IT’S OFFICIAL! Obamacare WILL Add $6,000,000,000,000.00 To US National Debt

Obamacare will increase the long-term federal deficit by $6.2 trillion, according to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report released today....
Obamacare’s cost-control provisions “were not sufficient to prevent an unsustainable increase in debt held by the public.” - GAO

Death by Obamacare

Obamacare will increase the long-term federal deficit by $6.2 trillion, according to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report released today. Senator Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.), who requested the report, revealed the findings this morning at a Senate Budget Committee hearing.


Obamacare’s cost-control provisions “were not sufficient to prevent an unsustainable increase in debt held by the public.” – GAO

The report, he said, “confirms everything critics and Republicans were saying about the faults of this bill,” and “dramatically proves that the promises made assuring the nation that the largest new entitlement program in history would not add one dime to the deficit were false.” President Obama and other Democrats attempted to win support for the health-care bill by touting it as a fiscally responsible enterprise.

“I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits — either now or in the future,” Obama told a joint-session of Congress in September 2009.

“I will not sign it if it adds one dime to the deficit, now or in the future, period.”

The new report exposes the “lack of honesty” surrounding such claims, Sessions argued. “The big-government crowd in Washington manipulated the numbers in order to get the financial score they wanted, in order to get their bill passed and to increase power and influence,” he said. “The goal was not truth or financial responsibility, but to pass the bill. This is how a country goes broke.”

The GAO report is essentially the first attempt to isolate and calculate Obamacare’s impact on the deficit beyond the traditional ten-year budget window. GAO ran two simulations “based on broad sets of assumptions about health care spending and other components of federal spending and revenue” over a 75-year period. First, a baseline-extended simulation, which “illustrates the long-term outlook assuming federal laws (applicable at the time the simulation was run) remain unchanged,” and second, an alternative simulation, which “illustrates the long-term fiscal outlook assuming historical trends and policy preferences continue.”

The baseline scenario is far more optimistic, largely because it does not take into account the concerns — expressed by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Trustees, and Medicare’s chief actuary — about “whether certain cost-containment mechanisms included in PPACA can be sustained over the long term.”

However, the GAO report concluded that even under these “more optimistic assumptions,” Obamacare’s cost-control provisions “were not sufficient to prevent an unsustainable increase in debt held by the public.” source – National Review


NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.
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  • ” Figures lie and liars figure”

    This is such a mess and it will never be resolved. The only thing these people know for sure is that they know nothing for sure. I am so glad that I know that I am saved. Without Jesus Christ as my God and my Saviour I would be like every other wanderer on this planet.

    Where will you spend eternity? Repent today and trust solely upon The Lord Jesus Christ to save your unrighteous soul.

  • The World we live in is doomed!
    If as me your saved by Salvation And justified by Jesus blood (Romans 5:9 ) so what is the problem?
    Let Obama put his finishing touches on destroying what it took over 200 years to create!
    We now do not belong to this planet, our world is in Heaven!
    We are just here for the ride, then one day we will vanish into thin air!

  • And that one day is getting here fast!

  • Jesus w/out a doubt is about to call the Church Home! One day in late Dec of 04 and last Sunday the Lord chose not to take me Home, the only thing that makes sense to me is the Blessed Hope Event!
    Christians know, the worst the world can bring on is death but death is our new beginning! Theirs a lot of interesting teachings on the ‘feast days’ – Spring would be nice for the Church – Fall Feast for the Jews, yeah, very interesting! Not calling dates, just dreaming!

    • Does spring come after winter?

      Mark 13:18 And pray ye that your flight be not in the winter.

      just a thought.

  • Pray…Pray…Pray

    This is bigger than Obama…this is a joint effort to bring about the one world government.

    I agree, the Rapture is close.

    Politically speaking I do not understand why no one is able to impeach, or take action, and the people seem to follow blindlessly…end times, it’s all end times.

