Obama Ignores American Warren Weinstein Who Was Kidnapped By Al-Qaeda

A 72-year-old American development worker who was kidnapped in Pakistan by al-Qaeda more than two years ago appealed to President Barack Obama in a video released Thursday to negotiate...

ISLAMABAD — A 72-year-old American development worker who was kidnapped in Pakistan by al-Qaeda more than two years ago appealed to President Barack Obama in a video released Thursday to negotiate his release, saying he feels “totally abandoned and forgotten.”



The video of Warren Weinstein was the first since two videos released in September 2012. Weinstein, the country director in Pakistan for J.E. Austin Associates, a U.S.-based firm that advises a range of Pakistani business and government sectors, was abducted from his house in the eastern city of Lahore in August 2011.

In the video sent Thursday to reporters in Pakistan including The Associated Press, Weinstein called on the U.S. government to negotiate his release.

“Nine years ago I came to Pakistan to help my government, and I did so at a time when most Americans would not come click-here-to-read-the-rest-of-this-story-on-before-its-news-from-now-the-end-begins-nteb-geoffrey-griderhere, and now when I need my government it seems that I have been totally abandoned and forgotten,” Weinstein said during the 13-minute video. “And so I again appeal to you to instruct your appropriate officials to negotiate my release.” source – News Max


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  • cancer dragon
  • Sadly, Obama is far too busy destroying America and stabbing Netanyahu in the back.

  • Obama has shown over and over again that he cares not a whit for American Lives. Benghazi, Seal Team 6, Pastor Saeed and now Warren Weinstein that we know of! How many others is the question that is never asked. I hope Impeachment comes very very soon.

    • Yep. I have my doubts about impeachment happening but he will get his in the end. Evil always loses in the long run but it does get to do a lot of damage along the way.


  • Obama no doubt laughs at this stuff every day, but his day is due soon.

    Watch and see how the egg on his face piles up in 2014, and when the debt ceiling limit hits Feb. 07.


      • Thanks STL!

        He (Obama) has certainly been a test for believers to be praying for him. I think we all need not show our hatred towards what he is doing, but like Jesus, we need to hate what he is doing.

        Sure is evident how evil abounds inside his heart huh?

        • STEVE: You right we should give him ( Obama) the benefit of doubt to him, but I feel it like giving the benefit of doubt to Satan, do you think he’ll change?

  • America never gave a $%^& about him


  • Maybe we should begin to pray for Mr. Weinstein and write our congress reps about him?


    • Jay – The best thing said here. Yes we should pray for this man and all our Christian brothers and sisters. We should also pray for our leaders as much as we may dislike them, it is our duty.

      • It is our duty to remove them from office!

        • DM2: Please tell me how would you believe that our politicans should be removed from their offices?

          • if I need to explain , you would not understand

            I am speaking to American patriots stl, disregard my posts, ok

  • The Unemployment ends Jan. 1, 2014, after a year these people just believe that these benefits would just continue on and on, the system convinced them, these entitlements would never stop. But we are in the last days, the Born Again Believers prepared for the end of our system, by accepting Jesus Christ Salvation. But the unrighteous continue to believe in our politicans that they will rescue them, when in need. By Jan. 2, 2014, there will be alot of people lost and heading to the way of life living on the streets in the USA, but at least the rate of unemployment will drop again! So our politicans will say, life is getting better less, unemployment!

  • You are here: Home > Back to the 1930′s; a Must-See Wake-Up Call

    Back to the 1930′s; a Must-See Wake-Up Call

    By Shoebat Foundation on December 27, 2013 in Blog, General

    Her name is Chloe Valdary and in this video, she drives a point home that desperately needs to resonate with more people. The incremental increase of anti-Semitism in the years leading up to the extermination of six million Jews during World War Two is back.

    Valdary has partnered with Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT) to raise more awareness of just how dangerous the times are in which we live. As we have often stated, Hitler / Nazi comparisons are often overdone but when you’re comparing Islamic fundamentalism to Nazism, it’s spot-on.

