Obama Orders Massive Build-up Of Swarming Drones With Chemical Weapons (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

The DoD's roadmap also features plans for deadly ‘swarms’ of drone-bombs that are launched from an unmanned ‘mothership’ to circle the skies while a human operator searches for targets...

Obama’s Private Army Comes To Life

Obama is building a massive army of drones that carry amazingly-lethal chemical weapons and strike from the sky at a moment’s notice. In 2014, the beginnings of as many as 30,000 of these ‘swarming drones’ will be flying over America.

Remember that ‘private army’ he promised he would build when he ran for president in 2008? He is about to fulfill that promise.

Daily Mail UK: The U.S. Department of Defense revealed its Unmanned Systems Integrated Roadmap, setting out its technology aims for the next 25 years. Its plans include drone-bombs that can hunt in ‘swarms’ from a mother-ship.



Unmanned aircraft carrying stronger chemical weapons could also be on the horizon, the U.S. Department of Defence (DoD) revealed in its Unmanned Systems Integrated Roadmap.

While the document sets out plans for unmanned maritime, land and air vehicles, there is a lot of focus on the future capability of controversial drones, which, if the plans come to fruition, click-here-to-read-the-rest-of-this-story-on-before-its-news-from-now-the-end-begins-nteb-geoffrey-gridercould deviate from mission commands set by humans if they spot a better target. Current drones require intensive manpower on the ground to fly, which is expensive and the DoD plans on cutting costs by letting the machines make more decisions themselves, Live Science reported.

The DoD’s roadmap also features plans for deadly ‘swarms’ of drone-bombs that are launched from an unmanned ‘mothership’ to circle the skies while a human operator searches for targets for the drones to crash into, guided by the bots’ on-board cameras. source – Daily Mail UK

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    • What’s there to talk about! It’s an ELE (Early Level Extinction) event and there is nothing we can do about it except to pray and make your peace with God. It just shows the believers in Jesus Christ and the prophecies how close we are at the end of time.

      And that’s not the only ELE event, people seem to have forgoten about the Gulf Oil spill a couple of years ago thats beginning to surface again with all the reporterd earthquakes in the New Madrid Fault line.

      • Anyone wishing to keep up to date with current events can visit
        The Extinction Protocol http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/

        • That’s a really good source Engineer.

      • Emgr: I heard from the fallout from the oil spill, the currents are causing harsh winters on the East Coastal areas?

      • @engineer,
        OK, how are the global elitist planning to avoid these disasters? They’re going to suffer as well. Don’t they know that, or am I missing something?

        • I have wondered that myself Tracy. Where do they think they will live and how do they think that they will escape it all?

          • @Marie and Tracy. They believe their god is going to arise from the ashes and fix everything. Just as Christians we believe Jesus is coming back. Their god Baal or anti-Christ is going to be risen and make it all great for them!!! In the mean time if they can kill a lot of us off, all the better for them they think!!! 🙂 Boy do I have news for them!!! lol

        • They (the elite) think they have it all figured out. Let’s see, they have the DUMBS (deep underground military bunkers)
          when all hell breaks loose that they can go hide into. And I’m sure they have some of the best medicines to prevent them from the contamination that the outside world will be affected by. Do DUMBS exist, Interesting, there was an article in WIRED Science Magazine some time ago about an underground city, I think the city was right outside Maryland, It had its own police department, fire department, post office, municipal building, mom and pop stores, you name it. and even a Mayor and municiple.

          The underground city Mayor was also an ex US General with ties to the NSA. Wow, You can’t make this stuff up even if you wanted to people. Hmm! You have to ask yourself, why would they experiment with something so complex and secretive. It’s not even a conspiracy considering in showed up in one of the most respected Science magazines in the country, I will see if I can find the article so you can read it, that is if wasn’t removed by now.

      • yes Eng hope you are well, and yes to STL, there are more important things to post that people may not be aware of, am guilty to a fault of doing so myself and get yelled at. I find it tiring to talk to people about Redemption, my no believing friends hear me but aren’t changing their minds, as it comes not from me anyway. Blessings

        • @Teresa B.,
          Keep posting all the alternative news that you can find.
          For some, that’s the only way they will ever hear about some of these weird things.

          • hello thank you . If one person can be helped no matter how the Lord takes it then I would hope they pass it on. 🙂

    • STL: the good news is that with long term exposure to low and medium radiation the instances of organ cancers of many kinds drops (exception is with thyroid amongst children). I’ve taken in the waters around Fukishima now twice and with the radiation hitting the West Coast here in the US won’t have to fly so far since I just live forty miles from the Pacific. The Will of God is merciful and even when man does something wrong God sees to it that something good comes of it.

  • We are arming our drones with material outlawed by international law, a weapon of mass destruction? Then we may use it for the very reason we used to invade Syria, killing our own people with illegal means? How will we do this, attack ourselves with our own unmanageable mercenaries, al Qaeda, as ground troops? And pay for it with our own tax money, building up national debt to take even more from ourselves? Please, someone, call the Samaritans, we are committing suicide.

  • Engr: The Mexican Earthquake 60 miles south of T.J., Mexico. Reporting before the earthquake they heard a noise like a bomb exploding, then the earth divided in that area, which caused a massive sinkhole.

    • did u see the video I think over in Sweden or somewhere the sounds in the sky during the storm? It was loud and weird. The Earth for sure is groaning w birth pangs to me.

    • STL, wanted to say if I don’t answer its not because I ignore, but I get no notice on computer so have to go round looking so I don’t ignore anyone but then maybe that’s what folks would like better! 😉

  • Lou Fontaine

    STL – Blast maybe from building D.U.M.B’s or HARRP you think?

  • Mark Douglas

    Now, drones are somewhat human controlled. Soon they will have artificial intelligence (AI) and they will be targeting anyone that doesn’t,
    ” tow the party line”.


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