  • This is what I am thinking, not to add one dime to the deficit could also mean more than one as in billions of them which adds up to 6 trillion. I hope am wrong and that God saves our President and country so things won’t get even worse, until then I highly recommend accepting Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son as Lord and Saviour and giving him permission to take complete control of your heart and life. God bless us!

  • Politicians always tell lies to win votes! What’s new? Did anyone really think OB could save America from judgment? If you did, I bet you’re not believing that now! It’s time for people to wake up and see the times we are in and prepare to meet their maker before it’s too late. Does anyone think it will get better while we continue to throw God out of everything from schools to the military etc…. Plus, Ob just like the other presidents before him keeps trying to divide Israel which brings the wrath of God down on any nation that has anything to do with dividing HIS LAND! We must pray that our Government stops trying to divide the Land of Israel.
    Zechariah 12:3 In that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for ALL PEOPLE: ALL that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though ALL PEOPLE of the earth be gathered together against it.

    Joel 3:1-2 For behold, in those days, and in that time, I shall bring the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem, I will also gather all nations, and bring them down into the valley of Jehosaphat, and will plead (punish, judge) with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations and DIVIDED MY LAND!
    Genesis 12:3 And I will BLESS then that BLESS thee, and CURSE him that CURSES thee; and in thee shall all families of the earth be BLESSED.

    Obadiah 1:15 For the day of the Lord is near upon all heathen; AS YOU HAVE DONE (TO ISRAEL) it will be done unto you; Your reward shall RETURN upon your own head.

    Everytime our presidents or representatives have gone over to Israel or met with their enemies to divide the land of Israel with the palestinians, the US has a disaster of some kind. It can be proven by going back and looking at the newspapers since 1991. Everytime they have an article showing the dividing of the land of Israel on the same page and day there is a disaster! It happens so much that it can’t be a coincidance! Even our economic situations are connected to the division of Israel.
    John McTernan has a video and book out that documents amazingly the connections between the dividing the land of Israel and the economic woes and disasters hitting our nation on the exact day these negotiations are going on or within close hours etc…
    This is another reason why our nation is in trouble economicly and by weather/earthquake disasters. It’s also because of abortion laws and homo marriage laws, adultary, fornication, drugs, witchcraft, pornagraphics, thefts, murders, etc…sins, sins, sins!
    The Day of the Lord is upon us and this is the beginnings of sorrows upon all nations. The Lord is not going to fix our economic problems until America repents and turns back to God. Fretting over the deficit will not help, but fasting and praying for a move of God here in our country will help. God has promised to bring renewal/refreshing if His people called by his name will humble themselves and pray. He promise to heal their land! It’s not time to be selfish and hope to just fly away while many in our country need to hear and see the power and love of our Lord Jesus Christ before it’s too late! Our God is in the salvation business! Let us not give up yet, but believe in the saving power of our God! Shalom!

    • Debra – Well said. Your compassion for your message is felt. Your words are true. I use to pray that it wasn’t too late that there would be a national or some national looking up to heaven when the super storm went through the northeast and caused so much grief for the people. and, from what I read churches were busy. People were maybe thinking “Hey what’s going on here”. But as you know it wasn’t long and everyone was back to same o same o. I obviously don’t know God’s intent or where He is as far as His judgments go. But my prayers have changed. I do not think God’s protective hand is guarding and protecting us anymore. I believe God has seen enough. I believe He was convinced there would be no spiritual revival before Obama’s first election. Now…I believe Obama is God’s major player in bringing about His will. There was no way OB was not going win a second term. God has His perfect piece. The United States as we knew and our forefathers knew is over. The reason our country is not mentioned in the bible is that our country will soon be insignificant. By the hand our leader and by other countries. I am new to the faith but I am getting stronger a little at a time everyday. We who believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord need to plant a seed in as many people as we can. A seed that will grow with just mention of Jesus. Just a seed. I’d rather have a seed planted and take interest in what we might have to say days down the road, than shoving the bible in there face. Praise to our Holy Father in heaven.

