Muslim Practice Of Drinking Camel Urine Causing Huge Spike in Saudi MERS Infections

MERS coronavirus infections have soared in Saudi Arabia ahead of the hajj pilgrimage, killing three people and forcing a Riyadh hospital to close its emergency ward, officials and newspapers...

MERS coronavirus infections have soared in Saudi Arabia ahead of the hajj pilgrimage, killing three people and forcing a Riyadh hospital to close its emergency ward, officials and newspapers said Thursday.

The Saudi Gazette said authorities shut the emergency ward at one of the capital’s largest hospitals, King Abdulaziz Medical City (KAMC-R), “after at least 46 people, including hospital staff” contracted the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.


The health ministry has said it registered 21 confirmed MERS infections, all but one of them in Riyadh, between August 9 and 15.

What a lot of people don’t know is that the main reason why MERS infections are insanely high in Muslim countries is due to the Islamic practice of drinking camel urine. In the Hadith, it tells of the Prophet Mohammad ordering his followers to “drink camel urine for medicine”, and that’s why they do it. This disgusting practice spreads disease like crazy, and has gotten so bad that the Saudi Health Ministry had to issue a warning against camel contact.

Muslim drinks camel urine, the prophet Muhammad’s miracle medicine

Muhammad prescribed camel urine as medicine to his followers from the tribe of Uraynah. Because Muslims believed Muhammad to be a prophet who received a divine revelation, they continue to prescribe camel urine as medicine despite the lack of evidence proving there is any medicinal value in camel urine and indications that drinking camel urine is actually harmful.

For more on the Muslim practice of drinking camel urine, click here

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  • MG

    Well, to each his own. I recently read about Chinese people drinking their own pee….says it makes them healthier. Uuuuhhh, ok…whatever floats your boat…apparently, camel pee does it for some. Reap what you so I suppose. Might I recommend some good mouthwash…?

  • Robert

    Hahahahahahahahahahahha. That’s just retarded.

  • Walter Mintz

    The Saudi Health Ministry saying Muhammad was wrong? They will be beheaded for that.

  • Joe

    Ha, drink up camel jockie.

  • cm

    WOW!!!! If this does not scream disgusting I don’t know what does???

    You would think these people would have the brains to put two and two together, and realize that MuHAMhead was NO prophet at all because the opposite of what he said is happening. This sick practise is causing disease NOT cures.

    Then again, these people are so heavily inbred, that they are lucky to have any brains at all. Let these sick morons make themselves sick. I am getting rather sick of these muslim people, and the evil that they bring to the world. Good riddance!

  • Larry Grant

    No, the muslims are right, they should drink at least a gallon a day for optimum health.

  • big al

    Also best with a generous helping of camel dung,eat up towelheads.

  • Ian Hausser

    Drinking camel urine, humping goats… what can I say?
    Let them do it, it`s for their own good 🙂

  • Wendy

    Has there been one Christian on this board so far, people?? I don’t agree with this in the least, but you folks are not at all sounding like you belong to the Lord; I read these same kinds of comments in secular sites.

    Others are watching us…We can do better…

    • Herman

      Agreed, Wendy. We are called to be the salt of the earth, not foul mouthed, foolish traah-talkers.

    • Tusitala

      I love reading the full spectrum of the comments here, I find it refreshing even when I do not agree. I distrust Christian sites where everyone is all sweetness and light, I think that the administrators on those boards must delete an awful lot. I know I sometimes learn more from the posts with which I do NOT agree because they send me to the Bible like a Berean. As far as others judging Christianity by a few words here, that is kind of ridiculous for anyone to do, human nature being as mercurial as it is. People like have already made up their mind about us all anyway.

  • The Infidel

    Good – The more that drink it the better. Also keep up the inter-breeding.

    Do you know why the Camel is called the ship of the desert?

    Because it is full of Muslim seamen.

  • Tusitala

    Oh, dear… not the best breakfast reading.

  • mike watchinski

    “But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgement.” (Matthew 12:36

    I agree with Wendy. We are ambassadors for the Lord Jesus Christ. The crass comments you make that you think are funny only tell on what is inside of you.

