Funeral For Islamic Terrorist Gets A Surprise Ending From Funeral Director Error

As you will see in this funeral for one of their own fallen terrorists, there was an "unexpected surprise" awaiting them. Turns out they don't like death, destruction and...

Live by the sword die by the sword

“And it came to pass at noon, that Elijah mocked them, and said, Cry aloud: for he is a god; either he is talking, or he is pursuing, or he is in a journey, or peradventure he sleepeth, and must be awaked. And they cried aloud, and cut themselves after their manner with knives and lancets, till the blood gushed out upon them.” 1 Kings 18:27,28

Islamic terrorism is famous for their stated love of death, destruction and the shedding of blood. They consider it a glorious honor to strap suicide bomb vests onto the bodies of men, women, children and anyone else who is stupid enough to sacrifice their lives to the moon god Allah.

But as you will see in this funeral for one of their own fallen terrorists, there was an “unexpected surprise” awaiting them. Turns out they don’t like death, destruction and the shedding of blood so much when it’s their own.

Someone should have told the funeral director to remove the suicide vest before holding the funeral….the last 30 seconds of this video will horrifically astound you.


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  • Liberty NC

    I have been watching this site recently due to a friend’s interest in it. So far, I have found nothing but so called Christians wallowing in fear mongering and nonsense. I find it absolutely appalling how the author of this post glories in this tragedy of human life. How quickly we forget God made everyone in this world and HE is no respecter of persons. It would seem many “terrorist” are no closer to hellfire than many American “Christians”. The attitude and content of this post prove this. The American church on the whole has become the biggest supporter of war and killing above of all religions. All in the name of saving Israel. Even a novice study of God’s word readily proves the Israel you kill in the name of is not the one prophesied about. Wake up Christians! and stop letting Fox news and fear mongering sites like this shape the way you think.

    • Ort

      Ones who glory in the deaths of the unsaved are giving God’s Holy Name a black eye. “I desire that none perish, but that all come to repentance.” 2Peter 3:9.

      HOWEVER: it is not a sin to point out that people foolishly CHOOSE to worship a non existent pagan “god”. This “god” loves death and murder and violence. They got payback, and I’m not going to worry about it. You reap what you sow.

      This “god”, who is really satan, delights and revels in the deaths of all who are not of this evil cult. Sometimes the misery and sorrow is heaped back upon themselves.

      If you know the Bible like you claim to know the Bible, then Genesis 12:3 and Romans 11 are well familiar to you. If that is the case, drop your hatred of Israel and fear The Lord your God.

      • Liberty NC

        I do not hate Israel. I do not hate anyone. What concerns me is America’s support of war and killing abroad and in most cases, we are involved with the arming of both sides. The same rebels we armed for regime change in Syria and Egypt are now killing Christians and terrorizing Iraq as ISIS. It seems we arm anyone who can advance our interests. Most of the unrest in the middle east is a result of our meddling. Where Israel is concerned, I simply say they can take care of themselves. They are the strongest military power in the region. All others combined do not come close. Not to mention, they are the 5th largest nuclear state in the world. If anything, out meddling stirs up more trouble and hatred for Israel BUT as long as Christians (over half the electorate) support the wholesale killing of anyone in the regions who does not identify themselves as an Israelite, the folks who choose war as their method of profiteering can continue to profit. I’m sure our Lord will be proud of our sacrifice… I am concerned at how this killing seems more appropriate to some than our drone strikes abroad that kill and injure innocents daily.

        • Ort

          Remember, the U.S. government is a Godless entity. It shouldn’t surprise you that they do this. However, God clearly said that He would “Bless them that bless you, and he who curses you I will curse.” Genesis 12:3.

          If you read Revelation or the Book of Daniel, then nothing that is happening should catch you unawares. All that is happening today is not a surprise to God. Humans are sinful, humans make war.

          Israel just wants to live in peace on their God given Covenant land. God put them back in their land in 1948, never to be removed again. The children of satan are the ones responsible for the wars and killings. Israel just wants to be left in peace. There are 23 muslim nations in existence, yet Israel (who is the size of New Jersey, or some such) is now allowed to live. Arafat said “kill every Jew and drive them into the sea.”

          Israel didn’t start this, but since God is their Guardian, they will finish it. There is nothing you or I can do about this. Every nation has its part to play, and the evil demon that has been put in charge over us because of our sin, has his part to play as well.

          We need to remember the Great Commission, and to carry it out. Wars and hatred and death and violence will always be among us. This is why we need to tell this lost world about what The Lord has done and the way to be saved.

          • Liberty NC

            I would agree with much of what you have written. Yes, I understand our Government is a corrupt Godless entity. I I wholeheartedly agree the great commission is our highest calling. What concerns me most is the church’s blind support of our corrupt government’s actions worldwide under the guise of protecting Israel. Where we disagree is whether the current UN state of Israel is a result of prophesy. If you read the history of how it came about and who was involved, it’s pretty clear it is of man’s doing for man’s purpose. This is where I believe the church has been most duped. Most of the verses used to substantiate this are a pretty far stretch to describe the current country we call Israel. In addition, most of the prophesies concerning the land that are used here were fulfilled before Christ. Many of the end times prophesies, as James and Paul point out involve a figurative, spiritual Israel that includes those of us who were grafted in through the work of Christ. If all this falls on deaf ear, please research and consider something more along the common sense line. The large majority of the current state of Israel’s populace are folks of Russian decent who converted to Judaism. (Another Christ-less religion) Yes, most of the folks you call Israelite are indeed Gentiles like the rest of us.

          • Rene

            Bravo, Your comments are excellent.

        • Freudian Slip

          “Many of the end times prophesies, as James and Paul point out involve a figurative, spiritual Israel that includes those of us who were grafted in through the work of Christ. If all this falls on deaf ear, please research and consider something more along the common sense line.”

          It does fall on deaf ears unless you are firmly planted in the replacement theology camp. In my opinion, your belief system appears to be a morphed version of replacement theology. In eschatological views, there are Jews, Gentiles, and the Church, and a physical Israel not just a spiritual replacement. At one time I believed in a similar fashion as you. My beliefs were because of an extreme ignorance of the Old Testament, believing it was mostly irrelevant. Boy was I wrong. I could make some educated guesses at which ‘religion’ has influenced your view of the Bible, but that is outside the scope of this post.

          “If you read the history of how it came about and who was involved, it’s pretty clear it is of man’s doing for man’s purpose.” Hmmmmm… you are saying that you have determined that God had nothing to do with the process surrounding the physical rebirth of the Nation of Israel? As if God has never used man in such a way. If you look at the birth of the U.S. you will find many corrupt influences, yet the hand of God still moved upon the country.

          Yes there are extreme voices that need to be tempered with common sense, but that has always been true. Me thinks that you need to continue your search and maybe you will see that you have been duped as well. Shalom

          • Liberty NC

            I have not thrown out the old testament and believe it is an integral part of scripture and showing us God’s plan. The land return that most point to has already been fulfilled. In addition, God and His plan are unchanging. Without fail, Israel’s deliverance and blessing have always been based on obedience to God. Hence the repeated captivities, enslavement, and occupations of their history. I see nothing in the Bible that tells me God will call the Jews back to the original lands while they are in blatant disobedience and rejection of His Son. And finally, the return as prophesied clearly gave all the glory to God and He said the nations would know Him by it. Sorry brother but God got no real credit in 1948 except from Evangelicals. His name was intentionally left out of the charter and contract that brought forth the modern day Israel as a nation. I can see very little Glory for the Father since 1948 either from all the lives lost in conflict on both sides or from an unrepentant Israel.

          • Terri

            I agree. YOu should get the DVD against all odds. It tells stories of how Israel has survived. Do you know the day after the became a nation that they were attacked by ALL of the surrounding countries. They had one tank and no army sto speak of but they WON. Also i believe it was the 1967 battle they were attacked by all the nations surrounding them and it was Yom Kippur so EVERTHING was shut down. stores, gas stations and all Hebrew men were in the synagogue just a skeleton crew on military duty and when they were attacked the skeleton crew had to dispatch someone to get all the military men out of synogogues and they still won that war. God of Abrahm, Isaac and Jacob is still watching over his chosen people and of course any time we do something against Israel we suffer a major disaster. look at the book called As America does to Israel and they are things you can verify. one or two disasters happening at same time could be called coincidence but not the several that have happened.

          • John Charles

            Israel will regret allowing Russians into their country, they probably do already. Bad idea, just like allowing Cubans into ours back in 1980. Russians are as corrupt as any third world country and some yahoo here allowed them to immigrate as long as they state they are being persecuted because of their religion. Its all a front for the most part, the Russians who now live in large numbers in our city are heavily involved in widespread criminal activity very similar to the Italian Mafia. The Congressmen/women who with their ignorant perception were dupped into believing these were law abiding citizens, they didn’t do their homework and now as usual we are paying for it. Send them all back I say.

