Is Google Manipulating Their Search Engine Results In Hillary Clinton’s Favor?

Now, an explosive video from SourceFed claims that the company – which holds a virtual monopoly on search – is actively altering search recommendations in favour of the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Explosive Video Claims Google Is Manipulating Search Results To Favor Hillary Clinton

Earlier this week, we reported on accusations that Google is in cahoots with the Clinton campaign. Now, an explosive video from SourceFed claims that the company – which holds a virtual monopoly on search – is actively altering search recommendations in favour of the presumptive Democratic nominee.

In the video, SourceFed shows that searches for “Hillary Clinton cri” autocomplete to “Hillary Clinton crime bill,” “Hillary Clinton crisis,” and “Hillary Clinton crime bill 1994.”

Why does this matter? Well, if you compare it to the autocomplete results in competing search engines Bing and Yahoo, the first results are “Hillary Clinton criminal prosecution,” “Hillary Clinton crime,” and “Hillary Clinton criminal investigation.”

Did Google Manipulate Search for Hillary?

This is unlikely to be a coincidence. Search recommendations on Google are supposed to reflect what most people in the world are searching for. And, as the video shows, virtually no-one is searching for “Hillary Clinton crime bill.” In contrast, millions are searching for “Hillary Clinton criminal investigation” — that’s according to Google’s own search trends feature.

The video shows the same pattern occurring when “Hillary Clinton ind” is typed into Google. The first recommendations are “Hillary Clinton indiana” and “Hillary Clinton india.”

On Bing and Yahoo? “Hillary Clinton indictment.”

“The intention is clear” says SourceFed’s Matt Lieberman. “Google is burying potential searches for terms that could have hurt Hillary Clinton in the primary elections over the past several months by manipulating recommendations on their site.”

SourceFed also searched for negative terms associated with Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, including “Donald Trump rac” and “Bernie Sanders soc.” In these cases, Google recommended “Donald Trump racist” and “Bernie Sanders socialist” — just like Bing and Yahoo.

“Google’s bias here is undeniable” says Lieberman.

The video goes on to draw attention to Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s ties to the Clinton campaign, as well as the current Democratic administration — something Breitbart Tech also highlighted in our article earlier this week.

Like Breitbart, SourceFed notes that Schmidt is the founder of campaigning organization “The Groundwork,” the sole purpose of which is to put Hillary Clinton in the White House, by putting Silicon Valley’s technological prowess at the campaign’s disposal.

Google’s “Groundwork” Working for Hillary Clinton’s Campaign – Has ILLUMINATI PYRAMID for a Logo:

Schmidt is also an active adviser to the current administration, serving as the head of the Defence Innovation Advisory Board, which provides tech advice to the Pentagon.

Stephanie Hannon, the Chief Technology Officer of the Clinton campaign, is also a former Google employee.

The remarkable extent of Google’s links to Obama administration are well-documented.Close to 250 people have moved from employment in the White House to employment at Google, or vice-versa. Google’s head of public policy, Johanna Shelton, has made more than 125 visits to the White House.

Obama, incidentally, has just backed Clinton for President. She is widely perceived as the “continuity candidate” who will build on the sitting President’s legacy, in contrast to her more radical opponent, Bernie Sanders. Anyone heavily invested in the political status quo is likely to be heavily invested in the Clinton campaign.

Anyone — or any company.

UPDATE — A Google spokesperson provided Breitbart with the following quote, denying that it manipulated search results to favor Clinton.

Google Autocomplete does not favour any candidate or cause.  Claims to the contrary simply misunderstand how Autocomplete works. Our Autocomplete algorithm will not show a predicted query that is offensive or disparaging when displayed in conjunction with a person’s name. More generally, our autocomplete predictions are produced based on a number of factors including the popularity of search terms.

NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.
  • Marian

    Lyin’ Google!

  • They will also be manipulating the votes…electronic or otherwise when they are cast!

    • Ron

      Most Definitely Sky57 never mind the fact that George Soros owns the very company that has sold the USA our voting machines.

      Conflict of Interest and the vote will be skewed. But even the 18 to 30 year olds would rather vote for Bernie than her, but I don’t know what

      that group will do with Bernie not being the Democratic nominee. I pray The Lord will move them to vote for Trump!

      God’s Will Be Done!

      I do hope The Lord shall show the USA a small respite by having him as president, but our country’s Judgment is still coming.

