Obama Brazenly Lied When He Said Israel Supports The Iranian Nuclear Treaty, They Don’t

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday that "Israel's view on the Iran deal remains unchanged." Israel's Defense Ministry reportedly compared the Iran Nuclear Deal to the 1938 Munich Pact ahead of World War II, which Britain and France signed with Germany and which averted war at the time but effectively gave then-Czechoslovakia to the Nazis. Obama said in remarks on Thursday that the Iran deal is working and that "it's the assessment of the Israeli military and intelligence community ... that acknowledges this has been a game-changer."

Israel is rejecting remarks by President Barack Obama contending it no longer opposes the nuclear deal that world powers struck with Iran in 2015.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday that “Israel’s view on the Iran deal remains unchanged.”

Israel’s Defense Ministry reportedly compared the Iran Nuclear Deal to the 1938 Munich Pact ahead of World War II, which Britain and France signed with Germany and which averted war at the time but effectively gave then-Czechoslovakia to the Nazis.

Obama’s remarks about Iran nuclear deal and Israel start at 24:45:

Click to listen Obama lie about how Israel really feels about his phony nuclear treaty with Iran.

Obama said in remarks on Thursday that the Iran deal is working and that “it’s the assessment of the Israeli military and intelligence community … that acknowledges this has been a game-changer.”

Obama then acknowledges Israel is against the Deal:

Then we see Obama saying that, yes, Israel hates this deal but that he really doesn’t care about their objections.

Netanyahu has been one of the fiercest critics of the nuclear deal and butted heads with Obama over the issue:

This is a speech Netanyahu gave at the UN last year, and his views have not changed one little bit.

In his haste to defend himself from allegations that he paid a $400 million ransom to Iran in exchange for American hostages, Barack Obama made a curious counter-claim. After arguing that the payment to Iran had been disclosed at the time and was not connected to the release of Americans by Tehran, Obama then claimed that Israel had shifted its position on the Iran deal and was now supporting it:

And let me make a final point on this. It has been well over a year since the agreement with Iran to stop its nuclear program was signed. And by all accounts it has worked exactly the way we said it was going to work. You will recall that there were all these horror stories about how Iran was going to cheat, and this wasn’t going to work, and Iran was going to get $150 billion to finance terrorism and all these kinds of scenarios. And none of them have come to pass. And it’s not just the assessment of our intelligence community. It’s the assessment of the Israeli military and intelligence community. The country that was most opposed to this deal that acknowledges this has been a game-changer that Iran has abided by the deal that they no longer have the sort of short term breakout capacity that would alow them to develop nuclear weapons.

Did Israel do an about-face on the Iran deal? Not at all, the Times of Israel reports today, and Israeli officials are mystified about this claim. In fact, they still consider it in the same category as the Munich Agreement of 1938 … which to be fair was a “game changer”:

Israel on Friday bitterly rejected US President Barack Obama’s claim that its officials now support last year’s nuclear deal with Iran. Far from accepting Obama’s assertion, the Israeli Defense Ministry compared the year-old accord to the Munich Agreement signed by the European powers with Nazi Germany in 1938. …

A top minister close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, furthermore, directly contradicted Obama’s assertion that Israel now backs the accord. “I don’t know to which Israelis he (Obama) spoke recently. But I can promise you that the position of the prime minister, the defense minister and of most senior officials in the defense establishment has not changed,” Tzachi Hanegbi told The Times of Israel.

“The opposite is the case. The time that has elapsed since the deal was signed proved all our worries that, regrettably, we were justified before the deal was made,” said Hanegbi, a minister who works in the Prime Minister’s Office and who until recently chaired the Knesset’s powerful Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

The Defense Ministry made the Munich argument explicit:

“The Munich Agreement didn’t prevent the Second World War and the Holocaust precisely because its basis, according to which Nazi Germany could be a partner for some sort of agreement, was flawed, and because the leaders of the world then ignored the explicit statements of [Adolf] Hitler and the rest of Nazi Germany’s leaders,” the ministry said.