        • Terri

          Something else that needs to be said. God stated He will bless those who help Israel and will curse those who curse Israel. Well get the book What America does to Israel or google ALL the bad storms have had since 1991 and every major storm hit and did billions of dollars of damage on the same day the US was forcing Israel to do something like give up more land etc. Even Hurricane Katrina and you know the Japanese nuclear power plant disaster was done around the same time that they agreed to boycott Israel. Look at all the other middle eastern nations and how most live in abject poverty and then compare it to the State of Israel. You realize Israel only compromises 1-3% of the entire middle east. The Palestinians are pawns for the terrorists cause they hate Israel so much. I read someplace that the middle east terrorists hate Israel cause they are afraid they will be attacked so they hit first. That is the biggest load of BS I have ever heard in my 50 years living. They are the ones to attack and every time Israel gives up something for peace that is till not good enough. Do you know every man, women and child including newborn babies have gas masks cause of the threat by the terrorist and every one blames Israel?????sounds crazy

          • MRH

            “Even Hurricane Katrina and you know the Japanese nuclear power plant disaster was done around the same time that they agreed to boycott Israel”

            @Terri: Are you not aware that these terrible things are believed deliberate agendas done by the evil elite forces? Have you not heard of HAARP? You do know that 911 was a crafted lie? It was government which committed and concealed the horrendous crime. God is allowing Satan to do his dirty deeds unto the end. I guarantee this is the case!

            P.S. Satan’s final goal is to nuke the USA, and then enslave the remaining populace under his NWO system!

        • ScorpioStings

          Liberty, where is the proof that you claim that WE, the US Government armed ISIS, killing Christians. We do not make AK-47’s or RPGs, the main weapons the Islamic State as they call themselves use. If they have American weapons or vehicles, they were captured from the Iraqi Army, many who did not put up a fight and fled en mass. Do you want to guess who supplies each side with the Kalashnikovs and Rocket Propelled Grenades, do a search. Who sells these cheap but effective weapons to most terrorist groups/rebels/separatists/freedom fighters. Let me give you a hint, the same people who made the missiles that downed Malaysian Airlines MH 17 Boeing 777.

        • Peter

          Liberty, I agree with everything you said in your two previous comments 100% And I will ad,it is amazing that any American DARE criticize Israel is labeled a Jew hater, etc. That is ridiculous. I also love the comment: “The American church on the whole has become the biggest supporter of war and killing above of all religions” In my opinion it could be worded to say: “The American Christian Church as a whole has become the biggest supporter of war and killing…” I see to much chanting about God & guns in the same sentence, also the justification of greed, excess, and hoarding. That’s enough to turn many of us away from organized religion.

        • Scot Fourowls

          If you’d ever read the Quran, Hadith and Muslim Brotherhood Sayyid Qutb’s Milestones (the manifesto and radicalization manual of salafism, renewing classical genocidal Islam for global terrorism and conquest as of the late 20th and 21st centuries), you would not be so ignorant as to state falsely as you do: “Most of the unrest in the middle east is a result of our meddling.”

          But you’re probably one of those people who thinks the Crusades came out of nowhere instead of being a direct response to Islamic violence and conquest. Not that Crusaders didn’t get caught up in the demonic energies of Islam’s ultra-violence. And not that Christians enact Crusades anymore; we haven’t done that for many centuries (and my Protestant forebears never did). Instead because of ill-informed nominal Christians like you, there’s an apostate embrace of Islam, Chrislam, jihadist bedlam.

          Grow up. Jesus wasn’t St. Francis of Assisi. Swords defensively are part of the gospels, and just war defending against aggression is allowed by the Bible taken as a whole. That’s not to say the elite oligarchic war practices of the US are perfect, particularly in the past 10 years spanning oligarchic Bush-Cheney and worsening exponentially with pro-Islamist and oligarchic Obama. But as world powers have played out in the past 150 years, the US has been far better than most. If you can’t see that, you’re blind.

          We don’t deserve quisling behavior (acts and omissions) from the current presidential administration (Brennan, Johnson, Holder, Jarrett, Obama & the rest of the MB cabal) and we’re not why Muslim terrorists behead, sexually enslave and traffick, gang rape, hack off body parts with machetes, amputate limbs surgically, bleed out from slit throats (with tweeted trophy photos), genitally mutilate females from little girls to pre-menopausal women, blow up and otherwise maim, murder and mutilate people — all the better to terrorize and seek capitulation to the intolerant, violent, discriminatory horrors of Sharia law.

          Why don’t you try living in tiny Israel for even one week with incoming rocket sirens going off constantly, knowing that there are 50 to 100 Muslims for every Israeli in the nearest Middle Eastern countries surrounding you and that terrorist organization Hamas at one of your borders is tunneling in with suicide bombers and worse to kidnap, torture and kill you because they worship death?

          If you can’t handle the truth, then stop writing ridiculous fiction.

          • Scot Fourowls

            Above written re: “Liberty NC says:
            July 22, 2014 at 3:37 pm”

        • Divino

          For a long time I have searched for what is right. Biblically, what is right is about what is the word of GOD has to say about the situation. You need to understand what is judgement.
          Romans 14:14 – I know and am persuaded in the Lord Jesus that nothing is unclean in itself…” The wages of sin is death.
          Proverbs 1:
          24. Because I have called and you refused,
          I have stretched out my hand and no one regarded,
          25. Because you disdained all my counsel,
          And would have none of my rebuke,
          26. I also will laugh at your calamity;
          I will mock when your terror comes,
          27. When your terror comes like a storm,
          And your destruction comes like a whirlwind,
          When distress and anguish come upon you.

          See what what will befall all countries that come against Isreal this end time. Should I feel sorrowful, laugh, rejoice, or indifferent?

          Zechariah 12
          2. “Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of drunkenness to all the surrounding peoples, when they lay siege against Judah and Jerusalem. 3. And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it.

      • Anti-terrorist

        They got what they deserved!!

        • Ort

          In human terms, yes, they got what they deserved. But you need to realize that all humans deserve hell! Jesus died for us so that we WOULDNT have to go to hell. He paid a price we couldn’t pay for a debt He didn’t owe!
          That is why we need to be about our Father’s business—the Great Commission–to tell others of the Good News so that they don’t go to hell.

          If you are a saved believer, as saved believers we have to be very diligent that we don’t have the attitude of “I’m not like him, thank God! He got what he deserved!” (Remember the story Jesus told of the arrogant Pharisee praying in the streets).

          Now, having said all that I tell you I struggle with this all the time. My flesh is glad that one less terrorist is gone. But my spirit knows where the unsaved end up and that makes me sad. God Himself said “I do not glory in the death of the wicked.”

          If God, who is sinless and perfect and has the right to glory in the death of the wicked, doesn’t do so, then what right do we have—we who are sinful?

          Just something to think over.

          • Scot Fourowls

            @ Ort – you are right. Habakkuk has a lot to say about God’s gift of taunting evil. Taunting, yes! Of course we are human and do not want to be subjected to terrorist monsters. The piety of some of the holier-than-thou comments here is suffocating. Jesus said quite a lot about pious hypocrites who don’t really care about their own people but pretend to their own religious elevation. He said “woe” to them. He was not a mealy-mouth politically correct milk sop.

            Giving the shirt off your back along with the cloak cannot be understood by anybody who has skipped over the Jewish scriptures. (A cloak required as pledge for a debt by Jewish law had to be returned at nightfall because a cloak/coat was all some people had to stay warm and healthy at night. Giving your shirt in addition to your cloak as Jesus said would shame the greedy debtor who wanted the cloak as a pledge and would sue on the debt. Similarly turning the other cheek does not mean to be a masochist but relates to a longstanding cultural awareness about emotionally disarming a violent person who’s in your face, and not unduly escalating conflict.

            The masochistic biblical additions I learned in Sunday School that appeared in translations of that era as added after loving and praying for your enemies — loving being intangible, not inconsistent with self-defense physically — are not found in the better, earlier manuscripts in Koine Greek which have been located since the KJV and D-R (from the Latin Vulgate of the sadistic Roman Empire) were translated. So “doing good to those who despitefully use you” was a sadistic Roman Empire’s textual biblical addition designed to guilt-trip and breed masochism into the masses. Jesus never said it, as the earlier and better manuscripts prove (and many modern translations confirm).

            Compare, for instance, Matthew 5:44 from the imperially edited transcripts versus the more recently found better transcripts in our era where the Roman Empire or King James does not control which transcripts get translated: (Douay-Rheims Bible) “But I say to you, Love your enemies: do good to them that hate you: and pray for them that persecute and calumniate you.” (King James Bible) “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.” (New American Standard Bible) “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” (American Standard Version) “but I say unto you, love your enemies, and pray for them that persecute you.” (New International Version) “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

            Anybody who has the Holy Spirit’s dispensation can sense that He never said to be a masochist and do good actions to those who hate and persecute us. Prayer and the love of Christ, yes; doing good to evildoers, no. To do good to evildoers would be to be in league with Satan. Anybody can do the research into biblical textual analysis to prove Jesus did not say for us to do this.

          • Scot Fourowls

            @ Ort – re: below, you are right that we struggle with this. But obviously from the rest of my comment (below or perhaps above, depending on software operation for comments) I believe that because we are not the sinless God, but merely human, God does not hold us to the unreachable standard of piety you and others here seem to think we should achieve.

        • akmoose68

          hell yeah! praise allah!!

          • akmoose68

            my hell yeah was in reply to “they got what they deserved” by the way. God has been responsible for may cruel deaths of his faithful and beloved followers, so surely he won’t mind these soulless individuals. And I consider myself a Christian and lover of God and Jesus, but he is undeniably cruel and allows painful deaths all the time, even to his best. And these are not his best, by far. The Bible is full of it, so there can be no argument there, folks. Don’t even try.

          • Scot Fourowls

            After long years, I have determined that while God might sometimes save us from the fire (or other calamity) if it serves His purpose and we’re running errands for Him or however His mind capable of creating the universe works — and that while I can through Jesus Christ and the dispensation of the Holy Spirit experience great joy and unexpected blessings as well as giving back to others — our lives to God are really just the trial run, the dress rehearsal, the warm-up to eternity.

