Hillary Seats Father Of Islamic Terrorist Omar Mateen Directly Behind Her On The Podium

WPTV happened to notice the man, who has a mustache and was wearing a red hat, behind Clinton. It was Seddique Mateen , the father of Orlando mass shooter Omar Mateen. NewsChannel 5 asked Mateen what he was thinking about when Clinton spoke about the Orlando incident.

Orlando shooter’s father attends Hillary Clinton rally in Kissimmee

EDITOR’S NOTE: Donald Trump wants a ban on unvetted Muslim migrants to keep America safe, and Hillary Clinton seats the father of Muslim mass killer Oman Mateen directly behind her at a rally in Orlando. Now you know exactly how both of them will deal with Islamic terrorism should they become president. Your choice just got a whole lot clearer. 

Hillary Clinton spoke to a crowd in Kissimmee, just south of Orlando.  She was supposed to be talking jobs, but started the speech off paying tribute to those affected by the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

“I know how many people, families, loved ones, and friends are still grieving, and we will be with you as you rebuild your lives.” WPTV happened to notice the man, who has a mustache and was wearing a red hat, behind Clinton. It was Seddique Mateen , the father of Orlando mass shooter Omar Mateen.

NewsChannel 5 asked Mateen what he was thinking about when Clinton spoke about the Orlando incident.

“We’ve been cooperating with the federal government, and that’s about it,” he said. “Thank you.”  Mateen didn’t want to answer any other questions, but just hours later, we ran into him by chance at a rest stop on the way back to West Palm Beach.  He wanted to do an interview and show us a sign he made for Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton is good for United States versus Donald Trump, who has no solutions,” he said.

We asked what went into his decision to go to the event right near Orlando, where the Pulse Nightclub shooting happened.

“I spoke a lot about that and wish that my son joined the Army and fought ISIS. That would be much better,” he said.

When questioned whether Clinton’s campaign knew he was going to the event and sitting directly behind the presidential candidate, Mateen said, ” It’s a Democratic party, so everyone can join.”

Finally we asked if he thought some people would be surprised to see him there, especially given the proximity to Orlando.

“Why should they be surprised?  I love the United States, and I’ve been living here a long time,” Mateen said. source

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  • glenda LaFont

    what next, Hillary, what next? I cannot believe people will actually vote for this vile person.

    • 01

      Election is just a fake show. Winner already known for those, who organize this stuff. Even if all ppl vote for Trump, Hillary wins, if she was chosen by lodge before.

  • I do hope you’re not right, 01, but chances are, you spoke truth. After all, it’s a well-known fact Obama cheated his way into the White House…but nothing will be done. When it was revealed Debbie W.S. and others in the Democratic party cheated Sanders out of his chances for endorsement, it created very few ripples in the pond. It’s all pretty much blown over now. Clinton will probably cheat her way into the presidency, paving the way for a Muslim takeover.

    • Heather

      Certainly seems as though she was sending a message to radical Islamic terrorist by having him sitting directly behind her. Oh but she got busted!

    • kelliepage, so did baby President Bush! Remember the ballot scandal in Florida? They fudged the numbers there so he could become president! O1 is absolutely correct…elections are just a game! I’ll take it a step further…It’s the same here in Canada: we are given the false sense /illusion that we actually have a say in the governing of our affairs. When push comes to shove, we don’t have a say about diddly squat! We’re no more democratic nations than a mouse is a mother to an elephant! It’s a sick, sinful, and septic myth! We’re global slaves with lying masters, is who we are! They take our hard-earned money and toss us a few crumbs once in awhile, to placate us, so we’ll not uprise but produce more money for them!

      We’re definitely NOT the people God originally created! He commanded Adam and Eve to go forth and to multiply! That strongly implies to me, that there first had to be a pair of man berries. Somehow along the way, they’ve fallen off into the bushes, and I don’t mean both presidents either! We all lie back and accept whatever flavor of rape they want to inflict upon us. Very sad, but it’s too late now to do anything about it. That’s why we need the Messiah…to clean up this mess! God bless you!

      • Heather

        Skywatcher57, I agree with you with the idea of our thinking we have a say by voting is nothing but a delusion. The times in which we currently live, i don’t see any country in this world turning around for the better. There will not be counties with borders. The New World Order getting to rise. I am looking for Jesus! It is Jesus that will save us, not any man, politician, or president.

        8 It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. Psalm 118:8

        11 And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.
        12 The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light. Romans 13:11-12

        5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
        6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5

        Going home soon brethren!

