How Would You Have Answered This Lost Young Man’s Question Today?

Only one life, 'twill soon be past, and only what's done for Christ will last. It's time to step up, Christian, while the door's still open......

Only one life, ’twill soon be past, and only what’s done for Christ will last. It’s time to step up, Christian, while the door’s still open…

“And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry;” 1 Timothy 1:12 (KJV)

Today while our team was just finishing up preaching on the streets in Saint Augustine, we were joined by two old street preacher friends Brian Teryek (middle), and Pastor Mark Bennett from Sure Word Baptist Church in Ponte Vedra. For those who have a passion for souls, St. George street in Saint Augustine, FL, is an incredible mission field that is truly “white unto harvest”. The Lord has given us an open door there for the past 4 years to preach, evangelize, hand out tracts, and pray with all those who ask us to.


While I was preaching, a group of 4 men in their early twenties stopped by to ask me a question. The men were in rough shape and reeked of beer, and the leader of the group asked me the following question. He wanted to know “does the Bible talk about a war between God and Satan?” I replied that it absolutely does, and gave him the passages from Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14 where the origins of that war are discussed. I told them that because of his pride, Lucifer was lifted up against God and set his sights on God’s Throne. The young man then informed me that I was very much mistaken.

He said that God fights against Satan to stop him from giving us a “higher level of knowledge and understanding”. He wasn’t being funny with me, in fact he was quite serious. This is what he actually believes. This is why it is so to important hand out gospel tracts and witness on the streets where the people are. These 4 men would never darken the door of a church, the church has to come to them. Since it us our policy to never argue with people or enter into lengthy debates, after telling them what the Bible said I thanked them for talking with me, gave them a tract and off they went. What they do with it is between them and the Holy Spirit, I did what I was called to do.



How about you, Christian? There are people like these young men in your neighborhoods right where you live, and if you’re saved Jesus commands you to go out and proclaim the gospel to them. Not argue, not debate, not create YouTube videos of explosive confrontations, but to give a passionate, caring proclamation of the gospel message to a lost and dying world. And not just for the lost and prodigal, but to the saved as well. Saved people get encouraged when they see other Christians doing what the Lord calls us to do, and they stop and pray for us all the time. We love to receive the encouragement!

“And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” Luke 14:23 (KJV)

So please prayfully get before the Lord and ask Him to give you a burden for the lost you come in contact with every day, and He will surely do it. And pray about ordering a box of our street-tested, crowd-proven, and Holy Spirit anointed NTEB Gospel Tracts. NTEB gospel tracts are bright, 4-color, and printed on glossy postcard stock. On the back is a laser-focused gospel presentation and salvation invitation to the reader. We have personally handed out thousands and thousands of these tracts, and can testify that they are very well received.

Long time NTEB reader Eleanor wrote to us just this morning and said this: I want you to know that I received my tracts and they are wonderful. I put the first pack in my purse and am looking forward to sharing these with everyone. I am an avid reader of and poster on your website, it is one of the very few parts of the internet that I trust to give me Truth. God bless you, Jesus is returning soon !!”

Only one life, ’twill soon be past, and only what’s done for Christ will last. It’s time to step up, Christian, while the door’s still open…


NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.
  • Sueawatcher

    I would have told them as someone who also was a lost soul and now,a born again Christian, that you can achieve total love through Jesus Christ. The difference between my old life and my new life are immeasurable. Dont be afraid, repent and turn your back on your old life. When the Holy Spirit enters your being its the most amazing thing you ever will experience. Love and peace to you all.

  • Alfred

    You are both wrong, there is no war between God and Satan. Satan is a created being, created by God. Satan doesnt do and can do anything that God doesnt allow. Satan is the god of this world and he is accusing the brethen night and day .But, we have an intercessor, Christ Jesus. We are pretty sinful without Satan’s help, but he does blind those who do not believe. He is active in this world, but he is restrained by God. If there was a war, we know who would win and who would lose dont we. The war is future, when he will be cast down to earth from heaven. Then God will allow him wreak havoc on this earth for a short season.



    • Sueawatcher

      Ps. GOD will win.

