that I have never seen them behind Israel, so their teaching/thinking is different. I have not attended there in yrs so it may have changed. They also believe in Gay Marraiage and Free Choice for the most part, different thinking so they would think he is a Christian. Like I said that’s just my take, have a good day

      • Teresa: You left out of the mainstream of churches that do not believe in supporting Israel is: Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons.

        • Yes I failed to say among other, thank you for addition!

        • I didn’t know that. Thanks for that. My pastor always said that we are Israel and that God would never go back to Israel again as His people. I always disagreed of course.

          • Ron Murphy: Just maybe if you made a bigger donation to your pastor, he might just agree with you on Israel? LOL

          • No, STL, he was not a prosperity preacher. He was just a little confused, so they gave him a doctoral degree in theology. Can not see how a preacher can not understand what ‘s plainly written. ” I will choose Jerusalem again”. And He has a remnant of the children of Israel.

        • Hey STL, forgive me for my comments to you the other day, I had no right to speak like that to you 🙂

          So true about the above statements, thats why I don’t go to any church!

          My friend that I used to work with is a JW, he still visits me regularly, trying to get me to attend their meetings.

          They teach that a one world government is coming that is to be ruled under Christ, in heaven, a heavenly government ruling Earth, but I believe that they will be fooled by the NWO one world government, he even reckons that the world would eventually turn on all true Christians…….us the JW’s, he said.

          Has anyone ever noticed how many exJW sites are out there?

          And he mentioned that too about Israel, he reckons that Israel has had their chance and they are not the focus now.

          Such a cult, I said to him, brother do you do your own research, or do you just believe everything that they tell you?

          We have had some pretty good in depth discussions that were not very agreeable, but they train them too respond to every type of comment and question that can be asked!!

          He has even given me a book on that!

          He reckons that the elders of the watchtower, are trained scholars in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic, and are about to release a new version of the holy scriptures.

          I asked him about their interpretations of revelation.

          His answers did not make any sense, he couldn’t explain the two witnesses and their role, or who the beast and the false prophet was, he portrayed them to be as a system, of course I am no expert, but his understanding was very very vague for someone that knocks on everyones door and asks them if they want to know ‘the truth’.

          He has given me a JW’s study book of revelation, it is pretty thick and………it was written in 1988, which I am clearly not going to read.

          He is a good fella and we get along so well, but he is too brainwashed by their teachings, he is 60 and has been with them for 8 years, I thought that he would know much better.

          When he left the other day he said to me ”You should make a decision mate and choose what side that you want to be on, its no good being on the fence.”

          My response ”Brother, I am on the greenest grass that you can be on!”

          • Down Under Dog: Ask your friend about his soul, JW believes your soul can die! And you know that the body dies but the soul never dies. It will enter in heaven if you recieved salvation if not, the soul go to hell.

            Also they believe the only 144,000 will go to heaven, so basically every other JW when the die, that it! And they believe that Jesus is just a prophet, as he not God, but that goes against scripture in Philippians 2: 5-12 that proves Jesus Christ is God! JW’s think alot like Islamic religion.

            There is only two sides God’s or Satan’s!

            You said your mother’s friend is a Christian, does he know scripture?

            Jw’s acts just like my father did he was a jew. The New Testament they do not believe except when they are trying to back up thhe Old Testament scriptures.

            A true christian only uses scriptures from the KJV Bible, any other books is not totally grounded in the truth. They also believe that the 144,000 comes from the American Indians, because they want to lead you away from the fact that the 144,000 are jews.

          • Down Under Dog: JW’s also believe hell does not exist, if hell does not exist then Satan does not exist, yes?

          • My mum’s boyfriend has his roots in the seventh day adventists, which he did not agree with and left pretty quickly, but atm, he is highly influenced by conspiracy websites more than the bible and he believes Obama is the antichrist, I try not to speak too much with him about things because its hard to get a word in most of the time, and my thoughts and opinion are not ever considered.

            I can’t really have an agreeable conversation with any jw!

            But, one thing that I have learnt is that any church that influences their literature more than scriptures is a cult!

            I have read many of their booklets and books, they are very clever with their words and I can see why so many people get sucked in to their teachings, especially if you don’t have any basic knowledge.

