Israel Hit By Massive Rocket Barrage Fired From Gaza Strip

Israeli communities near southern and northern Gaza have come under heavy rocket attack on Wednesday evening. The IDF said at least 30 rockets had been fired in the largest...

Israel – Israeli communities near southern and northern Gaza have come under heavy rocket attack on Wednesday evening. The IDF said at least 30 rockets had been fired in the largest attack since 2012’s Operation Pillar of Defense.


The IDF said eight rockets hit urban, civilian areas. One rocket landed in Sderot, according to police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld, although there were no immediate reports of casualties.

Israeli media reported that up to 55 rockets had been fired into Israel in the deluge of projectiles. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s attack, saying that over 90 rockets had been fired toward Israel, a spokesman for Al-Quds told Palestinian news agency Ma’an.

“You haven’t yet seen the extent of our capabilities,” added the spokesman, who further threatened to fire extended range missiles.

Southern residents have reported several rocket alerts going off consecutively

The Iron Dome rocket defense system shot down three of the rockets, according to the IDF Spokesperson’s Office. The IDF fired artillery rounds at two terror infrastructure targets in response.

On Tuesday, the Israel Air Force struck an Islamic Jihad cellin southern Gaza, minutes after identifying it as being behind a mortar attack on an IDF unit on the Gaza-Israel border.

According to military sources, the terrorists fired a mortar shell at soldiers who were conducting routine security measures near the frontier. The IDF released a video on Wednesday of the Islamic Jihad members firing toward army forces the day before. source – JPost

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  • Between Hamas and Hezbollah this will only increase to get worse not better. Soon Israel will be back into another Fire Storm in the Middle East.

  • Praying for protection for the people of Israel.

  • No, no! The camel dung is hitting the fan! Bring in what’s happening in the Ukraine (soon here/April 11th(?) and now Israel being smacked! No no, something (diabolically manufactured) big is about to spring! Remember Yugoslavia, especially more recently Cypress?! The day the Buck could not stay afloat?!
    Some are saying that instead of the man of perdition actually taking a physical head wound may mean a king of a particular country having it’s Capitol city destroyed (Isa 17:1) suggesting Basher Assad being that critter – you can do some research on what the ‘word’s’ actually mean (head pounding etc) by u toobing the key words! Damascus is being pounded as we write, unconventional’s will be used to finish 17:1 city and while Assyria recovers in a few arrangements will be made making Basher a mighty king w/the u-n’s (so called world piece makers) help! Is not an ultimatum (Kerry/dividing Jerusalem) being proposed for Israel on the 29 of April? Isn’t Israel the burdensome stone of the world the bible tells us? Israel is the only sane place over there in the region! Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
    Christian(s), don’t be ashamed by His meeting us in the cloud’s w/our pant’s down!!! I do believe it’s that close, Resurrection season should(?) be our blessed hope season too?! I’d be surprised if we weren’t breaking bread w/our Savior much more than 40 days from now – I don’t know, just a wishon!
    Aren’t most of us sensing something in our spirit? Doesn’t He seem closer?! These are the day’s we were told to look up! Our Redemption sign’s have been near for some time now, either way, He’s still coming very soon, very soon!
    He did do it all at the cross, we as human’s are hopelessly lost until He said; it is finished, what a Gift just for the asking!!!!!!!
    HE Has Risen!!!!!!!
    Be seeing you all on the other side of the Jordan soon! No, I’m not happy that Israel is taking flack, I know She’s in His hand’s, I know He’ll honor His covenant He made for Her! It will be ugly but, many will finally see the Truth and will be Saved, Glory be to Jesus!!!!!!!
    *We (Christian’s) here in the State’s may see some uglies, don’t be afraid, one of the thing’s (I believe) that makes Apollo so angry is that the Bride escapes his ‘falling down’ wrath, while those who choose Jesus, (at that time) well, Scripture tell’s us. Stash some tracts here and about, some bibles & other media too! If He chooses for us to tarry here for a bit longer, keep spreading His word. It all Will be Worth it when we see Him!

    even so,


  • When Israel returns fire and hits a child that lives in the house where the heathen set up to shoot at Israel Lady Ashton will with some of the church members in the us that push the REPLACEMENT THEORY of Israel ( false teacghing) people that do not know the word of God or history will come down on Israel!!! God has said He will give Israel the last word on this subject. ZECH. 12:1-14. Roy CH

  • I haven’t heard any of this on the news stations……..Not that I’m surprised; however, this proves we need the alternative media now, more than ever.

  • The only thing you hear in almost!! all!!! The news now is what the leaders of the New World order want us to hear. The free press and free speech is a thing of the past except the people that they want to speak. They are playing good Boy/girl and bad girl / boy knowing they are going for the same target. People take sides. The Demo’s and the Repubos + the independent. ( the useless eaters) (look it up for ID) tell them what they can get by with. People have heard of the global rule of Law but few know the words of that Law. IN my little note to you I could be charged for all five of the leading edge. By the word Xenophobia I could be taken to Rex 84 camp and reprogrammed in the USA. but they are not guide up to that part. Mr. X O IS doing the 24/7 on it. Wake up America. has been said. When the can’t go straight in to the plan the crab it in still going for the Bush and Clinton with BO. EU. NWO. Rev chp. 18. GOD takes the house of cards all down. For Israel. Roy CH USA.

  • we ask Yashua for a hedge of fire around Israel and the USA. ps drones 24hours a day over our advisories aren’t bad either. william

  • Hi there, everything is going perfectly here and ofcourse every one is sharing data,
    that’s in fact fine, keep up writing.


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