Obama Places German Foreign Commander As Chief Of Staff For U.S. Army Europe

A German Army brigadier general is assuming duties as the chief of staff of U. S. Army Europe, the first time a non-American officer has held that position....

Another Obama first in destroying our national sovereignty

‘Tis our true policy to steer clear of permanent Alliances, with any portion of the foreign world.” George Washington, Farewell Address, September 19, 1796

A German Army brigadier general who recently served with NATO forces in Afghanistan is assuming duties as the chief of staff of U. S. Army Europe, the first time a non-American officer has held that position.


Army sources in Europe said the first-ever assignment of a German general to the USAREUR staff is unrelated to the political furor over the spying revelations, but does reflect the increased importance of multinational operations in NATO.

Brig. Gen. Markus Laubenthal, most recently the commander of Germany’s 12th Panzer Brigade in Amberg, and chief of staff of Regional Command North, International Security Assistance Force Afghanistan, will be stationed at USAREUR headquarters, Wiesbaden, Germany. He could report to duty as early as Monday.

Laubenthal also has served as military assistant to the deputy commander of operations and assistant chief of staff of operations for NATO forces in Kosovo.

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  • carrierwave

    Obama is not psycho–He is just assuming command of UN forces as he has been instructed. UN building headquarters is in New York City, FEMA/Homeland Security is UN/NATO “shadow government”. UN troops train on ALL military bases coast to coast. Every state has UN “Partnership for Peace” foreign military exchange programs. (In Michigan we have Latvia, Estonian, Lithuanian,(Russian) Napal troops to come here in a National Emergency, take your guns, separate your family to work for the government and rebuild a new global amerika.

    All American road signs are now “Pictorially Europeanized” and embedded with GPS grid aligned “tactical markings” and codes for UN/NATO foreign “Peacekeepers” to read that target our vital sites, facilities, routes(STRAHNET “Strategic Highway Network”. (check out your road signs in your area–see if you can detect the coding and what they are MARKING)

    Oh? you didn’t know all this? They did it over the years right under our noses when we voted in the globalist both Dems and Repubs. Traitors is what they are.

  • The end of the USA when the Fed. Reserve Note crashes. They go to the Amero North and Amero South. Currency. They already HAVE NAFTA. Now Obama turns over. Military to NATO. For the NWO. Obama is a pupit. This has been. set up for over 60 years while the USA has been at the ball games. This generation don’t have a clue. We have been sold out for years. That is why we are being over run at the borders. Roy CH. USA

  • It will encourage Germany’s acceptance of our desired but unjustifiable conflict with Russia over the Ukraine issue. The reward for Hunter Biden, Joe’s son, with Ukraine’s largest gas company is but a small part of plan. Included in the un-American Project for the Nazi-American Century’s goal for world tyranny is breaking the power of Russia, a country with whom we could live peacefully and very profitably were it not for the inhuman fervor of a few to destroy the rest of humanity.

    • Brad Sr.

      Amen brother! Alot of blind people out there.

      • Dave

        … and a lot of stupid people on here.

    • SSG Jack Simpson U.S. Army (RET)

      U.S. Troops have often been under the command of foreign Officers. When I was in NATO (AFCENT) in Holland we had German Generals in command of AFCENT and we had to obey their orders. As early as the Revolution there were foreign officers in charge of American troops. This is unique though as he is being put into a non NATO unit.

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    • Dave

      American troops are not coming under the command of a foreign officer. Do you really think a Brigadier General is going to be in charge of an entire continental force?

    • Hope

      Really, now. Isn’t there quite a difference between US forces being assigned to multi-nation commands and a foreign commander being assigned over an exclusively American command? Who’s rules of engagement apply? Who does the General answer to? How is military justice carried out? This directly applies to NATO, not all military history and the equivalencies don’t work in any case.

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    • xyzc

      Hitlers dream, moron? What the hell do u know about Hitler other than the Zio propaganda put in ur head? Go educate urself

      • Revelation 2:9


  • Donna

    I am not worry about all this mess, because Jesus is in control. Amen

    • xyzc

      And pigs fly, religious dumbass

  • STL

    Why not? Have this General in command of Europe, when Obama leaves office as President he will become the new Secretary General at the United Nations.

    • laura

      Watch for Obama to be President of the UN in the 2015 – 70th UN General Session. Watch. That would be the “perfect base” for him to make a “peace treaty” reference Middle East Israel.

      UN General Session ends 9/28/15… same date as final 2014/2015 tetrad. 2520 days from Obama being elected 11/04/08.

      Watch for peace treaty 9/28/15… end of first 7 year cycle of preparation… beginning of second 7 year cycle of tribulation.

      Like Joseph… first 7 years of preparation… then 7 years of famine. Revelation 12.

      He will hold offices concurrently. Been his plan all along. Already showed that taking position on Security Council.

      He won’t leave office… he will hold the offices concurrently. He has no morals… only lust for power.

      First beast of Revelation as prophesied in the White House.

      **Also watch for something of significance at OWTC on 7/04/2015.

  • laura

    2008 went to Berlin. Now puts a German in charge of American soldiers in Europe. That’s the first beast of Revelation their. Fourth Reich. The UN Beast system of Revelation 13 rising through Obama…

    • Dave

      This general is not in charge of anything. He has no command authority. He is going to be the Chief of Staff, NOT the commander of US Army Europe.