  • david

    The Holy Spirit wants to heal divisions in Gods church. Those who have the indwelling of the spirit will humble their opinions to that of the spirit and live accordingly. There are not enough prayer worriors to stop the plan of the adversary and bring about heaven on earth the way life was intended. God’s plan of salvation is the only way. Without the economic cashless biometric slavery as the solution, one must learn to live in the world and not be part of the world. We must all face, plan, prepare and act in accordance to his will. The only true survival tactic. It is not the body the adversary seeks to take. The husk will be discarded for the eternal garment. PREPARE YOUR GARMENT.

  • After Isaiah 17:1 then any day the Rapture can happen, it’s close!

    • Hello PL- Nice to see you and your buddy New York not going at it for a change. You know, that is something I’ve just come to realize recently. The rapture doesn’t have to happen just before the tribulation. It can happen this second. Meaning, we don’t have the luxury of time for either our selves or others.

  • You two do realize that according to your theory you will both be in heaven while pastors dog goes through tribulation, right? Just checking…

    • Come on New York – As believers we need to plant a seed in others. Even as small as a mustard seed. You have an influence on people. You give good and accurate scripture reference about things other than this tiresome Trib thing. Use your talent to win souls to Jesus , before its too late.

  • Is new York back? I haven’t seen him for awhile! Which New York are you talking about Bo? Are you reading old posts?

    • @ Debra I am here Debra, I have been back for a bit now. 🙂 God Bless you Debra.

      @ Bo I have been winning souls all along. I have every intention of winning souls right to the bitter end.

      Firstly I was engaged in the topic and I am not attacking but merely bringing forth valid questions to the topic I was engaged in.

      I also have every intention of teaching truth and what the scripture says. The trib thing is not just the trib thing to me. It happens to be very serious to me as believers in Christ will be here as the bible warns and they will have to be prepared ( I am only carrying the message that Christ and Paul warned, and that was not to be deceived). See I have nothing against a pre tribulation believer themselves. I have everything against the teaching which can not be found in the bible. Again that is argued but still the fact remains that not one verse can be found to say you will be raptured before the tribulation. I can find specific verses that specifically say after the tribulation and specific verses that say after the dead in christ. This is just plain fact that can not be denied.

      Again not here to argue just stating my reasons for post tribulation belief. You can believe what you like as God has given you free will to do so. But again no one verse says after the tribulation. Thats a fact. The other fact is there are several verses that say after the tribulation. There are several verses that also say after the dead in Christ rise first. We also can find verses that show the dead in Christ rising after the tribulation. Again These are a few of the many scripturally sound reasons for my belief. You engaged the topic I briefly stated my reasons for what I believe not forcing anyone to anything. It is up to them to find out for themselves.

      The words of Jesus Christ himself:
      John 17:15
      King James Version (KJV)
      15 I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.

      ENOUGH ABOUT THE RAPTURE FOR A MOMENT. There are greater delusions going on. Americans believe they are going to go unscathed from the coming world turmoil which is upon us. IT IS NOT OFF IN THE DISTANCE, it is HERE, NOW!!

      For things to fall into place the world is going to have to be an entirely different place. The bible talks of a one world government / order & religion. False peace. As we have seen in the past and as we are seeing now this is not and will not happen without one thing. This one thing that you yourself (the person reading this will have a hard time believing or wrapping their mind around). What is this thing I am talking about? Your probably wondering greatly right about now. I will name this thing now.

      The removal of America (this is that thing) from the world stage. Not lightly, not easily, but dramatically, powerfully and instantly.

      You can say I am crazy and it will never happen. You can say and believe whatever you like. But there will be no false peace with America around, there will be no one world order or government or religion with America around. There are approximately 7 million Jews here in America who some of them have influence on the Jews in Israel.

