Helping Hamas Obama Demands Israel DELAY Gaza Ground Operation

Hamas understood the US president was leaning hard on Israel to refrain from sending troops into the Gaza Strip and took advantage of the respite to redouble its missile...


Terrorist sympathizer Barack Hussein Obama

Obama knows how to play the game. He SAYS he “supports Israel’s right to defend itself”, so that his quote gets printed and archived. He is then on record as saying he “supports Israel”. Then, right after he says those words that he so obviously doesn’t mean, he goes and does what is really his heart –  stopping Israel from defeating the Hamas terrorists.

From DEBKA: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman conferred urgently Sunday night, Nov. 18 – Day 5 of the Gaza offensive – on how to respond to US President Barack Obama’s insistent demand that they delay a major IDF ground operation in the Gaza Strip.


DEBKAfile’s sources disclose that when Obama spoke to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi Friday, Nov. 16 – after receiving an update from Netanyahu – he gave him a 48-hour window for talking Hamas around to a ceasefire.

Not only has the Egyptian president failed in this task, his bid made matters worse:

Hamas understood the US president was leaning hard on Israel to refrain from sending troops into the Gaza Strip and took advantage of the respite to redouble its missile barrage on a dozen Israeli locations in the last three days, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Following his talks with Morsi and Netanyahu, Obama referred in Bangkok Sunday to “the next 24, 36, 48 hours as crucial; Israel responded to his request to send two senior envoys to Cairo – a high-ranking military officer and an intelligence official – take part in the ceasefire negotiations.

However,  Hamas turned down all the truce proposals on the table, leaving Israel with three options:
1.  To delay the ground action until Wednesday although it was poised to go forward Sunday night – even though the US president may be expected to stand by his objections then too;
2.  To go ahead and launch the ground stage of the military offensive over those objections; or
3.  To conduct a series of ground sorties inside the Gaza Strip to test the ground there without delay. source – DEBKA


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  • Benjamin Netanyahu, DO NOT believe anything this president says. He will tell you one thing to your face and tell someone else differently. It is with a heavy heart that I as an American must admit that we have a leader who, 1.) doesn’t know how to lead. 2.) He doesn’t , even a little, like America or Israel. And 3.) He is out to destroy both of our countries and install sharia law any and every place he can. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do what you must to keep your beloved country and its citizens safe. I fear that Obama will not help you when you need him most.

  • BHO started with an apology tour, and now shows all the determination a President need have, but in stopping our ally, complaining how the poor, enemy of Israel, and this country, is “””Suffering??””” That, folks, is insanity of premium proportions, IMHO. With friends like BHO, Israel does not need enemies, they have one “”Standing right behind”” them, BHO.

  • Chris

    Israel knows that the regime is no friend to them. I would be afraid to do as o has asked because o might have something up his sleeve. Meaning a few days and he could give Hamas something to help them against Israel. Why do you think they stall on Iran? They want them to get a nuke and use it against her. Little do they know what God has in store for the true infidels. They will tremble and hide when the wrath of God befalls on them. Screw Egypt, Hamas, and Iran.

  • Oh, Israel, just bomb the crap out of them

  • Rodolfo Elicier

    Yo soy Puertoriqueño vivo en milwaukee y los escucho por tune in radio felicidades por su programa y aciadelante

  • I’m with the Lord! Israel destroy your enemies and trust no other president or person to tell you when and where! Go For It! God will be with you Israel! Don’t allow another rocket to enter the land of Israel! God Bless the Israelites and their leaders!!!!!

  • Benjamin in no way needs a commander in thief to be dictating to Israel. Obummer needs to realize God’s hand will direct the band here!!

  • Bomb the snot out of them to the Sinai, retake the Gaza strip. Then push the islamist pos’s out of East Jerusalem and plant them in Jordan where they belong!!! Nuke the chemical weps in and around Damascus so it becomes a ruinous heap!!! Tell the terrorist-in-chief (barry o)…to take a flying…
    One more thing Israel…DO NOT DO THE DEAL WITH GAZPROM!!!

  • Chris

    es un gran espectáculo no lo es. tenga cuidado ahí arriba en Milwaukee

  • So all the talk of Israel defending itself was just jumbo jumbo. Figures.

  • Make that mumbo jumbo.

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  • Out of the mouth of fred sanford” Shut up dummy”. I am sick of the so called leader of the oppressed country. He is no cammander in chief, he never served in the military so that makes him a pee on. Israel does not need anyone to defend them, they have God. Obamanation is 2 faced and i cant stand to see him and i cant stand to hear his voice. He can take that rfid chip and stick it where the sun dont shine. That way they can keep watch on him.