      When you look at the fact the Sun can shoot a CME ( Coronal Mass Ejection ) in a million different directions and we had one which passed thru

      earths orbital path 1 week ( a hint for happening on the 7 year Trib Maybe? I tend to think so) behind it in 2012 and all the nations leaders

      made massive underground seed vaults at locations all over the world in a very short time especially the one near the arctic circle near Norway

      which is in solid granite and is the largest tells me they are scared to death of CME’s and what they could do to us, and they are taking

      precautions. I am convinced that since North and South America contain 1/3 of all the worlds trees and we are due for Judgment that the 1st

      Trumpet will be a CME directly hitting the both N&S America they will be totally barren and all the surface of these countries and their population

      will be totally wiped out by this Plasma and when the CME hits and around 750 million people will die from this ( 1/4 of them have already been

      killed by seals 1 to 4 so this would be the approximate remainder) The remaining heat from this CME as the plasma loses energy will be hot

      enough and massive enough in BTU (British Thermal Units) content to burn up the remaining world’s green grass. Also when it hits our

      atmosphere it will cause it to scroll back and all the moisture contained there in to fly off into the coldness of near space of over 150 degrees

      below zero and then to form into chunks of hail which will fall back to earth thus fire mixed with hail. This is Brent Miller’s Teaching.

      And it makes perfect sense. When you look at the progression of all 21 plagues of Revelation there is no doubt those Trumpets will

      be heard by the whole world, and God will do it to get People to see it is as Prophecy Said it Will be.

      FIRST TRUMPET: Revelation 8:7 The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.

      God Bless You Sky57

      • I have heard that the www in every web address stands for 666. Maybe Google is just trying to live up to it. Lol 🙂

  • Howdy Y’all, …and the pieces of the puzzle keep falling in place. Now I understand why microsoft came out with windows 8 and 10. I recall being told by microsoft that we would be better served with google chrome rather than internet explorer for a searc engine as our computers would be better safeguarded from hackers. Seems google is the hacker and in cahoots with microsoft. I concur with Skywatcher… expect the voting for president to be skewed towards Clinton…and not to leave the arch enemy of the U.S. George Soros out of the “manipulative” picture. Of yes, I want the rapture to happen soon (like Oct.2-4), but I would like to see my enemies Hilary, George, and Bill Gates all meet their demise first. They all are, after all, enemies of GOD!!! Blessings, BuffaloBilly

    • Lee Rice

      Buffalo Billy, I agree with you totally. The last Prayer in the Bible. Even So, Come Lord Jesus. We are watching a nightmare that many feel is their most perfect life they are attempting to create.They WANT criminal leaders. just like the Jews wanted the Judges. I will live through it while in prayer and under the protection of my Lord and his angels. However, I feel so very very bad for those who think we are wrong and their picture of what is a wonderful world is allowing the demons to rule. I believe, they have been given their chance and are now living in an illusion. They do not wish to know the truth. Even faced with the truth, they are already doomed. Romney stating he will not support Trump makes me sick. He HAD his chance and refused to face Obama with the truth. He LOST HIS ELECTION.

  • A Trober
  • These American progressive sell outs will stop at nothing! The consciousness of God is gone.

    • Don’t despair, Lightship! The consciousness of God isn’t totally gone; we’re still here! Once we’re gone…then it too, will be gone for the most part.

      • Thank’s friend, you’re correct, but its hard being vexed by the sins of the wicked – like righteous Lot!

        • You’re welcome, Lightship. I agree, it is getting more difficult, but as each trial or stinger of persecution comes our way, we can remind ourselves that we are no greater than our Master who lives within us and walks beside us. He promised His children would see persecution and as it comes along, He’ll give us the strength and the courage to welcome it in due season. As we remain faithful to Him throughout it all, we will be accummulating reward crowns that are imperishable and no man can take them away from us. They’re hiccups in the pathway of life that help to develop character within us.

          Each day, remember that there is a host of us praying for you, for all others in God’s family, and for each other. Our great God will not give you or any of us anything that we cannot bear. Welcome the challenges and say, “Lord, I doing this for you, so please help me to learn the lessons that you want me to learn from this experience.” He will! Remember, “A calm sea never made a skilful sailor!” God bless you, Bro!

  • david bacon

    The evil gripping America is truly demonic.

  • john33

    You guys gotta check this stuff from hillsong you cant get it weirder!! they just doing vuduu rituals now!

    • Lee Rice

      Totally frightening. I would leave that church. I hope no children were in the audience.

  • Lee Rice

    John33…The Hillsong is disgusting. Why are people not leaving tht satan worship? Is anyone on here from Hill Song that can explain to us what they are thinking????

