New York Mag Says Hillary Will Come Out As A Lesbian In 2014 Memoir

From New York Magazine: Hillary Clinton's upcoming memoir is going to be an absolute doozy, according to the National Enquirer. A "family insider" says that the former secretary of...

Preparing for her 2016 presidential run

There is one thing that Hillary Clinton desires more than life itself, and that is to be the president of the United States of America. At any cost.

hillary-clinton-memoirs-will-reveal-lesbian-life-2014-run-for-president-2016She has endured decades in the shadows of her philandering husband Bill Clinton, endured the Monica Lewinsky humiliation, and has endured being Obama’s errand boy.

So given all that, what one thing in our recently homosexually-charged nation could propel her to the top of the ticket? An admission that she is a lesbian. The queer-crazy Liberal left would canonize her and erect statues in her honor. And at the very least, they would vote her right into the Oval Office.

And it could make all of the Benghazi coverup accusations just melt away, because if she is a lesbian then anything said against her is really “hate speech”. Obama has played this card as applied to his 50% African American heritage to great success.

This is a close to a sure thing as there is in the clandestine, incestual world of Washington, and Hillary knows it. Will it happen? Wait and see…

From New York Magazine: Hillary Clinton’s upcoming memoir is going to be an absolute doozy, according to the National Enquirer. A “family insider” says that the former secretary of State will “admit that she’s bisexual and has had lesbian relationships” and reveal that “a veterinarian who treated the family cat Socks at the White House stumbled upon her locked in a steamy embrace with a woman.”

The National Enquirer was right about the John Edwards story, so this is probably true, also! source – NY Magazine

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  • How about if she comes out as the criminal that she really is ?

    • Amen on that Texas!!!

    • That would end all her power hungry hopes of ever becoming
      President and I hope it does!! In clear conscious I could never vote for her and I am a card carrying Demo, Lesbian, African-American, progressive liberal, veteran, etc. so go figure guess I’ll do the write-in thing!! She has way too many skeletons in her closet that are beyond scandalous..hope a long shot like Obama
      appears to rock her off her false throne.


    • She’ll be outed on that Glorious Day…

      Get the popcorn!!

  • Yeah right. As a gay man, even I am calling BS on this story. If Hillary is to have any chance of becoming the next POTUS, there is no way she would do this.

    • I heard years ago that she was a lez. so that wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Poor Bill no wonder he had to resort to outside sources…LOL 🙂

      • Brenda and I was thinking the same thing, LOL 🙂

        • There you are, I wondered if you were off for the night. I thought it was just me and the boy wonder on here tonight!!! LOL 🙂

    • Oh my goodness Ron Murphy, I am so glad you have Murphy behind you name Ron…LOL,ROTFLOL

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      • Thank you, Raymond. No wonder diseases run ramped in their life style. You have opened my eyes, Brother.



    • Sorry Ron, This is old news. With the spiritual condition of our country in the toilet, her “coming out” will be spun as making her more popular than ever. Americans are more blatantly ignorant, stupid, and gullible than ever.. May God truely have mercy on our people.

  • I have been hearing for years that Hilary is Lesbian and their marriage was a cover for that.

    • That isn’t the only thing they covered up in their so called marriage!! 🙁

  • Bill just blew it off !

    • No, Monica blew it off!!

  • I knew that she was look how UGLY she is most of them are, as for Bill, he could be a cross dresser if he tried to keep them clean.

  • I said this on a christian radio station about 5 years ago.The host got very upset …

  • She’s halway to being gay, she already looks like a

    transvestite ! Perhaps it’s bill in disguise !

    • Bill is homely, but not that homely…:)

      • Lol,..Suez ! Yeah your right, perhaps she can get a job

        haunting houses, all that is missing is the broom !

  • If she had gotten support from women back when it counted the world would be a better place. When will we ever learn not to smear ? When she was a young idealistic mother like the rest of us she was smeared, also we do that again? Politics are beyond the scope of understanding because most of us want to leave it up to someone else. Womanhood rests on the sins of our fathers.

    • Laughing out loud!!! So your saying if the Clinton woman would have gotten in, it would be a better world??? What planet did you fall off of? She is in everything just as deep as the big O. Get your blinders off for Heavens sake!!!! 🙁 She is a murder and a God hater! She is not a good person. Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness, how unlearned, and how undiscerning you are!!!

      • SUEZ: This is not your world anymore?

        • Well Steve, your not even in the world…I think you went to la la land tonight…lol

        • Is that a threat?

    • Smear hillary ! You have got to be joking ? She smears

      herself with the lies that she tells ! I heard that one

      American believed the video cover up of benghazi !!!!!

      You must be it ! Hillary didn’t mind smearing the ( B S )

      there, did she ?????? It was so deep you could shovel it !

      ………” BUT WHAT DOES IT MATTER NOW ” ????????

    • Hillary wasn’t in the public eye when she was a young mother. She was smeared after she was engaged in Whitewater, lied during Lewinsky, stole from the WH when leaving, ran for a Senate seat in a state where she didn’t live and then mishandled the Secretary of State position.

  • But, how will the Muslims feel about this, I wonder….?