    Here is more information via APT’s YouTube page:

    As part of the increasing focus of Americans for Peace and Tolerance on countering the hostile campus environment for Israel and its supporters, we have partnered with an outstanding student leader, Chloe Valdary, to produce a short video that features her powerful call to action against anti-Jewish bigotry.

    Chloe is a Christian Zionist whose solidarity with Israel is borne out of the shared histories of struggle against oppression by both Jews and African Americans. While a student at the University of New Orleans, she founded the student group Allies of Israel. After graduating, she co-founded the new campus-focused Israel advocacy group, Here Is Israel. Here is Israel is behind the viral music video “Boycott Israel,” which exposes the hypocrisy behind the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. When she heard of a BDS conference being held at Brooklyn College, she felt compelled to speak out about the parallels she sees between BDS and the Nazi boycotts against Jews in the 1930s. We were inspired by Chloe’s clear moral message to produce this video with the goal that it reaches a broader audience.

    If you’ve ever wondered what it must have been like in the 1930′s, it was probably quite a bit like today. Apathy and denial are the only emotions that would prevent someone from seeing this

  • We are Christians, and we are instructed to pray, pray and pray again for both the victims and the oppressors. Our enemies, and all those who are under persecution in these perilous times. Remember also Pastor Saeed and other Christians in the ME. Lord I plead the Blood of Jesus under all these people, I pray that you will bring the Spirit of Compassion on our enemies and those in Political Circles, that we all in one voice cry our “Let My People Go”

  • BitterClinger

    I’m assuming that with a name like Weinstein that the guy is Jewish.. so this really isn’t surprising.

  • Ruby Lillian

    Just reading that Kerry is headed over to Jerusalem to continue attempted peace talks. The story called it “hopeful” towards a peace treaty. I know it has been said before but I am always keeping my eye on that situation…so prophetic.

    • Ruby: You should know by reading scriptures that only the Antichrist will bring a 7 year peace treaty to Israel, so are you saying that Senator Kerry is the Antichrist?

      Senator Kerry real name is Kohn, his grandfather change their birth name from Kohn to Kerry. They are jewish and change to Irish Catholics.

      • STL—–Satan Talking Loudly.

        • Nathan B: Why are your the only one posting satanic cult messages against me, are you really the Atheist here.

          Because you think of yourself as a christian, but you say I’m hateful to others. If that was really true, then you would be exactly like me, because your doing the same thing?

          • Nathan B: Your just wasting your time posting hateful comments against me. Because I really do not care, actually keep them up, this way I’m collecting more rewards when I get to heaven. Thank you for your nasty comments?

          • Nathan B: Your spending to much time on me, you need to spend more time on knowing Jesus Christ, if your planning going to heaven?

          • ? Practice what you preach!

          • Ron Murphy: I do not preach on this web site, I just give my opinions, your the preacher here! Your the one who feel you need to control others just as religions trying to do the same thing. Your the one who gets offended when someone just do not agree with your theories of the scriptures. Your more interested trying to prove your theories, than trying to get the word out, you made it very clear to us, that your the preacher here, I’m just the student of scripture!

    • With Syria and Egypt aflame and Iran buildng nukes, why is U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry returning to the Middle East for his sixth visit since February to focus on more Israeli-Palestinian shuttle diplomacy?

      In part, because he and other liberals think that the Arab and Iranian (and now Turkish?) war on Israel boils down to an Israel-Palestinian conflict and therefore they over-emphasize this dimension; in part, too, because he subscribes to the liberal illusion that Israel-related issues constitute the “epicenter” of the region (as James L. Jones, then Obama’s national security adviser, once put it), so their resolution must precede dealing with other Middle Eastern problems.

      John Kerry seizing up Binyamin Netanyahu.

      But there’s another possible reason for Kerry’s enthusiasm: he took the measure of Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and found him indeed serious about reaching an accord with the Palestinians, and not just pretending enthusiasm to please Washington.

