Obama Invites Rapper To White House Who Sings About Killing Cops And Bush

First Lady Michelle Obama has scheduled a poetry evening for Wednesday, and she’s invited several poets, including a successful Chicago poet and rapper, Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr.,...

Thug life at 1600
Are you kidding me? What is this “artist” doing performing at the White House? Is there no shame, is there no decency left in America? Where is the liberal outage at someone who advocates killing cops performing at the White House? Under Obama, America has not just gone Socialist, we’ve gone ghetto.

“First Lady Michelle Obama has scheduled a poetry evening for Wednesday, and  she’s invited several poets, including a successful Chicago poet and rapper,  Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr., AKA “Common.” However, Lynn is quite controversial, in  part because his poetry includes threats to shoot police and at least one  passage calling for the “burn[ing]” of then-President George W. Bush.

Back in 2003, First Lady Laura Bush held a poetry evening, and she invited  several poets to reprise the work of Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes and Walt Whitman.  Although none of those poets had urged violence against a president, Bush  canceled the event after left-of-center poets protested and threatened to disrupt the event. Read what masterfully wordsmithing that proceeds forth from the pen of Common.

Common’s lyrics from “A Letter To The Law”

No looking back cos’ in back is what’s done

Tell the preacher, God got more than one son

Tell the law, my Uzi weighs a ton

I walk like a warrior,

from them I won’t run

I got the black strap to make the cops run

They watching me, I’m watching them

Them dick boys got a lock of c*** in them

My people on the block got a lot of pac in them

and when we roll together

we be rocking them to sleep

Burn a Bush cos’ for peace he no push no button

Killing over oil and grease

no weapons of destruction

How can we follow a leader when this a corrupt one

The government’s a g-unit and they might buck young black people

Black people In the urban area one

I hold up a peace sign, but I carry a gun.

Peace, ya’ll.” source – Daily Caller

This is what our White House has been reduced to, thugs, liars and gangsters. America, if you are not yet ashamed of our President and his First Thug gangsta’ wife, you should be.


NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.
  • ASHAMED! Putting their RACE and the color of their SKIN before what is best for the NATION! To sully the peoples house in this manner id SINFUL!

  • Karen L. Gray

    Obama cares absolutely nothing about America, except for what it can do for him!!!! He’s got to go in 2012. The American people need to WAKE UP & smell the coffee. It’s past time to throw out the trash–it stinks to high heaven!!

  • It is getting harder and harder to smell the coffee, thru all the stench of thru White House these days.. time to fumigate in 2012

  • Tom

    You people will never understand nuance. You know in your hearts that you are the real haters. No respect for women making all of your laws about what they cannot do with thier bodies. I know you wish we could all go back to Mccarthyism, lynching, book burning and whuppin’ it up with the good old boys while ma’s in the kitchen slavin’ away… Nope never going to happen. We will evolve ( well, some of us anyway)! Racist fools.

  • Tom

    I know some of you are wondering ‘what the heck was Tom doing talking about sexism here when this is about a poet coming to the whitehouse to poison our perfect Christian robot children with actual opinion that isn’t two thousand years old.
    Well, sexism and racism inherently go together. They are each a means of keeping others down so as to insure your own inflated sense of power.

  • Doing what a woman wants with her body means killing an innocent-we have to speak for them. I believe if you live in US-(however you got here) thank God! You could be in one of the
    murderous, chop arms& legs off nations. That’s
    why we need MORALS. RESPECT the white
    house- it belongs to everyone.

  • Just because an artist talks about something in a song doesn’t mean he or she endorses that position. Artists often discuss things from the point of view of someone other than him or herself. That’s a lot of what being an artist is. It’s about getting inside the heads of other people. There are many poor people in the inner city who feel exactly like the protagonist in this song. When you’re poor and have no chance or options you start to feel desperate and resentful of those in power. That’s all he’s talking about. Common is well known for being a socially conscious rapper who doesn’t glorify violence or demean women. Fox News even did a segment on him a few years back, about how socially responsible he is and what an exception he is in the hip hop community, but of course now that Obama has invited him to the White House they took one lyric out of context and created a “controversy.” Maybe they included him as a way of reaching out to young people and making them interested in poetry. Did you ever think of that? Maybe it might be good to get young black kids interested in something that might keep them off the streets. I’m guessing the people on and involved in this blog are probably A) white and B) Rural so you probably wouldn’t understand any of this. You’re all just upset because in a few years you’re going to be in the minority and you can’t deal with that reality. Scares you, doesn’t it? Well, get over it.

  • Obama’s (or whatever it’s name is) election was the political equivalent of the OJ Simpson trial – “Verdict” determined by race, not by FACTS. You can thank the America hating Liberal Media for that. Had they vetted this punk properly, we would not be in the position we are now.

    Well, we know where the double-murderer OJ is now, in jail where he has always belonged.

    Justice will again be served when this “community organizing” (a.k.a. agitating) Chicago thug and his “wife” (so hateful you can see it on her face) end up on there butts back on the streets (in another country if we are lucky).