      If America is removed dramatically from the world stage and quickly. The whole world will be stunned, they will cry, they will be horrified. INCLUDING ISRAEL. This one event alone will cause many people in Israel to recognize this as of God. Causing Jews in Israel to turn towards Christ. Also causing the world to be a different place. Also causing the world to see from the destruction that peace must come now. Ushering in a false peace and destruction of weapons. This will cause Israel to agree to terms of a false peace. This one event will cause all this. You can study different events to see what will cause all this to happen. I have studied all possible scenario’s. Every scenario requires other things as well for events to lead to what the bible describes. EXCEPT ONE.

      This one event (The quick, dramatic, destruction of America) will bring everything into line, almost instantly, tomorrow with no further events needed to make it all happen.

      If you do not believe me, then read Revelation 18 and Jeremiah 51:8-15 with America in place of Mystery Babylon. People ask this one question a lot. Why would God call America, “Mystery Babylon” ? Here is a few reasons I believe why.

      All the nations of the world immigrated into America and America accepted them. America accepted Buddha, the devil church, the sodomite church, the Mormon church, the Muslim church and all kinds of wickedness. America was a Christian nation. Instead of stopping them, they went after their gods.

      If this is not true then your in denial and at the most dangerous time in history for you to be in denial. Pray and ask for clarity. But there are a ton of things that point towards this being very real for all the things to take place that the bible mentions must happen world wide. There is no other event by itself that would cause this to happen. However this event alone will bring all the events in the bible into line in an instant.

      If you have been paying attention to the news. We are mixed up within our government and as a people. We are as of right now highly susceptible to this kind of event because we are not paying attention to our enemies and what they are doing. Our guard is down. We have watchmen set all around the U.S. right now. But they are not of God these watchmen and they are watching in vain.

      Again no other singular event will bring all this about. In other words any event you come up with will require multiple events to take place. This event of America’s destruction will have the world at attention INSTANTLY.

      I have one question for you? ARE YOU AWAKE?

      May God bless you and enrich you all with wisdom and understanding.

      You need not worry about the rapture as there is a one in three chance that if any world event happens you will not have anymore time left to repent of your sins. Again God Bless.

  • Hi D CITY….
    My scenario is similar to yours,when you start to study
    end time prophecy, naturally you want to see where
    your own country fits into the scheme of things.
    My first thoughts about Australia and its security was,
    if we were ever attacked, I’m assuming Indonesia.
    248 million people, 86 percent Mouslim, how would
    Australia 22 million defend it’s self. The answer, the US, although Britton and New Zealand are allies, there
    presence in the Pacific is minimal. America is bolstering its presence there in reaction to China, at
    the same time keeping stability in the pacific rim. For
    America there is also Nth Korea to contend with, Another nut case with a nuclear bomb, so you’ve got
    Russia, desperate to get allies in the middle east
    Iran soon to be nuclear, the brotherhood sprouting up
    everywhere, there are just to many fronts. The chances
    of one of these nutters not pulling the trigger on a bomb is remote. Now if you look at Ezekiel 38-39 there
    is no western super power to stop the invasion of
    Israel from Russia and its middle east allies, the countries that do say anything Tarshish don’t get physically involved. So we’re is the US….GONE!
    I think some ware between Spalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-39
    America might bite the dust, and Australia would be
    carved up like a thanksgiving turkey,by Indonesia,China
    or even the Antichrist. This is not biblical, only my
    thoughts on where both our countries futures lie.
    Just wandering if Obama is the man to take America
    to annihilation being a Mouslim.
    If some one else could show me another alternative
    I’d be interested.
    God bless.

