On Eve Of GOP Convention, Bush Family Decides To Throw Weight Behind Hillary Clinton

Now you are seeing the "real" Bush family, and what a bunch of scheming liars they really are. They will not support the GOP nominee Donald Trump because he is not part of their New World Order elites club. So by withholding support for Trump in November, they are in fact helping to elect Crooked Hillary Clinton.

In any race that has only two candidates, refusing to support one of them is a defacto endorsement for the other, and this is exactly how the Bush family is planning on working to elect Hillary Clinton as president.

Jeb Bush, when he ran against Donald Trump for the nomination, took a pledge that he would support whoever it would be of the 17 people running who finally became the nominee. When the dust settled, Donald Trump emerged victorious. Jeb Bush has now decided to break his promise to support the nominee. His brother and father have also decided, for the first time in their political lives, to withhold their votes and support of the Republican nominee.

For the first time since his own presidency, George H.W. Bush is planning to stay silent in the race for the Oval Office — and the younger former president Bush plans to stay silent as well.

Bush 41, who enthusiastically endorsed every Republican nominee for the last five election cycles, will stay out of the campaign process this time. He does not have plans to endorse presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, spokesman Jim McGrath told The Texas Tribune.

Jeb Bush promising to support Donald Trump if he became the nominee:

“At age 91, President Bush is retired from politics,” McGrath wrote in an email Wednesday. “He came out of retirement to do a few things for Jeb, but those were the exceptions that proved the rule.” His son Jeb Bush dropped out of the GOP presidential race in February.

Jeb Bush: ‘I will not vote for Donald Trump’

Bush 43, meanwhile, “does not plan to participate in or comment on the presidential campaign,” according to his personal aide, Freddy Ford.

Here is Jeb! Bush’s official statement regarding why he will neither endorse Trump or vote for him in November:

In November, I will not vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but I will support principled conservatives at the state and federal levels, just as I have done my entire life. For Republicans, there is no greater priority than ensuring we keep control of both chambers of Congress. I look forward to working hard for great conservatives in the Senate and House in the coming months. read entire statement

Now you are seeing the “real” Bush family, and what a bunch of scheming liars they really are. They will not support the GOP nominee Donald Trump because he is not part of their New World Order elites club. So by withholding support for Trump in November, they are in fact helping to elect Crooked Hillary Clinton.

And if you, like the Bush family, are a Conservative who won’t vote for Donald Trump in November, you are also working to elect Hillary Clinton. It makes no difference if you say that you are voting for no one, a “no vote” for Trump only serves to help Hillary become the next president.


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  • The World is changing. The days of old of pushing the can down the road will not work. It is a disgrace when Republicans do not back the nominee. I wonder if the missing 2.5 trillion missing before 911 is part of the reason. We are missing 9trillion from the Fed. Where is the outrage?

    • eve

      Jeb is a spoiled brat. He has has craw in his pants cause Trump talked about his mama. Whin whin. That’s OK you bushes are showing your true colors.yellow

      • Jeb’s a wimpy cry baby, Send Jebbie a pacifier. The other two are po’d because the cash cow has stopped giving milk.

    • What happens AFTER this farce of an ‘ election’, meaning, what we the people DO in response to it will redefine We the People … All of this other stuff is just a formality.
      Sho i hear the bells of IMPEACHMENT playing in the background?

      • The real issue is not who did what or who is voting for whom. The real issue is what we plan to DO about it….

    • Read “Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty” and you will understand why they won’t attend and will help Hillary. George W. acted like he was hitting the bottle at the Dallas memorial for the fallen policemen. George H.W. Bush couldn’t remember where he was the day JFK was murdered. All these RINOS that didn’t show up will hopefully lose their office and/or place in our lives! #WomenForTrump

    • Patricia, I wholeheartedly agree. This is childish behavior from the Bushes, and Jebel in particular seems to be doing this out of spite. I really hope they have a change of heart and unite with their party before the convention ends.

      I love what Jan brewer says – she doesn’t agree with everything regarding trump but 14 million voted for him, he beat out 16 rivals and he’s the choice, so she will back him. If another candidate was chosen she’d back them too. It’s wrong for the party to not be united, esp with so much on the line.


