Jim Garrow Says Muslim Terrorists To Unleash 9/11 Shopping Mall Bombing Attacks On America

The target will be American shopping malls, the date will be a significant one for the Islamists. The method will be with explosive devices meant to inflict suffering and...

Obama has allowed thousands of Muslim terrorists to come in through our southern border

2009 Nobel Peace Prize nominee  Dr. Jim Garrow is a man that doesn’t shy away from controversy. He leapt in to the public consciousness in 2013 when he shockingly claimed he was told by a top military veteran that the Obama administration’s “litmus test” for new military leaders is whether or not they will obey an order to fire on U.S. citizens.

Then on our radio show of October 6, 2013, Dr. Garrow dropped another bombshell. He made the amazing revelation – on our show for the first time anywhere –  that he had, in fact, spent 45 years as a covert CIA operative. The revelations didn’t stop there, either. In that same broadcast, he also revealed that Andrew Breitbart and novelist Jim Clancy were targeted assassinations by the CIA.


Garrow says the event will happen simultaneously across America at hundreds of locations

Now Dr. Jim has a new revelation of an upcoming Muslim terrorist attack on Americans in America, and he is so sure of his information that he says “my sources on this are impeccable. I lay my 100% record of reliability on the line.”  Here is the shocking revelation Dr. Jim made on his Facebook page today:

The target will be shopping malls. The method will be with explosive devices meant to inflict suffering and death and to wound as many as possible. This is terrorism in its lowest form. The purpose is to inflict fear in the hearts of Americans through this targeting of where we go to shop and relax. The date will be a significant one for the Islamists.  The event will happen simultaneously across America at hundreds of locations (note the number). The police, DHS, and security services throughout the nation should be warned and take appropriate action.

Garrow says that it will happen on a date that “is important for Islamists”. If I had to hazard a guess I would say 9/11. Will this actually happen, is such a plan really in the works? Jim Garrow is a regular guest on our radio show, a personal friend and a brother in Christ. He has staked his entire credibility on this information being true and accurate. We believe him, and have published this story as a public warning.

Please share this article in the hopes of preventing these things from coming to pass. Thank you.




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  • Valerie Gould

    What locations?

    • He said at “hundreds of locations” around the country….certainly all the big name ones…

    • DAR

      Santa Monica Mall in So Cal where Maria Shriver shops. Iranians are there “working” gaining everyone’s confidence since we are so damn tolerant we let the Trojan Horse in and even PAY them while they snoop, collect data where when how, where the cops are, etc. FRICKIN WAKE UP AMERICA! FBI is too busy making people pay for not supporting BO and doing Jarrett’s bidding. Why don’t they see these Iranians at the Santa Monica Mall everywhere???

    • Cabldawg

      I agree Dave and am actually surprised it hasn’t happened already. Places like Malls are easy targets for determined terrorists. This type of attack could also usher in Marshall Law. Trust in the Lord thy God in Jesus name Amen. The Lord said he will keep us and he will.

  • Louise Cottle

    This is the reason I don’t go to shopping malls baseball games or anywhere else there are large gatherings. Although, God is in control, He already knows when and where all of this Will happen.

  • Trish Kidwell

    They’re such evil trouble makers. There would be no hope without our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My prayers are with Israel and all the Christians in that part of the world.

  • Corey Zimits

    There are many days “holy” to muhammadeans. September 11th may be too far off.Ramadan is about to come to a close shortly. Maybe the slaughters of innocent will be targeted at the malls like the animals will be throughout the lands of islam.

  • The Man

    Muslims take on the spirit of their
    god and their god is NOT the same
    GOD as Jews and Christians..the devil
    is in the details!!

    • Karen

      You re right…here are a few differences bet Chrisitianity and Islam
      God’s only begotten Son is Jesus. Allah has no begotten son.
      God made salvation available by sacrificing His Son and promises salvation by grace to those who believe. Allah sacrificed nothing, and only saves if sufficient works are done.
      God has a payment for sins—Jesus Christ. Allah has no payment for sins.
      God’s Christ paid for the sins of mankind. Allah paid for nothing, and all men pay for their own sins.
      God’s salvation is through Christ’s work. Allah’s salvation is through people’s works.
      God’s saving work is, “Come to Christ.” The major part of Moslem salvation is to believe Mohammed was the sum and seal of the prophets.
      God’s book is very different from Allah’s book. They contradict each other, so they cannot both be true. For example, the Bible says Christ was resurrected from the dead. The Moslems reject that as a lie.
      God says his Son is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Allah says Christ is “only a messenger” (Chap. 5, “The Food” sect. 10, par. 75).
      God treats men and women equally. Allah does not.
      God says marriages today (Christian) are to be monogamous. Allah allows more than one wife.
      There is no marriage in God’s Paradise. Faithful men get many virgins in Allah’s.
      God says it is not necessary to have special days. Allah does: for example, Ramadan, the Moslem holy month during which Moslems fast during the day.

      • “here are a few differences bet Chrisitianity and Islam”

        @Karen: Interesting comparison chart 😉

        Bluntly stated, Islam is the antichrist religion, and guess whom is seated on the Iron Throne? 😯

        P.S. In due time more folk will understand the mystery of things 🙂

  • Mountain Saint

    I doubt that the Muslim-Terrorists in America will do anything during the Obama Administration. Afterall, Obama is one of theirs and, for the last six years, he has been using our tax money and military people in overthrowing secular governments all over the world and setting up Jihadist governments…But, then again, in Bemghazi, Obama people were funneling illegal weapons to the terrorists in Syria and still another branch of the Moslem terrorists turned on them, killing our ambassador and theree other. There is no honor among the devil worshippers.