            I can’t really tell him anything, he won’t listen to me!

            What do you say, or anyone reading this, what does everyone say to JW’s when they rock up at your door??

          • Like STL said, we give them scripture to disprove their false doctrines. We had JW’s come to the house not long ago, and we fed them the Word of God, for every false thing that they gave us. They did not stay long, lol.
            The seventh day Adventists are tough. They will not budge from their doctrine. You have to just tell them what you believe, the truth, and let it go…. it will plant the seed, but it’s up to them to let it grow in them, or not. 🙂

          • Hahaha!

            I could imagine after talking to you and Ron, that they would leave questioning their faith, somehow having doubts.

            But as soon as they mentioned what was said to their elders, I’m sure that they would say that you practice false religion and are influenced by Satan!!

            Ive never had a SDA knock on my door before 🙂

          • Down Under, I just read again how to witness to them on their turf so to speak. Google it, easy to find. blessings to you have a great day

    • Anyone can call themselves a “Christian” Unless you have a personal relationship with Christ, it is in vain.

      • Steve I don’t think that way because I too was different. I always believed in God, Jesus as a Saviour, but one day about 25 yrs ago, it all clicked about who Jesus really was and it took awhile to truly understand a relationship. Have a good wknd, Blessings

        • Teresa, did you know,,,Jas 2:19 Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.

          • Joh 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. 1Pe 1:23 Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth forever.

          • Amen!

          • Hi Suez thanks for posting these Scripture Vs for others to see, I should have done so w my explanation, Blessings to you

  • 1776! come on people, wake up

  • What does this remind me of, THE HOLLUCAST the woels stoos by then while Six Million Jews and more were murdered, what is the waiting for now for Six Million Christians, Catholic, Protesdent, etc etc Buddist, Sikh,s, etc etc What are the governments doing, apart from turning a blind eye, bowing to all the muslim demands, its disgusting, sharia law, they already practice parts of it in the UK. How much will the governments take to pass more.

  • I cannot wait until the Muslim’s start attacking Christians like this in the US. But, they wont , and the reason is many of us want a reason to throw them out of this country already!

    • Dan I think by the time that would happen, our laws will be changed in their favor. Its happening as I write. The expression is used so much by people. God Help Us.

      Why should he? Have a good wknd

      • Teresa: I thought the USA is the land of the free, and everyone comes to the USA, including Muslims gets the same rights as any other person from another country to vote and live in the USA. And since our politicans allow these laws to change, then Muslims will have the same rights as anyone else?

        • STL you know they have the same freedoms as all experience now they are presently getting laws changed to Sharia for one. Now they want Muslim Holidays in Schools, it to will pass. It is presently looked at byGovt to ban any talk of Islam, making you Islamaphobic

  • @Dan,
    I’m not ready for them to attack, and hope they don’t; however, they better know that millions of U.S. Citizens are armed and ready for whatever is ahead.

    • Tracy: Your dreaming, most people under fear will gladly give up the weapons that would believe that our government would just leave them alone.

      If 50 Fema troops show up at your house armed to their teeth, they give 5 minutes to give up your weapons, fear will make you gladly give them up, because you would not want harm to come to your children.

      • STL I think its a little naïve to think that way. You would be speaking of Liberals who now give them up for some stupid reason.

        • Teresa: You think I’m a little naive to think that way. Have you been to the point of fear, if you said, one word wrong, your dead? When a person might defend himself with weapons, but put your children in danger, no way, you’ll give up those weapons to cause no harm to the children. And its fruitless to believe for one person to take on 50 Fema Troops?

          • STL you are number one assuming children are involved. yes I have been to the point of fear and had I had a gun it would not have mattered what words I would have said. I am just saying its not what you think.

          • Friend you obviously have no understanding of what it takes to build a country. Check out our American history. My family fought in the Revolution. So don’t think for a minute that putting their families in danger was a reason to throw down their arms. They understood the greater good over tyranny from another country out weighted even their families safety God forbid . But , it happen because even the children we’re fighting for freedom.
            This country was founded under christian principles and has prospered because of it. It is the Christian’s God that will decide the fate of Islam in this country, and if ridding Islam in this country is Gods will your jihad will be child’s play compare to the wild fire of Christian fervor !!

