Google Glass To Advance Mark Of The Beast World System

The person next to you isn’t just a commuter any more, they’re a Google agent...
Private: Co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin models Google glasses before the Diane Von Furstenberg fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Spring Fashion Week in New York

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We believe that the mark of the beast spoken of in the bible is an actual mark, and more than that, it will part of a worldwide system. It will be a system in which every person is under constant, 24 hour surveillance, and it will as the bible says, either grant or deny you the abilty to conduct financial transactions –

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16,17

Google and countless other technology companies are working overtime at a pace never seen before in world history to create this coming system that the Antichrist will takeover when he arrives on the scene. Don’t believe it? Just look into the camera and smile…you’ll get the picture soon enough.

From Daily Mail UK: They look like something you’d see at a Star Trek convention, perhaps worn with a pair of fake pointy ears. And that’s entirely fitting, given that these high-tech specs are about to propel us into a sci-fi future few could have  envisaged a decade ago.

Google Glass has had the tech world giddy with excitement since it was unveiled nearly a year ago. Last week, at the South By Southwest technology convention in Austin, Texas, a Google designer gave the first demonstration to a rapt audience.

This remarkable new innovation represents the advance guard of what Silicon Valley is banking on being the next great step in our addiction to the internet: ‘wearable computing’.

Apple and Samsung are working on smart watches, Google is developing talking shoes, but nothing compares to these head-mounted ‘glasses’ that can shoot video footage, search the internet or send an email, all at the command of their wearer’s voice.

To look at, they are nothing special, certainly rather nerdy, but put them on and you are immersed in what the experts like to call ‘augmented reality’.

But what exactly is augmented reality?

Each pair of glasses is fitted with a miniaturised camera and web browser which displays digital information on a tiny screen — a clear plastic block the width of a pencil — just in front and slightly above a wearer’s eye.


Private: Co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin models Google glasses before the Diane Von Furstenberg fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Spring Fashion Week in New York

The arm of the headset, which sits near the wearer’s temple, acts as a touch pad. By sliding your finger up and down it, you can scroll through the text visible in your eyepiece. To select something on the screen, the user simply taps the headset.

The device is also fitted with a tiny speaker, microphone and motion sensors which interpret commands based on the wearer’s head movements.

Google Glass does everything a smartphone does without the bother of having to pull it out of your pocket and fiddle with the controls. Text messages and emails can be dictated by voice command and then read back on the screen to check that the computer has  heard — and spelt — everything correctly.

Want to catch up on the news? Wearers can see headlines and pictures and have full stories read back to them simply by tapping the frame of their glasses.

Wear them while driving and the glasses’ in-built GPS system will identify your location and give you turn-by-turn directions via Google Maps. Ask the glasses a question and the answer will pop up on screen.

At the Texas convention, the Google representative gave an in-depth demonstration showing how, in addition to voice commands, simple eye movements can also be used to control the device. Looking up activates the screen and gentle head motions allow you to scroll through various different programmes.

The technician took a photo of the packed audience and then asked his glasses how to say ‘thank you’ in Japanese.

Google Glass is expected to go on sale by the end of this year at an estimated price of $1,500 (£995). Already, tech junkies have shown themselves willing to pay even more.

When someone claiming to be testing Google Glass offered their device for sale on eBay this month, bidding went as high as $16,000 (£10,610). The auction was cancelled only when it became clear that the opportunistic vendor didn’t yet have the device.

Google has allowed only a trusted few volunteer guinea pigs to try out the glasses, which they insist are still in development. Those who have put these early prototypes through their paces have generally been impressed — with a few caveats.

The screen, they say, is distracting because, when you are trying to get on with other tasks, you are always tempted to look up at it.

Those who normally wear glasses have also reported difficulties in reading the screen. Google says it is working on a spectacles-compatible version and Google Glass contact lenses are surely only years away.

Wearers also report feeling self-conscious while wearing them. They certainly are not the most chic of options. Google says it is working on that, too — by collaborating with trendy spectacles manufacturers to make  later Google Glass designs more attractive.

Some reported that the glasses made friends and family feel uncomfortable. How can you be sure the Google Glass wearer you are talking to is actually paying attention — and not checking the sports results popping up on his screen?

But of all the promised features of these spectacular specs, it is the glasses’ ability to take pictures and shoot video footage and upload it instantly to the internet that is proving most disturbing.

Some fear candid camera snooping will become all too easy when no one realises that the person simply looking in their direction is actually filming them.

And it gets worse

According to Google  co-founder Sergey Brin, the company plans to have Google Glass fitted with an automatic picture-taking mode, snapping photos at pre-set intervals. This could be as often as every five seconds.

While people may rightly worry about being photographed without their knowledge or permission, such fears pale into insignificance when you consider the true extent of the insidious reach of Google Glass.

Time and again, Google has proved that it has no time for that quaint old concept called ‘privacy’

You may already have been filmed unknowingly by someone with Google Glass — one of those lucky guinea pigs hand-picked to try out the developing technology. If not, rest assured you soon will be. A growing number of industry insiders say we should all be very worried.