            If we want to make it to eternity, to keep our eye on the eternal prize makes sense. I do think we can lose our salvation (despite the Arminian, Calvinist, Baptist debates ad nauseum about the theology). I do think we might be tested in the end times. I for one sure did some sinning (drinking, carousing) when I was younger and led a life for many years other than what God had planned. Didn’t most of us?

            From God’s infinite and eternal perspective, the seeming cruelty of people dying (even horribly) is just part of the trial run, and the consequence of His making us not be robots but beings with free will and intersecting, sometimes negative events of free will spilling out onto others.

            God’s love for us is pretty profound when you consider that being God and in charge of the entire universe (and heavenly realms with all their warring too among free-will angelic beings), all of our concerns must by comparison seem small to Him. Yet He does love us, immeasurably, incarnating Himself and emptying out part of Himself as a tiny baby born through a woman, living and teaching and being crucified for our sins and resurrected to prove that we can trust His power to resurrect us into eternal life by adoption as well.

            Not to consider who God is will cause us to think of the plan as cruel when it is just a test, to be sure those entering eternity belong there. After all, human beings are capable of horrific depravity and evil doesn’t belong in a remade new heaven and new earth.



        • Scot Fourowls

          @ GUZE SPITERI- Have you looked into Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot lately? Here’s a list of dictators involved in a variety of wars, many of which had evil grounds other than religion (Nazism being allied more with Islam’s anti-Semitism behind the scenes than a perverted Christianity, see, e.g, Bonhoeffer) or Islam (which isn’t a real religion but a deceit-and-death cult with prayers to the demonic forces): Saddam Hussein (Iraq), Omar al-Bashir (Sudan/Darfur), General Agha Mohammad Yahya Khan (Pakistan), Nicholas II, Lenin and Stalin (Russia), Leopold II (Belgium/Congo), Mugabe (Zimbabwe), Kim II Sung and Kim Jong-II (N. Korea),Tojo (Japan), Hitler (Germany), Idi Amin (Uganda), Pol Pot (Cambodia), Mao (China), Gowon (Nigeria), Ho Chi Minh (N. Vietnam), Mengistu Haile Mariam (Ethiopia), Ismail Enver Pasha (Turkey), and Sánchez Cerén (FMLN and El Salvador), who is a particular favorite of Obama’s and the apparent source of many drug-and-torture cartel teens coming over the unsecured U.S. southern borders presently.

    • This is NOT a “celebration of death” of anyone. What this is is a WAKE UP CALL to people who think that Islam is a “religion of peace”. Islam is as great an evil in 2014 as the Nazis were in 1933…..

      • Liberty NC

        Behold the celebration of your readership in posts below. Some of them certainly substantiate my concerns…

        • Gabriela

          You need to wake up! You lack understanding of God’s covenants with Israel.

          • Liberty NC

            I believe it is you who lacks understanding. God’s covenant with Israel applies to those grafted in as well since the work of Christ. The Israel you would send your own children to die for it nothing more than a corrupt United Nations state just as the one we live in…. One other commenter here stated Israel just wants peace. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am afraid he as well as you are willfully ignorant about what is really happening in the world.

        • Eagle275

          I guess you’ve never heard of Amin al Husseini,eh. He was Hitler’s right-hand man in the Balkans during WW2. Hitler gave him his own Hanzer SS Divisions, all muslim. Guess what they did,eh. They amazed even the SS troops with their atrocities. He is also called the Father of Modern jihad, was Arafat’s mentor, and one of the founders of the Muzzy BroHood. Now, if you can’t see the big pic, I suggest you go help Israel catch some of those Kassam rockets made in Iran,eh.

          • Eve

            Yasser Arafat was Amin Al Husseini’s nephew, and next in that evil line. And as “Palestinian” as the rest of them; born and raised in Egypt of Egyptian parents.

            As for Liberty NC and his (her?) assertion as follows “I see nothing in the Bible that tells me God will call the Jews back to the original lands while they are in blatant disobedience and rejection of His Son”, *which* “Bible” is it that you refer to? Certainly not OUR (Judaic) bible! Certainly not the Torah! And certainly you know that Judaism, your “parent” does not believe in your “son of God”, nor is there anything in OUR religion, from which you have derived yours, that indicates any of the things you believe, or think that WE should believe. Therefore, your “understanding” of this matter is that of an egotist, with delusions of grandeur – – and I believe that your bible informs you of what follows the sin of “Pride”. I trust that you are also aware that you are to “Honor thy father and thy mother”; Judaism is *all that* to Christianity, and a good Christian respects the holy book of the Judaic faith, its directives to ITS people, and the faithful to the Torah, who obey THAT bible, which came long before yours. Nothing that has to do with the Judaic people and their covenant with God has ANYTHING to do with YOUR bible or your religion!

      • Gabriela

        No need for apologies, whoever missed the point do not understand God’s Covenants with Israel.
        “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”
        Genesis 12:3

      • Mickey Shortt

        So what did y’all do? Pull a video off of You Tube that was posted back in 2012 and upload it to Vimeo to pretend a Hammas member who was killed by the Israeli’s, was blown up along with many of his mourners? See and notice the date it was posted: Is this not the same video?

        See also:

        See also:

        It reminds me of a lie my Aunt, who is a deacon, posted on facebook. When I posted a rebuttal of her post via a You Tube video she deleted me:

        Most people who are christians are blind to the truth. They create lies to make money. Their religion is worthless and if the God the claim to serve exists, they will never see him.

        • Fred Levins

          Thank you, Mickey Shortt, for shedding much needed light on the background of the event recorded in the video. Mr. Shortt, I salute you!

        • Eagle275

          I guess you’ve never heard of Amin al Husseini,eh. He was Hitler’s right-hand man in the Balkans during WW2. Hitler gave him his own Hanzer SS Divisions, all muslim. Guess what they did,eh. They amazed even the SS troops with their atrocities. He is also called the Father of Modern jihad, was Arafat’s mentor, and one of the founders of the Muzzy BroHood. Now, if you can’t see the big pic, I suggest you go help Israel catch some of those Kassam rockets made in Iran,eh………

      • MRH

        “Someone should have told the funeral director to remove the suicide vest before holding the funeral….the last 30 seconds of this video will horrifically astound you”

        @NTEB: Why must you often post false information? Do research please! The article and video here is misleading in all points and purposes, as no vest bomb.

        Zamalka – Syria: car bomb in a funeral procession 30/06/2012

        Published on Jun 30, 2012
        Graphic Content +18

        A car bomb expoloded in a funeral procession in Zamalka, a suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus, killing around 60 and wounding many more.
        20-25 of the wounded have been later on executed by security forces in the hospital in the nearby town of Kafar Batna

        Surprisingly the video person escaped considering blast 😯

        • Tracy

          NTEB why did you pull and older video for this purpose?
          This is supposed to be a Christian website; however, Christians don’t, intentionally, mislead others. But, you did, or else my common sense isn’t working.

        • Mills Bouchard

          You can see in the video that the body is still wrapped in white on the catafalque in the middle of a field of limbless and headless corpses. Obviously there was no explosive on the body. Car bomb or a shell targeting the funeral, had to be.

    • Pepe

      Friend, I do not rejoice in the death of these people nor in any other person’s death, but I don’t consider this to be fear mongering because it is simply reality. Can’t you see the video for yourself? Do you this was filmed in a Disney studio? This is no fear mongering. This is real life and real danger. That guy could have exploded in a school or in a shopping center.

      • Liberty NC

        I was referring tho the balance of this site on the whole as fear mongering.

        • Pepe

          How can you call it fear mongering? It is just showing the reality of what’s going on in those parts of the world. Moreover, this is the real face of Islam. You can pretend it isn’t, but you’d just be fooling yourself.

          • Liberty NC

            I do not defend Islam or pretend it is a peaceful religion. It is not. I do however question our involvement and motives and also question the blind church’s support of our actions as something God would condone. I personally do not believe the current UN State of Israel is a result of Biblical Prophesy but I would challenge anyone who does believe such to explain how the American Church or The American Government have brought any peace to that region in the last 50 years.

        • Ort

          This is not fear mongering. This is an uncut, unedited video of what happens when the cult of death gets payback. The guy who died had an explosive vest on himself for the sole purpose of doing to Jews what was done to the people who carried his body. The death and misery he meant to deal to the Jewish people, was instead dealt to them. I see God’s Perfect Justice in this. Nothing more, nothing less.

          • MRH

            “The guy who died had an explosive vest on himself for the sole purpose of doing to Jews what was done to the people who carried his body”

            @Ort: Do research please! The article and video here is misleading in all points and purposes, as no vest bomb.

            Zamalka – Syria: car bomb in a funeral procession 30/06/2012

            Published on Jun 30, 2012
            Graphic Content +18

            A car bomb expoloded in a funeral procession in Zamalka, a suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus, killing around 60 and wounding many more.
            20-25 of the wounded have been later on executed by security forces in the hospital in the nearby town of Kafar Batna


            Surprisingly the video person escaped considering blast 😯

        • Larry Grant

          Freaks who blow up innocent people including children, out of hatred and an ideology passed down from a pedophile to his killer ancestry is what I would refer to as fear mongers’. The Bible mentions these cockroaches early on , “and he shall be a wild ass of a man”. Go ride a unicorn or hug a tree or something else if you are looking to feel morally superior.

