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Judgment? Bizarre, Extreme Weather Pounds South and Midwest States

Are we seeing freakish weather patterns coincidentally, or is it something more? Is God beginning to judge America for her sins? I honestly don't know, but I do know...

Is it just crazy weather, or is it something more?

Are we seeing freakish weather patterns coincidentally, or is it something more? Is God beginning to judge America for her sins? I honestly don’t know, but I do know this. America is no longer a nation that fears God, or even acknowledges Him in any meaningful sense. Think about it. We have taxpayer-funded child murder that extinguishes over 250,000 souls a year. We have gay rights, gay marriage, and an out of control porn industry. We have gambling appearing in state after state, and scores of other vice and vices on proud display. Our economy is shattered, we owe more money than we make, and unemployment is steady at 15-19%. We do not allow the Bible in the public schools, and neither can children start the day with prayer. We as a nation have told God to “get out” of our lives. Has He withdrawn His blessing from America?

Dallas (CNN) — Hot, dry weather returns to Texas this week, whisking away the limited relief scattered thunderstorms brought to firefighters in parts of the Lone Star state over the weekend. In a trifecta of potentially bad news for fire crews, the Texas Forest Service said a low-pressure system will push temperatures into the 90s, humidity to 10% or less and winds up to 45 mph on Monday and Tuesday. The conditions have prompted the National Weather Service to issue a red flag warning for a large portion of west Texas, urging residents to avoid the use of open flames and to avoid activities that may generate sparks. Because of the hot temperatures, bone-dry conditions and high winds, “accidental ignitions will have the potential to grow quickly. source – CNN

Poplar Bluff, Mo – Police ordered the evacuation of some 1,000 residents amid concerns the town levee could breach at any time. On Monday, water from the rain-swollen Black River was already pouring over the top of the levee, threatening about 500 homes in the town of 17,000 people about 150 miles southwest of St. Louis.

“Once it tops it and flows over it, all indications are that it could breach imminently,” said Deputy Chief Jeff Rolland. The same levee breached in 2008, flooding the same neighborhood, he said.

The river has been rising for the past week amid day after day of heavy rains. Three to five inches of rain were expected Monday evening, with three inches forecast for Tuesday. “We need a break from Mother Nature,” Mr. Rolland said. Many residents were packed into the town convention center, while others moved in with friends or family. Police went door to door during the day Monday to order the evacuation, but some people stayed behind. “There are always stragglers,” Mr. Rolland said. source – WSJ

April 2011 has been a horrific month for severe weather so far with more than 550 reports of tornadoes, at least 39 tornado-related deaths and unthinkable destruction. As the wild weather pattern continues this week, the month’s total number of tornadoes will continue to rise. There is a good chance that April 2011 will end up being the most active April on record for tornadoes. With May and June typically being the most active months of the year for severe weather, people are wondering if the trend will continue and make 2011 a record-setting year. source – AccuWeather

FORT WORTH, Texas — The extreme drought that has gripped parts of nine states — most of them in the South — is expected to drag on for several months or intensify, posing a risk for more wildfires, agriculture problems and water restrictions, national weather experts said Monday. Portions of Texas and a small part of eastern Louisiana are the only parts of the nation that rank in the National Weather Service’s worst drought condition category, said Victor Murphy, the climate service program manager for the southern region, based in Fort Worth. The “exceptional” drought level happens once every 50 to 100 years, he said.

Much of the rest of Texas and Louisiana are in extreme drought conditions — the worst in 20 to 50 years — as are parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Florida and tiny portions of Colorado and Kansas. Other areas of those states are experiencing severe and moderate drought conditions, along with parts of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. source – Chron

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