    • carson

      For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal..
      The flesh wars against the Spirit and the Spirit against the flesh..
      There was war in heaven and Michael and his angels fought against satan and his angels etc…
      Fight the good fight of faith..
      Put on the whole armor of God…
      Submit to God, resist the devil..
      there are more but as it’s seen yes there is spiritual warfare.

      Yes God is always in control and satan is restrained and etc, and even when the restrainer is removed satan can’t do other then what’s prophesied he’d do etc..

      This guy on the street is like others who think that God is in the business of holding menkind back somehow (holding mankind back from sin/their own destruction yes, and that is love) but they take it (because they’ve been deceived by the devil) to be a bad thing (and that sin is good) and that man could flourish without God and gain knowledge but God isn’t withholding knowledge He in fact tells people to seek and gain knowledge =from Him, not deceptions and lie’s (leading to snares and worse) as gained from the devil, also in 1st corinthians 13:12 we see that we shall know fully then and throughout the proverbs it’s told to seek knowledge, but not dark deceptive knowledges/(lies) which is all the devil can offer, so the young man has listened to some lie that say’s there is some ‘knowledge’ out there and God is withholding it from men, lie’s of the devil, God seeks to save while the devil seeks to deceive and destroy.

      ..the devil told eve God was withholding knowledge power and life from menkind too didn’t he, recirculating old lie’s even today.

      • SammiD

        ” the young man has listened to some lie that say’s there is some ‘knowledge’ out there and God is withholding it from men”

        Interesting, Satan is still using that SAME LIE that he used on Eve in the garden at the beginning!

  • Donna R Brown

    Alfred, I respectfully disagree. The war between good and evil IS between Satan and God. God WILL win, as will those of us who belong to Him. The battle is waged not only in the heavenly realm but here on earth on a daily basis. Satan does continually accuse us, and God has been more than patient, because He knows that we have our intercessor. We have our salvation through Christ Jesus our Lord, and the Holy Spirit within us battles for us, intervenes for us, groans for us when we can’t even pray for what we need to talk to Him about. Wow, writing all that down sure does bring home the point of how very much He’s done for us. Talk about the complete package!!! I’m soooo grateful!
    Yes, there is a battle, but I’m more confident than ever of our victory in Jesus.

  • TeresaB

    Defector blasts famous megachurch’s use of celebrities

    ‘Just like in Scientology they’ve got Tom Cruise, now Hillsong has Justin Bieber’


  • Abigail Sanders

    God fights against Satan to stop him from giving us a “higher level of knowledge and understanding.” That’s from the Qabbalah isn’t it? Here’s what I’ve run up against at a recent family reunion: My first cousin, who is an Episcopal Priest, and his wife, are so excited about the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding gay marriage, they can hardly contain their excitement. Now how do I attempt to persuade them that this is man’s will, not God’s Will? I see looking at the Episcopalian Doctrinal writings, that it was agreed upon in their council that ALL human beings are God’s Children. This is where they make one departure from Holy Scripture which states that only those who are righteous are God’s Children. These are tough nuts to crack…and it is only by the leading of the Holy Spirit that the power of God unto the salvation of these individuals can be gleaned. I’ve been praying about my cousin’s situation for two weeks now, and have not yet received wisdom from God as to how to approach the subject, or whether to approach it at all???

    • alain humbert

      Sister Abigail,

      unfortunately, times are queer (pun not unintended) to say
      the least.
      For something as blatantly anti-GOD and as unequivocally GOD-Condemned
      Romans i : 18 – 32
      as the LGBT practices, has now gained right of broad-daylight-boasted public exhibition, approval by the law, and welcome entrance into church.

      (We French say “Avoir Droit de Cite” – Right of Lawful Dwelling
      in the City, which goes for City Hall being their den too)

      The part of the Verdict in Romans i : 27 could well be about HIV.

      The mad world we’re living in is that described in Isaiah v,
      in particular Isaiah v : 20,23.

      The recent lethal fire at a water park in the Republic of China
      could well be the warning in Isaiah v : 24.

      Well, the biased left-slanted media state-secret-like hid the
      fact that it’s a Sodom-Lesbos reveling in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court maggot-gagging decision.

      But why such a sudden eruption of blasphemy from puny mankind against GOD, unheard-of since the days at Babel ?
      Genesis xi : 1,4.