    • Hello Mike – I am new to the faith. I am not where I need to be yet faith wise. But…I am stepping out concerning your statement. End time prophecy does not mention your country Australia, or my country US of America in the bible. Why? Because both of our countries will be insignificant leading up to the second coming of Jesus Christ. By the doing of our own government (elected officials) or by a country or countries who hate us both. There are many other countries not mentioned in the bible and they too will experience their own fate. As far as N. Korea? They are not mentioned in end time prophecy but they hate America (and I suspect will have something to do with the demise of the U.S.) and are right now helping a country who not only hates America but also Israel build a nuclear bomb. That country would be Iran. And Iran is a major player in end time prophecy. Russia is also a major player in end time prophecy. Russia and Iran will join together along with other countries in the attack of Israel. End time prophecy states that Israel will be alone when this time comes. No U.S. No Britain. NO BODY. But bible prophecy is inspired by God. And God will allow Israel to be attacked and the enemy will be successful…the first time. But prophecy says the enemy will come again and God says “ENOUGH”. The second coming of Jesus Christ. There is alot more involved in the end times than what I have just mentioned but I was just trying to highlight your main subjects. Mike, I am new to the faith. But the most important words I know right now are…Don’t worry about your country. Worry about you and your family and friends and strangers. 1 Corinthinas 15: 1-4. Read It. Believe It. Share It. The foundation of Christianity. Believe that Jesus was born a human being (even still God). Lived and worked like us humans but yet was rejected by His OWN people. His own people who sentenced to death by hanging Him from a tree (cross). Jesus died and was buried. But was raised on the third day. BUT….This was God’s plan all along for us Gentiles (church and believing Jews). He gave us His son to die for our sins. He will come for His people (Israel) also, but under different circumstances. Believe Mike.

    • There are other scenario’s but not likely Mike. 2+2 as of right now. The U.S. influence in the world affairs keeps things from moving forward. Now does that mean we are only going to be nuked out of the way.

      NO!! But that is the quickest route to a new world order. We could just fade away economically and combination of other things. Who knows. But again the roll America has on world affairs and even influence on Israel due to the number of Jews we have here in this country. Things will need to change drastically concerning America, in order for these things to come about. As far as Australia.

      I do not think Australia and Canada and places like that are going to be as highly sought after as many may think. You will be involved in some way but the degree will be much less then other parts of the world. Most of the stuff takes place in middle east as that is where most of the focus is.

      The middle east some where is figured to be where the garden of eden started and it appears to be the focus at the end as well. But again there are other countries that will have to be removed from world affairs in order for this all to happen. That includes America.

      • @ Mike it is believed that Tarshish is U.K. now Australia and U.S. are countries created from Tarshish. But ask yourself why they do not get involved? BECAUSE THEY CAN’T MIKE or they are afraid after whatever happened in the world that they saw. They will be powerless to to much of anything by themselves. I agree to many fronts. There are to many fronts for all of us right now. Never mind if anyone of us in rendered useless. But the initial attack on Israel there will be little to no aide from outside from what I see. However they do get aide later on from the young lions. Which could be the U.S. or Australia or even Canada those 3 fit the young lion description some.

        • The other thing is how God operates. When Israel gets attacked God shows up with fire from sky it says. It also says that outlining coast like areas will not go unaffected from any of this. Well Australia, U.S. and U.K. sit on coastal areas. I do not think God will sit back and allow Israel to get attacked while the rest of the world does nothing. There will be punishment involved of some sort.

  • things are really bad, in the world, and is going to get worse, I “m glad and so thankful i”m a Christian in these time.s, because it is going to get worse, please keep praying for your Family’s and friends. and any -one else. that needs to be saved. and read the word. only one you can trust is Father God, and the lord Jesus Christ , HOLY SPIRIT. AND TRUE BORN -AGAIN. CHRISTIANS, THAT FOLLOW THE HOLY WORD OF THE BIBLE. BECAUSE YOU CANNOT TRUST CHRISLAM. KEEP AWAY FROM IT. BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT CHURCH YOU GO TO, EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO START UP YOUR HOME GROUP. WE ARE LIVING IN DANGERS TIMES. SHALOM:)

    • Thank you Bo and may the Lord bless you on your
      Christian journey,I believe in 1Corth 15:1-4
      Thank you D City I would rather hear the truth than
      some watered down version that some people on
      these blogs prefer.
      Thank you Gail you are a true sister, sound advice,
      Infact outstanding advice from all of you may The God
      of Israel bless you all in Jesus name.