    …” for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” (Matthew 12:34)


  • Johnny Mac

    These Muslims are crazy ! Now there sayin camel droppings taste like chicken!

  • I didn’t post this article to mock the Muslims, but to show why MERS is so high in Muslim countries. I hear people say all the time it’s because the government conducts chemical experiments there, but that is not true.

    As Christians, we should refrain from name calling. We are all just sinners in God’s sight. Pray that Muslims would come to saving knowledge of the truth in Jesus Christ.

  • Sick! What is wrong with people?

  • Ahlam

    Don’t lie , only wahabian “muslims” in saudi arabia drink that , not other muslims

  • Jeffery Rightmire

    Centuries of inbreeding and relentless ignorance is Islam’s are most prevalent enemies. This “cult” is as backwards as they come. They contribute nothing and take all. The custom of drinking urine is just one example of how this nonsense is manifested. Disease and pestilence follow them for a reason. May our Father in Heaven somehow be allowed to enlightn more of them to their evil and sick ways-and let them see the wrongdoings of this cult-

  • May they all drink to their heart’s content… and soon demise!

  • Ali

    The haedth was not true and based on weak source. But saudi sunis practicing and believe on it. Which is too crazy to drink or wash face or hair with camel pees.

  • Husain

    The subject of this article is misleading.
    It is not a practice of Musilms to do this.
    Only wahabies (same who graduate terrorists) who drink camel’s urine.
    I wonder if this is the cause of their stupid mind!!!

  • Maria

    Like they said: “Only wahabies who drink camel’s urine”.
    And I want to say that:
    the overwhelming majority of Muslims are wonderful people.
    Don’t talk about Prophet Muhammed like the media said!
    Go and READ about “Islam and Prophet Muhammed”
    The media will do anything to bring hate towards Islam
    and make us seem like a minority and narrow minded just
    because society has changed.
    I don’t have to tell you about islam but don’t talk about islam unless you read about it.

    • Metal mike

      If you don’t stand up against the “minority” of people who misrepresent your faith, as you say, you are not moderate or peaceful. You are the enabling problem, and just as responsible.

  • Metal mike

    All you liberals, gather round.
    Glad you could all show up.
    Stable-tender Camel bombs for everyone.

  • Abe Froman

    Muslims would be great doing a plug for Pepsodent toothpaste.
    Just after slugging down a mug of camel urine,
    they could hold up their tooth brushes and sing…
    “You’ll wonder where the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!”

  • Burhan

    Umm i dont think we should be pointing at muslims or christians. Many things on the internet can be wrong n i know most of the things r wrong. What i believe is that instead of pointing at each other we should take the best from every religion n try to be better end of the day. Coz all of us will be facing God in the end. I dont believe things written on the internet coz anyone can manipulate n chnge the words n post wtever they want. First we should focus on the bible and the quran n go through these books. As far as i know i have never read this anywhere. We all believe in one God n we will be answerable to him for our own self’s. But this thing may be in the saudi culture n sumthing they brought up because they think they are perfect ones n they own islam. Its just their thinking. N we shouldnt judge any religion seeing the people.

  • Burhan

    On top of that in islam even if a person doesnt wash his genitals after urinating they will not be in the condition to pray. So its only the culture in saudi arabia i believe and not something said by the prophet or anyone.

  • Loren Wright

    Things go better with C. Pee! What a market for Coke to exploit! I can see the Super Bowl ad now….My mind runs wild! Remember the ad for cranberry juice with the guys standing waist deep in a cranberry bog?…I had better stop there! This is surely to be a Facebook parody maker’s dream story!

  • That;s stupid of them. However, if they want to kill themselves that way there’s little to stop them. Just let the Arab boy’s enjoy their Camelwine.

  • Younes

    That is disgusting and it is not an Islamic practice. It s a desert surviving mechanism that people had to endure during their long journey. There is NO Hadith or prophet saying encouraging the drink of any kind of urine I m a muslim and I know. Remember, I was in US. Marines and one of the surviving mechanism in jungles or desert is drinking our own urine, as we were told. Is that mean this is a Christian religion practice? It 21 st century dude and racism is a sign or ignorance and stupidity especially if it is flavored with lies and deception.

  • Sam

    Camel piss. Not just for breakfast anymore

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