      GOD’S WORD Tells us that ha-satan knows that his time is counted,
      Revelation xii : 12
      so he’s in a hell-bent rush.

      We Bible-believing Christians are often accused by the devil-deluded, of politically engineering the conflicts in the world,
      by getting the ears of Western world leaders and guide them into war-mongering, to hasten the Rapture and The Apocalypse.

      As if it’s in our power to do so !

      However, it’s the devil himself and his minions who with their
      acts are provoking GOD into Hastening The End.

      Two of the reasons I can think of for ha-satan to do so is that

      1/ he can openly persecute JESUS’ Church with the help of the world governments; and in the process try to turn many away From GOD Before The Rapture with much wanton berserk wickedness,
      like he did with the youngster who came To JESUS for Deliverance
      in Luke ix : 41-42.

      2/ By doing so, he rouses also much anger and hatred in the hearts of the persecuted, and such negative powerful feelings are grieving To GOD, and delighting to the demons who get thus spiritually fattened.

      Why do you think the most odious worldly tyrants, are always hydraulic-pressing their people into obnoxiously chanting their
      praises, although many of them know very well that the people
      passionately hate them ?

      It’s because the devil spiritually fattens them with this delicacy too in making them guffaw at their hapless people’s frustrated rage, giving them more opportunities to slaughter the people for “blasphemy” against them.

      The more the poor people are provoked into anger, the more
      they hate, and the more their hearts are being hardened
      against JESUS-CHRIST’ S GOSPEL Of Forgivance.

      And it’s a self-evident Truth Apostle Paul warns us in
      II Corinthians : 4 – 11.

      The disgusting foulness of LGBT is first of all a satanic
      mockery of GOD’S Creation of Nature and Mankind as Male and

      And their choice of colors for their flag is another satanic
      mockery Of GOD’S Covenant with mankind after The Flood.

      In the midst of a world in murderous turmoil, the governing
      body of the world’s leading nation takes the time to vote
      for this apparently ludicrous perversity, and then dance
      their ignoble joy.

      However, notwithstanding our view, including the worldly
      view too, resulting from Christian Culture, LGBT practices
      were integrated in the antediluvian world in defiance Of GOD.

      And fallen angels, the devil’s spiritual darlings joined
      in too, producing a wicked and powerful offspring.

      What do you think then that caused The Flood ?

      After The Flood, mankind worshiped GOD they have come
      to know as Not To Be Mocked.
      For a time.
      But their hearts were not into it.

      And then the prototype of all evil dictators, Nimrod, came
      in and tried the first enforced globalization resuming the vile
      culture along the way, with the help of a 2nd batch of fallen angels coming to relieve the 1st that had gone Tartarian.

      So all the successive civilizations practiced that abomination.

      Until Christianity pushed it in the shadows for a time.

      But it has always lurked in the fringes of what passes for respectability in our society.

      And now, it comes back with a vengeance, for a last perversion
      of mankind.
      But why apparently forceful men with strong masculinity let themselves collapse into this shameful moral cesspool ?

      I think that depravity is the devil’s name of the game, and men
      who came to him for power have to debase themselves in this way
      that is so utterly foul in The EYES OF GOD.

      And the greater the power they ask for, the lower the debasing
      they must submit to.

      One bizarre historical instance that has been hushed up is that
      of the “Pink Swastika”.

      The 3rd Reich was notorious for its body-perfect he-men cult.
      However, facts about the sodomite perverts in high places,
      up to bad old ‘dolf himself, are just hunchbacks’ secrets.

      Yet they made a big show of throwing the plebeian sodomites
      into the death camps, and assassinate their own fallen-from
      -grace leaders to keep the “secret” accusing them of the very perversion they are addicted to.

      And it goes well with their occult worship too.

      For the pink depravity is the burnt offering to the dark power
      for favors.

      What unregenerated man wouldn’t do for power ?

      So we must not marvel too much at a certain muscle-clad former governor, apparently the ultimate he-man in celluloid and in real life, is now revealed as a mere lousy masculinity-termitored actor.

      Regarding Israel, GOD’S Apple Eye, ha-satan has succeeded in
      turning the whole world against This Nation THE LORD HAS Declared HIS Inheritance Isaiah xix : 25.