        • Eagle275

          I guess you’ve never heard of Amin al Husseini,eh. He was Hitler’s right-hand man in the Balkans during WW2. Hitler gave him his own Hanzer SS Divisions, all muslim. Guess what they did,eh. They amazed even the SS troops with their atrocities. He is also called the Father of Modern jihad, was Arafat’s mentor, and one of the founders of the Muzzy BroHood. Now, if you can’t see the big pic, I suggest you go help Israel catch some of those Kassam rockets made in Iran,eh.

    • Larry Grant

      Those that love not God, love death. If any of these morons were going to be saved God in his mercy would have spared them. They choose this themselves.

    • Stephen

      you are delusional but I agree that we should not let sites like this shape the way we think we should let islam do it all as they are the best representatives 200+ girls captured 1000 rockets in one day sent to ISRAEL the twin towers the most accurate PR there is

    • Bheki

      Well then, if you don’t like it, just go away.

    • Dr Abull all sallah


      • Annette Webb

        Our God is Holy and condemns your insanity. You follow Satan and his Muslim cult. Your cult murders, rapes, beheads, tortures,disembowels, kidnaps, lies, oppresses women, murders their own wives and daughters, blows up innocent victims, and you gloat over the harm done to others. You will rot in an eternal pit of flaming hell if you do not repent and accept that Jesus Christ is your savior! You will see in the end that our Savior has the VICTORY!

      • Eagle275

        Ever seen an Unscheduled Sunrise,AH? Keep on, you will.

      • God

        Some down and many more to go. Death to the Islamic animals!

      • larry burdge

        Dr. Abdulla;;;;;;;;;;;;; Delusional U R. A Dr.???? Sure U R, Sure U R…….. A Dr. of what? Explosives?

    • Joel

      The red flag goes up whenever I hear someone urging people to stop watching this media outlet or another. The more that people of your ilk object to me watching Fox news, the more confident I am that Fox is a reliable source.

    • mrbill

      you suggest Christians wake up, thats strange when we are dealing with terrorist. Those terrorist are living by the words of a child molester. When Christians actually wake up, better worry about the Muslims. Would not take much to eradicate them from the US.

    • Doug Blackington

      If the deceased “terrorist” blew up, why then is the sheet still covering him near the end of the video? Shouldn’t the stretcher and sheet be obliterated as well? Something else blew up, but not the dead person being carried… Violence should NEVER be an option.

    • Mick

      What use is there in quoting from these ancient texts.If you would all forget about God and quoting this nonsense which bears no relation to the year we now live in, get on with your lives and live and let live the world would be a much more peaceful place.
      Grow up ad stand on your own two feet, live by your own generous giving code without having to resort to an unproven theory because that is all it is.

    • Wally Parson

      Hear, Hear, This is like exchanging one obsession by another.

      • Wally Parson

        The previous comment I made was posted before I read all of the thread. This is not only replacing one obsession by another, it is a way of creating and fostering a very intense hatred between religions. Anyway intelligent people are aware that ALL religions end up creating unnecessary and unfounded hatred between people and it very often starts idiotic and senseless wars. And you bunch of morons think this is what God wants? Come on get a real life.

    • Valance

      Don’t know what you mean about this website, and don’t care- I’ll probably not be provided with a link to it again. Very simply- regarding this video- seems like a taste of one’s own medicine; self inflicted this time. If it gives just one of these animals pause to think that blowing people up is actually not that cool, then the end result is good.

    • Larry Grant

      My thoughts exactly Frank. I must be getting cold hearted or something because I got a thought for a movie where the buffoons of Islam kept making stupid mistakes such as this one and it would be a comedy of course.

      • Mark Gabrielson

        Proverbs 24
        17 Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth:
        18 Lest the LORD see it, and it displease him, and he turn away his wrath from him.

        Matthew 5
        43 Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.
        44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;
        45 That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.
        46 For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?
        47 And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so?
        48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

        Matthew 7
        24 Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:
        25 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.
        26 And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand:
        27 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.

        Matthew 24
        12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
        13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

        • Liberty NC


        • Annette Webb

          Yes, Amen! We should not gloat over anyone’s death. As Christians, we should feel remorse for our enemies that do not know Christ as Savior and perish into an eternity in hell…

    • Dani

      no. What ‘is’ amazing is your lack of knowledge of Islam.

    • Liberty NC

      Then I fear for our armed forces…. Our military, thanks to our greedy government and a misguided sheepish electorate are literally embroiled in conflict around the world.

  • Sheri

    God have mercy…for they know not what they do. These people are under a satan’s spell. I pray they all come to Jesus before it is too late….I cannot wrap my brain around how they live this way ? Can’t they see that their god does not hear them….I am just sick to my stomach seeing all of this hate.

    • Angela

      They know exactly what they are doing and they do it out of sheer blinding hatred and the innate violence and debautchery that is the cult of Islam!

      • Sheri

        But where does that hate come from? People are not born this way…they learn it from adults who are also under satan’s control. I have spent years learning of this ” cult” which Islam is. I firmly believe we in the US should have never let anyone who practices Islam come here. I want to see every single mosque taken down….for it is a hateful satanic dwelling….not hurt the people but completely destroy the dwelling. One day these people will know the truth…who our real God is. I pray for them, I pray for the children who are sucked into this filth….

  • STL

    What a shocker video, now Hamas are killing their own muslims, how they planning to blame Israel?

    • Dani

      Your ignorance is insane. That’s a Syrian flag. You don’t even know the language. A message to ALL of YOU: if I showed videos of the time of Nazi-German-Era, the KKK’s, Slavery, the WWI and WWII killings of civilians, and the Killing fields and that entire mess in Cambodia, then told my viewers that it was all Christians – all of it. What am I doing? I am brainwashing them. I am their source of outside news, they don’t understand the languages of what is being said, all they see is violence, torture, rape, and murder of innocent civilians. I defined what Christian is for them, I defined what the West stand for.
      Do you see where I am going with this? You don’t place a murderer to be the judge at his own hearing. You don’t ask an astronaut for a heart surgery. Similarly, you don’t look at the so-called Islamic countries to define “Islam-practicing-Muslims.” Muslims themselves agree that those who are in power are corrupt. They disagree with the political views. What happens when they speak up? They go to jail. They ‘are’ in jail! There is a lot of censorship in some countries. Laws are being enforced without complete knowledge and only when it is beneficial for the one with authority (shouldn’t be a shock). It is forbidden to harm oneself in Islam (period) Alcohol, or anything that contains intoxicant (there is a better word for it to exactly what it refers to) is forbidden, yet you will see the people in authority are dining in wine and alcohol, and etc. You will see “Muslims” casually eating meat that is against Islam. Vines – media outlet has interrogated the ISIS/ISIL many times, their reporters have met with them one-to-one on many separate occasions. They themselves concluded that majority of ISIS/ISIL are not even aware of simple Quranic teachings.
      My point is, if you yourself continue to be a sheep listening to bias media outlets then it is normal for you to assume Muslims as evil and barbaric. You as the audience, are not that different than the example I illustrated earlier.
      Am I suppose to assume that all priests are pedophiles touching little children? I mean, these stories come out again, and again and again. Is that what Christianity teaches? Do I blanket every Christian mother and father to be sexually harassing their kids and the kids of their neighbours, or in church? I have very, very good Christian friends. I am just trying to show, that I can also generalize and back up with facts, statements, confessions, and victims of these “religious” acts. But, if I were to do that, I would be no better than you. I hope you understood what I meant. People choose to be ignorant, I have tried to show that what you have been told about Islam, is not right. Research, meet an Imaam, or a pious Muslim and ask in a manner that is welcoming. Islam encourages people to ask, so that they may know.

      Lastly, Muslims believe in the same One God, the Almighty, Allah. If you disrespect Him, you disrespect your own God. If you fail to understand this minimal concept, then it really is a measure of how much you know about the other religion.

      • Allah is the moon god of ancient Persia, and NOT the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

  • jes

    I think that was sick to post this. How do you know if those in the crowd “deserved” to be bombed? Is every person in that video a terrorist? Is every “Palestinian” a terrorist? Do you even know who the dead person was? Maybe someone’s dad or granddad? Sorry, but you are just as bigoted as they are!

    • Liberty NC

      Thanks for echoing my point from before. May God open our eyes to see these people as He does so that we can pray for them rather then celebrate their death.

      • Gabriela

        I wonder how you will react when the Ishmaelites turn against each other at the time they decided to surround Israel to wipe it off the face of the earth as prophesied. Will you say to God, these Israel haters do not deserve this? God himself will destroy them. May God open YOUR eyes.

    • Angela

      The point of posting the video was not to rejoice in the deaths of these people, it is to show the violence and destruction that Islam encourages and even commands that they inflict upon anyone who doesn’t buy into their sick depraved system! Do you think it was an accident that he had that vest of explosives on? Not hardly! That explosion was INTENDED for innocent victims, probably Jewish citizens who have done nothing to them! Islam likes to try to convince others that they are a religion of peace, but this sort of violence is commanded over and over in their Koran!

      • Liberty NC

        I am glad you for one are not rejoicing but if you look at many of the regular’s comments, you’ll see the video was fodder for a celebration for them. Also, as graphic as this was, have you witnessed a drone strike lately? I do not disagree with your assessment of the Islam religion. What I find hard to fathom is how the church who supports our every action overseas finds themselves at peace with God as though He favors Americans over the rest of the world.