      • I love and respect the Bush family. I thought Jeb or Marco would wind up being president, but no one expected a Donald Trump to enter the race and echo the frustration and anger of the American people of not being heard, no increases in income, higher taxes by a liberal socialist president Obama, and republicans unable to get through the democrat wall in congress to get much done. After the last 8 years of repression BY the government, us dumb blue collar workers, us non-college educated citizens (that’s quoting democrats about the Trump voters) liked hearing Trump say what we are thinking and feeling. He is rough around the edges, an Irish street fighter construction man, but he is loyal and kind and really loves America and wants to help this country get back on track….maybe even may wish to do TOO much for American, since he USED to be a democrat and is conservative/centrist who just might be able to get things done without the red tape, by speaking directly rather than all the Obama eloquent excess words spoken daily. I hope that the Bush family plans to, at the last moment, vote for the republican party. I know Trump was ungentlemanly during the primary campaigns, but it’s the only way he knew to knock out 16 competitors, and he IS just Donald, for sure. But there IS good in that man and compared to Hillary, I will vote for him and the republican morals and principles of those good republicans in Congress that are left, and keep our conservative views, but newly open minded to compromise, and learn how to TELL the world when we DO get something good done, rather than think republican voters KNOW what is happening. Democrats yell their accomplishments and challenges won to the house top. Even though the mainstream media is liberal, yell republican accomplishments to the rafters as loud as you can, fly over and drop flyers off, whatever it takes to SHOW America that the party of “fairness and balance” still exists, and USE your power over the money to curb unnecessary spending. Let young minds in Congress help find ways to go through all the programs and waste and clean it up especially in the IRS and EPA, and then turn the Education of our children BACK to each state to handle without federal interfering.

  • Dale Winans

    Jeb is just a sore loser. He needs to stop acting like a petulant child throwing a temper tantrum because they didn’t get a piece of candy. Jeb made a promise to support the eventual nominee. Well that nominee is Donald Trump. Keep your promise, Jeb! Or remove yourself from the Republican Party! Typical Bush, acting like a spoiled brat!

    • dale, you are right about that, he is upset that he got beat by Trump, it is beneath him in his own mind and is an embarrassment for him.

    • You are correct sir. Trump permanently damaged ole jeb and the name trump gave him will stick for the rest of his low energy life. Jeb should be work wit LA raza .

      • Maybe; but the Bush’s own actions are making them damaged goods. I read on another website the ’28’ pages leaking out in the RNC Convention. It’s not only going to be Hillary for prison!!

    • Gene Klosinski

      Perfectly said! (sad)

      • You ain’t seen nothing yet. I am scared as hell of these folk! And I am not going to enjoy my country that I fought for because never have they solved JFK’s murder. How can I give my life again when it was attempted to be taken by there drafting me. I have just the grim reaper to fear and thru Jesus there is no fear of anything. It is sad to know most everything I do know is wrong and the key to all is math to which am very bad. So tripping the light fantastic thru love and peace with Jesus has freed me more than money and promises from man made organizations. I have had it only one way out and do not take the first lift. Save your soul and go thru and with Jesus.

  • He is disgraceful for lying, he came against Trump at that first debate for not raising his hand and then when Trump did pledge to support whoever the republican nominee is and now that it is Trump, Bush lied and won’t hold the pledge he hypocritically judged Trump for not pledging to in the first place. I personally believe this entire family, the bushes are insane by demons that indwell them, George w dancing to the ‘battle hymn of the republic’ at that dallas memorial for police officers and blowing air kisses to michael was a mockery and insanity. They are nuts!

    • Dale Winans

      EXACTLY! Jeb is just another liar. I guess he’ll fit right in with Hillary.

    • Grace, glad you also took note that Bush 43 was dancing to the “battle hymn of the republic’ at the Dallas memorial. I thought it was shameful and disgusted an ex president to do that. It seems he does not care how much lives had been lost and how much it had cost the US in the wars.
      The whole Bush families are disgusted for their behavior.

    • Satan

      Don’t blame us for this. We have been behind you since Reagan. Donald Trump is perhaps not our greatest achievement but, you know, we handed you greatness and you chose a man who would enjoy sexual relations with his own child. You had your chance to pick a winner in our masterpiece Ted Cruz. You dropped the ball. Don’t go claiming our minions had anything to do with your exercise of free will. You made this Monster Dr Frankenstein. Don’t start crying because it is now going to destroy you. Be seeing you. Soon.