      • Hi there Sky! You better believe I remember the Baby Bush Scandal in Florida! There were so many jokes afloat about those CHADS…and I haven’t forgotten, like so many Americans. Same thing happened here in the parish of Concordia in Louisiana…our fabulous sheriff was caught cheating in his election and the brouhaha flew away with the mosquitoes in the humidity. He stayed sheriff for two decades. (Our current chief of police is brushing an incestuous rape case under the rug, too.. but I digress). And you are right about another point, Skywatcher…the only event that will save us now is Jesus Christ descending from the clouds to take us home to our promised mansion in Heaven. Ah, the streets of gold and complete love and perfection is straight ahead for us believers. No more Clintons and their shenanigans…or any other politician, for that matter! The only scandal that will be floating around is Hillary, Obama and company in the lake of fire! God bless you too my friend!

  • Sit back , relax yourself and watch the mountain fall. Those who think they are getting away with corruption will start to fall! The politicians that have helped them should pack your bags! America will not be seized! We will survive and then help those who need our help! Crooks one word of advice; no Country will want you!

    • Marian

      Patricia, in all Christian love, I have to say that you need a dose of reality. The US is already hanging by a thread. The crooks have been in control since Eisenhower (and maybe before), who tried to warn us… as did JFK. No one since JFK has been anything more than a puppet.

      The US is not mentioned in End Times prophecies, unless you stretch the scripture beyond recognition. Even if you do manage to squeeze out some obscure reference, it’s clear the US isn’t the dominant power.

      God will judge the wicked US for aborting 60 million unborn babies and all the other egregious sins. Yes, this empire will fall… I just pray it splatters after the Rapture.

    • Patricia Newman, you’re not really American are you? Seriously! You need to get out more, and do some real research! I don’t mean to be rude or arrogant when I say that either. You’ve made many excellent posts along the way, but recently, your comments don’t align with your past comments.

      You said, “Crooks one word of advice; no Country will want you!”

      Are you not aware that your country is an assylum to world war Nazi criminals? Are you not aware that your former Sec. of State, Henry Kissinger IS a Nazi war criminal, who in the past year or so, had to flee Italy at midnight because they were coming to arrest him for war crimes?! Did you not know this?

      Are you aware that this Nazi is currently making plans to kill off many people, so that the mandate of the Georgian Guide Stones is met, whereby the population will be reduced to 500M? Who better to lead in this project than one who oversaw the merciless slaughter of millions of Jews and others?!

      If you evicted all the “crooks” in your government, half of your population would be missing! This is why we pray that the Messiah will come back soon…to clean up this mess! 🙂

  • Recognition for the part the son played in the theatre to promote shredding of the Second Amendment to help grease the slide to control of the United States by Globalists.

  • DeniseC

    Kind of ironic, speaking in Orlando where homosexuals were killed, while having a radical Muslim who thinks gays should be thrown off buildings in the background. I’m sure he agrees with Hill on women’s rights, too, eh?

  • Howdy Y’all, Well, if one has to look at Hillary, it is better from the rear that from the front…unless she is in a casket. Blessings, BuffaloBilly

    • BB, according to the video I watched a few minutes ago, she will soon be in her casket. She has a hole in her tongue, and she has the cough that chokes one up and takes away their breath, a result of the chemtrails. I recognize this, because I have it too. It starts with a tickle in the back of the throat, and the more one coughs to try to “scratch it” or to clear the throat, the faster the wind pipe closes off!

      The only thing that will open my trachea is a Hall’s cough drop! I carry one with me at all times! First thing in the morning, I’m 100% fine until I step outside for about one minute…under the influence of the chemtrails, which they’ve been putting out like crazy here today and all evening! In just that short time, when I come back in, I’m coughing and bringing up clear phlegm from my lungs. Hitlery is swallowing it in the video; she’s a “lady” after all….For anyone else suffering from this condition, it’s the menthol that opens the trachea! Check out her symptoms and see if you have what she does! If you do, IT’S NOT AN ALLERGY!!! Don’t be supporting Big Pharma that has caused this condition in the first place by buying allergy meds!

      See: http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/hillary-clintons-health-in-rapid-decline-will-she-even-make-it-to-election-day-at-this-rate

      Do check out some of the imbedded links in the above link I’ve provided! You can see the hole and the coughing spells. She may as well pour her glasses of water on her shoes; it doesn’t stop the cough! When you see her in this, you’re seeing me sometimes. It just comes on w/out warning, and here in Canada, at the tail end of the “CBC National News”, they had a little footnote message that said on Dec. 31, 2015, “One can expect an increase in respiratory illnesses in the incoming new year.”

      I mused to myself, “Of course we will! They create this stuff!”

      This time of year, with the windows open at night, the stuff comes into my house and I have to spend at least 30 minutes coughing up this stuff first thing the next morning. After it’s out, I’m usually good for the rest of the day. It’s worse on an overcast of drizzily day when the chemicals and aerosol vaccines are down closer/within our living/breathing space! Many people here are suffering from it, and taking drugs to combat an “allergy” they don’t really have! I don’t have allergies; my body just doesn’t react to poison in the air I breathe that well!