          • What cave did you crawl out of?
            Revelation says that the Christians will be beheaded for the Word of God. Will you be one, or will you cower and take the mark?
            It will soon be here, it’s closer than you think. Why do we have a Muslim president now? Go figure……..
            Prepare your souls, children.

          • the bible says he will make war against the saints, it takes 2 oposing sides to make war, so obviously some of the Christians make a stand against the antichrist, yea they lose, but they fought back.

            GOD has always required his saints to act, to make a stand, to pick up his cross, and bear it,
            You so called Christians who wont even defend you own children , your own family, your so called faith in Christ.
            It would not surprise me if everyone of you weak minded so called Christians are sucking the tit of this ungodly muslin that you probably voted for.
            You people make me sick, you people have a form of godliness but you denie the power there of.
            All you do is fight amongst yourselves, cutting each other down, and follow false doctrines of devils

            Christians are dying every day, and all you people do is argue . and all you people do is stab each other in the back.

            GOD requires action,
            Abraham sacrificeing his own son
            Noha building the arc
            Moses and the jews

            do something, or be subjugated.

          • Da: I really do not care to argue your family values, since there dead, then my conversation would be a dead end conversation. LOL

            What does your family have to do with you, all those dead families members going to make decision for you.

            Yes, this country was founded on christian values, but just founded, not enacted in christian values.

            Does Jesus teach us as a country should go out for no personal reason and kill someone just because our government leaders told you to kill others.

            And personally have you defended your country in the time of war, if not, then why you voicing this type of opinion?

  • BitterClinger

    The reason most people don’t know about this is because our government owned media doesn’t want us to know. Its called the dumbing down of America and its all part of the master plan.

  • Teresa: How many holiday unofficial do we celebrate in the USA from different countries cultures;

    St. Patrick-Irish
    Cinco de Mayo- Mexican
    and so on!

    So now we will have muslims holidays.

    • STL sometimes you make not much sense. Are you not paying attention to the Islamic takeover going on here? If not you better be cuz they will be there next if the opportunity is there. They already come thru Mexico that has been established. This is different. In Fla I think it is they want the Schools to give them a Holiday. Schools do not get the days you mentioned off.

      • Teresa: Let’s get one thing straight I do not care who takes over this world, my only concern is my salvation in Jesus Christ and this world has not done me any favors. And my world in in HEAVEN only! Good let the Muslims have the USA, they almost control it now, so what the point crying over the want do do not have any more?

        This sounds like the smiths and the jones, smith is pissed off that jones has a better car and house than smith!

        If your a true believers of Jesus Christ, we do not belong to this world no more!

        If your so worry about the muslims taking over the USA, then this shows your more concern for this world than to Jesus Christ!

        • Teresa: Does post 34 make sense to you now? Its very simple you belong to God’s world or this world!

        • STL I will not dignify you with an answer.

          • Teresa: But if the muslims would take over the USA, maybe we could make a deal with the muslim, since they have most the money in this world, we could double our SSA pensions.LOL

          • sure we’d be the headless deal makers all right. Or the handless and then couldn’t shake hands for the deal.

    • Does anyone not remember the crusades. History always repeats itself that’s fact. Christians are standing down maybe because of the passage in the revelation
      “those who live by the sword will die by the sword”. But, the fights coming people. Islam is a religion unlike all others and will not except the freedoms that our founding fathers intended through Christianity. But. for those who are listening “THESE ARE EXITING DAYS!! Praise God!!

  • Gump reloaded

    I haven’t heard the pope say anything nor mit Romney nor rush Limbaugh, Glenn beck, Bush’s, john McCain etc….so what else is new. ..you all at large are remaining quiet. Shhh
    That’s all i have to say about that

  • Gump: Don’t worry! It will pick up in April 2014!

  • ….and the American pastors behind the pulpits say nothing…….

    • Bheki: If your going to insult me, please use the right title for me. I’m Jewish/ Mexican/ nationalized American.

  • Dan : Please tell me what man has solved by using their arms ( weapons) against another man?