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  • Is she going to come out as a drunken criminal commie co-conspirator to murder? The entire world has known she was a queer for decades.

    “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

  • The Nation is being destroyed by the homosexual agenda. The devil knows that God punishes nations that accept homosexuality. Sodom/Gomorrah, Rome, Probably Atlantis, and most likely many more. The devil is playing the rules against us. Homosexuality is a direct rebellion to God our father. Its like saying I will make my own rules in your house. Jesus Christ The Son Of God is the life, way, and truth. His word will be fulfilled, repent for we all sin and believe in him, and him crucified and raised from the dead and you shall be saved.

  • in lez couples there’s always the pretty one and the butch one. hillary is the butch one! she’ll definetly get the rosie o’donnel vote!

  • Dave Todd

    I cannot believe that you are using the Enquirer as a source. They are the #1 crap peddling magazine in the world. If you can’t come up with better sources than that, I suggest you don’t even run the story.

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  • A memoir for someone like Hillary is not a good idea if she is thinking of running for office. I don’t think she is going to run anyway. Bill wants it more than she does and she is tired and perhaps ill.

  • Can I recommend that we not use this site for character assassination, crude comments and gay-bashing? There is plenty of legitimate negative fodder in Hillary and Bill Clinton’s lives.

    • I questioned two things when I read this article and comments. Who wrote this article? The source? Is it a Christian or legitimate source and the comments that follow are very un Christian. I am NOT defending Hillary Clinton in any manner but we as Christians should keep our comments on Christ…

  • Reginald

    Is she not going to be charged for lying to the congress and Americans on her lies and cover up of treasonous barbaric murder of ambassador and three americans? Are you already given her clearance to become POTUS? Astonishing! Just asking please! !

  • Reginald

    Joseph it is the likes of you, that is the cause why ungodly, vile; wicked sons and daughters of satan has taken over positions in high places, including in “churches”, and rejects calling out sin and evil in its proper biblical terms. No do not judge, no do not speak evil of the wicked because you are not permitted to discern evil from good and say it out. That is what you are trying to do here! We seen the likes of you, and your intent is through subterfuge you want to shut down brethren from speaking out against wicked leaders who has betrayed their nation. Your recommendation is wicked! Are you aware that John the Baptist called out to the sin of a leader, Herod, specifically calling him an adulterer for taking his brother’s wife Philip. And as a wicked ruler he hated John the Baptist and had him beheaded. You go give your recommendation on Al-Jazeera; not here. You don’t belong here, leave our brethren in Christ alone to shear in fellowship with one another.

    • Who gave you rights to tell who belongs here? What kind of Christian does that, You need to check your heart.

  • Wow Reginald you are one angry man. Let me tell you a little about myself. I have been a God fearing Christian for many many years. I am a conservative and when the chance arises I speak out IN LOVE to any person who is not a believer. I have lost my relationship with one of my siblings because of speaking the biblical truth to him about his homosexual lifestyle. I believe that the current Obama administration including Hilary,Holder, Hagel…all of them are evil to the core. My point was to say that we should make sure our information is accurate then speak out with love. To me actual Bible verses to counter the sin is the most effective. If all we do is name calling any non believer or new Christian coming to this site may think we are just full of hate. Look at the post above mine by One of His Own. Do you think he is vile and from Satan. We basically shared the same thought. I think me suggesting we keep our comments focused on Christ and you saying my recommendation is wicked is ridiculous. How else to we show the lost of this world where they are in danger of eternal hell but through Bible verses? Any name I chose to call a dirty politician or a homosexual is not as powerful as Gods holy word. God Bless Reginald.

  • Reginald

    Dear Joseph,

    I am not angry, I felt you were trying to undercut the post, and comments made. Since, you have clarified yourself on this matter; I apologise for any offense you felt. Yes, I like your point, of having to cut off a family member who is a decleared homosexual, that defines discipleship. Sorry brother and God bless you also.

    • God bless you, ignore my post above, please, Reginald. Indeed a Christian you are.

  • Reginald, thank you for your kind words. As for my family member. I tried to share the gospel through the Bible and my lifestyle but it was I who was cut off. He will not hear any of it. I send a Christmas card each year and send Gods message of love and my hand is always extended if he repents or wants to know what this “God thing” is all about. But it has been many years and all I get is silence. Time is growing short and my heart is heavy for him.

  • david

    This serious “BITCH” is as queer and twisted as the global financial system. She is among the top people on earth with those who are the most evil within, with a human husk to be taken as a normal person. She has many generations of curses on her to give her more evil power than 99.9% + of the population.

    (Those with the Holy Spirit put their own opinion aside for that of the spirit. ) Your heart is prepared for the truth I was given in answer to effective prayer. I introduce you to the biblical witness of Ephrahim. See The Blogathon Philabuster. The longer you listen to him speak, the better you will get at identifying him on my blog, especially if you are spiritually prepared.

    Those with gay loved ones, it was the purpose of her life to tell people what Jesus showed her. She was in both heaven and hell. Her name is Mary Catherine Baxter & since she’s been to both, can describe the river of lava that homosexuals float in traveling 75 miles per hour through hell, like the arteries of the body, since hell is in the shape of the human body inside earth. There is much much more to learn .

