Islamic Terror Attack In Israel Leaves 5 Dead Including An American

Earlier in the day, a Palestinian man was arrested after stabbing and killing two Israelis and wounding another who were engaged in mid-day prayers, Israeli media reported.

An 18-year-old American man from the Boston area was among those shot and killed by a Palestinian terrorist Thursday in the West Bank, Israeli officials told

The Consulate General of Israel to New England said the recent high school graduate from Sharon, Mass., died in the attack on Thursday. is withholding the man’s name until his family has been officially notified.

The teen, who was spending his gap year in Israel, was reportedly on his way to deliver food to Israeli soldiers when he was gunned down.

The shooting and a separate, earlier knife attack in Tel Aviv Thursday left at least five people dead, and two suspects – both identified as Palestinians — were in custody, according to Israeli media reports.

The attacks took place a day after the one-year anniversary of the brutal killings of five worshippers — including three Americans — inside a Jerusalem synagogue by two Palestinians armed with meat cleavers and a gun.

In the West Bank, at least three people were killed and three others were wounded after a Palestinian terrorist opened fire from his vehicle on cars stuck in a traffic jam in Gush Etzion, the Jerusalem Post reports. One of the other West Bank victims who died was an Israeli man in his 50s, a father of four according to local media.

The Algemeiner reported that a second Palestinian terrorist was involved in the attack.

Paramedics pronounced an 18-year-old American tourist dead at the scene, the Jerusalem Post reported. His identity was not immediately released. The Israeli man died after being taken to a hospital, and a third victim has been identified as a Palestinian bystander.

The other people injured in the shooting are being treated at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem. Some of the wounded are Americans, Israeli media added.

“The murderous terror has struck Gush Etzion and Tel Aviv,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, according to Ynetnews. “My heart is with the families of the murdered and I send my wishes for a speedy recovery to the wounded. Whoever condemned the attacks in France needs to condemn the attacks in Israel. It’s the same terror. Whoever does not do this is a hypocrite and blind.”

Israeli media reported that one terrorist continued driving after shooting at a car, slamming into another vehicle. He then exited his vehicle and tried to fire more shots but was met with return fire from Israeli security forces and was taken into custody, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Earlier in the day, a Palestinian man was arrested after stabbing and killing two Israelis and wounding another who were engaged in mid-day prayers, Israeli media reported.

The attacker was arrested after being partially subdued by a civilian. Authorities identified him as Raed Khalil bin Mahmoud, a 36-year-old father of five from the West Bank city of Dura. He revealed to investigators that he works at a restaurant in Jaffa, the Algemeiner reports.

The violence unfolded at the Panorama office building and shopping center in southern Tel Aviv. Authorities said the assault started at a shop where people were engaged in mid-day prayers. source

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  • suez

  • Tusitala

    Another cowardly, vicious attack, this is the perverted, ugly face of islam. The vengeance of the Lord will someday shake the heavens and earth, and those who worship the demon, allah, will know that there is a God in Israel.

  • Mike au

    IN ISRAEL.”….” Netanyahu”

    I condemn these attacks, the Palestinians ( Arabs )
    are trying to beat the Jews into submission by acts
    of terror in their quest to reclaim Jerusalem. Not one
    moments peace will they give the Jews, then the
    Palestinians ( Arabs) claim ” self defence ” ! Or they
    were attacked by the IDF without any provocation.

    Now these terrorists, the Palestinians don’t claim to be
    ISIS, but use the same hate/kill method as ISIS, actually
    long before ISIS was born, but the one thing they all have
    in common is their religion ” ISLAM “.They are all MUSLIM,
    every last one of them ! So do the alleged ” moderates ”
    reject the Palestinians ( Arabs ) as terrorists ? No..they do
    not !

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  • Kiwiwatcher

    Condolences to the families involved for their loss.

    Amnesty International also made the rare move to condemn the attack by a Palestinian terrorist on innocent people. But then, true to form – just could not help themselves, they finished the press release by taking Israel to task for having policies of retribution.

    Pleased that Obama stated that Israel had the obligation and right to protect itself. Gosh – Israeli’s must be so pleased that the Golan Heights are in their hands….otherwise protecting the country would be most difficult.

    Isaiah 40:29
    “He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.”

  • Cooleemee Edd

    I suggest that the government of Israel allow American citizens with concealed carry permits to carry pistols while visiting in Israel. Keep reloading, Israel!!


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