Scott Cleland, an internet analyst, told me ‘creepy’ Google Glass technology represented the ‘ultimate escalation of Google’s privacy invasion’.

He says: ‘Say you’re huddled in Starbucks with your spouse and someone next to you is recording your conversation on Google Glass. Remember, the glasses have no storage capacity so all the information goes directly back to Google’s huge data centres.’

Nick Pickles, of the UK privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch, says Google Glass ‘makes CCTV cameras look trivial . . . the person next to you isn’t just a commuter any more, they’re a Google agent’. source – Daily Mail UK


NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.
  • Never ends till it ends with Gods punishments which are already upon us but will come in full force

  • According to this report, these glasses can upload

    video instantly to the Internet. But at the same time

    there very distracting, you’re always looking up at

    them, while doing tasks. I just wonder how many

    people waring these glasses will be involved in car

    crashes, this might be a generation that videos there

    own demise live on U. TUBE. …But hay, it’s ok folks !

    It’s all in the name of progress !

  • We have seen the fulfillment of prophecy in many of the technological changes in recent years. The stage has been set and awaits the arrival of the Antichrist. It has been amazing to watch it happen. I remember when prophecy was read and we wondered how these things could happen. And now we are seeing the very inventions that can make it happen. smoke and mirrors.

  • Its coming at alarming speed, soon the antichrist will be revealed the 7 year peace deal

    • The 7 year peace deal will either happen when O will go to Israel (but i don’t think so) last week the new pope reached out to Israel and i think this could probably happen at the earliest of June…. Did anyone happen to notice that a crescent moon was atop of the Basilica this week… RCC and Islam is this a sign of the one world religion….

  • I don’t have to stand on the fence anymore about who is the way, the truth, and the life! Praise God, because Jesus saved me out of the hands of a murderous rapist, and from the flames of hell that were coming up all around me as I was dying!!!! The man killing me saw Jesus beside me as I cried out in my mind to God to help me. I could not scream it out because he was strangling me! I told God that I would try to find out who he was if HE would SAVE ME FROM THE HELL AND DEATH I WAS ABOUT TO ENTER.

    The Man let go of me and was screaming for me to let his arm out of my car window! He said, “Let my arm out of this window, let my arm out! You win, You Both Win!”
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    I heard a man’s voice strong and commanding speak next to me from the passenger seat. I looked at the seat but saw no one. The man was staring at the passenger seat next to me screaming his head off like he had seen a ghost!!! The voice told me to roll down the window only a little bit to let his arm out. It was an audible voice! I rolled down the window just enough for him to scrape his arm out. The man ran in front of my car and stooped down to look at the passenger side seat again. He stood up and threw his arms out to his sides and spun around screaming!

    The man got back in his car and I tried to start mine but I flooded it because I was terrified! He saw I couldn’t get it started and got back out of his car and started walking toward my car. The voice spoke again and said, “You had better call on ME again, because this man does not believe what he has seen and will tear the roof off this car to get you out!” I had a convertable vw! I Screamed, ” GOD START THIS CAR!” I tried starting it just before he got to my car again and it started!!!!!!

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    It was Psalm 43! As the deer pants for the water so I pant for YOU OH MY GOD!…… He told me to call Connie and tell her what had happened to me. I dialed the phone to call Dillards and Connie answered the first department I called!!!!!!!!! I told her that I had met this Jesus she was talking to me about! She asked me to come and pick her up so I could tell her everything! She cried as I told her the whole story!

    She invited me to a prayer meeting that night and guess who was the leader of that prayer meeting at the college? He has been my husband now for 35 years!!!!! Jesus took my life and made it new and has guided me like a loving Father for all these years!!!! No doubt about it!!!!! JESUS IS LORD of HEAVEN AND EARTH!!! I pray you will find HIM as I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unfortunately, two girls died after me and the murderer/ rapist is in a Texas prison! An uncle of mine told me that the man was in a Texas prison. I moved away 2 years after that happened to me with my husband to New Mexico where my husband found a job. I pray he repents before he dies in prison because Hell is forever!!!

  • god blessed you?

  • I wonder if that’s possible,every one I know as a cell phone and they track you that’s way los angeles alone there are 300k people living on the street and probably across the country 10 million of same,how in the heck can a system document and photograph that many people encluded are just regular folk,for my
    point,there are something that aren’t clear,this mission is to large for any government unless there something not being covered.poland 1943!!

  • Yes!!!!! God has continued to bless me through years of trials and testings to refine my faith in HIM! I am in the process of writing a book about all the things God has done for me and my family these 37 years! I was 19 years old when Christ saved me out of a murderer/ rapist hands! I have had angels appear in my home, children raised out of impossible death situations, healed from impossible accidents which severed bones and muscles and tendons, Jesus has appeared in dreams to talk to me, angels have talked to me in dreams, etc………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus has been a very present help in many troubled times in my life!!! He’s delivered me like King David from soooooooooooo much!!!!!! I’m blessed out of my socks all the time!!!!!!!! I Love Jesus with all my heart! He’s mighty to save and deliver!!!!!!