        • Pepe

          Hey, the USA is neither the center of the world nor the cradle of Christianity. This videos are useful for a lot of people OUTSIDE of the USA who still believe that Islam is a religion of peace and that they follow Jesus, as they deceitfully claim to do. So, don’t fool yourself into believing that this is “USA vs. Islam”. This is actually “Islam vs. the rest of the world”.

      • Dani

        Innocent Jews? You’re sick. Jewish people live amongst Muslims, even in Palestine territory (inside Gaza) yet they aren’t threatened! They even live in Iran, Jordan and Iraq. They aren’t threatened, they are defended. Zionoist on the other hand, treat everyone outside of their religion as less than animals. You’re asking to be polite to Zionist who stole Palestinian land, persecuted them, destroyed their belongings, stole their valuables and arrest them (even children as young as 5 years old) and torture, mutilate, rape, and murder even crucify them and steal their organs and skin. You expect no retaliation from them? Give me a break. Jewish people from across the globe are against Zionism. Palestinians is not a religious term, it is an entity that belongs to a people living under geographical region – not following a specific religion. Christians, Jews, and people of other religions refuse to join Israel for a reason.
        As for Islamic Law – Shari’a Law – it is forbidden to cause harm to your body in any form (PERIOD). If a person does not follow this guideline, he/she is not following what Islam says – plain and simple.
        There is lots and lots of anti-Islamic propaganda online – many sites that claim to be Islamic are not. It is obvious. There are more than 1.6 billion Muslims, we would have died long ago if we were to bomb the world. Attacking together is more efficient than attacking a lone and throwing stiicks, one by one. But that’s what you see, and western media fails to cover Muslims that speak up against such violence.

        In regards to this clip. He was not a terrorist. He was a soldier. He could have been fighting for democracy to get rid of the regime. He could have been fighting the ISIS/ISIL to protect YOU! It sickens me to see this much hate here. You are all no better than a lynch mob fueling hatred to propagate hatred against a group which are trying to differentiate themselves from those who are claiming to be them. Have you forgotten the KKK? Or slavery? Did Muslims say this is christianity? For God’s sake. Look at both views. You wouldn’t punish your child based on what his/her teacher told you, you would interrogate your child. and give fair judgment. But your media only shows one side of the coin, or the extreme far outside the bound of Islam side. I’m done. I was going to link posts that were useful to more than 100,000 people. But not anymore cause of so much hatred here on this site based on ignorance.

        • Dani

          Believe it or not, but Muslims are also being murdered by ISIS/ISIL I wouldn’t call them Muslims, because they are not. Do you see me calling KKK Christians? Do you see people saying Bloody Mary was a true patriot of Christianity for what she did or for what other Kings like her also did? Christianity teaches to have intercourse with little children? Does it? There are plenty of cases which prove so. In fact, one just recently popped up : Oh, would you look at that, even Pope Francis is in there. These aren’t allegations. These are charges. By the International Criminal Court, with evidence, confessions, and victims. So if I was to be as ignorant as some clearly show to be – I would rightly assume that’s what Christianity teaches. Mom and dad raping their own little children in churches, right? Am I right? Is that what you guys do?
          You see how ignorant and rude I sound? That’s exactly what you are doing with Islam. Don’t even bother to comment, cause I wouldn’t be coming back here. Educate yourself from non-biased sources.

        • Jacob

          Dear Dani,

          I’m no Zionist, and I agree with much of what you wrote.
          But here’s a list of facts with which you are grievously mistaking:

          1)Today there are almost no Jews left in Iraq, Jordan, Egypt,Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen (and others). (And they aren’t allowed into Saudi-Arabia at all.)

          Jews in Iran have many restrictions.

          There are less than 100 Jews in Lebanon. And a minuscule amount in Syria.

          From around the 1920’s until around the 1970’s in many Muslim countries the Jewish population suffered terrible discrimination and persecutions. (Lynch mobs, pillaging, arrests, executions without trial, etc.)

          2) There are ZERO Jews left in Gaza. Not since 2005.

          3) Juveniles are arrested in Israel for breaking the law (mostly for violent crimes) just like in any other country. Jewish Juveniles are arrested too when they deserve it.

          If I remember correctly, the minimum age is around 10.

          4) The rumors of Israeli rapes and stealing organs are a myth. An urban legend, if you will.
          (Of course there are Israeli criminals around. Just like Arab criminals or Bedouin or Druze.)

          (You really need to get your information from more reliable sources. Just like I don’t get my information only from Israeli or Jewish sources.)

          5) Globally, around half the Jews support Israel and around half Don’t, either because they are anti-zionist or because they are simply indifferent or “unaffiliated”.

          You know, that’s the thing about Jews (and many other ethnicities), whatever you legitimately criticize them about, or whatever you praise them for, it will usually apply to around half the Jews in the world. (I’m referring to habits in social interaction.)

          e.g. “Jews are generous”? You’re right half the time.
          “Jews are stingy”? You’re again right half the time.
          (Of course there are always many “in-betweens”)

          “Jews are honest”? You’re half right.
          “Jews are dishonest”? Half right again.

          Rich? Poor? Friendly? Unfriendly? Religious? Athletic? Liberal?

          Get my drift? The same applies to Italians, Irish, Hungarians, Japanese, Blacks, Asians, Latinos, Eskimos, etc. etc. And, of course, Muslims.

          Funny thing, in the early part of the 20th century, Jew-hating Communists accused Jews of all being Capitalists.
          While Jew-hating Capitalists condemned all Jews for being Communist sympathizers.

          Antisemitism really makes no sense. Unless for convenient scapegoating….
          (Btw, you certainly don’t sound antisemitic.)

          p.s. I write this to you because you seem to be concerned about too much hatred and misinformation (and DISinformation) in the world.

          • Dani

            I invite you to join the following facebook groups:
            (1) Gaza
            (2)Americans Against Genocide In Gaza (AAGG)
            (3) Muslims, Christians, Jews and all Humans who nobly stand-up against zionism

            If you join these it would be much easier to communicate & share our views. You are free to ask any questions you like, we can discuss the issue there openly & intellectually (with respect); it has people of all faith and background.
            I don’t have much time at the moment, but I hope we can reach some form of a conclusion on that matter on facebook.

    • Gabriela

      I wonder how you will react when the Ishmaelites turn against each other at the time they decided to surround Israel to wipe it off the face of the earth as prophesied. Will you say to God, these Israel haters do not deserve this? God himself will destroy them.

    • STL


  • STL

    These evil people have no shame for each other, why should they, in their minds each one will be getting 72 virgins.

  • J

    That guy seemed to be losing his voice.

  • J

    We’ll I hate to see this and they should be getting told about the saving grace of Christ, but Hamas are a stubborn lot and they won’t ever learn probably because peace isn’t their forte. They hate the real GOD so what they are receiving shouldn’t be a big surprise to them!

  • Bheki

    Islam, religion of pieces. Allah ha ha.

    • Pepe

      Yes, you are right, brother. We should feel sorry for these men who died without Christ in their life. However, at the same, with should bear in mind what Islam really is and be weary.

      • Pepe

        Sorry, wary.

        • Eve

          Weary, too!

  • Tony P

    “Do you think that I like to see wicked people die? says the Sovereign LORD. Of course not! I want them to turn from their wicked ways and live.”- Ezekiel 18:23

    “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”- Matt 5:44

    I’m reading these posts and I see people actually rejoicing and some even gloating over this. Of course God fights for his people and brings the sword back on those who live by it. But to celebrate ANY human suffering, even that of a terrorist, is wrong and definitely doesn’t come from the Holy Spirit.

    David mourned and fasted for SAUL who tried to kill him, and lamented the death of his son Absolom who also sought to take his life, slept with his wives in public, and usurped his throne.

    The desperate shrieks and cries of these people…they are in shock….they are in pain…anyone who can celebrate that is just as bad as any terrorist.

  • I am sick of these wooly minded liberalists, they spout their rhetoric of understanding these poor muslims. Only a year ago a British soldier was killed on a street in London, knocked down and nearly decapitated with a machete by Islamic terrorists, and in full view of the public. These terrorists were indoctrined in a London mosque by radicalists for Jihad. They went on trial and were sentenced but if there was any justice in the world they should have been sentenced to death. Where is the justice for Lee Rigby’s family and his fellow soldiers in HM forces. There is no reasoning and no moral ground on which we can meet these extremists they only understand their brutal ideaology and murder. I know that as Christians we should not rejoice in the deaths of terrorists but I can understand that quite rightly people are outraged and frustrated at the appeasement of Islam and of being told it is a religion of peace. It evidently is far from it, do these liberals expect us to lay down and be taken over by a evil regime which would slaughter all Jews and Christians if they could. We see apalling videos and photographs of even children who are beheaded and murdered in Syria and other places and are still expected to want to live alongside these evil people. The sooner the west wakes up and starts to oppose Islam the better otherwise we will be the next victims. Remember 7/11 London, and 9/11 New York. that is the face of Islam, they have waged war upon civilisation and it is a movement from the pit of hell. So my point is stop condoning and start understanding what Islam is about and instead of pitying them save it for those poor innocent children including their own and of whom they have no value of their lives either. Islam will not prevail against Israel and the God of Israel.

    • bob

      you’re an idiot

  • Hope

    I don’t think the corpse was the source of the blast. In the end of the video, the shroud is still intact and white. At any rate, this is horrific.

