Homeland Security Spends $80 Million On Armed Guards For “Civil Disturbances”

The Department of Homeland Security is set to spend $80 million dollars on hiring a raft of armed guards to protect IRS and other government buildings in upstate New...

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The Department of Homeland Security is set to spend $80 million dollars on hiring a raft of armed guards to protect IRS and other government buildings in upstate New York during “public demonstrations” and “civil disturbances,” once again prompting concerns that the federal agency is preparing for food stamp riots, anti-tax demonstrations or some other form of domestic unrest.

According to a solicitation posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website, the Federal Protective Service (a unit of the DHS), is looking for a contractor to supply armed Protective Security Officers (PSOs) to guard a variety of government buildings in the region, including “IRS buildings(s) during tax season.”

“PSOs will be required to be armed and some posts may require screening of visitors using x-rays/magnetometers,” states the solicitation.

The armed guards will be used during “public demonstration(s),” as well as “civil disturbances, or other unanticipated events on an as-needed basis.”

“This acquisition is for approximately 380,000 hours of Basic Service, 20,000 hours of Temporary Additional Services and 3,500 hours of Emergency Security Services per year. Currently, there are an estimated 205 guards protecting approximately 95 posts at over 55 buildings. The estimated value of this Contract is between $75M and $80M,” states the solicitation.

Why does the DHS feel the need to blow $80 million dollars at a time of cutbacks on yet more armed guards to protect government buildings during “public demonstrations”? What is the federal agency preparing for? Food stamp riots? Anti-IRS demonstrations? Or some other form of civil disorder?

In June, it emerged that the DHS was purchasing top of the range body armor and helmets for FPS guards as part of preparations for “riot control situations.” This followed a controversial drill last year dubbed “Operation Shield,” during which FPS agents armed with semiautomatic guns were posted outside a Social Security office in Florida. The unannounced exercise centered around “detecting the presence of unauthorized persons and potentially disruptive or dangerous activities.” Residents were forced to show identification papers to the guards during the drill.

Could the increased security around IRS buildings be related to the introduction of Obamacare? The federal government has consistently denied that any fines pertaining to Obamacare non-compliance could be seized from bank accounts, despite reports last year that the IRS had hired 16,500 new agents to harass citizens who attempt to evade the new law.

As we reported earlier this year, Federal Protective Service officers were hired to guard an IRS building in St. Louis during a Tea Party protest against the federal agency’s discrimination targeting conservative groups. The FPS has previously been used to spy on protesters. In 2011, the DHS asserted that it had every right to spy on peaceful protest groups and had been using Federal Protective Service (FPS) agents to do so since at least 2006.

In March, Arkansas State Fusion Center Director Richard Davis admitted that the federal agency spies on Americans deemed to be “anti-government,” noting that the DHS concentrates on, “domestic terrorism and certain groups that are anti-government. We want to kind of take a look at that and receive that information,” so-called threats which included people, “putting political stickers in public bathrooms or participating in movements against the death penalty.” source- Info Wars

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  • OK. Tell me, please. how they know WHO puts stickers up in public restrooms? Aren’t cameras in restrooms illegal? Obama’s so paranoid he’s breaking MORE laws?! If he strengthened security outside a Social Security building in Florida that’s easy….he wants to cut off S.S. He has said so many times. The FACT that every American has been FORCED to pay for it doesn’t faze him. The FACT that politicians promised to invest OUR money, then spent it on their pork projects is immaterial to him. The FACT that millions of seniors NEED it to survive doesn’t bother him a bit! After all, he’s the pig who wrote the ACA, including the clause that refuses care to elder patients who may not recover. I hope I’m around when Ovomit is old and alone! It’s apparent the LIAR-in-Chief is planning a new project, or announcement that will anger people enough that he anticipates it may be the LAST STRAW! Enough people have been talking about “civil disobedience”, and others about a 2nd “civil war”, maybe he’s worried. We can only hope! What could be worse than the ACA, the IRS scandal, Benghazi? He may be right! Another demand from him may be more than any thinking citizen can take! Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.

  • It might look bad now, but, remember, we win in the end!
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