      • No problem Mike I enjoy discussing all of this. Bo and Gail are correct as well. We must remember something along the way though. At no point in time does the bible ever say for Christians to lay down and allow all this to happen. Ultimately satan will wage war with people for Christ and he will overcome us. Meaning we must fight to the bitter end. Remember God protects those for him. Laying back and saying o well nothing we can do and its all in Gods hands. This is not the intention God had when he revealed the future to us.

        We are to fight to the end whatever and whenever that end is. Fighting is resisting satan and promoting Jesus Christ. That will ensure us Gods protection. It says the beast will wage war with people for Christ and overcome them. Meaning he will beat us. But it is only a temporary set back. Read the rest of the book to see what happens. 🙂 Keep in mind, we WIN!! God Bless Mike and Gail and Bo

      • Praise God indeed.

  • Keep in mind we must fight to the end no matter when or what that end is. satan will wage war with us and overcome us. This is only a temporary set back. Keep in mind we WIN!!

    Remember this important thing. At no time does the bible say we are to throw our hands up and say its all in Gods hands now and sit back and do nothing. This will not ensure our protection from God at all. This is not what God had intended by telling us the future. We must fight to the end whatever end that is or when. This will ensure we as Gods people will have him on our side. We fight by resisting things of this world and satan and by promoting God and his word to others. Again God Bless Mike and Gail and Bo.

  • Last two of my posts did not go through for some reason

  • Keep in mind that satan is going to wage war with Gods people on earth and over come them. This is only a temporary set back though. Keep in mind we WIN!!

    Also remember that at no time does the bible say to throw your hands up and submit or do nothing about any of this and say its all in Gods hands. This is sitting back and is not what God had intended by telling us the future. We are to continue to fight all this to the end (whatever end or when that end is). We fight by resisting satan and things of this world and promoting God and his word and setting our sights on things above. God Bless Mike and Gail and Bo

  • Check this video out everyone… This will tell you all you need to know!!

    • Having major problems with internet, in and out like
      a fiddlers elbow lol must have something to do with
      all the floods were having, will watch video as soon
      as possible.
      Thanks Usc4life, God bless.

  • A men D City

  • By the way it is not a virus….. It is about The great Deception and the comig war with Obama running the show and much more!!

    • Well he’s sort of a virus!.Lol …..thanks mate!

  • Great informative video USC4LIFE did you make it? I am creating one now showing things of this world with some popular music videos and advertisments. Its all over the place the symbolism.

    Its amazing when you get down to it. Its nothing new. Just repackaged stuff from Genesis and garden of Eden. When satan told Eve she would not surely die and to love things of this world. Thats ultimately all it really is.

  • In my video there are meteors from out of the sky. In recent popular music videos. This is bigger then a people person conspiracy. This is officially the devil working through people revealing things he knows are coming as well. The more he lets people know, the more they will think its of the world and not the work of God. The deception is huge and most of these people do not even know that the devil is controlling them.

  • Finishing my video now. Should have it up in the next hour or so.

    • Gee I hope it’s not another harmless dance video
      D City the last person to defend it just told a
      sister to …..F@&k….OFF! ..disgracefull.
      But I have faith the truth will be enlightened here
      so go for it……God bless.

      • lol no I throw those videos in to mix things up. Those are not my videos. It was someone who did a remix of crazy music with joker clapping like a fool. Which as I was researching and studying I came across and when your serious all the time. Weird things just make you laugh. Its absurd but ingeniously edited by someone.

      • Yea I quit responding to that fool. He is obviously touched in the head. At times its normal here and then at other times it feels like the hotel California or a half way house from which there is no escape from some of these fools.

  • It’s not mine but it is very well made…. It really puts things into focus of what is really going on

  • It looks like the Hoover Dam is going to be the next false flag

  • There won’t be another false flag. The next one its over for U.S. or next major one. Your right there might be smaller ones so they can accomplish other objectives up to that point. But there is a storm coming. Like none that has been seen before. If I had to put a date on it. The U.S. does not continue past 2018. Yes I believe it is that close. Our enemies are hard at work out there and they have help from within.

