Muslim Suicide Bomber Kills 2 At US Embassy In Turkey

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — A suicide bomber detonated an explosive Friday in front of the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, killing himself and a guard at the entrance gate, officials...


ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — A suicide bomber detonated an explosive Friday in front of the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, killing himself and a guard at the entrance gate, officials said.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but Turkey’s interior minister, Muammer Guler, said the bomber was likely connected to a domestic left-wing militant group. He did not explain why.

The explosion occurred inside the security checkpoint at the side entrance to the U.S. embassy, which was being used by staff. A guard standing outside the checkpoint was killed and while the two other guards “were standing in a more protected area,” Guler said.
source – AP

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  • Obama and the new secretary of state watched it all on video. They are currently searching for a you tube video to prove why this has happened. Stay tuned for further information.

  • I would watch the news blow up with some major incidents to cover things up here in the next few days. When the administration is at fault or they do not want us to focus in on anything they create major events like gun removal, mass shootings and the list goes on and on and on.

    Mostly to cover their mistakes and to hide what is happening in Israel. It is sickening.

  • More than likely this just simply won’t get much mainstream press

  • Nrw York:

    Go over to to get the daily news for the Middle East!

  • Well, those in Wash. Dee Cee ignored the harbingers back in 2011 that damaged many of the occult monuments! He’ll (Lord) will be more thorough (no place to hide) next time! Those that hide in the sub terrain cities should have their grave markers placed above ground (yeaah, the stones might be vaporized) for when things really get rough they’ll be hopping to mountain top to mount top all in vain!
    Cities like San Fran., Chicago, New York etc will be Judged, especially those that call us citizens peasants!

  • Our enemies will take advantage of all the major weather disasters, earthquakes, etc.. in the future to attack the USA. The Lord is boiling over in anger over all the laws being passed to legalize sin, and the nations who keep trying to divide the land of Israel. OB is leading this country down a slipperery slope in a hurry by supporting these sin laws and threatening Israel! I pray all the time for our country to have a national repentance and for our president to repent also! I’m afraid we are past redemption as a nation without continued judgment. The Lord will start increasing these judgments as more states adopt sinful laws! God help us!!! Shalom my friends!

  • Debra and New York…End Time Ministry has a great blog you might enjoy. should start a blog on your site:)

    • Thank you Ruby and Debra I have my own blog already Ruby. If you click on my name ( John3:16 / New York ) it takes you to it. 🙂 I spend quite a bit of time on end time ministries as well. Thank you very much for the info. I have been working on some videos lately but will be blogging again shortly. I already have a bunch of blog entries there with very helpful info.

      • Looking forward to it! Thanks

      • I didn’t realize you had a blog, I like reading your posts on here, you’ve calmed my anxiety on many occasions. :o) Just subscribed to your blog. Thanks for making God’s word more easily understood, I struggle with it sometimes. God bless you. :o)

        • Thank you Kate its good to know some people are paying attention. God Bless you! 🙂

  • In my country one of the major stories featured on the BBC news is Hillary Clinton has said “The world is a safer place” in her farewell address. 1st feb 2013 . No doubt thanks to Hillary and the abomination,err sorry I meant Obama.I don’t no why I keep getting them confused ,but thanks to her efforts any way perhaps there will be no more terrorist attacks ” Because the world is a safer place”…..ARR….NO …..That’s not working.!……..What about “The world is a safer place” because …..Iran and North Korea are building nuclear bombs to make the worlds most spectacular 2014 new years fire works display ever!….there may be some fall out on that topic as Iran wants to make Israel a dead stump and North Korea considers the US it’s no one enemy and they are building long range rockets obviously for fire work displays.Perhaps they will invite Abomination ,sorry there I go again,I mean Obama………OR …..”The world is a safer place” ……..Because the UN ..EU…US….Palestinians …the Middle east….won’t try and force Israel into a two state alleged solution….Forcing Israel with no other option but retaliate!.”…Psalm.83..Isa.17..Jere.49.23….And..” The world is safer place” for the children of the US,….Because Hillary and abomination…OPPS ! Obama brought God back to schools and 100 percent security for the children! …..NO that never happened either.!………But this did happen,…Jere.4.18……Your own conduct and actions have brought this upon you.This is your punishment.How bitter it is! How it pierces to the heart!….As we are in the end times the only one you can trust with your safety and 100 percent security is JESUS CHRIST !…JOHN.3.16 .”For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life…Trust in Jesus …..1Corth3.19…For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in Gods sight.As it is written: “He catches the wise in their craftiness”……And you won’t get much craftier than abomination Sorry ! Obama….abomination…really what’s the difference..?