“These things are also true about Iran, which also clearly states openly that its aim is to destroy the state of Israel,” it said, pointing to a recent State Department report that determined that Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism worldwide.

Apparently, Obama thought he could just drop that whopper into a Pentagon press briefing and no one would fact-check it. At least as far as the US media is concerned, Obama appears to be correct; that claim didn’t get much mention at all here. Obviously it got a lot of attention in Israel, and plenty of on-the-record denunciations. source

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  • Someone told me Obama is getting ready to be impeached?

    • Ishaya Adamu

      That is the way of politicians who do not fear God.

  • I cannot wait until this liar is gone!

  • Ishaya Adamu

    Israel will survive all of their intrigues because God has not abandoned Israel for ever. Israel is a rising Nation above all Nations of the earth including decaying America. Praise be to the God of creation in Jesus name glorified A-men.

    • terri

      I agree and if they try to send a nuclear weapon it will fail. I read this article might be times of Israel that quoted Hamas saying they attempted to drop a bomb right in the middle of Jerusalem and the bomb went out to sea. Hamas stated it must be the Jewish God cause the correct coordinates and it should have destroyed Jerusalem and lots of people dead. When will they learn. LOL God will not be mocked People think I am crazy wanting to go to Israel but when it comes to nuclear weapons the safest place to be would be in Jerusalem. Evwn so, come quickly Lord..

      • Kaye

        I went to Israel in Oct. and never felt in harms way one time. There was a feeling of peace and safety I cannot find the words to explain. I would go back anytime and hope and pray I get the chance

  • CHAR

    I forced myself to watch only one minute of this lying face and lo and behold, that’s exactly what he was doing, LYING! I don’t really think he knows the difference in the truth and a lie (delusional). Oh Lord, come quickly, so we can leave this old, wicked, evil world to the wicked, evil people that are running it.

  • gumply

    What’s new? Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, now if he ever tells the truth then that will be news!

  • Lee Rice

    Well after Obama blasted against the House for going home when business is left undone, when he and his family just left for a vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. I could never afford all that “Stuff”. Instead I find my Joy in reading and hearing the Word of God. The God who is coming for us soon. We all know that War may break out almost any moment. Now that Obama has funded the weapons for Iran, does he really think we will be safer now?

  • Lee Rice

    Hillary lies OUTRIGHT and gets away with it, What is Trump to say against her that would not be true. She has gotten into so many areas of the world to make her wealth. I cannot believe the liberal very poor in some cases, follow her and will just do anything for her. All we are doing is giving her MORE RETIREMENT each and every month, and the speaking tours after her service in the government. She and Bill would travel the world just like Obama did. They will love the lavish service given to them in the White House. I doubt the staff at the WH is looking forward to HER again.

  • Richard

    Just a few more months, and Hillary will pick up where Obama leaves off. Not for Hillary. Just stating a fact. The fix is already in.

  • Lee Rice

    Richard, I am concerned about Hillary, but God knows what is going on. If she does get in, we will watch the continued and possible ending of all rights that we enjoy right now. The Supreme Count loaded with her choices, will sign off on all of her Criminal Activity. As the USA GOVERNMENT will continue to not support Israel. That will be our undoing. There then will be hard times to live through. I have no idea how Trump will do his day to day clean up of our Country. I believe Trump will build up our Military and he will vote for conservative Constitutional judges. I will vote for him just because I cannot stand to see Hillary and Bill in the White House again. What secure items will they find in her sitting room this time?

  • CHAR

    Lee and Richard, you are both right. Our country is doomed if the Hildabeast gets in, but we have that Blessed Hope that we will be taken out of here very soon, although the people left behind are going to have to contend with the Demonic Duo, or should I say Trio with Obamanation included in that.

    Trump is doomed either way. If he becomes President, he will have a price over his head because someone will try and assassinate him and if he DOESN’T get in, Hillary will try and have him assassinated for saying all those bad (truthful) things about her. Did anyone see the one article on the Rapture Ready website today: Lead Attorney In Anti-Clinton DNC Fraud Case Mysteriously Found Dead. Hmmmm, here she goes again! Add another one to her murderess list!