    • Dana

      I respectfully disagree this is the perfect time to do those horrific things in this country. Obama fiddles as America burns.
      If or when it happens Obama won’t even pay attention to it and
      say very little. He’ll be to busy jetting off to another fund

      • I think your absolutely right! It’s sad but true.

      • Elaine Coker

        Amen, you said that right.

  • Mary

    These are all good commits, but letting Satan take control over our lively hood is wrong. God is in control and if we were in a place where we were killed, so be it! That is if you are ready to met our Lord and Savior! We as Christians should not be afraid of what is happening and be focused on shearing Our God with as many as we can.

    Rev 4:1 states we are told to come up and if we die before that time the dead shell rise up first!

    Glory be to the real God, our creator!

  • Obama goes on vacation Aug, 9-24. They could take out the White House to finish what was started back when… This could kick off while HE is in place so HE can go to the. martial LAW… That is HIS number one plan for the USA.. He said I will make a change in MY TIME. Well it’s His time. HE was set up to destroy. HE has done no good so far. HE is ISLAM. He is not CHRIST LIKE.!!!!! Roy CH. usa

    • Elaine Coker

      He belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist gang. That’s why he has staffed his administration with mostly Muslims.

  • The Man

    From the very first time that I saw
    Obama back in ’07 or ’08, I have to
    cover my eyes, change the tv channel
    or cover his pic in the newspaper..I
    cannot look at him!!

    • Carole

      Fear mongering or not I’d say it one would be foolish not to be safe rather then sorry. Too bad many people will purposely go to malls just to prove they’re not frightened.

    • Terri

      Before 9-11 that is what everyone would have said about terrorists flying into predetermined spots with planes. In fact, from what I understand there was chatter about something like that happening BUT no one believed cause why would anyone do something like that. Look what happened if we had taken this chatter by terrorists seriously 9-11 may not have happened. The thing is Americans are so used to having separation of church and state they do not understand true evil. These radical terrorists are about true evil but we cannot accept people would be willing to die for their religion so we discount what is said about radical terrorism (at least until 9-11) and no the scary thing they still hate us and they still want us exterminated. The current admin has made it possible for terrorists to infiltrate as well as giving Hamas 2.8 billion dollars. This admin is helping terrorism out it would not surprise me a bit something like this happening. Those terrorists who were involved in 9-11 were here for some time and so there were able to infiltrate our country. How many terrorist cells are here in the US we know nothing about. Look at the Boston bombing I bet people would have said that was fear mongering until it happened. So say all you want about it being fear mongering I would rater err on the side of caution than go to show everyone I am not afraid only too find out too late that these people who warned us were right. Especially if you have a family, do not take it seriously it could be your kids that could die because you wanted to show everyone you were not fooled by fear mongering…Then it happens and you watch you kids killed or other family members and you realize what a fool you were for trying to show everyone BY GOSH I WILL SHOW EVERYONE THERE IS NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF. Then your family is murdered by something you thought would not happen, just like NO ONE thought 9-11 would ever happen either.

      • Cabldawg

        Well stated Terry.

  • STL

    If Muslims attack USA, it will be a limited attack, enough to cause fear in the american people to abandoned their cause helping Israel. Because the muslims will say, if you continue defending Israel we will attack you again and you will never know where it will come next. Immediately the american people will be so scare in fear, they will beg Obama to abandoned any more help to Israel.

    Obama and his muslim brotherhood, has proven to the american people that USA is defendless against any attacks by the Muslim Brotherhood. If the attack is nuclear, it will be a limited suitcase bomb, just killing a few million in just one city.

    That should get the american people so terrified, they will never argue about abandoning Israel?

  • STL

    Carl: Screw the Malls, these muslim brotherhood going to take out a whole city, to scare the american population??????????

    • Terri

      just like no thought 9-11 would happen. We had warning but NO ONE believed it. Before Boston happened no one would have believed that either. Terrorist are infiltrating our country and these are not the ones on the watch list. Everyone who thinks this is not possible is a fool. Look at everything that has happened countries that hate us can get in, they can use citizens born in this country (and they have) to do their dirt work for them. You do not think this will happen are you one of those that thinks 9-11 was a government plot???cause if that could happen a mall bombing would be a piece of cake. Do not forget all those suitcase bombs that went missing from Russia several years ago and we have open borders so they could sneak in at any time. Only amazing thing is that something has not already happened

  • DAR


  • If you value your limb and life, avoid big cities and major public places 😉

  • Bob Jackson

    Its only a matter of time before all hell breaks lose. Our Country seems to keep voting the same types of idoits back into power. We will reap what we sow.

  • Dan L

    It didn’t happen.
    No bombs in no malls no-where.
    Of course.

    • Carole

      I’m thankful Joseph that is was an “oopies” but unfortunitly they probably will strike again unawares to anyone. I hope I’m wrong when I say this, but it’s wise to keep a lookout over your shoulder. This doesn’t mean to become paranoid but caution is always advisable. It seems things of this nature usually strike without warning.

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    type in the domain name: http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/jim-garrow-says-muslim-terrorists-unleash-911-shopping-mall-bombing-attacks-america/ and guess who already had it?
    You did! haha j/k. I was about to buy this domain name but realized it
    was taken so I decided I’d come check it out. Nice blog!


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