      This, anyway, is the thesis of David M. Weinberg of Bar-Ilan University writing in Israel Hayom: “Netanyahu has been making uncharacteristically passionate statements about the diplomatic process; statements that go beyond the expected chatter about Israel’s desire to engage the Palestinians and negotiate a two-state solution.” Weinberg finds Netanyahu “desperate for diplomatic movement[, having] bought into the left-wing argument that the status quo is unsustainable.” Weinberg perceives preparations now underway for “a unilateral Israeli initiative to concede significant parts of Judea and Samaria.”

      Why should Netanyahu, who emphatically did not campaign on this platform, make such plans? Weinberg looks mainly to domestic politics:

      Netanyahu has no other national agenda item to sustain his prime ministership. He needs a new message that will reposition him as a leader in the public mind, and the Palestinian issue is all he’s got to work with. The lead on economic and social matters has been grabbed by [political competitors Yair] Lapid and [Naftali] Bennett. There’s little Netanyahu can do about the hot situation in Syria or Iran. His job is to react wisely and cautiously to developments on these fronts, not lead Israel into confrontation.

      A unilateral Israeli withdrawal, Weinberg notes, “would blow the Lapid-Bennett alliance out of the water—something which is Netanyahu’s highest political priority.” The prime minister would then “bask in the glow of praise of Washington and Tel Aviv elites,” pick up center- and left-electoral support, and presumably coast to another electoral victory.

      • Teresa B. I’m no expert as you are on Middle East politics, Natanyahu, can do what ever he thinks might bring peace to his country of Israel, but God has another agenda, that Israel will attack Iran and Syria.

        • Congress Must Not Cede Its War Power to Israel
          by Sheldon Richman
          December 26, 2013

          The American people should know that pending right now in Congress is a bipartisan bill that would virtually commit the United States to go to war against Iran if Israel attacks the Islamic Republic. “The bill outsources any decision about resort to military action to the government of Israel,” Columbia University Iran expert Gary Sick wrote to Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in protest, one of the bill’s principal sponsors.

          The mind boggles at the thought that Congress would let a foreign government decide when America goes to war, so here is the language (PDF):

          If the government of Israel is compelled to take military action in legitimate self-defense against Iran’s nuclear weapon program, the United States Government should stand with Israel and provide, in accordance with the law of the United States and the constitutional responsibility of Congress to authorize the use of military force, diplomatic, military and economic support to the Government of Israel in its defense of its territory, people and existence.

          This section is legally nonbinding, but given the clout of the bill’s chief supporter outside of Congress — the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC [PDF]), leader of the pro-Israel lobby — that is a mere formality.

          Since AIPAC wants this bill passed, it follows that so does the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who opposes American negotiations with Iran and has repeatedly threatened to attack the Islamic Republic. Against all evidence, Netanyahu insists the purpose of Iran’s nuclear program is to build a weapon with which to attack Israel. Iran says its facilities, which are routinely inspected, are for peaceful civilian purposes: the generation of electricity and the production of medical isotopes.

          The bill, whose other principal sponsors are Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL), has a total of 26 Senate cosponsors. If it passes when the Senate reconvenes in January, it could provoke a historic conflict between Congress and President Obama, whose administration is engaged in negotiations with Iran at this time. Aside from declaring that the U.S. government should assist Israel if it attacks Iran, the bill would also impose new economic sanctions on the Iranian people. Obama has asked the Senate not to impose additional sanctions while his administration and five other governments are negotiating with Iran on a permanent settlement of the nuclear issue.

          A six-month interim agreement is now in force, one provision of which prohibits new sanctions on Iran. “The [Menendez-Schumer-Kirk] bill allows Obama to waive the new sanctions during the current talks by certifying every 30 days that Iran is complying with the Geneva deal and negotiating in good faith on a final agreement,” Ali Gharib writes at Foreign Policy magazine. That would effectively give Congress the power to undermine negotiations. As Iran’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif, told Time magazine, if Congress imposes new sanctions, even if they are delayed for six months, “The entire deal is dead. We do not like to negotiate under duress.”

          Clearly, the bill is designed to destroy the talks with Iran, which is bending over backward to demonstrate that its nuclear program has no military aims.