  • Bill

    Highly recommended reading. Bill.


    On This Atom Bomb Anniversary You’re Being Lied to About Hiroshima – and Much More to Make You Fearful
    By Daily Bell Staff – August 06, 2016

    Japan marked the 71st anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on Saturday by renewing calls for a nuclear weapons free world and urging leaders to follow the example of President Barack Obama and visit the bomb sites. –Washington Post
    It is the anniversary of dropping an atom bomb on Hiroshima. But the Hiroshima narrative is a lie.
    We’ve reported at considerable length about how the whatever was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn’t have the kind of immediate destructive impact that is portrayed.
    Crawford Sams who ran the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission in Japan had this to say about the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Transcript HERE.) :
    When the bomb went off, about 2 thousand people out of 250 thousand got killed [in Hiroshima] – by blast, by thermal radiation, or by intense x-ray, gamma radiation … You see, it wasn’t “Bing” like the publicity here [said]: a bomb went off and a city disappeared. No such thing happened. That was the propaganda for deterrent …
    When I came back to this country, I was appalled, from a military standpoint, to find that our major planners in the War Department were using their own propaganda, 100 thousand deaths, Bing! …
    You don’t hear much about the effects of Nagasaki because actually it was pretty ineffective. That was a narrow corridor from the hospital … down to the port, and the effects were very limited as far as the fire spread and all that stuff. So you don’t hear much about Nagasaki.
    We’ve reported that a squadron of 66 bombers were launched on August 6th (666) to bomb the municipality of Imabari, even though Imabari. had been bombed already, twice.
    This bombing squadron may well have fire-bombed Hiroshima instead, as Hiroshima was not far away. HERE is a video on the squadron and also a narrative from a book by Edwin Hoyt entitled Inferno, the Firebombing of Japan.
    Here is some narrative from a PERTINENT PAGE in the actual book.
    “Suddenly, one day, I was told something unexpected,” Manabe said. “When I was looking at the train timetable, I found that no trains stopped at Imabari station … I wondered why the third largest city in the province had no train service. It sounded ridiculous.
    … The other guy said, “Wow! No Imabari Station. But … all the trains pass by Imabari Station.”
    A third guy stepped up … “It’s not strange at all. There’s no stop because there’s no Imabari City anymore. It got burned up last April in the air raid … No buildings, no houses, no people … The whole city burned up and the people ran away …”
    A fellow soldier explained to Manabe. “The air raids came on the 26th of April and the 8th of May. Imabari was burned up. My father was in business there. We had a wholesale draper business. All gone. All burned up.”
    The attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were horrible and tragic. But whether they were results of “atom” bombs (certainly in the sense that people understand them today) is at least seriously questionable.
    More from the Post:
    Quoting part of Obama’s speech in Hiroshima in May, Mayor Kazumi Matsui urged countries with nuclear weapons to “have the courage to escape the logic of fear, and pursue a world without them …
    “I once again urge the leaders of all nations to visit the A-bombed cities.” Like Obama’s, he said that such visits “will surely etch the reality of the atomic bombings in each heart.”
    Visiting Hiroshima and Nagasaki won’t etch anything into your heart but lies.
    And the sickening falsehoods allow politicians a faux rhetorical nobility that they don’t deserve.
    Whatever happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki is nothing like what is being recited today.
    Bikini Atoll, where additional atomic bombs were tested following the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks, was repopulated by 1968, even though radiation estimates suggested the island would be uninhabitable for a thousand years.
    The actual bomb blasts seem to have been faked. Two years ago, the controversial but prolific investigator Miles Mathis – an artist and mathematician – published a debunking HERE entitled, The Bikini Atoll Nuclear Tests were Faked.”
    … For more proof, we can go to Google. You can get a picture of the Bikini Atoll today from Google Earth. That’s dated 2013, not 1945. We are told the locals can’t live there now because of radioactivity, but we see at least three proofs against that.
    … We see lots of plant life both on and offshore. Radioactivity affects plants just as it .affects animals, so the island should be barren.