      While WW2 raged on between the wordly powers, a parallel war went on between the Jewish people and the devil’s own, armed with the
      extermination machine.
      Nobody of those who could have helped noticed it, & feigned not to notice it when apprised of the Fact.

      In the last days of the 3rd Reich, Nazi elite troops & weapons
      were withdrawn from the front to the camps to finish the genocide program.
      Which goes a long way to show how much the devil’s darlings were aware of the importance of their assigned task.
      ha-satan must have his burnt offerings made up of the slaughtered
      GOD’S People.
      But despite receiving it, he couldn’t save his minions.

      So, as Jean-Francois Steiner wrote in “Treblinka”, there were two
      World-War2s completely separated one from another, and the Jews fought alone with GOD At their side.

      Today, the GODless part of the world knows very well why it
      must tighten the vise around an Israel the devil has marked
      for destruction.

      For this GODless world has chosen its god who is the devil,
      and it has made a covenant with him who is death in return
      for their annihilating Israel.

      Isaiah xxviii : 15.

      By this agreement, the world thinks that ha-satan can protect
      them From The Coming Wrath OF GOD.

      And ha-satan has always wanted to exterminate The Jews as his
      demonstration that GOD IS not ALMIGHTY.

      The devil will keep demonstrating to his utter destruction.

      So let’s no longer marvel at the devil repeatedly headbutting
      THE ROCK OF AGES WHO Protects Israel.
      And at pink muscleclad he-men who prefer their own pink gender.


      GOD BLESS you.

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  • Barbara Lovett

    I believe what the Bible says would have more influence than what we may have to say. Not to say we should not explain. When I pray to the Lord, I always ask that I would be a blessing to everyone that I meet and that His name would be glorified,that they would see His light in me. Without Him I can do nothing. He will speak through you when you depend on Him.
    Most of what people know of the Bible is hearsay. What you show them may be an eye opener. The Bible is Truth. For the most part, human nature wants to believe what they have heard all their life about what the Bible says. Geoffrey, my hope and prayer for all those you and your friends witnessed to today will be saved by the power of the Holy Spirit! By the way, I believe you did the right thing. Who knows, maybe He will remember the passage and read for himself.

  • Sola Scriptura

    I would have turned them to the subtle war that happened in the garden of Eden first:

    And then I would show them exactly how it is going to end for Satan and company:

  • Tusitala

    I know that before I was saved, when I was still in bondage in the Roman church, I had no knowledge of Scripture. All I knew was what the priests told us at Mass. When I picked up the King James Bible I struggled terribly, I was lost. Then, I asked the Holy Spirit for the light of understanding, I was so down and I ached to get from scripture what my saved friends did, all that joy. Suddenly, every word became imbued with meaning and I could no longer be Catholic, I knew I no longer needed Mary, a saint, a priest, anyone, I only wanted and needed Jesus in my heart, He is everything. I would tell them that Jesus came simply for the LOVE of us, He LOVES us, He died for each of us, that they could never imagine this love, it is too deep for human understanding. Jesus wrote us the most glorious love letters, prayers, history, poetry, prophecy, and it is all right there in the King James Bible. Every word, inerrant and absolutely rock solid true, is straight from the mouth of the Living God. I always tell people that I swam in mighty dark waters most of my life, I know sin. I also tell them that the one decision they will never, ever regret is asking Jesus into their heart.
    “A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education.” Theodore Roosevelt

  • CrissCross

    Leading Israeli Rabbi Says the Arrival of the Messiah is Imminent!!! 🙄

  • Johan



  • madmath1

    Um, wasn’t what those men said the EXACT same thing Satan told Eve in the Garden of Eden? You will become like God knowing Good and Evil? Satan’s big lie is that God was holding out and keeping men ignorant and stupid and so only those that are ignorant and stupid worship Him. Those men were insulting you, and you didn’t even know it. As for them, they’re going to continue that Path Adam and Eve choose and going to be shocked how it ends up.

  • “Only one life, ’twill soon be past, and only what’s done for Christ will last.”

    I’ve got a small sign on my desk with this quote as a reminder. . . . to myself first of all.

  • Alice L

    I received my tracts a few days ago. Thank you bro Geoff! I put them in the mail with my payment for my bills. I’m going to pass them out in restaurant and wherever the opportunity arises. Praise God for your ministry!


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