          Netanyahu and Israel’s American supporters in and out of Congress loathe the prospect of an American-Iranian rapprochement after 34 years of U.S.-Israeli covert and proxy war against Iran, whose 1979 Islamic revolution followed a quarter-century of brutality at the hands of a U.S.-backed monarch. The Israeli government, AIPAC, and the Republicans and Democrats who do their bidding in Congress are on record opposing any agreement that would leave intact Iran’s ability to enrich uranium, even at low levels for peaceful civilian purposes. But insisting that Iran cease all enrichment of uranium is equivalent to obliterating any chance of a peaceful settlement with Iran and making war more likely. That’s what this bill is all about.

          Americans should refuse to let Congress give Israel the power to drag the United States into war. American and Israeli intelligence agencies say repeatedly that Iran has no nuclear-weapons program. Though Iran champions the Palestinians, who live under Israeli occupation, it has not threatened Israel, which, remember, is itself a nuclear power.

          But even if Iran were a threat to Israel, that would not warrant letting any foreign government dictate when we go to war.

    • Israeli cabinet meeting
      Israeli cabinet meeting

      Flash 90

      The Ministerial Committee for Legislation voted Sunday in favor of a bill that would annex the Jordan Valley and place it under full Israeli sovereignty.

      Four ministers voted in favor of the draft law, which was proposed Likud MK Miri Regev. Three opposed it.

      Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, who is in charge of “peace negotiations” with the Palestinian Authority (PA) attacked the ministers who voted for the bill, and called it “an irresponsible proposal that will harm Israel and isolate it.”

      “Some of those who supported the bill would have opposed it, if they had known it would pass,” she added. “They are taking advantage of the fact that I will file an appeal and do the work for them.”

      Livni also attacked MK Regev, saying: “I have no respect for the bill nor for its proposer.”

      Minister Gideon Saar fired back at Livni, asking her “by what right” she is talking in this way.

      The Ministerial Committee for Legislation decides which proposed bills will enjoy the support of the Coalition. Bills it approves are likely to pass in the plenum. However, Livni’s appeal means that the the Committee will vote on the bill again in the coming weeks.

      The Jordan Valley, situated in eastern Samaria (Shomron), has been the topic of contention in recent months. US Secretary of State John Kerry is reportedly attempting to force a deal on Israel and the Palestinian Authority which would see an Israeli “withdrawal” from all of Judea and Samaria, but allow for a temporary arrangement whereby IDF and/or foreign forces would maintain a presence in the Jordan Valley.

      The Israeli government argues the Valley is strategically important, and Prime Minister Netanyahu has insisted in the past that, in the event of a withdrawal from Judea and Samaria, Israel would still keep troops in the area.

      Calls by some nationalist MKs to annex the area are an attempt to forestall any withdrawal from the area whatsoever.

      Some analysts have criticized the idea that an Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria would be “safe” as long as forces remained in the Jordan Valley, saying that the mountainous regions to the west and south are in fact even more strategically crucial for Israel’s

  • Well if this is the “peace treaty” that starts the 7 year tribulation clock, and we witness it, where does that leave the rapture issue?

    • Jay: first we know by scriptures that the false prophet has to appear first then Antichrist appears.

      So has the False Prophet appeared yet?

      So the 7 year peace treaty clock has not started yet?

    • I don’t know Jay but sure a lot of Tribulation going on this site wouldn’t one say?

  • I agree, the 7 year clock has not started yet. Fascinating times we live in:)

  • I wonder if the False Prophet could be Pope Francis. He is attempting to bring all religions together into One World Religion. He has stated that Atheists and all those that deny Jesus Christ will still get to heaven. IT is well known by many that Rome wants the Temple Mount and the Old City of Jerusalem, and Peres has close ties with The Vatican.

  • An historic agreement has been drafted between Israel and the Vatican. The Israeli authorities have granted the Pope an official seat in the room where the Last Supper is believed to have taken place, on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, and where David and Solomon, Jewish kings of Judea, are considered by some researchers, to also be buried.

