Liberal Media Gave 6 Times More Coverage To Gorilla Death Than To ISIS Killing Christians

On Saturday, May 28, security officials shot a gorilla named Harambe to protect a three-year-old boy who had fallen into the animal’s pen at the Cincinnati Zoo. In the five days that followed the animal’s death, the three major networks devoted a total of 1 hour, 28 minutes and 17 seconds to the story during their morning and evening news shows. An unfortunate incident, to be sure, but as one commentator noted, “a tempest in a teapot.”

A new study by the indefatigable Media Research Center (MRC) has revealed that mainstream media devoted some six times as much air time to covering the recent death of Harambe the gorilla than they did to the gruesome Islamic State decapitation of 21 Coptic Christians on a Libyan beach last year.

On Saturday, May 28, security officials shot a gorilla named Harambe to protect a three-year-old boy who had fallen into the animal’s pen at the Cincinnati Zoo.

In the five days that followed the animal’s death, the three major networks devoted a total of 1 hour, 28 minutes and 17 seconds to the story during their morning and evening news shows. An unfortunate incident, to be sure, but as one commentator noted, “a tempest in a teapot.”

By contrast, in February 2015, a group of black-clad Islamic State militants slit the throats of 21 Coptic Christians on a beach near Tripoli, which garnered only a fraction of the gorilla coverage. The terrorists videoed the execution, as the Christians, dressed in orange jumpsuits, fell one by one to the ground dead.

MRC’s Katie Yoder found that ABC, CBS and NBC spent a combined total of only 14 minutes and 30 seconds covering the massacre of the 21 Christians, which is less than a sixth of the air time that they dedicated to the gorilla.

The scant mentions of the Christian slaughter at the hands of Islamic jihadists pale in comparison to the lavish attention paid to the epic saga of the death of one gorilla, or the “zoo horror,” as Good Morning America described it.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune published a cartoon by Steve Sack underscoring the incongruity of attention paid to the animal. The vignette depicted a boat full of refugees and a gorilla in a cage also in the boat. His caption depicted one of the refugees pointing to the gorilla and saying: “We brought him so people would care what happens to us.”

A group of demonstrators distressed by the death of the gorilla held a vigil at the Cincinnati Zoo to mourn the animal’s demise.

The activists held signs remembering the loss of the gorilla, bearing slogans such as “All Animals Lives Matter,” “R.I.P Harambe,” “Taken Too Soon,” and “Senseless Death.” A framed picture of the gorilla was set up as a memorial. source

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  • A Trober

    The same people who are fighting – vehemently – to continue killing the unborn. We’re coming up to SIXTY MILLION abortions since Roe v Wade.

    TEN TIMES the number of Jews hitler killed.

    Why do they care about one child already born?


      In the United States of America alone (THROUGH 2013), there have been recorded 57 million abortions since Roe vs. Wade. This amounts to 3,287 abortions per day, 1.5 million abortions per year and an astounding 2.5 abortions per minute………in the LAND OF THE FREE and THE HOME OF THE BRAVE!
      In addition, in that same time period, Planned Parenthood aborted 6.5 (THROUGH 2013), that are recorded!

      Now, what has happened is the United States’ “school system” (Grade 1 – POST GRADUATE WORK) is Darwin’s Origen of Species (1854) has been adopted and as time has gone on, mankind has been labeled as “a higher form of the ANIMAL kingdom”, therefore, in 2016, 50% of America doesn’t know if the child should have been killed by the gorilla or if the gorilla should have been killed by man.

      Woodrow Wilson adopted this evolution into government as a “living, changing body” that does not need God, “but progress (there’s one of those damnable, devilish words) up the evolutionary ladder”.
      This is why the Constitution is now deemed as “interpretive and fluid” rather than dogmatic! Coincidentally, in 1850, Karl Marx published THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO. This thought process is now the thought process of the American government who NOW IGNORES OUR CONSTITUTION, but rather looks for PRECIDENCE.

      This this didn’t just happen yesterday. The greatest Christian in the New Testament, the apostle Paul, wrote to The Romans (AD 53), in chapter 1:19-27,
      the characterization of mankind worshipping “the creature more than the Creator” and then what follows is the bi-product of such abominations. Naturally, verse 32 puts the “Ribbon on the old oak tree”!

      We have been taught that abortion is ok, it’s a CHOICE; we have been taught LBGTQ is ok and should be part of the “great diversity (another damnable and devilish word) and be accepted globally because it’s ok”; we have been taught that earning money and being successful is a sin and the government deserves increasing our tax rates and, if necessary taking our weapons away and taking our freedom of speech away; it’s OK, “it’s for our protection”, RIGHT?