      • D Arthur

        Don’t worry about us. We Americans picked the right choice in Trump! I’m loving it too because all you liberals sarcastically pleaded with us to choose Trump as some sort of reverse psychology because you libtards fear him. We’re fine! It’s you guys who are fearing the end!

        • Do you believe in “right” President? You shouldn’t. All of them are Satanists.

  • CrissCross

    Revisionist History: The Jesuits founded America! As told by the Victors 😮
    …(Off-topic, but worth reading)

  • mary kiineavy

    what a family of buttholes becase jeb dropped out of the running like a cry baby now they decide not to vote for mr trump they are the worst of the worst

  • Totally agreed! I may not like Trump in all his ways but I’ve never like a president 100%. Sad but true. Ill be voting to keep Hilary OUT!


  • If the Bush’s don’t want Trump to be President, all the more reason to vote for Trump. When you dig below the surface, neither Bush did what was best for America. Bush Sr. got us involved in U.N. Agenda 21. The other one got us in evolved in two no win wars, that not only got our soldiers killed, put us way in debt, but helped the Military Complex get rich. Even Chaney’s old company, Halliburton made a fortune from the two wars. Neither one closed our southern Border with Mexico.

  • They are all elitists and they are ALL in this together… bush/clinton/obama/trump… all are puppets, but the sheeple are blind…

    More End Time News At:

  • Pa

    Jeff was always very weak.

  • Mary Hillenburg

    You are right! They (the Bush’s and other govt elites worldwide) who are all NWO elites who belong to the Satanic Bohemian Grove pedophile group.. They need Evil Hillary to push forward their agenda to destroy USA and bring in NWO and one world religion. Stay in God’s Word! HE is our only Hope!

  • CHAR

    Well, to the three stooges (Bush Boys), so much for loyalty to your party! Like Dale Winans says, Jeb is a sore loser. Nanana, he says, if I can’t win, I’m not playing. Just shows the public what they really are, which we already had a big suspicion of.

  • I am disgusted and disappointed with the whole Bush family. I am sorry that I voted for any of them. I can’t believe that they are now going to take their toys and go home. So much for loving the people of the USA, We the people. Did you ever care for this country???

  • This only PROVES that the “evil man” who has used the Bush Family, The Clinton Family and The Obama Family as his PUPPETS is George Goros. Soros “tells” WHAT TO DO, WHEN TO DO IT AND HOW HIGH TO JUMP! Soros has given MILLIONS to those three families dating back 40 years ago starting when Slick Willie was Governor in Arkansas. These THREE Corrupt families have been “bought and paid for” by Soros and he has really been the evil behind them and hurt our Country for so very long. Soros is the main reason we now have the “terrorist” group called “Black Lives Matters”. He has given them MILLIONS to do their evil deeds… To me, BLM is just like the vile KKK!

    • Nice sum up! I absolutely agree, but am so disappointed in the Bush family. Just shows we can never really know what these fakes or opportunists really think. Elitists hate the rest of us, unless we bow and scrape!

  • Anyone who calls themselves conservative and does not vote for Trump (and he is not my favorite person) will be putting Hillary (a cheat, a liar, a despicable person) in the position of being our next president…God help us all…a third term Obama!

  • If this is true, I will no longer support the trashy Bush family. Shame Shame Shame on you.


    Here is my perspective: Mr Trump loves America and wants to “give back” to his country while Hillary, the Bushes and others love themselves.

    Trump angers those who pull the strings because he is not attached to any of them. Egomaniacs that cannot get their ways are like the “spoiled brats” that do likewise.


  • CHAR

    Margaret Lovett, one thing we can count on, that if none of those (Bushes, Clinton’s or Soros) repent of their vile corruption they are perpetrating, then they will be forever in the pit of hell to think about their sinful lives while they were here and able to follow the Lord, but refused. The Day of Reckoning is right around the corner for them! Sad, but true.

  • Jebby has killed any chance of EVER being elected to ANY elected office. Congrats Jebby! America is DONE with you AND your Family.

  • This is questionable reporting. I doubt that GW Bush and Son would ever support Criminal Hillary. This is appearing to me as sensationalist journalism.