    Remember, the Bikini Atoll wasn’t said to be blasted by only Able and Baker. It was blasted 23 times, including three of the biggest blasts ever from US testing: the 4.5 megaton Navajo and the 5 megaton Tewa, in 1956; and the 15 megaton Bravo in 1954.
    Why would Bikini Island tests have been faked if the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were real?
    Did the US suddenly run out of bombs?
    And what about Russia? How did the USSR make nuclear bombs while the Pentagon was faking theirs?
    Mathis writes some photographs of USSR nuclear explosions appear fake.
    When did the USSR get the “bomb?” And even more importantly, when did the US finally create the weapons of mass destruction that so frighten us today?
    When did the Cold War really start? Did both sides know that nuclear weapons were not as powerful as advertised? Or maybe that they didn’t exist at all as described?
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki themselves are thriving small cities and there is no appreciable difference in radiation between these two municipalities and other cities in Japan.
    Additional issues (See sources at the end of this article.):
    • Death rates at Hiroshima and Nagasaki are not higher than elsewhere.
    • Three days after the Hiroshima bombing, a trolley was running again.
    • The bank at “ground zero” remains standing to this day.
    • Eight Jesuits hiding in their church survived the blast at ground zero to tell the tale – spared only by the intervention of the Virgin Mary.
    • Outside of the Jesuits, and one communist reporter who hated the US, there was no significant reporting from either Hiroshima or Nagasaki for at least a month.
    • For years in both Japan and the US, it was a crime punishable by death to speak or write about the bombings.
    • The entire atom bomb narrative created by the Pentagon was delivered to the public via a single writer from the New York Times who later turned out to be on the Pentagon payroll.
    The narrative of the bombings was surely shaped just as the Pentagon and its controllers wished for it to be. It was acquiesced to by the Japanese government that had its own reasons for promoting nuclear untruths.
    Whatever happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki has not been accurately reported. In fact, it is probably not too strong to say that what has been reported may constitute (in aggregate) one of the most profound lies of the 20th century.
    It calls into question further “truths” about Western society that we live with to this day.
    Nuclear weapons are a perfect propaganda for the state.
    -Their tests cannot be ascertained at close range because they are too powerful.
    -Their inner workings cannot be disseminated because they are “top secret.”
    -Their programmatic elements cannot be observed by the normal media because too much information available to the public can stimulate adversarial or even terrorist activity.
    Modern Western society is a virtual tissue of lies designed to make you believe you are living in a “civil society” (no, it’s not civil) faced by life-threatening challenges that only Western governments and the shadowy powers behind them can overcome.
    The world is not running out of food, nor water. It’s not going to burn to a cinder because the air is clogged with “carbon.”
    The economic disasters we face are purely man-made. Absent monopoly central banking, they would not exist.
    Now we are facing “radical Islam” – another false narrative put in place by the same banking elite that has tortured the West for centuries.
    This follows on the heels of numerous, serial US wars and the obscene, manufactured Hell of World Wars One and Two.
    Thank goodness for the Internet and what we have called the Internet Reformation.
    Thanks to information that has emerged from secret recesses (and the patterns they portray), we know more about the Way the World Really Works than any single group of individuals in recorded history.
    Conclusion: It has been a great privilege to live in these unusual times. However, please take note: The reality of the world has revealed a titanic struggle between good and evil. Which side are you on? And just as importantly, what are you going to do about it?
    Some Nuclear Anomalies and Sources Pertaining to Questionable Hiroshima and Nagasaki Events
    • The dreaded mushroom cloud presented by the Hiroshima memorial is actually a photo of Hiroshima on fire. HERE.
    • A squadron of 66 bombers was directed to Imabari. in the early morning of August 6 (666) – the morning of the A-bomb – but Imabari. had been bombed already, twice. This bombing squadron might have fire-bombed Hiroshima instead. HERE.
    • Initial reports in Japan were that Hiroshima was firebombed. AP filed the same report. HERE.