  • I think you are correct!!

  • You do remember the imam in America called for a Jihad in America…. Keep your eyes on the Dam

  • You’re welcome Mike 🙂

  • But where do you go? What do you do? What can you do other the tell people, share with people. Spread Gods word. I am New York. People say get the heck out of there. Really? Where am I going to go? Texas? What people do not understand is this isn’t just coming to a specific city. This isn’t just coming to a town, village, county, state, country. Its coming on the whole world. THERE IS NO PLACE TO HIDE. THIS WILL TOUCH US ALL.

    Lets take nuclear war for example. Lets look at major targets. Food supply, water supply, military instillations, airports, major highways / roads. Just with that alone, there is no where you can go to be safe in the U.S. or anywhere for that matter. Its coming the only reason that it has not come sooner is GOD HIMSELF. There is a verse explaining what will happen to us humans.

    Revelation 9:20
    King James Version (KJV)

    20 And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk:

    The work of our own hands will plague the entire earth. It will happen when God allows it to happen. Which is soon as the signs he has told us are coming to pass. In fact God will have to stop it or we will destroy ourselves completely.

    Matthew 24:22
    King James Version (KJV)

    22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

    Now what could we possibly have that could destroy all flesh on earth? Never before at any point in history was there anything that could destroy all flesh on earth. The civil war in america and even world war one nothing like that existed.

    Use your head people. Its going nuclear its not a question of if, but when. Has been since such weapons have been created. The scientists that created them knew this as well.

    “In no other type of warfare does the advantage lie so heavily with the aggressor.”
    ― James Franck

    I am become death, The Shatterer of Worlds.
    [Quoting from the 2,000-year-old Bhagavad Gita of India at the instant the first test atomic device exploded.]
    — J. Robert Oppenheimer

    The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe.
    — Albert Einstein

    — Anonymous

    Hosea 8:7
    King James Version (KJV)

    7 For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind:

  • I left a great one out!!!!!!! My bad.

    We have grasped the mystery of the atom and rejected the Sermon on the Mount.
    — Omar Nelson Bradley

  • Just Keep praying and when the time is right we will be with our Father in Heaven…. Just keep spreading the word and try to get people to follow Christ until you no longer can!! Anyway you look at it we are born to Die. The wages of sin is death!! It is where we spend eternity that matter. Remember the gidt of God is eternal life with our Savior. I will be watching and waiting for that Blessed Hope. I know no matter how we go the fact of the matter is we are all going to go sometime. I don’t love this world or anything in it anymore. My heart and pepose is not of this world anymore. It’s with Jesus. Praise God!!

  • Usc4life:

    Just Keep praying and when the time is right we will be with our Father in Heaven…. Just keep spreading the word and try to get people to follow Christ until you no longer can!! Anyway you look at it we are born to Die. The wages of sin is death!! It is where we spend eternity that matters. Remember the gift of God is eternal life with our Savior. I will be watching and waiting for that Blessed Hope. I know no matter how we go the fact of the matter is we are all going to go sometime. I don’t love this world or anything in it anymore. My heart and purpose is not of this world anymore. It’s with Jesus. Praise God!!

  • I feel the same way. There is a warrior in me though. I am not the type to sit back. While innocent people are attacked by evil. I have to suppress this part of me much. I know it says turn the other cheek but God help me if someone comes to town looking to hurt innocents there is fire storm that will rise up within me. All I can do is pray. I will probably be one of the first ones to go. But they will know I was there.

  • Amen and here is the link I was talking about…..

