Obama Refuses To Share Russian Invasion Intel With Ukraine

The Obama administration hasn’t shared with Ukraine the imagery, intercepts, and analysis that pinpont the location of the Russian troops ready to seize more Ukrainian land....
President Barack Obama, right, with Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, left, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, March 12, 2014.

U.S. intelligence agencies now have detailed information that Russia has amassed the kind of forces needed for a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. But the Obama administration hasn’t shared with Ukraine the imagery, intercepts, and analysis that pinpont the location of the Russian troops ready to seize more Ukrainian land.

President Obama has repeatedly and publicly expressed solidarity with the Ukrainian people—and warned Russian leader Vladimir Putin that there will be consequences if he takes over any more Ukrainian territory. Yet Obama’s administration has so far been reluctant to hand over the kind of intelligence the Ukrainians could use to defend themselves. U.S. officials and members of Congress briefed on the crisis in Ukraine tell The Daily Beast that senior U.S. military officers have been instructed to refrain from briefing their Ukrainian counterparts in detail about what the United States knows about the Russians troops amassing on the border.


President Barack Obama, right, with Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, left, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, March 12, 2014.

“I am not confident we are sharing any of that kind of information,”  said Rep. Michael Turner, the Republican chairman of the House Armed Services Committee’s subcommittee that oversees NATO and U.S. tactical air and land forces. “It’s clear we are not giving them critical military advice about the Russian capability on their border and the best utilization of the Ukrainian military to counter that.”

Instead, the U.S. intelligence community’s detailed analysis of a potential Russian invasion has been shared only with the Congress, American policy makers, and members of the Obama administration. The analysis includes details such as the geographic location of specific Russian units and predictions for how those units would be used in combination for a potential invasion.

That’s the sort of information that would be invaluable for any military preparing for a possible incursion. But it would be particularly useful to the fledgling government in Ukraine that lacks the satellites, sensors and intercept technology to learn the details of the military force that looks like it is about to invade its territory. Ukraine’s military is severely outmatched by Russia’s, but detailed intelligence on the location and composition of Russia’s invading force could advantage the Ukrainians in defending its eastern cities nonetheless.

And while any decision about an invasion is Putin’s alone, the signs are mounting that an invasion is near. Congressional staffers briefed on the matter say U.S. intelligence agencies have detected the supply lines needed for an invasion. Battlefield hospitals and mobile medical units have accompanied the infantrymen, tank columns and artillery units amassing at the border as well. When Russia announced military exercises near Ukraine in February, the U.S. intelligence community did not see such supply lines or medical units. source – Daily Beast

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  • Obama is only a little person, the Elite bankers are telling him how to act.

  • Ukraine is one of the 3 ribs / tusks in the bears mouth, this has to happen, however unpleasant it is. This and everything else going on in the world and our country is completely out of our control. Therefore, I wait with eager anticipation to go home to my Father, but until then I choose to live a happy and content life.

  • #2, Rudy, while I do understand that happiness and contentment are choices and also understand the scriptural basis for what you say, I will be full of sorrow until this is done.

  • Thinking back to the “wait until I’m re-elected” hot mic incident, this is quite ominous. I picture Satan in his lair pondering why Hitler went wrong. He figured out that Churchill was the problem and planned well in advance this time to make sure there were no world leaders who would put up opposition. He put his men in place first and then let loose the beast. It is not Illuminati or other world power brokers who are running this deal. It is Satan. He has plenty of help but it is Satan. The only good news is that it is only because God is allowing it. He promises us redemption in the midst of the impending judgment. That is our hope. Our sadness is that most of the world can’t see it due to the blindness of hardened hearts from continuous sin. May God have mercy on us all.

  • Paul Kidd: I’m just wonderring why you spend so much of your time trying to out guess Jesus Christ, he wanted these events to be a surprise to us all, and if you believe Jesus is coming for us before the Tribulation, then you’ll never find out if Obama is really the AntiChrist?

    Was not the purpose that we believers of Jesus Christ should be preaching and having fellowship with the lost sheep, or are you just like all the other post-tribbers? Your a wolf in sheep clothing?

    Like you said, its a shell game to them and you’ll never find out, or if you do, you will be dead very soon.

    I really do not care to know about Obama, I rather know what Jesus is doing for me.

    Its ashame you spend all your time trying to figure someone out and it will never happen.

    Its like you know someone all your life, then one day he stabs you in the back, as you never saw it coming?

    If your planning to be in the Tribulation period, then go on with your studies with the AntiChrist.

  • #5 Hope, By no means am I wanting to imply that I don’t feel sorrow for what is being done to the innocent. That is far from the case.

  • C’mon fill us all in. We are the born again Christians! Don’t we have the privilege of knowing?

  • #8, Rudy, same back. I should have affirmed what you were saying better. This is so bittersweet. On one hand our hopes and dreams are about to be fulfilled. The greatest thing ever is about to occur. We will see our Savior face-to-face and then live in a world that Satan doesn’t control. On the other side are those I love and those I don’t know who don’t know my Savior. I am angry at them and heartbroken for them at the same time. Choosing to trust and hope and surrender this time to the one who has it completely in his control brings that happiness and peace you are talking about.

  • Stl, why don’t you come out of denial & just smell the coffee! This ‘Blessed Hope’ event is for Believer’s only!
    The Church in Paul’s day sure believed in the Blessed Hope event, Paul believed, why not you, stl? Are you trying to be a tool in robbing Christian’s of a eternal crown to lay at Jesus feet? Do you realize, a record number of Christian’s are now holding on to the truth of the Blessed Hope, it is written!

    *I don’t hate u stl, but, I’m starting to really not like you very much. I’ll pray for you so that the Lord will plant it in your brain the true’s of our/Lord’s Blessed event!

    *The barely feast make’s sense, Jesus went to the Father during this season, praise Jesus, we’ll be Home soon, maybe as soon (or sooner) as this coming Resurrection season! *Stl, you can’t rob us of that! If you don’t really know Him, this is the time! He did it all at the Cross, we’re secure in Him Forever!

    *STL, listen, I’ll try and come back to this post if you’ll answer a question! Do you believe in the dispensation’s of the Bible? If not, I (we?) understand your total position. Amelinial’s, replacement theologian believer’s seem to hate dispensation’s, wunder why?!

    Good day!

  • Forget the technicalities. Just get ‘born again’ then you’ll have eternal life and firstly be taken in the rapture(Rappio). There’s not a minute to lose!

  • The blessed hope is not the pretrib rapture, those that sleep in the Lord have the hope, also.

  • CHRIST GOD WILL put his angels hovering over Ukraine thus it’s enemies will be decimated supernaturally! Everything will start going disastrously for Ukraine’s enemy immediately in Christ’s Name!


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