    You voice your opinions, about that revolution has change the USA? So how did it change the USA, using force against another human being?

    You voicing your opinion, but never been put in the spot in your life, that you had to use a weapon to kill another human being, its just mere opinion.

    I have been put into that spot many times in my life, and I raised my arms against others and took their lives, now, they do not exist! From my actions, I have cause many hardships to others, and for what reason, by protecting myself?

    Please tell me what we have done in this world as American citizens, by going to war. We went to war in Vietnam, did we solve anything in that country in 10 years, basically nothing!

    Its still Vietnam being run by the communist, so what changes did we make, except killing a few million of their citizens.

    Let look at Iraq, did we solve any issues over in that country, we even attack them for no reason, but we used our weapons to kill others.

    Let’s look at WW2, did we go over their to protect the jews, no we did not! We as Americans, let Hitler kill 6 million innocent jewish people. Did we solve anything in Germany, as I see it Germany politicans are against the USA.

    Killing innocent people just does not ever work to solve any of our problems. so keep your arms, until one day you use them, I bet first reaction you will have is that you’ll piss in your pants from fear.

  • Dan: You remind of a coward, at first he gets the crowd excited, then when they ready for war, you can not be found anywhere?

  • STL , My last post; in the entire post I was speaking of the American revolution. And, yes the citizens took up arms against Britain ,but it wasn’t about changing anything. The US in fact was formed and thus gaining the freedoms we all enjoy today. I mean if you would have stayed on point with my post you maybe would have made since. Instead you needed to drag out Vietnam and Iraq to make your point about killing innocents.
    Friend the way you argue ‘and I know I may get you gals out there mad at me’ , reminds me of a woman and a drunk one at that! But, then you may just be a little girl posting on the internet. That makes more sense. Smooch!!

    • say what Dan??? Don’t answer. 😉

    • sorry that’s sense

  • Down Under Dog: What would I say to JW’s if they knock at the door, if you were like Ron, Brenda, Mario and some others who had alot of training in the scriptures. ” I would say come on in, and each time they try to preach their lies to me, I would use the scriptures against them.”

    But to the young Bible student just learning scriptures, I would tell them nicely to move on. And have a nice day!

    • I have said that to them plenty of times, as nicely as possible of course!

      And thats what led me here brother, reading the comments of the brethren mentioned above.

      Another thing my friend tries to tell me is that the KJV is full of mistakes, and I have actually read some of their material which uses reference from the KJV instead of their beloved New World Translation!!

  • Down under Dog: Then there is another way, to talk to them, but they will think you crazy? Tell them that Jesus Christ is Jehovah and I can prove it, Philippians 2: 5-12, that works for me, I just love to see them shaking there heads in disbelief. LOL

    • Down under Dog: try dealing with the Mormons, that’s crazy. They think Jesus Christ is the literal brother of Satan, and they came from the Sun, before it exploded into the sun, that it was their planet and their aliens of this earth! LOL

    • They seem to be very defensive of Jehovah as the one and only.

      That teaching seems to be their main focus.

      I have never had Mormons rock up to my door either, but I know that they have some twisted teachings as you are mentioned, and they are very racist.

      I could imagine you Steve putting them in their place! 🙂

  • Teresa: I just love planting the seed of disbelief in JW’s, at least they go back causing problems in the little flocks. LOL But I found out that JW’s will argue the mere point of how Jesus died, as he did not die on a cross, but died on a stake! And to let other JW’s to know about us, they use chalk and put a cross on or near our front doors here in Mexico, so they know to avoid that house.

  • Dane: You said, it takes two opposing each other to make a war, not not just true?

    Satan and his armies will be attacking the saints, and the saints will just lay down the lives to them, without a fight.

    Let’s look at WW2, the jewish population in Germany just laid down their lives, without a fight.

    If you have recieve salvation, then there is no reason to fight, maybe this body will die, but our soul or spirits continue to live, possible to heaven or lake of fire?

    • Dane: Your still worried about yourself in this body form, but what we need to worry about is our salvation, then our spirit can go home to heaven, this mortal body is not allowed in heaven.

      Jesus laid down his life for you, so are you going to lay down your life for him?


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