  • Mike, only in America would we re-elect a muslim president who is destroying our economy, arming our enemies and disregarding our consitition. Judgement is upon us.

  • Thats not all, look at this fit of rage!!!

  • Its ok though. He is almost done building the tunnels and bridges. So we will all have some place to live under or jump off of.

  • NY, that really didn’t happen at a press conference, someone made this up. Don’t you think??? Photo shop, adding to a video somehow???

    • LoL OOOOOOOOOOOO Beckie Beckie Beckie lol no it didn’t really happen but every once in a while I find something that makes me laugh while researching and so hopefully I made you laugh some. 🙂 God Bless.

      I like to throw in humor every once in a while. Some times we all get wound up so tight we gotta laugh here and there. I hope you did!! 🙂

    • Yea it was definitely edited. Not hard to do. There is a comedian who looks very similar to Obama in size and stature as well as pretty close face features. He did a lot on Saturday night live and makes guest comedic appearances. He can make himself sound just like Obama.

      The first part of the video is Obama. Right about the time Obama ends the speech the video editor recorded the comedian saying thanks very much and grabbing the mic and throwing podium down. From about the end of the “thanks very much” line right about when mic is grabbed. The comedian double who sounds and looks a little similar to Obama steps in.

      That is why the camera fades back quickly off the face then goes to side profile fast. Its tricky video editing. Not hard but still well done.

    • You can tell I was in a chuckling mood cause post number #23 is about congress and deficit being the biggest sink hole known to man. 🙂

  • Did anyone read the article about obama building a second identical oval office? Why would he need two? Construction has already begun and of course will cost that tax payers over 300 million before its complete.

    • Hey where did you see this? More info please……

      • President Barack Obama is soon to have not one but two Oval Offices.
        As part of a two-year, $376 million West Wing renovation, builders will create a nearly identical replica of the Oval Office at the south end of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building for the president to work from, reports Real Clear Politics. The West Wing makeover, which originally began in September 2010, was put on hold during the presidential election.

        Obama was roundly panned by interior designers and fashionistas in 2010 when he decided to redecorate the Oval Office in a drab beige and gold design, complete with a donated wheat-colored presidential rug featuring a quote woven into it erroneously attributed to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that actually belonged to Theodore Parker.

        Real Clear Politics reports that the current redesign project includes security features.

        The West Wing renovation is the latest phase of a significant project that resulted last year in the completion of a secret bunker-like facility deep underneath the White House driveway. The work also included construction under West Executive Drive, the private lane between the two buildings in the White House complex. The drive is ostensibly used as a VIP entrance for vehicles and as a parking lot.

    • WND ran the article

  • Not sure if anyone is aware of this but temperatures in Australia in the last week have been INSANE!!!!!!!

    48 degrees Celsius in several areas which is 118 degrees Fahrenheit. News agencies measured heat on tin roofs in those areas to be 55 degrees Celsius which is 131 degrees Fahrenheit. LETS FRY AN EGG!!!!!!!!!

    This is not normal. It was also 60 degrees Fahrenheit in New York in the middle of winter when its about 20 – 25 degrees. This has all happened about a week after the Sun released a huge solar flare that headed towards earth and hit the earth about the time of these temps. Crazy stuff!!

  • We got sink holes popping up all over the place. But recently they have just discovered the scariest sink hole known to man. U.S. congress 5 trillion deficit from stimulus spending that never worked. NOW THAT IS A SINK HOLE.