  • jill

    Deb..I just wanna say that is an awesome testimony!!!!!!!! I have been going through hell these last 3 yrs and I’m trying to find my way back to Jesus. I got saved in ’05.. felt the Holy Spirit numerous times and I haven’t felt that in a little while. I’ve been living in a sin that I haven’t been able to break free from.. but I realize I have to walk away from it because I know my relationship with Jesus is the most significant one in my life and/or anybody’s life for that matter.!!

    Thanks for posting those awesome testimonies… and may God bless you even more so. Please pray for me Deb that the Lord will speak to me in some way and tell me what to do.!!

    Hallelujah Jesus!!!


  • I see a lot of people get confused about the mark of the beast. the mark of the beast it is not a micro chips that going to implant inside your body, its more like the Sunday law there would be a choice whether you want to obey of God law or human

    • The Bible says it is a physical mark on the back of the right hand or the forehead. If what you said was true, the mark would have been on everyone the moment they were born since the days of Adam and Eve. We have that choice now. Read the book of Revelation.

  • Jill, I will certainly pray for you to be delivered from what ever sin has a hold of you! Jesus is faithful to forgive and cleanse us from all sin through His precious blood sacrifice and resurrection! All you have to do is stand before Him and forgive anyone who has done wrong to you so that your prayers and mine will not be hindered and reach heaven.

    The bible says that God will not hear your prayers and they will be hindered if you stand praying with unforgiveness in your heart toward anyone. I felt the Holy Spirit wanted me to tell you this! You may need to ask the Lord to show you anyone to forgive. It could even be yourself or God Himself.

    I have prayed for lots of people for deliverance from bondage and sin where they needed to renounce the occult, abortion, lies, fortune teller visits, wiji board playing, fornication, adultrey, homomsexual fornication, stealing, not paying taxes or bills, etc… Any of these things and more can block the power of God from coming to you to set you free! The devil has rights also and God will not cross even his rights if a person refuses to come clean and repent!

    Most of the time when a person has tried over and over to be free from some besetting sin or bad sinful habit it’s because they have not really repented or confessed it to anyone who can pray the prayer of deliverance for them to be free. Alot of times God will set a person free as they become broken before Him in true repentance on their own without anyone else involved.

    My husband I prayed for a woman who had a legion of demons like the bible talked about in the new testament. The demons would not come out until the Lord gave me a word of knowledge about her not paying her taxes and bills she owed for her electricity and phone etc… She was robbing the government according to the Lord and the bible. We are to pay Ceasar what is due him and pay God what is due him! She promised to come clean with all of the things God showed me and pay her taxes and Bills! The demons came screaming out of her and she was set totally free! She had also gone to a fortune teller which is the sin of idolatry and witchcraft. God forbids us from seeking after other gods like fortune telling and witchcraft etc…The demons entered her when she went to see the fortune teller! She also had to forgive some people. To stay free she had to stay in the word and continue to seek Jesus through christian fellowship.

    We have seen healing take place through deliverance prayer too! The reason some people don’t get free or healed is because of some of the blocking things I have mentioned above. Reading the word of God helps to build faith in a person to receive their deliverance or healing also. It’s critical to fill yourself with the scriptures to stay free or to get deliverance and healing. Forgiveness toward others is very very important in receiving deliverance and healing etc…

    I hope this info. has been helpful to you Jill and I will be standing with you in prayer!!! God bless You!

  • The Worldwide system is already here for the past decades. It is called the Worlwide Web, the Internet. The worldwide system is simply, CONNECTIVITY. Everything is becoming interconnected. Television stations, radio stations will all move to the Internet broadcasting system, been cable tv will do the same. Cars are becoming interconnected to the web, shoes by Nike are connected, wristwatches are now too. Banks are there on the web transacting already. The system is already in place, if you are waiting for another system you are wasting your time. The 666 or www or interconnected world system is here firmly. The Mark of the beast is the portal that connects you to the web to become interconnected. At the moment, the variation of this portal is your mobile phone in your hand and the google glass that will seat on your face (head) when it is released. These variations will evolve into other form factors that perform the same functions or a bit more

  • You are not half saved, you are fully headed to hell. Accept Jesus as your savior now and put your faith in Him. He is your only hope.

  • maria, its all balderdash, its all made up by jews and romans, load of crap,see video then you will understand

  • thank you marie, but you don,t fully understand, jesus will return, i have spoken ,with him, he sent a message threw me to abductees, which i was reluctant to publish, as i never believed in jesus, the words he said was this, tell abductees to say when confronted, in the name of jesus christ go away, and they will, this was from a person standing behind me, when i turned their was no one their? what was surprising ,was i don,t believe in aliens, maybe pastor steve laurie is right, i should be on psychotic drugs,

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