    • I hear you. Every time I see him on the tv or hear his pathetic voice on the radio, I always turn it. When he talks, he is talking to the dumb, uneducated people that cannot think on their own freewill. Thats not me and I will not stand and listen to a Liar

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  • Arley: Ovomit IS standing behind Israel – just has a knife in his hand to stab them in the back! He is Satan’s henchman: a liar, a deceiver, a divider. He is NOT a military man, does not have any experience even listening to advice! He is tripping over his arrogance. Does anyone believe that Hamas has once told the truth? Muslims lie! Their religion encourages it! Ovomit knows what Hamas is doing; he’s just giving them time to recoup. The Lord’s favour has passed away from America because we turned away from Him. He will hear our voices when we pray for Israel; He will not spare America, which does not play a part in the End Times in Revelations. Be not deceived, God is not mocked….

  • Well said, Jody, and I totally agree with your words. BHO ain’t not one of my favorite folk either, and he could be Israels worst enemy, standing behind…..way behind,… so as not to get messy in the fray.
    We must keep the Watch, Send prayer, like a river, to God, in supplication for His strengthening, and protection, of Israel. May Jesus come soon, for His Bride,
    Retired Navy, Christian brother, Prophecy student, Praise-poet, crying louder than ‘Chicken Little,’ at your service. Yeee-Haaa!!! and AMEN We’re going Home soon, just don’t know when. Keep the Trumpets Calling.

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  • He needs to mind his own blasted business! Obama always just thinks of himself, and how this makes him look! How would he feel if these bombs were raining down on HIM!!!????

  • He would not like those rockets falling on him, but he would love for them to fall on the US.

    • Maybe one will fall on the White House as he is having dinner….

  • friend of God

    Israel shouldn’t trust no president from neither side because all will sell you out….even though they don’t believe in Jesus..God is there only hope

  • O’booma is using ” Taqiyya ” to stall Israeli preperations,, He’s doing what Arafat did in the oslo accord say one thing to the west,then when he’s with his Muslim brothers tells the real truth… What he is doing when he says Israel has the right to defend itself is code to attack it…..

  • I am offended by obama he does not control Israel he cannot tell then what to do he has been stepping out and doing his own thing since in he has been in office he is arrogant he thinks he owns everyone and everything. I tell you JEHOVA — THE CREATOR of this Universe is in CONTROL OF ISRAEL they are the APPLE of HIS EYE and THE JEWISH PEOPLE ARE HIS CHOOSEN PEOPLE AND NOOOOOOOOOO ONE WILL STOP THE LIVING GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH HE IS ON ISRAEL’S SIDE. JUST TRY to TAKE ANYTHING OUT OF THE LIVING GOD’S HAND and see how far YOU GET. IF your’e on GOD’S side you will be WINNERS HE IS THE WINNER in THE END NOWWWWWand FOREVERRRRR…………..

  • LIES LIES LIES since 2005 ISRAEL has been BOMBED EVERY DAY–24 hours a DAY by these people. ISRAEL has been HURTING AND SUFFERING. they HAVE INTURRUPTED THE LIVES OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE THE media ALWAYS TELLS LIES WE HEAR AND KNOW THE TRUTH YOU WILL NOT FOOL US EVER obama and media obama lies he has been doing this ever since. i DO NOT BELIEVE anything he says ever, ever, ever. I am glad I didn’t vote for him he is NOT MY president. JESUS is my PRESIDENT HE RULES with A ROD OF IRON. 1,000 years of PEACE IS COMIMG. WE WILL BE RID OF EVIL SOON. I PRAISE JESUS CHRIST HE IS KING FOREVER AND LORD FOREVER.

  • Mr. Netanyahu, please listen to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We know you or your people read these blogs and e-mails. We urge you to TRUST IN THE LORD YOUR GOD. He has promised He will never leave you nor forsake you.

    I know you know your Bible. Believe it, and believe in the ONE to whom all glory and praise is due. Your must protect your people at all costs. Not only is that your job, Mr. Netanyahu, it is your destiny.

  • If BO is out to destroy America, why would he help Israel? He won’t! He hates the Jews as much as he hates Christians. Mr. Netanyahu, DO NOT trust BO, he is a liar and his hard heart of full of deception.
    Trust in the Lord! God is in control and Israel is the Apple of His Eye.



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  • Did someone forget to tell Obama that Israel does not answer to him or have to do a damn thing he says. This poser president is so over the top it is laughable. I could smell the stench of him when he first came on the scene.We will see to whom the City of Jerusalem belongs to. Soon I pray all I can do is Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem as God has asked of us. As for me I shall wait on the Lord I say…Wait on the Lord


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