  • Luke 21: 25 Tells us : And there shall be SIGNS IN THE SUN, and in THE MOON, and in THE STARS; and upon THE EARTH distress of NATIONS, with PERPLEXITY; The SEA and THE WAVES ROARING!
    26: Men’s hearts failing them for FEAR, and LOOKING AFTER those things which are coming on THE EARTH: for the POWERS OF HEAVEN SHALL BE SHAKEN!
    We are in the last days where things will heat up and happen one after another! He will send the world into great confusion, but the people who know their God will do exploits! (Daniel 11: 32) And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he(anti-christ) corrupt by flatteries: But the people who know their God shall be strong, and do exploits!
    Sink holes and the Debt of the USA are just signs of the last days and God’s judgment and wrath getting ready to be poured out on an unbelieving sinful world! Jesus is in contol and will finish what he began on the cross 2000 years ago! We as christians should not be taken by surprise by all these signs, because the bible told us about these things long before we were born! Peace to all those who seek and love our Lord Jesus Christ!

    • Thank you Debra, thats why I was pointing out the signs 🙂 Sometimes we all tend to focus on just one or two things. So I thought I would through in some others to keep everyone on their toes.

  • Wow..I’m studying the book of Revelations. This led me to research the Catholic church. I cant believe some of the scandalous things I’m learning. I never knew just how corrupt it is. I know several Catholics. I am sure they don’t know….

  • That is pretty easy to understand Ruby. I look at it like this. Catholic priests go through a long long period of study to become priests. Probably longer then any other Christian. So with all that knowledge of bible, there is no excuse. Now with all that knowledge what do they do? They disobey Gods word. Their priests are called father.

    The bible says.

    Matthew 23:9
    And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, who is in heaven.

    After understanding how much study they go through then seeing that. There is no need to look any further for evidence. Yes that verse is in the Catholic bible as well.

    • Again there are many Catholics who go through life just listening to priests and their sermons, the same as there are many baptists that listen to their preachers or pastors ect ect. This can be found in all religions.

      In order to have the spirit with you, you must earnestly seek truth in Gods word. You must pick up a bible and read for yourself. Again there will not be an excuse for not doing this when that day comes.

      In fact the Lord is waiting till the gospel is preached in all the world before the end comes. SO THERE IS NO EXCUSE ON THAT DAY OF JUDGMENT.

      Matthew 24:14
      And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

      You will not be able to say I did not know any better. That is what they were teaching Lord. But everyone else believed that as well Lord or that is what the majority believed Lord. THERE WILL BE NO EXCUSE.

      You are to read the bible and spread the words of the bible. It is not an option, it is a requirement.

      This is what makes people luke warm.

      How many people are just going through the motions. How many go to church and back into their parking spots so they can get out of their quickly. How many people are the first ones out the door of church when its over. How many people have never picked up a bible and read anything from it.

      How many people actually contribute to these musicians and hollywood stars and movies they make after what I have showed people about them. Everything they do is all against God.

      The list goes on. There are way to many Luke warm people.

      If when you see a woman or man showing lots of skin on TV does it upset you?

      If when you see someone use Gods name in vain on T.V. does it upset you.

      Did you know that if you look at a man or woman with lust of any kind that you have committed the same sin as if you had partaken in actions with them.

      How many people when that happens in their thoughts, their very next thought is to ask God for forgiveness or to become humble in the eyes of the Lord and acknowledge your weakness to him. The way people women/men act and dress today, you will find it hard not to have those thoughts on occasion. NONE OF US ARE WITHOUT SIN.

      But if this stuff does not upset you even a little bit, then your not even close to being where you need to be with the Lord.

      Did anyone watch the half time show at the superbowl last night and see all those women enticing people with their exposed flesh? What were your thoughts?

      Did anyone notice that an overview of lighting in the middle of that show was a red lighting in an arrangement that formed the demoic / satanist symbol the pentagram in the middle of the show. It happens quick but right in the middle of the show a red lighting arrangement from above looking straight down at the stage formed a pentagram??? The satanic symbol to recognize the devil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It is becoming very clear just how narrow that gate to heaven is. So many are lost.

    • I am putting a quick video together right now on superbowl half time show and demonic symbols and have given the information to a friend who does just that. But I will do a quick one right now.

  • I am sure there was plenty! Cant wait to see it!

  • Ok here is the video I just created showing demonic symbols at last nights half time show. Again I threw it together quick. WATCH!!

    They try to make it look like 2 faces, facing eachother. IT IS AND IT IS NOT. I will explain. If you look up baphomet on wiki you will see what it means.