  • Hope

    This, of course, explains why he is so disengaged from all of the issues we are facing in the US. He isn’t serving the US. Looks like we have entered “phase next” of the master plan to take over the world.

  • STL

    Has anyone seen the new sink hole in Tampa, Florida?????????????

  • Revelation 2:9

    • Revelation 2:9

      Come on, you all have to watch this video…you will like it,but only if you are an anti-semite….lol.

      • Brenda Murphy

        YOU won’t be laughing, come judgment day.

        • Revelation 2:9

          Did you get a chance to watch it?Oh how the truth hurts.

  • dan

    I thought the Nazi’s trained all our military after ww2. I thought Marcus Wolfe (stasi) wrote Homeland Security laws. The Nazi’s( with the help of our leaders )never lost the war. They just moved to a different location.

    • Revelation 2:9

      You just posted the biggest bunch of BS I have read here…and I have read a lot of BS here.

  • EndOfLine

    Well, the president of the USA isn’t even American, so why should a foreign commander be any problem…

    And there is more to come, we haven’t seen the last abomination of Obama yet, that is for sure. He has got a lot of help to bring him into ever greater power. Just look at what the illuminati worker called JP Monfort tries to do. At first look it might seem to be something innocent and silly. On the other hand, it is apparently occult forces behind, where thousands of “experts” worldwide conspire by dreaming unitedly on the same new world order vision.



    JP.Monfort Will Ask Barack Obama

    MEDITERRANEAN 7-July-2014 | Jaime Pozuelo-Monfort

    It is confirmed. JP.Monfort, the first Human ever to present a Candidacy to the Presidency of the Sollar System, will ask U.S. President Barack Obama to run with him as Prime Minister of Planet Earth.

    Unofficial sources confirm that President Barack Obama has not decided yet what he will do after his second mandate at the White House expires in January 2016. President Obama cannot run for a third term. Decemland World will bid for Barack Obama in an attempt to present to the talented American President the best professional opportunity of his lifetime. Barack Obama is to settle down in Decemland, the Sollar System’s Capital Territory.

    • Revelation 2:9

      Silly goy..the NWO IS the jews!

    • Revelation 2:9

      Let’s just say our military has been turned into a pile of crap on purpose..and I can tell you is behind it.Always the same group of people.

  • carol

    Its all a part of Gods plan and GOD WINS –don’t worry about things Be Blessed Today God is in FULL CONTROL God has the Worm Bate on the HOOKS and God is realling in the (weak Fish) ( EVIL )Anyone that is agaisnt GOD AND JESUS CHRIST are the LOOSERS they will all be under GODS COMMAND SOON Vengence is MINE SAITH THE LORD GOD WILL JUDGE THEM ACCORDINGLY AND HE IS JUST — GODS PLAN is BRINGING in JESUS .JESUS IS COMING, and getting closer each day Praise the LORD.

    • Dave

      Are you retarded? This German general is not being placed in charge of anything.

    • Dana

      Maybe if you crazy German’s would not have been so hell bent on
      world domination things would have worked out different. Since
      you power hungry Nazi’s couldn’t play nice with the rest of the
      world, then the rest of the world needed to teach you a lesson
      right? You have only yourselves to blame.

    • Dave

      Markus Laubenthal is not being appointed of Chief of NATO forces in Europe (that post is called SACEUR). He is being appointed as Chief of Staff for US Army Europe. He will have NO COMMAND AUTHORITY over any combat personnel.

  • Dave

    Well for those of you who have not yet blocked little Nazi Robyna Choleton, take a look at it’s page first for a stomach turning event. I would then suggest blocking the nazi? muslim? White Supremacist, whatever it is. Oh she says on her page the picture is not really her/him/it? Amazing how facebook will censor Conservative pages but allows worthless Racist things like robyna to stay on. Disgusting.

    • Revelation 2:9

      Why block somebody? You silly goyim always want to block somebody when they are telling the truth. Everything Robyna wrote is true.

  • angel

    obama not qualified to be president, so he hires a man who is not qualified to be general over us army

    • Dave

      If you really were a veteran then you would know that this guy is not in charge of any forces. He has no operational control of combat forces, nor does he manage the budget for USAEUR.

  • J-Kettles,… ROBYNA. Knows what he has told you. It is all history that has never been allowed to be taught in any school books. Hey could tell you much more. If you can’t search this out now for yourself. You will never get it right. right now so many people in the USA are marked off as useless. eaters… define. useless eaters. They don’t fit in the NWO. FEMA. 30 000 guillotine FEMA coffins. REX 84. Rev. 20:4 the end is at the door for all that. Have tried to give the PLO the land of Israel. stupid people. will miss the rapture that fave put down God’s family Blood line. Jacobs kids. Amos. 9: 13-15 KJV. RCH. USA.

    • Dave

      Roy CH , what you wrote makes no sense whatsoever. It is easy to spot an idiot on an article like this: they like to talk about history that is “not allowed” to be taught.

  • Dave, I have used you and your kind as the idots. To make my points. The wise will search it out and be much more able to miss the wrath of God on the idots that. run on with the messed up gray matter. The wise will be much more wise and what you say will fall by the way. Idots all learn the hard way if they learn at all!!! RCH. USA

    • carrierwave

      Oh, General Von Stueben? Was he a UN/NATO agenda NWO patsy? NOT!

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