    • In the aftermath of the explosion, Hiroshima (and Nagasaki) look no different than Tokyo after it was firebombed. HERE and HERE.
    • In Hiroshima numerous buildings are standing along with erect tree stumps. HERE.
    • Limited trolley service was revived in Hiroshima after only three days. HERE.
    • The Hiroshima bank at the epicenter of the bomb is fully functional and can be seen HERE.
    • Predictions of endless radiation poisoning for thousands of years proved untrue. Today, Hiroshima and Nagasaki’s radiation levels are normal. HERE.
    • Outdoor shadows and other dramatic evidences of the Hiroshima bombing seem to be faked. HERE.
    • The initial American reporting on Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs came from Wilfred Burchett and William L. Laurence. One was a communist (Burchett) who hated America and reportedly ended up on the Kremlin’s payroll. HERE.
    • The other was secretly a paid employee of US armed forces. He was the man who rode with the crew to witness the nuke dropped on Nagasaki. His report on the attack is painful to read for all the wrong reasons. HERE.
    • Laurence was also the only reported to cover the development of the atomic bomc, see the initial bomb testing (from 20 miles away) and to report from Nagasaki. In other words, only one reporter, paid by the US war dept, provided the entirety of the initial civilian narrative for the testing of nuclear devices and then bombing of Nagasaki. Just one. It was roughly the same at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Reporters were not allowed to visit. HERE.
    • Military officers were asked to exaggerate the injury count.
    • Hiroshima and Nagasaki were apparently shut down for months. There was no influx of Western reporters. The nuclear narrative was developed by the Pentagon from what we can tell. HERE.
    • It was immediately made a crime punishable by death in both the US and Japan to discuss nuclear attacks and the technology that created them. (“The restricted dataclauses of the US Atomic Energy Act specifies that all nuclear weapons-related information is to be considered classified unless explicitly declassified, and makes no distinction about whether said information was created in a laboratory by a government scientist or anywhere else in the world by private citizens.”) HERE.
    • As for Little Boy, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, photos show it seems to lack the necessary antennas to function. HERE.
    • There were apparently several Little Boys of various sizes, not just one. HERE.
    • The narrative surrounding the dropping of the Hiroshima bombing is reportedly inaccurate. “Levers” were “pulled” to drop the bomb, but the automatic system did the job. HERE.
    • The automatic targeting system itself was an inaccurate device that reportedly might drop bombs miles from where the pilot hoped to deliver them. The odds that both bombs ended up delivering effective blasts are surprisingly low.
    • The Nagasaki bombing narrative was confused for decades. The story kept changing. Even the pilot was misidentified. The crews were switched. HERE.
    • The photos of the Nagasaki mushroom cloud are suspicious. They appear to be composite images with cloud cover inserted to ensure that identification of Nagasaki is impossible. HERE. Other Nagasaki photos appear fake.
    • One of the two famous and supposedly identical photos of the Nagasaki mushroom cloud includes part of a plane. One of the photos is thus fake, or at least retouched. HERE.
    • For events of such magnitude, there are surprisingly few eyewitness accounts of the actual blast. Many eyewitness accounts start the day after the blast or during the firestorm. Only a few Japanese survivors have stepped forward to become regular “faces” of the blast.
    • There don’t seem to be any civilian photos of either mushroom cloud taken by Japanese civilians or even military facilities. This one HERE looks evidently faked.
    • Much of the Western Hiroshima narrative regarding the blast was developed by a single Jesuit priest who, along with other Jesuits, had survive at the epicenter of the blast through the intervention of the Virgin Mary. HERE.
    • The eyewitness accounts of the blast itself have a repetitive and artificial quality to them, at least the ones we read. One doctor claims to have treated 2000-3000 injured on the first day. HERE.
    There are other disturbing elements to the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombings, and if you are interested, you can see more documents calling many elements of the attacks into question HERE.
    See information on an alternative theory regarding nuclear weapons HERE:
    Additional DB Nuclear Articles to Share (With Links)
    North Korea Nuclear Hoax Heightens Alternative Media Skepticism March 10
    The Trillion Dollar Nuclear Weapons Fraud April 15
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