‘Inside Edition’ Hires First Transgender Television Reporter Zoey Tur

Formerly known as Chopper Bob, Tur made a name for herself as a helicopter pilot who covered the infamous O.J. Simpson police pursuit in 1994 and the Los Angeles...
Zoey Tur has joined “Inside Edition” as the nation’s first transgender television reporter during February.

Zoey Tur, formerly known as “Chopper Bob,” will join as a special correspondent during February

America’s airwaves are about to get flooded with stories about transgender people in a bid for acceptance and normalcy. Last week, former Olympian Bruce Jenner announced that he has begun filming a new reality show about his journey to becoming a woman. Now we have Chopper Bob coming out as a “female” reporter on Inside Edition. This is all being done as a calculated scheme by the LGBT Mafia to reset America as a queer country. Having a rabidly pro-LGBT president helps greatly to advance your cause as well.

In the “new” America, if you are not on board with the LGBT agenda, you will be isolated and ostracized. Preaching the old-fashioned gospel of Jesus Christ is the new “hate speech”, and it will be punished. Are you ready for what comes next?

“We are thrilled to have Zoey join ‘Inside Edition’ as Special Correspondent and make some TV history,” said the magazine show’s executive producer, Charles Lachman, in a statement.


Zoey Tur has joined “Inside Edition” as the nation’s first transgender television reporter during February.

Formerly known as Chopper Bob, Tur made a name for herself as a helicopter pilot who covered the infamous O.J. Simpson police pursuit in 1994 and the Los Angeles riots in 1992.

Tur will discuss her transformation on Tuesday’s show and will pilot her first helicopter since the gender reassignment surgery on Wednesday. source


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  • Nora Marginean

    Yes & that’s not all their cramming down our throats , we are inundated with, homosexuals, adultery, murder, aliens, you name it, it’s on TV. Forgot to mention spiritualism has gone rampant on TV. Not to mention war movies, snipers. Was watching a war movie they had this tough Lt then they wrecked it by showing his (he) lover. This portray of a homosexual Lt. And his toughness as well as his sacrifice for our country made me so sick. Keep your children out of school, off on TV and be very selective to what church you attend & who is teaching your children.

  • The Man

    According to a report by the late Joan Rivers; Michelle Obama is/was a man..How ironic that she died during a simple operation only 2 months later..

    • Bheki

      It’s true. A he/she……formerly Michael Robinson, now Michele Obama. First transgender, not first lady………and obama, the first homosexual president. Oh, and first illegal alien born in Kenya as president of the u.s. too.

      • Eddie Santana

        A DNA test would tell

      • candy

        1. The first gay president was James Buchanan. James Buchanan was a Democrat from Lancaster County, Pa. and he was the 15th President of the United States. President Buchanan was a lifelong bachelor and the only president who was never married. He served as president from 1857-1861, tumultuous years leading up to the Civil War. Go to, http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/05/17/who-was-our-first-gay-president/

        2. President Chester A. Arthur was the first illegal alien born in Canada as President of the United States. He served as president from 1881-1885. Chester Alan Arthur (Republican) was the 21st President of the United States and he succeeded James Garfield upon the latter’s assassination. Go to, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBwb0u2uoAA

  • Suez


  • God discriminates between lost and saved and has not redistributed the riches of heaven to the slums of hell. You can hate God andi live apart from Him eternally in the lake of fire and protest how unfair it is for eternity but nothing will ever change because you being there is your own hateful choice for rejecting a just and good and loving and Holy God and rejecting His free on His terms.gift to those who accept it salvation. It was not free to God who left glory to die on a cross for you and is now back in glory awaiting His return . SPLC typifies the real haters who hate God who made them and exposed judged and will execute sentencing on them for there ungodly hatred of the truth and those who love truth. Let God be true and all men liars who suppress the Truth The Word of God in unrighteousness. They deny the Creators right to His creation and think he’ll unfair and hateful yet are same who kill what all they believe to be theirs from their own body that they created in the act of abortion and would kill all Christians and Jews ultimately doing the will of their father Satan if not withheld by Gods power and controlled by His purpose as will be seen during the 7 year tribulation.

    • Suez

      I appreciate your note. But, just to clarify, God the Father NEVER left his throne in Heaven. He sent his WORD, the Lamb of God to the earth to die for mans sins. God would of never left the world, or Heaven unattended for 33 years…LOL I’m sure you didn’t really mean that, but I just had to clarify, for those who may believe it the way you said it. That is what the Copeland-ites and those false teachers teach. Good day! 🙂

      • Thanks Suez, I love it when people correct me and am open always to correction and have no problem fad mitts g when I am wrong or make a mistake or communicate in a confusing manner. I agree with you that it is wrong to confuse or lead people away from the Bible truth or fall into a heretical doctrine. I agree with you that Copeland and the “word of faith” people are in error and are fleecing many out of money whilst preaching a false gospel of greed among other heresies and “private” interpretations. I also agree and did not mean to convey anything about God the Father leaving Heaven, but correct me if I am wrong that Jesus God the Son DID leave heaven and dwelt among us in the flesh fully man and fully God to do the will of the Father and die for our sins and destroy the works of the devil who is condemned to the lake of fire and as good as in it although not there yet. If I ever preach another gospel than the one given by Jessu and preached by the apostles I appreciate anyone loving enough to point this out to me for we all know what Galations 1:8 says or we should, as christians!

        • oops something is distorting my typing on this dumb Ipad device.

  • Anonymous

    Chopper Bob, now known as ‘chop yer bob.’

    Seriously though, without calling this natural or conventional, I was able to know that it happened, without feeling any sense of moral crisis.

    I mainly had a problem with indiscreet, kinky, lewdness in public, and treating the majority of normal people as though they were being the egregious ones.

    When the Ponzi scheme churches tolerate unrepentant sin (and all-out campiness) it does take over, and it does go on the offensive, against those in good faith.

  • carson

    in so many way’s and things all worldly things are being built and readied for the man of sin, and what a telling name that is that’s also used for the anti-christ. his system/way’s of the world will allow for all sorts of sins to be more then legal but promoted, favored.
    In the falling away..when falling down a cliff, how far before the bottom?..things will get worse, the bottom is not here for the way’s of the world yet.
    Still speak with grace the truth/word of God to any in hopes they might be saved, plant water, God causes the growth, and rejoice in the Lord Jesus daily, belonging to His kingdom, a kingdom not of this worlds kingdoms or of men.

  • mountain saint

    The Bible says that the Last Days will be like the days of Lot, famous for its rampant Sodomy and where they even tried to rape angels (Luke 17:28-30)…God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with “fire and brimstone” from heaven and He is going to destroy America with the “fire and brimstone” of nuclear warfare (Jeremiah 25:32-33)…Few will excape (Revelation 6:8)…Our country is getting so wicked now that even the president of the United States is bi-sexual and had three of his lovers killed.

  • thank you mtn saint for your post, I am going to read Jeremiah 25 right now, I don’t doubt but why do so many claim Usa not mentioned do you have particular reason for specific usa application of this? ( I do not doubt for one instant we have surpassed and deserve at least Sodom & Gomorrahs judgement based on our works & the light we have had, etc) I really need to live for the Lord we must be very close!

  • Read Jeremiah 50 and 51 also. None of these two chapters have seen total fulfillment yet!

  • tracy Smith

    God is coming soon. People think this stuff is all right. Every one is living the same way as right befor the flood. Yall act as these sins is not sins. Lord how Mersey on your souls

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