    Notice they had to roll out Biden’s wife to mitigate the hatefulness of Michelle and supposedly bring some authenticity to another phony attempt at appearing “patriotic” with their new effort “Joining Forces”.

    Here we go again with a new marketing logo to try and convince REAL AMERICANS, yes thats right, REAL AMERICANS, that the occupants of OUR White House belong, well they don’t and anyone with a hint of intelligence (which disqualifies all liberals) knows that.

    Soon (2012) these two and all their fellow marxist comrades will exit to become only a disgusting and dangerous footnote in politics, —————-
    Graffiti on the wall of some back alley in American History.

    As we know, marx was wrong, Religion is not the opiate of the masses. However, liberalism IS the mental disorder of the masses. Let’s see . . .

    *There is a GOD, there is no socialist utopia, abortion is not “ok”, no you were not “born that way”, good intentions alone don’t solve problems, man-made global warming is a hoax, it’s actually “Father Nature” – not the butter commercial from the 70’s, public education in America is a utter and complete failure, don’t give everyone a fish, teach them to fish, minimum wage is only for entry level, not to live middle class on, all democrat implemented entitlement programs are in the process of imminent failure, and on and on and on . . .

    Now you liberals reading this need to take a deep breath about now, I know how emotionally un-stable you are and the truth upsets your fragile little minds. Maybe a trip to the local “free” healthcare clinic might help. Or you might take a nap and dream about living in the old ussr or china. Are you shaking yet?

    Anyway, this is what you get when a society drinks the liberal poison of “political correctness”. So in conclusion, liberalism is very dangerous for a free society and has failed in every case historically. Oh, by the way, no it’s not good to invite additional thugs into the White House 😉 !

    GOD Bless the United States of America, we need you now more than ever.

  • You’re all just terrified because you know that pretty soon white people are going to be the minority and you can’t deal with it. You also can’t handle that a black man made his way to become the leader of the free world BECAUSE HE DESERVED IT. Because he worked hard, and because he’s SMARTER THAN YOU. You’re just racists, plain and simple. Dress it up however you like. The reason you’re all out of work and without futures is because of the policies of BUSH not because of Obama! This economic depression started UNDER BUSH. Don’t you remember? Obama wasn’t in office yet! Our massive deficit started UNDER BUSH because he started two wars he didn’t bother to pay for, gave tax breaks to the richest people in the country, and reforms to Medicare that cost many many Billions and was a giveaway to drug companies. You’re all being used by rich billionaires like David Koch who give loads of money to right wing politicians who pretend to care about things like abortion and gay marriage so they’ll get you people ALL RILED UP and vote for them, so they can give tax breaks to these rich people and deregulate their industries all at your expense. The top 2 percent own 40% of the wealth and pay less taxes than the rest of the entire country. Don’t you realize you’re being duped?

  • darrell

    Well goerge bush invited johnney cash to the white house and some of his lyrics are worse than commons, johnney sings about mainlinein(shootin up heroin)and shottin a bitch, your article is more racist thatn it is true. I’d be with you if she invited little wayne who promotes drug use to kids,but its common (a poet) give me a break ,your rasist!

  • If you have ever been to a poetry reading, you would realize what a difference the artist’s inflections make in meaning. For example, when Common uses a voice other than his own to state the feelings of the hopeless only to contradict those words in his own voice in the next line, he is giving a voice to the voiceless while also teaching them a better way. Also, if you knew anything.of poetry, you would realize that such things as creativity, rhyming, rhythm, and meter require the use of euphemisms. Otherwise, it would be some dude talking rather than art. No poet’s work can be taken literally, nor does it have the same meaning when read on paper as it does in the writer’s own voice.
    America was founded by those escaping religious persecution to be a free country. Anyone who has a problem with the founding principle of freedom of religion needs to read up on history. Forcing Christianity is therefore UNAMERICAN! Since it is your religious values that condemn homosexuality, you constitutionally have no right impending their rights.
    I have a hard time understanding how I (iq 160 BTW) can be called an idiot over my political beliefs by someone who probably accepts everything said on fox news as gospel so you don’t have to think for yourself.
    Before everyone starts calling me a nigger like you did the previous people who had the audacity to disagree with you, I’ll tell you a bit about myself. I’m a white rural heterosexual suburbanite parent who works for a living and was born and raised Baptist in the heart of the bible belt. I just happen to research for myself from various sources before reaching a conclusion rather than taking the easy way out and allowing a single news source or church leader tell me what to believe.

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  • Misunderstood

    Funny thing is was the White House “gangsta”, thugs, and ghetto when Ronald Reagan invited Easy E of NWA to the White House? Easy came with his Compton hat and Jeri Curl your knight in shining armour must’ve been just as ghetto! How about Klansmen coming to the White House? Save the outrage and self righteoussness until that day you live in a glass house then you can throw stones…. Common is no gangsta rapper it was Poetry in prose do your homework!

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