  • Reginald

    Ron Murphy,

    Please clarify your comment,”who gave you the right to tell who belongs here? What kind of Christian does that, you need to check your heart, God bless you ignore my post above, please Reginald. Indeed a Christian you are”

    God bless!

  • If someone would claim to be something they aren’t just to get votes they might as well go all out and sell their soul to the devil. A lot of things would not surprise me these days. There are people so power hungry that they will have sex with anyone, no matter who, in order to move up. I think if we knew just 10% of the truth about most politicians we would probably throw up.

    • Yes, Lola, that is probably a fact! It is a very sad and evil time. It pains me that my grand-kids will never know what it is like to live in this country, like it was when I was a kid. And I’m sure every generation could say the same thing, as it just keeps getting worse and worse. But now we are on a very steep slope, and sliding like a metal slide going down a greased hill!! 🙁

  • Its no use getting upset about things that are happening in “the west” ( like I usually do !) its all part of the down hill slide to the END !

    • Yes, Richard it is a catch 22 situation. You can see America going down the tubes, and it makes you sad and sick, especially for our kids and grand-kids. But on the other hand, you know it has to happen for Jesus to come. So for that I look forward to. So, I guess we have to get to this point for the Lord to come. God help us to cope, and stand firm in our faith in him!! And for Jesus to save our families and friends before he comes!! 🙂

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  • Having said that suez. I instantly got “rattled ” at some pro-gay ” marriage” letters in our newspaper here in West Australia. Like I said ,its the west that is suffering from this left leaning anti God political correctness that is destroying our countries… we have these things in common . Its almost like they are totally blind to their own danger….it is SPIRITUAL blindness…only Jesus takes away the vale. Have U seen the video of the Christian girl in Egypt being assaulted by those gutless muslim men ……..? Love your enemy !!!!!! its tough

    • Yes, I hear you on that one Brother!! Very hard indeed!!! That is why I pray the Lord fill me with his love, because I sure fall short of it on my own merit!!! 🙂

  • Thanks Raymond for setting things straight! More info needs to be out like yours on the TV and internet to open blind seduced minds see the truth about the lies being told them about sexual orientation etc. God bless you brother!

  • Hillary/Lewinsky 2016

  • davidName (required)

    The witness of Ephraim has been in her presence. He is able to see in the spirit. He has seen a very average looking well dressed middle aged woman with a much larger & taller demon within her.
    She has many generations of the family curses placed onto her. What remains is the shell of a human spirit in the shadow of a very powerful demon. A gay murderess to say the least from what I’ve read from credable sources. You can also listen to this witness of God, and a lot more disclosures on The Blogathon Philabuster

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  • What Benghazi coverup?

  • david

    Gary…your not serious. Well perhaps your focus is elsewhere & perfectly understandable. The Bengazy cover up was to prevent connecting the dots that the US NWO is funding terrorism by proxy, and of course, Assad will not have to be concerned about an Obama attack. Any ship within 2,000 miles of Syria if Syria is attacked by the US, will be destroyed by Mach 8 missiles. Note; the joint chiefs know this & there is no carrier group in rangem but 4 US war ships would be morally sunk by attacking with not only no provocation, but they foment the wars to bring in the biometric economic system. They will shut down the grid Nov 13 or 14 as an excerise. They know of comet Ison, but science is mixed with lies from several sources incl. NASA. Obama is not even in the same class as Putin. The NWO want war now, to hide financial crimes & need to effect the internet as people are learning too much too fast. A grid shutdown is the fastest way to create chaos. Get the prep ready for pandemic, lack of power, air & water independence, & a biodome to grow food with black magnitite sand for 10 fold speed of verticle growth, even in winter. Besides, we face more than a monder minimum & loss of ozone protection that increases UV radiation by geoengineering it. Many in the mid east likely starting between Pakistan & their enemy. I think the middle east will see limited exchange in war, to bring the false peace by spliting Israel, a grevious insult to God. Obama wants to be the one to ratify this treaty as only the US President can. Strange…..a Muslum as Pres of a Christian nation, and Russia with Putin a Christian, in charge of a mostly Muslum nation. The Zionists can be controlled if all the turned blackmailed politicians were removed from office by “paper ballot”. (ONLY) Local police escorted containers 24 / 7. until counted nationwide. Prayer is the artillary. We are required to pray for these elite that are posessed & of those who want out. Remember Nazi Germany. Disclosure of technpology will only benefit those who take the mark. The one person who knows more about the mark of the beast, is the witness of Ephraim. Dr. William Deagle. You can find him on my blog as well. The Blogathon Philabuster.

  • I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting
    my own weblog and was curious what all is required to get set up?
    I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny?
    I’m not very web smart so I’m not 100% certain. Any tips or advice
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  • david

    I began my blog after years of research, using my training in military intelligence to understand the issues. Nothing comes close to an answer of prayer. Now I have an obscure blog I pay nothing for. I do not sell anything on it because the truth is free. I have learned by myself all I know about computers.
    See The Blogathon Philabuster.

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