  • It is the horns of baphomet. They at the same time use the horns of baphomet and try to make it like two faces, facing eachother. I said it is and it isn’t. You see baphomet is a satanic symbol and it stands for a lot of things against God. For one its a goat. We know about sheep and goats from bible.

    Baphomet has been associated with a “Sabbatic Goat” image drawn by Eliphas Lévi. It represents the duality of male and female, as well as Hell or night.

    Baphomet has been connected with Satanism as well, primarly due to the adoption of its symbol by the Church of Satan.


    YOUR TV IS THE SHORT ROUTE TO HELL. It is not a joke, this is what these people are teaching children and the world. They hide it in plain sight and shove it down your face and you supply the funding for it.

    Eat sleep and drink with your bible from here on out and TURN OFF THE TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • There are a lot more other symbols in that half time show last night. I just showed you the beginning and the first, up front and most prominent symbol they used RIGHT IN YOUR FACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You are so right about the luke warmness and blindness that has come over alot of the church! That halftime show was sooo dark in it’s presentation. If anyone was moved to lust in watching that show they are on the wrong side for sure! I was disappointed that they put on such a dark show with families watching the super bowl. In the past when morals were somewhat held up they would have never allowed such a display of sex and darkness! This is just another sign of the coming darkness of the last days. Thanks New york for pointing out the satanic symbols. Alot of the movie stars and professional rock stars are members of the illuminati which is satanic! No surprise that she put on such a show! Christians need to know the facts about the devil and his symbols to avoid it at all costs!!! Thanks again Brother!!!!!

    • No I can honestly say Beyonce does not bring out lust in me at all, thank the Lord for that. But regardless prancing around in outfits like that is definitely satans work. Thank you Debra.

  • Is Beyonce a mother? Please say no.

  • New and improved super bowl halftime show with satanic symbolism. Covered pretty much all of it and what it means in my enhanced 5 min video.

  • I just came home from bowling on a bowling team and we won all 7 points! yipee! But one down part was that the other team had a pair of lesbians making out kissing each other! I didn’t see it but one of the people on her team told me about it and she said it made her sick to her stomach. We talked about how we should talk to her and pray for her to repent. The woman I was talking to on the opposite team agreed with me that the USA is under God’s judgment for this and many other things that are sins etc… I was glad to talk to someone there who knew it was an abomination sin to God for a man to lay with a man and a woman to lay with a woman, and that the country was going to hell in a hand basket like the president who agrees that the boy scouts should allow homosexuals into their club!
    Leviticus18:22 You (man) shall not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is an ABOMINATION
    Leviticus 20: 13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an ABOMINATION: they shall surely be put to death:(aids) their blood shall be upon them!
    2 Peter2: 6 And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha into ASHES condemned them with an OVERTHROW, making them an EXAMPLE for those that after should live UNGODLY!(that is what will happen to America if we don’t repent)
    Jude 7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and other cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and after STRANGE FLESH, are set forth for an exanple, suffering the VENGEANCE OF ETERNAL FIRE!
    This is why many of our cities in the USA are experiencing destruction by tornados, floods, hurricanes, fires, etc… It’s time to wake up America and repent, and turn back to God before it is too late! Some people feel it is too late already! God Help Us!

  • The judgment is coming down hard also for Abortions, and fornication, and adultry, etc.. and for our role as a nation for helping to divide the land of Israel, and for arming Israel’s enemies with weapons, etc.. It has reached up to heaven and we are hearing from the Lord about it. It’s a fearful thing to fall into the hands of God and we have not yet seen what will happen to this country if we don’t turn around and repent! I weep for our country and for what it has become! We have been mightly blessed by God, but those days our fading fast! Let us all be careful who love the Lord and not get use to seeing and hearing all this wickedness or we may find our luke warmness fall under the judgment of God also. I was glad that the lady I talked to was sick to her stomach about the teammate that was kissing her lover in front of everyone with no shame. It’s when we turn the other way and are not affected that we have to worry about being luke warm! God be with those who love righteousness!

  • LOL! It was fun winning all 3 games this time! I’m trying a new way to bowl and it’s hit or miss right now! It’s something my husband and I can do together with a few friends once a week. We’ve been on this team for many years now! I hope we can do it for a couple more years before things change where we can’t do it anymore.

  • Yea I hear ya. Its a good outlet. Sounds fun! 🙂


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