  • Ron Murphy

    These people had souls, even though full of hate, still souls given over to satan. It’s sad, for they have been deceived, but they made a choice, as to reject Christ and contend against him. Jesus said, love your enemies, bless them that curse you. We must show them we are the children of the real God. Will it help? Probably not, but that’s not the point, by showing love, we show, we are the children of God. Our light shines out to the world. If we laugh at their calamities, we show the world we are no better, than they are. We hide our light from them.

    Pro_24:17 Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth:

  • J

    They probably bombed themselves!

  • Pepe

    Anthony Pollard, you are right. We should pray for this people to see the light and abandon the ways of Satan ( = Allah).

  • STL

    What is hard for me as a christian, knowing the true knowledge the the jews believe in a false religion of Kabbalah and we need to back God’s country of Israel?

    • Tracy

      Please know that only God knows exactly the thoughts of man/woman. We don’t know their hearts. Many have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. But, most importantly, God made a covenant with Israel long ago, and that covenant still stands today. We are to pray for Israel and her people. Just remember God’s Word.
      Trust in Him, and obey His Word!

      • Ron Murphy

        The covenant was broken, Tracy! Only God’s promises hold, they shall inherit the land of Canaan and live in prosperity and peace. A new covenant is made.

        Isa_24:5 The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant.

        Jer_22:9 Then they shall answer, Because they have forsaken the covenant of the LORD their God, and worshipped other gods, and served them.

        Jer_31:31 Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah:

        • Tracy

          God made an everlasting covenant; He knows the beginning to the end, but His people broke the covenant. His blessings are still upon Israel today.

    • Eve

      Imbecile: your religion was taken directly from Judaism; your “son of God”, and his mother, and all your heros and prophets, were Jews. If Jews believe in a false religion, then YOUR religion is inherently equally, if not even more, false. There is no religion called “Kabbalah”; our religion is JUDAISM. What is difficult for me, as a Jew, is knowing that, among great Christians, there are schmucks like you.

      • Carol

        Eve, You are so right and I totally agree with you. It makes me sick to see so-called “Christians” being brainwashed by the Hamas and Muslim propaganda machine and then saying thing like God has “replaced” Israel, etc. Some only read the New Testament and wonder why they do not really understand the Bible. Meanwhile, Israel fights for her life and the horrible atrocities committed by Muslims against Christians and Jews continue all over the world. Wake up sleepers before it is forever too late! Don’t you realize that if there is no Israel there will be no you? Don’t you have sense enough to realize that Yeshua was a Jew and is not coming back to NYC? Stop buying into the propaganda machine and start praying, fasting, and giving to defeat this enemy once and for all!

  • Trish Kidwell

    I love it! Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. Our GOD is an awesome GOD!

  • STL





















    • Ron Murphy

      STL, not once have I said 1st Thess 1:14 as being the same as Jesus 2nd coming to earth, as I agree and always have. They are not the same event. Now, is Matthew 24:30 when Jesus puts his feet upon the mount of olives? This is where we disagree, you say yes, I say no!. I say Matt. 24: 29-31 is the rapture of dead and living saints as it is in 1st Thess. 4:14, because all the same elements are in both passages. We have the trumpet, the shout, and the gathering, and in both we have Jesus in the clouds. Rev 14:14 goes a little deeper and says he sat on the white cloud and 14:16 he reaped, meaning gathered with a sickle, meaning angels. when Jesus comes back at the return to earth he will be riding a white horse, not sitting on a cloud. His armies will be with him already. They will not be gathered, they follow. Joel 2:2-11 describe this army of saints( people in Joel 2) as horses and horseman, Joel 2:4. It also says the shall not break rank, but move together, Joel 2:7 in other words, well commanded. They shall be well protected also. Joel 2:5 , as a strong people set in battle array.
      Battle array?
      Rev 9:16 And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them.
      Rev 9:17 And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and them that sat on them, having breastplates of fire, and of jacinth, and brimstone: and the heads of the horses were as the heads of lions; and out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brimstone.
      Rev 9:18 By these three was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths.

    • Diana Prince

      If you TRULY believe religious fantasy (as all religion is; just your own head talking to you) then why wouldn’t you rejoice no matter WHAT happens anywhere to anyone? Isn’t it all “god’s plan”? To me this is just natural selection at work. RELIGION: Together we can find the cure!

      Scripture has never been “proven” save in the minds of the delusional who believe the bible is something more than a book, written by men, to attempt to gain riches and control the non-thinking masses. There are many prior iterations of the supposed birth, death, resurrection of jesus, etc. prior to the most current versions which, for some unknown reason, survived into today. How much persecution has to happen? If you would study religious HISTORY you would learn the truth and folly of religious fantasy.
      As long as ignorance prevails, so the attempt to enlighten will continue. I know you cannot be happy with science and revealed truths and somehow find comfort in complete ignorance of facts, but I still hope one day the world will come out of the religious darkness into the light of true understanding. You want your life to be so meaningful, and yet I am content that we are little more than a sophisticated ant hill. Life is good but it’s not divinely inspired. You should be OK with than and then you can TRULY have the peace that passes all understanding. That is my hope for you.

  • Mario

    What saddens my heart is to see the lack of value for human life among the muslims. It is sad the hate, destruction and evil desires that feel the hearts of the muslims. Very sad indeed, they cannot get along among themselves, so sad to see the carnage of all those mutilated bodies, what a horror, Oh LORD Jesus please come soon and take us away home to be with you for all eternity. My heart breaks when I see scenes like these.

    • Ron Murphy

      Not all is fairy tale, Tommy. Some where of the horizon lays the truth. You must seek it out.

    • Ron Murphy

      Karma is not a Christian word or thought it is connected to reincarnation, Hindu religion.

      • STL

        Ron Murphy: Also its in the Jewish Kabbalah for reincarnation.

        • Ron Murphy

          Interesting, the Jews played the harlot, on their God. He saw it all, though.

  • Psalms 2:1   Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? 
    2   The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, 
    3   Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. 
    4   He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. 
    5   Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure. 
    6   Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion. 
    7   I will declare the decree: the LORD hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee. 
    8   Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. 
    9   Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel. 
    10   Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth. 
    11   Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling. 
    12   Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him. 

  • J

    The chameleon in old soviet union

    • Eve

      Neither Jesus or the Christians of the Bible were the namby-pamby pussies you would have them made out to be. When he wasn’t preaching love, Jesus Christ was temper-tantrum-throwing, no-nonsense DICTATOR of righteousness.

      Also, nothing less than two hundred years of the Crusades saved the Christian church from perishing, and the Crusades was a righteous battle. Remember that.

  • Marco

    I’m just glad all those muslims just reached their paradise and their 72 virgins!
    Allah, call more to you! ROFL

  • I have no sympathy for these evil Muslim sub-humans!

  • DavidG

    Well, probably not all who were hit were glorifying the terrorist martyrdom. If that was the case, I would have called this a beautiful act of perfect justice. Just like it would be, if israelis who support the occupation had their businesses and all their belongins destroyed, their loved ones killed and Israel became a field of misery and destruction. Well, what I most desire is not this, but that religious childishness, the stubborn sense of superiority and all the other wickedness which stop peace from being made would cease, but I do like justice and it would be just if Israel burned to make way for a newer, more conscious and less stubborn generation.

    • SammiD

      The occupation?? That shows me who your god is David. And the rest of your post confirms it. You sympathize with the Muslims in Gaza who have been doing their best to make life in Israel hell on earth. They send 1000’s of rockets at Israel, then moan and complain when Israel has had enough and fights back. The use their own women and children as human shields and then scream with rage with they are killed!

      I hope Israel makes a PARKING LOT out of Gaza. Those people in Gaza do not deserve to live there. Let them go live in one of the other Muslim nations and leave Israel in peace.

      (Psalm 144:1) Blessed be the LORD, my rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle;

      • DavidG

        Yeah, well, your’re one of those I was referring to I guess. So blinded by religious fanatism, that you can’t perceive the actual facts. Go see the list of Hamas’s demands for a truce. Most of their demands are things that they shouldn’t even have to ask, they are basic human rights. Are they supposed to not resist Israel’s abuses? If not them, who will? What would YOU do if you were in their shoes? One has to resist, even if that means being crushed. But the human spirit, is not so easily crushed, perhaps it is even made stronger by such privations. Israel will do everything in its power to resist peace, they must defend themselves from peace, because war is allowing them to crush their enemies and to unilaterally submit them to their will. This is an ungoing operation since Israel was created, and will continue until the goal of a great Israel is finally reached. Those who have weapons don’t need sense, don’t need logic, don’t need humanity, don’t need compromise. Such is the logic of the world. Palestinians are pathetic in calling out to their non-existant god, while israelis are barbaric in doing their god’s evil deeds. Well their god is dead and gone as well, but when there is a god as an excuse, there is not stopping to human wickedness. The flow of support and money from religious believers into Israel’s war machine is what makes this the most regrettable to me. If Israel wants to establish itself as a country in a conquered land, they should at least try to have the honour of doing it by themselves.

        • Eagle275

          I guess you’ve never heard of Amin al Husseini,eh. He was Hitler’s right-hand man in the Balkans during WW2. Hitler gave him his own Hanzer SS Divisions, all muslim. Guess what they did,eh. They amazed even the SS troops with their atrocities. He is also called the Father of Modern jihad, was Arafat’s mentor, and one of the founders of the Muzzy BroHood. Now, if you can’t see the big pic, I suggest you go help Israel catch some of those Kassam rockets made in Iran,eh……………….