      Hillary is a classic example of their devious antics coming back to bite her! For those foolish enough to place their trust in her and to vote for her, it’s a waste of time! She may be dead soon. BuffaloBilly is going to get to see her in her casket in the near future… Blessings, Brother! God still answers prayer! By the way…I did up my funeral arrangements 30 years ago, when wifey was expecting our first child! God is good!


  • Joshua 1:9King James Version (KJV)

    9 Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.
    King James Version (KJV)

    • Julie

      Thank you for the encouragement, Kim! This election has created a lot of anxiety.

  • We are not mentioned in the end times because we broke from England. I do believe the Bible speaks of us under England. I have great faith. I do believe this corruption starts to reverse. America will not sit back while under seige. The people responsible will be caught. They will have no rocks for them to hide.
    Vote Trump!!

    • Marian

      I agree that voting for Trump is essential if any change will be made!

      An NGO, Deagel, projects an 80% reduction in population of the US by 2025. Deagel tracks military equipment and other global trends. It’s just numbers to them, not political.

      The UN plan for the US is a reduction in population from 320 million to 65 million. This depopulation agenda is playing out as we speak and will accelerate in the coming months.

      Without God’s intervention, the US is slated for destruction. Why on earth would God save this country after its citizens have kicked Him out of the public arena and invited Satan to move in?

      God told Jeremiah not to pray for Judah (Jer. 7:16) because of the egregious sins. I fear the US also has an “incurable wound” (Jeremiah 30:12-15).

      Nothing would please me more than to be wrong on this… but God would have to apologize to Judah and to Sodom and Gomorrah if He doesn’t judge the US.

      The elites already own the US and have since the Federal Reserve system was put into place in 1913… I could go on, but I won’t. It’s depressing relating the facts. What’s more depressing is American Christians’ refusal to take Hosea 4:6 seriously.

  • Heather

    I don’t listen to very many pastors these days. Many have gone apostate and are SILENT on prophecy in these very last days. There are very few I will listen to. Pastor JD Farag is one that I do enjoy listening to. For weeks now he has been so excited about Amir Tsarfati (who is a Jewish believer in Christ) coming to visit his church in Hawaii. Now that I have seen Amir speak from the word of God, I totally understand Paster JD’s enthusiasm. God has given this Jewish brother in Christ incredible wisdom to speak in these last days. His YouTube site is “Behold Israel”. I have been very blessed these past few days in hearing his preaching and intuitive teachings. He’s on fire for God!

    This is by far the best teaching I have heard when it comes to explaining how and when the Illuminati was established.

    The Illuminati And The One World Government

    The Rise Of The One World Religion

  • cindybythesea

    Thank you Heather for sharing that. I agree, God is doing something marvelous in the ministry of Amir and I am excited to see God raising up godly men out of Israel. I have met Pastor Faraq and he is one of the most humble, genuine people I have ever met. He is the real deal. So happy to see that his ministry is growing beyond the islands where he lives. For anyone wondering if they should take the time to listen ….. my answer is an enthusiastic yes!

  • I believe in America! When our Veterans went to war they were patriotic. I do not think the citizens of this great land will sit back and watch our democracy go to the Pitts! Sit back and watch! I am with the American people!!! Vote Trump!!

    • Howdy Patricia, I believe that you are right. Like the other bloggers, I realize that this country as well as most of the others in the world, have become lost causes and that this is part of GOD’S plan to bring about the tribulation. However, I gave this some prayerful consideration and Here is what I heard. We are NOT told in the scriptures to sit back and let things happen because we think that they are GOD’S plan…we are told to “Occupy” (be about our business and the LORD’S business–Luke 19:13 and Eph 5:15-17) until HE (JESUS) comes (Rapture). It is a message from satan to not vote because it is the LORD’S will to destroy this country. There is a reason that the rapture of the church has not yet happened and that we are still in the world. We are still salt and light and our LORD expects us to continue to be so (occupy) until he comes. So…I WILL vote this November…
      for Trump…and let the LORD continue with HIS plans for the world. I know what my part is in all this and I do intend to “occupy”. GOD Bless You,Patricia, for your courage and continued “stand” on this issue. This is the attitude that made this nation great in the past. BuffaloBilly

      • Amen, BuffaloBilly! “Occupy till I come”! I love it when Jesus said, “Let the dead bury their dead.” That would definitely apply to the time in which He has placed us! We can get so easily distracted by the events within the world, but we need to be ever mindful that we are “in the world and not of the world. We need to be producing baby lambs, new life for Him! While the world is going to Hell in a hand basket, we’re still producing converts for Christ! Great message, Bro!

        • Tracy

          @BuffaloBilly, I agree 100%. As long as we reside here, let’s do the very best with what God has given us.
          I will vote Trump, too.

  • Buffalo Billy and Tracy you are Patriots. Many are forgetting our great Country! Freedom we must protect!!i am proud to say you are my patriotic friends!! Trump will restore America! I do believe God has placed him in the race. Who would give up a fabulous life to jump into this arena! God will protect us!!!


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