    • I think its clear that Netanyahu or any leader of Israel will never agree to any of what is being proposed at all in any way. The only thing that will cause this is a major world catastrophe of some sort. Then all leaders in the world will willingly submit in the aftermath of whatever major catastrophe takes place. Otherwise all we are seeing is the typical back and forth. Non of this will change. But a major disaster will change it all overnight. Its along the lines of a false flag only this false flag will be brought about by the devil and his minions. It will be on a world stage. Strike enough fear into the world and you can get them to agree to anything.

  • It is also very clear to me at least that Netanyahu can not stand Obama so there is no way he is going to listen or adhere to anything Obama proposes.

  • As far as Iran and even Korea and their threats. They are like children that lash out most of the time with idle threats in an effort to establish control through fear of some sort. So its a catch 22 on one hand you can not disregard what they say but on the other, these idiots are always threatening some non sense.

  • I agree but I was talking about Obama saying now he may not go to Israel. If BiBi doesn’t have a coalition formed by March 16th… It’s under the last link I posted

  • I’m thinking that Obama will give him the Green Light on the third Temple if They go back to 1967 borders with palenstine. I believe that maybe is how the treaty will start. I don’t know Just throwing it out there

  • My answer to that is I don’t think he had any intention of going. Its clear that he is not only dictating things here but he carries the same spots with him wherever he goes in the world. He is dictating to Israel as well. But ultimately he has no intention of going and negotiating anything. This is his way of telling Israel to pound salt or do as I say. He doesn’t really care cause he knows he will not get respect or anything accomplished. So its his way out so he can go golf with a celebrity. His goals of dissembling the country are accomplished for the most part. He is coasting for now.

  • Sounds about right… I guess we will have to see

  • I will catch up with y’all in the morning… I have to get some shut eye 🙂

  • You have to remember if Israel really wants they could rebuild the temple tomorrow. They do it out of respect for others. Not because they are afraid to do it. If they wanted to they could build it tomorrow without anyones permission. They are not going to force their own people out of their homes through a boarder arrangement of any kind with the enemy just to build a temple that they could build whenever they feel like it.

    The Jews happen to be very forgiving as well in the aspect of allowing their enemies to do what they do and have done already. They do not want to see major harm come to people of any kind. But eventually their hand will be forced. Its coming.

  • Alright rest well. I am working on this video for a bit. God Bless

  • Ok here is the video. Enjoy, and keep your eyes open to everything around you. Stay alert. God Bless!

  • Thanks for the video New york! What an eye opener! Hopefully some of the people who are sitting under the prosperity preachers will find it helpful too to watch if they stumble on to these posts. It’s easy to get caught up in the wave of prosperity when it is being spoon fed to you every Sunday! Who was that preacher, and where does he preach? Do you know? His congregation is blessed to have him! He was preaching a very sober message!!! May the Lord help us all to keep our hearts connected to Him and not to things of this fading world!!! God bless!

  • His name is Kent Hovind and he is currently in jail for tax evasion. It is believed the government came after him because he was preaching truth about free masons, illuminati, communism, evolution and the list goes on. He has a huge following and his teachings are all in line with the bible. Doesn’t bother me at all that he is in jail. So was John the Baptist so were many others. Jesus was in jail for his short holding period as well. May God Bless him and I am sure he is converting convicts and will be that much more seasoned when he gets out.

  • He was sentenced to about 10 years I believe. He travels teaching creation and how evolution is false and he proves the bible and how God created everything.

  • I believe he is a doctor though not sure. But he is a preacher or pastor.

  • Every verse he used is out of the King James Bible word for word. All used correctly and accordingly. I don’t use anything unless it matches up with Gods word.

  • Here is interesting info from him.

  • For those that are not aware. Walt Disney was a mason and either 31st or 33rd degree mason as well which means he knew exactly what god (lucifer) it was they were about. Cause the secret information is only revealed to 31st degree masons and up. There is or was a club outside Disney called club 31 or 33.

    Now interestingly enough he had his body preserved for later resurrection!!!!!!

    2+2 = I am sure you can figure out the rest if you know the bible. Just something to keep in mind. You never know. Stay Alert!!


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