    It is the culmination of a long campaign by the Catholic Church to regain religious stewardship over the place where Jesus is supposed to have broken bread and drunk wine with his disciples on the eve of his crucifixion.

    This is an enormous issue pushed through without any public debate.

    According to our sources, the agreement, which is expected to be ratified next June, gives the Pope a “special authority” over the second floor of the building, so that Christian pilgrims will be able to celebrate religious functions like Pope John Paul did in 2000.

    • Teresa B: Maybe by June 2014, we will have more knowledge, if this Pope Francis will be the False Prophet or not?

  • May the Lord be with you store your treasures in heaven there is where your heart is do not rely on man’s ways be strong in the Lord and He will be with you always do not turn to the right or to the left focus on Jesus we are praying for you and ask the Lord to bring you peace and the Holy Spirit to lead you in truth remember our brother Stephan who was the first Christian to be persecuted and stoned to death the Heavens were opened up and he was received by God so may God bring you victory and lead you to the everlasting life. John 17 Jesus prayed to the Father and for us He is our Great defender our deliverer.God be with you my brother in Christ.The war is aleady won stand firm in Christ.

  • DM2: Please I’m very interested how you believe your theory will work, please tell us?

  • Read the US Constitution stl, though you are not American , you are welcome read it , I hope you learn something

  • DM2: As you say, I’m not a American, which your must be right, I was not born in the USA, and since I’m only Naturalized, this in your terms, I’m not a American. And since I’m a foriegner to the USA, and I fought for (your country) in the time of war, this does not give me the rights to be a Naturalized American, yes?

    You said, in your other past posts, you have mexican friends, do they think the same way as you do?

    You said, your wife is mexican, so was she born in the USA or Naturalized?

    Then let’s talk about how many others through many generations, have come to the USA, became Naturalized Americans.

    As you said, I’m not a American Patriot?

    I fought for the USA, wounded in battle twice, in Vietnam War.

    USA granted me, the Bronze Star for my bravery in the Vietnam War, saving others, as I was a medic, at the Battle of Firebase Ripcord, RVN on June- July 1970, of 23 days of the most intense part of the war, where 600 american soldiers held off 8 divisions of Vietcong and only a few walked away from this battle, most were wounded or dead.

    So by your reasoning, I’m not allowed to be a American Patriot?

  • DM2: Since by you, I’m not a American Patriot, then are you?

    Did you give your Blood and Sweat in the time of war?

    That’s a real american patriot!

    No wonder by your racist thinking, why the USA is in the crapper?

  • Yes DM its all your fault! LOL

    • Nathan B: are you American Patriot? Did you fight for your country in the time of war?

      All I see you post blame on me because of your hatred against me.

      And your planning on going to heaven being with Jesus Christ?

      So are you saying, Jesus Christ stands for hatred?

  • You fought for the new world order ,stl, I am a soldier of the KING, I stand for JESUS CHRIST

    KING OF kings and LORD of lords

    what you have done as a murderer and a thief , means nothing

    What you do in the name of JESUS CHRIST means everything.

  • Teresa B: So many people on this web site are really worried about the time factor of the beginning of this 7 year Tribulation. Alot of us posting here are in their 60’s and some in poor health, so basically if the Tribulation would begin today, most of us would just die, before we even died being beheaded. What are are our chances, of living with Mother Earth acting up, in there massive earthquakes, super storms, our chance being beheaded are very slim in deed!

    So our best bet is, recieving Salvation in Jesus Christ!

  • DM2: Now I’m not only not a real American like you, but now I’m a Murder and a Thief?

    Ok, What have you done for Jesus Christ?

    • PUT A HELMET ON IT SOLDIER!! we are going to battle. ROCK ON!

    • stl, try to do something you can take pride in, something with love, and understanding

      what you did in Vietnam ,was murder, you admitted as much, the 1st tour , you were drafted, the 2nd,3rd& 4th tour , you volunteered , that blood is upon you
      And there is nothing to be proud of there
      find something else to brag about, please.

      Stop attacking the saints, you don’t get crowns for that


    • I like ACDC, but then I never listen to the words just the instruments! Have a good week, 🙂


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