  • Lee Rice

    What is going on? I doubt these people are reading the scripture. Do they realize that the evil vision they are watching now and involving themselves in, will be for eternity? They will realize, we were right and they cannot change it. Hell will be more than fire and brimstone. It will be things your minds cannot imagine. God loves us. He does not want to loose one person to Satan. God gave His son to save us. His only son. How many of you would allow your son to be crucified? ‘wake up! God loves us. This is for real people. Just give the Lord a chance.What do you have to loose? Turn your life over to Him. If we are wrong, you will have lived a great life,if we are right, you will BEG to be removed from Hell and it will not be allowed. Please,we love you. Turn your life over to God and Our Lord Jesus Christ. If you wish to go on behaving as you have, ok, take both for a week. See which one gives you more peace. I don;t know what else I can say to convince you. I pray the Holy Spirit talks to you and assists you in accepting that you can be a child of God Himself. Satan is not only ugly, he is not someone you would mess with.

    • Excellent message, Lee Rice! Keep up the great work! The world needs to hear this. God bless you!

  • Gene Klosinski

    I tried GOOGLE search to type in HILLARY CLINTON NEVER…..and got suggestions such as HILLARY CLINTON NEWS,,,,Hillary Clinton Nevada News…..Hillary Clinton Neveda polls….and WHEN i COMPLETELY TYPED IN Hillary Clinton NEVER!, Google suggested ” Hillary Clinton Never Wastes a Good Crisis!”. DISGUSTING!…. and that is not saying ANYTHING about all the pretty Hillary pictures along side her campaign ADS!!
    Gene Klosinski ….South Bend, IN

    • Howdy Gene, You might want to go back to the site where she never wastes a good crisis. That is Hegelian dialect and may show you some interesting things about her. It appears to be and anti-Hilary site from its title. Blessings, BuffaloBilly

    • Gene Klosinski, I don’t know if you’re aware of it or not, but never wasting a good crisis is one of the mottos of the Illuminati/NWO fiends. Their motto is “Order out of Chaos”, and that means, they must use every chaotic situation as a stepping stone to create their NWO agenda, even if it means creating the chaos themselves! Spawn of Satan! As much as these things disturb us, we must allow them to also encourage and bless us, for Jesus said these things must first happen before He returns. He was referring to His Second Coming, for in the Rapture, He doesn’t return to earth, He’s suspended over it in the clouds. Therefore, that means our evacuation is very close at hand…closer today than it was yesterday!

      Folks, let me encourage you a step further…”Glance at your circumstances; stare at the Savior”! God bless you, Gene et al!

  • CHAR

    John33, thanks for the video. Looks more like a Satanic, witchcraft ritual than His crucifixion. On their credits did it say, written and choreographed by Satan? Should have!

  • JA

    Sky watcher.. I like that “glance at your circumstances, stare at the Savior”… And yes I agree that we, the church,the bride, will be out soon… I always say that too that each day that passes is one day closer to finally seeing and being with our Blessed Hope face to face… Finally!!… Oh I can’t wait!.. I’m ready to leave this sick,sinful know that feeling, that deep empty feeling in your gut when u get homesick.. Ya I have been experiencing that quite a bit.. ready to go home.. where we belong.

  • CHAR

    JA, I think MOST everyone on this website and many others feel the same way you do. I look at the sky at night and think maybe we will be with the Lord before morning, but it’s not the appointed time yet, so we go on about our day, hoping it will be tomorrow, but someday IT WILL HAPPEN and we will forever be with our Lord and Savior! Can’t wait either, especially when we get up and read more horrible news that we know is prophecy! See you in the air real soon, JA and all those who are waiting for that Blessed Hope!

  • I noticed that awhile back that google was doing that, google has also been making comments disappear, articles disappear, of course google would be supporting Hillary , a liar and so they are too. They believe that if you tell a lie enough and keep repeating it eventually ppl will believe the lie, it is just another motto among many of the Illuminati and NWO elites. Soon, Christ Jesus will come back as King of Kings and Judge and they will not be able to hide from Him. Glory, honor and praise to Jesus Christ forever, I will forever give Him glory and praise for He alone is worthy!

  • Ron S

    This is why I never use google to search, (nor will I use the word google as a verb). I’ve been using Duck Duck Go, and have no complaints about it at all.

  • Len
    • I could see the “666” quite easily. There are many corporations that are also using very cleverly designed satanic numbers and signs that most will not pick up on or recognize! The “O” in Oil of Olay is one. I could list a host of others, but all one has to do is watch closely! Google Chrome is being pushed at me quite hard since I upgraded my ‘puter. That’s another VERY EVIL little piece that we ought not to be using, especially if one values their privacy at all! Thanks, for sharing that, Len!

  • Len

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