      That’s what Hitler told Hoch, Goeggels and the rest of his boys as he was murdering 6 million Jews at BELSEN BELSEN, Treblinka, Auschwitz and Buechewald!

      Ah yes, my friends, there are MORE pernicious things that have gone on in this country and continue to go on in this country than what happened before God bombed Sodom with FIRE!

      The Lord Jesus Christ is our only hope, folks. America, as much as I love it, unless it repents nationally, is FINISHED!

      • MICHAEL

        Sorry about the spelling error, I spelled Goebbels as Goeggels. Should have spelled checked.

  • Leonard

    I hope they haven’t given less press to Harambe than they did St. Cecil-the-Lion. That would be discrimination…

  • pam

    And this is a sign as to how far the USA has fallen.

  • Alicia Noda

    More proof that liberals are godless. They were created in the monkey’s image.
    Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

  • guest

    God created us and placed us over the animal kingdom. It’s sad to see the gorilla go, but that child is far more valuable.

    Why? Nestled within that child is a human soul/spirit that you won’t find within animals. God deems our souls to be of UPMOST value to Him– so valuable, in fact, that He died willingly on a cross in order so that our souls could be saved… should we freely choose to accept His gracious offering.

    Animals may have some sort of spirit within them. Who knows? But they lack the type of soul/spirit that we humans specifically possess. Unfortunately, our society has become so desensitized to the sanctity of human life that when they see a small human child compared to a massive gorilla, they automatically see the child as the lesser being due to size. Couple that with the massive amounts of bloodshed you see in films and TV, our society has been conditioned to believe that human life is of no consequence. Human life is as much trash as a banana peel is. Seeing bodies pile up on screen in bombastic shoot-outs is deemed as an “adrenaline-fueled roller coaster ride.” But a gorilla shot in order to save the life of a small child? National outrage.

    Everything’s on it’s head. And the irony of all this? I’m sure all these disillusioned Social Justice Warrior’s crying out for justice for Harambe would have also screamed “SHOOT IT!!!” if they were the ones being dragged around inside that gorilla cage…

  • Martie

    The killing of the gorilla was an unfortunate incident–but there was a human life at stake. They just do not see. Blinded by the god of this world–the very devil himself. At least the gorilla gave them something else to talk about besides who’s using the ladies restroom!

    • I think the point of this article is not saying that the child’s life wasn’t important enough to be broadcast on the news but the constant playing of it when they ignore other important things going on is the point Geoffrey is making. Of course the child’s life is important, I took my children to zoos all over the world and while they were young and never would they have been out of my sight but would have been right beside me but I digress and am not judging this mother except to say she was clearly inattentive.
      I know this is off topic so digressing again, but was thinking on Revelations where the first 3 chapters are to the churches and saw something differently I wanted to share but didn’t know where on here to share it but the church of philadelphia in chapter 3vs 10 where Christ tells those
      10 Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. I was thinking this could be where not all who are Christian go in the rapture but only those who have kept His word in the time and where some are left behind to endure the hour of temptation, they will have to give their lives for eternal life or take the mark which would damn them forever. I thought that all Christians would go in the rapture even those who don’t believe there will be a rapture or catching away as like with Enoch but today while reading this what I saw is only those that keep His word will be kept from the hour of temptation, which would explain why John saw so many martyrs that came out of the great tribulation, so many that they couldn’t be counted. Anyway, I’d love to know what anyone else thinks on this and maybe you Geoffrey have already discussed this somewhere else on here and I just don’t know where, I would love to understand this better.

  • Marian

    It’s about proportionality. Our brothers and sisters in Christ are being slaughtered like animals by ISIS, while the American public turns a blind eye. It’s bad enough that our wicked leaders have blood on their hands in this matter, but it’s worse that our pulpits are mostly silent when the outcry should be deafening.

  • John33

    Its stupid the gorilla thing 15.000 die a day and nobody says something no but a gorlla and its big time blabla

  • Mary

    That’s because they do not value Human life,
    (Except maybe their own which is selfish)!
    They murder babies because it’s an inconvenience then sell their parts! The only compassion they show are to animals whether it’s in the form of not eating them or protecting their rights (like animals know they have rights)! God gave dominion to man over animals which is something they just don’t get!

  • CHAR

    The point of the article is that the media spent more time on an animal story than the murders of humans and Christians at that. Lord help us when we think that a gorilla is more important (and believe me, I LOVE animals of all kinds) to get upset over than the beheading of Christian men. Yes, we are silent when we should be shouting and shouting when we should be quiet……the article on the beheadings was so quickly forecasted, it was quickly forgotten by the world, but the gorilla story lives on. P.S. Why didn’t they just tranquilize him while someone went and retrieved the child? Just sayin…..

  • bob

    since harambe is the second coming it makes perfect sense


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