        • Eve

          You are a liar.

    • Eve

      When’s the next Bund meeting?

  • Revelation 2:9

    Did the crazy Edomites just bomb a hospital in Gaza? There is no way that these “jews” are true Israel! They are Esau/Edom!

    • Eve

      No, they didn’t! The terrorists in Gaza, trying to bomb Israel misfired their missile, and got exactly what they deserved! As they have several other times, already, including the incident that wiped out their electricity. They complain that the God of the Jews turns their missiles back at them! And YOU, who disrespect the nation of Israel, are the Edomite!

      • Ort

        I see the liar and fake Christian, Revelation 2:9, is heaping up more wrath for itself. Keep talking, for the more you talk, the deeper into the Lake of Fire you will swim.

  • Suzanne

    Considering God wrote the Old and New Testaments, for His children’s benefit, we ought to remember that Jesus was the one who said of the Tribulation, “Unless those days be cut short, no flesh would survive.”
    Pray, yes, for the Peace of Jerusalem, but know this, the sword is coming.
    In the Tribulation 2/3’s of the Jewish people will perish, seek The Lord while He can be found.
    Come quickly, Lord Jesus!
    Grace to all May the Lord’s Holy Name be praised!

  • Just Curious

    Where did this video come from and how can we verify that the “story behind the video” is what actually happened?

    This is tragic from every angle!

  • Just Curious

    One of the reasons that I ask is that the flags in the video are neither Gaza flags nor Hamas flags …. (as far as internet research would reveal) …

    It makes me wonder where the video actually came from, and if the story presented here is actually what happened, or if it is from another totally different situation.

    How do we know that the funeral director forgot to take the suicide vest off of the deceased? How do we know but what someone marching in the crowd was sporting a vest that they forgot to detonate?

  • Sickey Nhortt

    Let me tell everyone the truth. When you link this article out to another website, say Facebook, this is what shows up: “Hamas Funeral For Terrorist Gets A Surprise Ending From Funeral Director Error – Now The End Begins”. The same shows up on the Browser Ba, if that’s what they call it, if you’re using Google as your way to access the internet.
    However in truth this event took place at the end of June in Syria. Actually the guy who’s funeral is being held is not a terroist. Read from the Los Angeles Times:
    As you know Syria is having a civil war. Some people are fighting the government to get control of it. The United States supports the rebels. One of the Rebels was killed and his funeral was being held when a car bomb went off.
    I find it sad that a site that is run by a Christian would allow this lie to be told. But it does it for money. The more people who come to this site will attract advertisers who will pay money. “Thou shalt not lie”

  • Just Curious

    Sickey Nhortt thanks for attempting to shed light on the actual story behind the video, but I still do not see enough evidence, even in the link that you provided to determine where the video actually came from.

    If it is indeed from another situation, it is INDEED sad that a “Christian” would participate in the twisting of an already horrifically sad situation in order to make a web sensation.

    Sudden death without a relationship with Jesus Christ the Savior is horribly sad and should make real Christians weep that eternal souls left earth without Jesus.

  • Just Curious

    This happened in June of 2012. Just google: car bomb syria funeral … and you can see THE SAME VIDEO FOOTAGE on a youtube video.

  • Just Curious

    Take a look at this video:

  • Just Curious

    Why was this originally touted as having to do with Hamas?

    … all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.
    Rev. 21:8

    • Fred Levins

      @Just Curious, thank you for your three illuminating contributions at 3:16pm, 3:17pm, and 3:18pm, July 23, 2014. I believe your posts are the first in this thread to point out what appears to be the truth about this event.

    • MRH

      No, the video is not as title claims…

      This happened in June of 2012. Just google: car bomb syria funeral … and you can see THE SAME VIDEO FOOTAGE on a youtube video.

      Take a look at this video:

      P.S. Obviously NTEB did not research things properly? 🙁

    • MRH

      “OOH and my Favorite, 20. The United States is in NO WAY A CHRISTIAN NATION- George Washington, treaty of tripoli”

      @David Siepel: Correct, the USA is rather an Illuminati nation (founded in 1776 by Freemasons), which order is based on the ancient Babylonian mystery religions. Although discovered by the Puritans, the country was quickly taken over by the same type corrupt tyrants now running it, and the religions of the world are all slaves unto the NWO system as well. In fact freedom is but an illusion in this deceptive world we all live in 🙁

      Fact: The walls of America are now crumbling, and headed for doom 😯

      P.S. I’m sorry, but without Christ there is no hope for a future 🙁

    • MRH

      Enjoy your mockery now blind fool, as I can assure you that you won’t be laughing once they toss you into a FEMA death camp 😆

  • Israel

    How can we weep for all thew souls who refuse to believe God and refuse his atonement? It is their choice to rebel against God. At the Great White Throne Judgment there will be NO excuse for not believing. If they had had any desire at all to know the truth and to know God, He would have sent his Gospel message to them.
    I do not feel sorry for these murdering savages who want to murder God’s people. God won’t feel sorry for them either. CHOICE…their own choice brought them this tragedy and their destiny in Hell.

    • Revelation 2:9

      Knock,knck…..the “jews” that are in the fake state of israel and around the world are Edomite imposters.

      • Ort

        I am sick to death of your anti Semitic, un Biblical garbage !! I see you spewing your lies all over almost every board I come across. Enough of you!! You WILL stand before God one day to answer for each and every lie you have listed, every false teaching, and every anti Semitic rant !! I call you out for the odious creature that you are! You do not know Hod, you do not know His Word, and you are not a brother in Christ! You are an imposter and you sow lies and discord wherever you go!!

        Begone, you son of the devil!!

        • Ort

          *GOD* typed twice! but iPad apparently could care less. (Sigh)

        • Eve


  • Lila

    This is obviously one of those situations that was meant to get their attention to make them change their ways. Do you think they’ll get the clue? I doubt it

  • Jacob


    Sorry to disappoint, but this incident took place in Damascus Syria over 2 years ago.

    It had nothing to do with Israel, or their current conflict in Gaza.
    It was a road-side bomb.

    However, I saw that the slanderous evil Hamas terrorists and their cohorts have (typically) presented this clip to the public as if it just happened in Gaza, and that it was Israel that blew up this funeral.

    They have little respect for human lives (not even their own children’s) and they have less respect for our intelligence.

    The only thing that seems to unite the various warring Muslim factions is their irrational blind hatred for Israel.
    They are unfortunately usually beyond reasoning with.
    It’s easier to have a sensible debate with an orangutan… (or a toddler.)

    You can see the unedited version of this clip at this link:

    • MRH

      So all just Islamic propaganda to further defame Israel?

      P.S. Obvious no vest bomb aspect, as funeral body intact 😉

      • Jacob

        Originally it was posted 2 years ago on YouTube (and probably other media) depicting the human tragedy of the Syrian civil war.

        But tonight I found this on YouTube as a propaganda attempt to defame Israel. (as if the I.D.F. was targeting a funeral procession)

        Besides being outraged at the slanderous blood-libel against Israel, I was further offended at the poster’s attempt to dupe me and the public.
        So I posted a comment there, plus 2 “Reply”s. (Screen-name: Jacob F.)

        I think this is a perfect example of the nature of those low-life fanatical terrorists.

        You can see the aforementioned misrepresented YouTube clip at this link:

        • MRH

          “Originally it was posted 2 years ago on YouTube (and probably other media) depicting the human tragedy of the Syrian civil war.”

          @Jacob: Yeah I saw that from other guys posted links above 😉

          P.S. I guess the correct call is propaganda slander? 💡

  • Nick the Enforcer

    These folks are sub-humans. If it was not for fake WMD’s, and capitalist greed i.e. DoD suppliers, big oil and clandestine drug deals [dare I implicate the CIA, NSA and others] we would have left these animals to their own devices and not had to waste US blood in their God-forsaken lands.

  • Dr Abull all sallah


    • D. Fait

      Allah can’t punish anyone. Allah is a black rock in Mecca.

    • JLB

      Go away,,, Dr. Allyockbar,,,,,, Don’t you have a bomb to build somewhere?

  • Baconator

    I love the smell of fried terrorists in the morning. It smalls like victory. Enjoy the virgins.

    • David K.

      These Hamas, Hezbollah, Jihadist loving Muslim brothers should be happy as they now can “shack-up” with all of those virgins, that “Allah” promises them! 5-10-5!

  • Mickey Oberman

    “Allahu Akbar”


    “Someone bring a broom!”

  • Tony

    Just thought I’d point out something none of you Islamaphobes seemed to notice. The green-white-black flag used by these people is the flag of the Syrian rebels, the ones fighting in the Syrian Civil War against the Assad regime, who started peaceful protests until Assad started bombing them from the sky. These are the same Syrians that the USA is supposedly supportive of in fighting to overthrow another evil dictatorship. FREEDOM!! Isn’t that what you all want? So this bomb was probably planted by an Assad-regime supporter, they were not Islamic terrorists like the article pretends. But instead, you paint them all under the same brush, all muslisms are evil, they’re all terrorists. None of you have any understanding of the complexities of the situation, you just see muslims killing muslims and you celebrate it, ironically while accusing them of celebrating killing and violence too. You’re no better for celebrating the same thing just because you’re “on the other side”.

  • Jack

    Hello, is anybody home. THE BIBLE SAID AND EYE FOR AN EYE. Well this video is God punishing those blood thirsty bastards that have killed so many innocent people and carried exactly out what he said in the bible. Stop sniveling and be glad God does punish the evil people.

  • Robert Clark

    Well, I admit I really enjoyed this one!!! I don’t care who I offend as I feel that Islam is a religion of hate….And where is this guy Ackbod they keep calling for in the video?? LOL

  • Lobo

    “It was so good I watched it ten times!” — Shlomo Feldstein, Rotten Tomatoes

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  • Happyheretic

    It’s ALL superstitious nonsense, including this “End of Times” money making business.

  • Bill C

    A huge assumption was made that the bomb detonated by mistaken oversight of the undertaker. It may just as easily have been one Islamic group targeting another Islamic group – so common lately in that culture. The pall bearers also assumed all was safe, but the attack had all the earmarks of a planned operation.

    • Ispeakthetruth

      Look, here it is.. remove ALL of our troops from these radical retarded countries that all hate Americans anyway (until they need our troops or financial aid) use our troops back home to secure our borders and stop illegal immigration from bankrupting our border states ( oh wait I mean “undocumented workers”) Let Iraq, Iran, and the rest of “I will be greeted in heaven by a 1000 virgins” backward ass terrorist countries blow themselves up without sacrificing one more American life.

  • jobe


  • A Citizen for Justice Without Corruption

    Would you like some FRIES with that ????????

  • Ooops… BOOM… Splat !!!

  • Carnut

    I call bullshiite.
    At 1:23 of the vid, the body of the deceased on the bier is visible, sitting on the ground, on the bier, wrapped in its shroud. The bomb couldn’t have been on the body. There had to be a suicide bomber or an IED that created the blast in the funeral procession.

    • A Citizen for Justice Without Corruption

      I agree, because if you also notice, the board that the body was being hauled away on was in perfect condition… absolutely NO explosive damage to it what so ever, but SOMEBODY blew their rotten butts to allah’s front door step !!!

      Bwaaaaaahahahahaha !!!!


  • s ali

    Bombing from the sky by Israeli force have killed people gathered for funeral in Gaza. …They enjoy striking ambulance hospital and funeral gathering…I wonder when all these are clear how some of you can hide the truth. ..very sad..inhuman heart.

    • A Citizen for Justice Without Corruption

      You AUTOMATICLY ASSUME it was Israel that made mince meat out of those scum bags… chances are more likely 1,000,000 to 1 that the particular MASS MURDERER in this video was none other than OHAMMA HUSSEIN OBAMA.

      Your friend in Washington… and I’m sure he speaks for all of America. As far as speaking for me, he can SHOVE IT.

  • David Greeto

    I almost wet my pants from laughing. Let’s see more from these ***holes.

  • Daz

    mmmmm religion, interesting subject to debate. Having read ALL the comments re this video, everyone who indicates that they “belong” to some religious group/sect etc believes that their “God” is the one “God”. Believes being the operative word. Why on earth would someone believe in a particular religion/God – unless they themselves have been brainwashed by other people who in turn have been told/brainwashed …..etc.
    I wonder where the word “GOD” (in whatever language) came from ….. perhaps we could look to the stars, not the “Heavens”. Perhaps we could consider the possibility that Humans have reached/gone beyond our current levels of technology in the distant (faintly remembered?) past. Perhaps a major disaster, man-made or otherwise, decimated this world but some were able to escape and from time to time re-visited – for whatever reason. (the book of Ezekeil? (spelling) makes interesting reading). I wonder what we, as emerging/uneducated/non-technological etc people would call these “visitors”……. what if, what if…..

    • Wally Parson

      Very well said Daz. I totally agree with you.

  • Jack the Bear


  • Frank


  • Diego Zenizo

    Does the end justifies the means? There’s people who makes God a business, you’ll buun in hell, no doubt!

  • A Citizen for Justice Without Corruption

    PEOPLE –

    Just keep it SIMPLE !!!!

    The overall base response to this video is about PAYBACK and “How do YOU (the terrorists) like it when it happens to YOU).

    These murdering thugs, mirrored after our current Congress and Obama’s Socialist Administration, got just a small taste of the death and mayhem that they themselves give to the world, and now they too can taste the evil.

    Seems simple to me without making a big deal out of it….

  • A Citizen for Justice Without Corruption

    Diana –

    Please take your 8th grade ethics essay and go back home ….

  • Achmed O’Toole

    I ate a ham sandwich and drank a beer while watching this. Made my day.

  • Mike

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Can I draw your attention away from the Bible arguments and to the nature of the video itself? I think the headline for the story stating the funeral director made a mistake by not removing a suicide vest, is entirely wrong.

    At 1:28 of the video you see THE ORIGNAL DEAD BODY still laying on the board, still wrapped in white. If a suicide vest had been used the body would have been cut to shreds. Since it wasn’t, the OBVIOUS reason is that someone used a moldable explosive (e.g. plastique) to build a bomb designed to explode outward, thereby causing the most damage and death among this in the crowd.

    If that’s true (and it is!) then there’s only one reason for this explosion to have taken place. This was Sunni/Shi’ite intra-sectarian violence. Whichever group the dead guy belonged to, the other group got access to the funereal caisson (structure the body lay on) and rigged it to explode.

    So whether the Lord or Satan was in charge of it, the outcome was Muslims killing other Muslims.

    Take a couple of minutes to watch this video critically and you’ll see lots of other interesting things (including the guy running the camera yelling in Arabic, “Death to America”…)

  • A Citizen for Justice Without Corruption

    Funny you should say that …..

    I was eating a Pork Chop wrapped in Bacon while watching the same facinating video !!!

    Too much quality entertainment on the internet these days…….

  • Linda

    This warms my heart.

  • Dkiopl

    Ha ha ha

  • Dkiopl

    It is so righteous. Now if Russia could do the same to themselves.

  • ReligionMeansNoHumanity

    This is just a disgusting gore video. The reality of all of the comments saying they deserved it on either side are ignorant fools. This meaningless battle of religion and land has claimed the lives of innocents for thousands of years, the sad thing is that no matter what changes all of you who are believers in your ‘perfect’ religion can even see this murder as a good thing. Neither of your sides are correct, none of this is okay, and your pointless battle over a “God of Peace and good will” is going to continue on forever as until the battle over the better religion is finally won. Which in almost every case throughout history means the wholesale slaughter of the opposite religion. I ask all of the so called strong believers why you think your “God” is so good if your just going to continue to slaughter each other.

    Here is the reality —- If you took a devote member of every religion and set them all at a table and demanded that they determine which of their religions is correct, all of them argue to the end of time and then leave believing that all the others were heathens and deserve their fate in “hell”. This sheer arrogance should be removed from the world, along with all religions that denounce the beliefs of others and demand a following of the one true ideal.

    Though it will never happen, my opinion is that the world should move on past religion, and realize how horrible it has been for the development of the world historically and presently. Once this concept of religion is finally defeated, the world will take another huge step in the development of peace and humanity.

    Blast this comment all you want, I only ask you to think for just a moment. What would happen if today suddenly there wasn’t any more religion? How many problems would it solve and lives would it save? Before you denounce my opinion take your time to think about those questions.

    • Jacob

      1) A total lack of religion would plunge the world in a downward spiral of immoral and unethical and barbaric behaviour. Bit by bit.

      When humanity no longer possesses a moral anchor, then everybody makes up their own “code of morals” to suit themselves.
      (We can already see much of this phenomenon taking place.)

      2) Just because too many people warp the concept of religion does not mean that religion is no good.

      That would be like saying marriage is no good because “look at how much misery and divorces and tragedies have come out of marriages…”

      Another analogy would be saying that starting your own business is never good because most new businesses fail within 5 years, and so many people have lost their shirts (and lives) because of ruined business ventures.

      3) Interestingly, to the best of my knowledge, there is one branch of religion, that I’m aware of, that does not contain the flaws you mention.

      Judaism, even “Orthodox” Judaism, does not teach or hold of any requirement that non-Jews need to become Jews.
      Anybody can join the fold, but, if somebody was not born a Jew, there’s no need for him/her to convert, or uphold the myriad of laws in the Torah.

      Furthermore, according to the core Jewish belief, even the Messiah that Jews believe in, will not require Gentiles to convert.
      Any future changes regarding Gentile’s religious behaviour and/or beliefs would be voluntary.

      According to the Torah’s teachings, any and every Gentile that keeps the basics of decency and morality will merit paradise in the world-to-come.
      (Anybody can check out “The 7 Noahide laws”)

      And if anybody, Jew or Gentile, violates the responsibilities that pertain to them individually, that’s between that person and GOD.
      Preachers can preach and teachers can teach (and protesters can protest immorality), but beyond that it’s nobody else’s business what people believe in (or do privately).

      Of course, needless to say, if any sin involves harming or hurting other people, then Law-enforcement needs to step in.

      Now, if all people (regardless of religious affiliation) would adopt this “policy”, I think that would make you too a happy camper…

      p.s. All I wrote above is only regarding religions.
      But as for the existence of The Creator, personally I have no doubt.
      I also have no doubt that he wants us to behave ourselves…

    • Piss off you clown. If you can’t tell the difference between raping, murdering Muslims and everyone else then there is no hope for you!

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  • Harry

    I’ve seen some great movies out of Hollywood over the years. This should be up for an Oscar. Great beginning, great middle, fantastic ending.

  • adolf shicklegruber

    jesus i got a good laff from this video
    bring on the new crusades

  • CrissCross
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    to see. We might need an integrated solution out-of-the-box, which would be easy
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