    • My articles does NOT say that any of the Bushes are voting for Hillary. But what it DOES say is that by not supporting Trump, they are helping to elect Crooked Hillary. And THAT’S a fact.

      • Trump is unfit to be president and the Bush family knows this. Trump said horrible things about all the candidates .You call Hillary crooked but Trump is the one who is crooked and has a mental disorder. I say Thank you to the Bush family.

        • Larry/vietnamvet1971

          Sorry, I am going to say out right you are Full of BS, Balderdash, Factoids. DUH in politics people always say terrible things about each other not nice BUT reality, some are lies BUT again in hillarys case all TRUTH. I guess the Bush family thinks America still needs them. NOPE, We sure don’t. The Bush family is Has Been now it is time for them to fade into the sunset.

          GO Trump.

  • Tim

    Guess they don’t want trump to find thier crimes they committed while they were in office. If Hilary gets elected they have enough on her to keep her quiet. And the George’s are probably both senile. Jeb is just crying because he didn’t get his way

  • cathy

    the Bush family is Illuminati puppets , the old man bush said it was time for the new world order, and of course they are for Hillary, she also is a Illuminati 4 level witch for the new world order,

  • jackie

    Hey, Jeb is sweating Trump exposing his part in the drug running operation out of Mena AK in the 80’s. These 2 dynasties go way back, and have been playing politics while covering each others asses, for years.

  • Rawb

    Seriously? You guys want Trump to be president? I’m no fan of Jeb but I can respect his decision not to support a racist, ignorant, narcissist for president.

  • Aaron

    Again, you are promoting idolatry of politicians or presidential candidates above the clear teachings of Scripture. We are not to get involved AT ALL in politics. Jesus didn’t get involved in politics at all when He was on the earth, and seeing as He is our example, what Scriptural basis do you have for getting so involved in politics yourself and encouraging other Christians to do likewise? You need to stop with this idolatry of the political sphere and the nation-state of the USA, because the USA has already been pre-ordained to fall to bring about the NWO, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it because God Himself prophesied that the NWO will come about to bring about the Antichrist’s reign in multiple Scriptures. If you fight against this, you are fighting against God and His prophetic will, and you will be the one who turns out the worse for wear. Repent!

    • Wendy

      Aaron, I agree with most of what you said.

      I enjoy this site but am currently having trouble with the main focus on politics continually and all the negativity. Now, I fully realize that these are the end days and that this country is on an out-of-control, freewheeling spin towards destruction as an apparent judgement of the Lord. (We so deserve it!)

      HOWEVER, Scripture says that we are to think on things that are pure and lovely! Isn’t there ANYTHING, Geoff, that fills prophecy that doesn’t feel like another sad blow to the gut?!?

    • I completely agree with Rawb, Aaron, and Wendy! How can you promote that followers of Jesus compromise their values to vote for a person like Trump? I don’t like Hillary either, but I’m certainly not willing to sacrifice my conscience on the altar of Donald Trump!

      You’re basically telling Christians to vote for the lesser of two evils…we shouldn’t vote for evil at all. We struggle enough with evil in our daily lives and fail in our struggles with temptation as it is…but to put our hearts on the line just because we don’t see any other options, that’s not faith. That’s not trusting that God has this in His control. That’s not allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us. That’s why it’s so important to keep our eyes on Jesus, and to preach the Gospel to ourselves daily, as a reminder of who He is and why we need Him. That’s why we need to constantly pray that God will help us with our unbelief, even though we believe…because there’s a constant battle within us to control our own lives, instead of giving God our hearts and minds, and allowing His Holy Spirit to guide us to love Him and to love people with our actions and words, and leave the details up to Him. Please, do not make the mistake of leading people astray, for the sake of politics.

      • Steven Mallory

        What if it is God’s will that Trump become president? Since I don’t know God’s mind, I can’t say WITH AUTHORITY what He thinks. Maybe it is time to think on the fact that all this blustering about what God is going to do/not do would be better spent in prayer and repenting on the hubris of claiming to know God’s mind. Seems like there is far to much of that here on this comment section.

  • Leona Quigley

    Mark Jeb a liar just like Crooked Hillary. He broke his promise to support the Republican nominee and it happens to be Trump, not Jebby. Waa waa waa. Take your toys and go home along with the rest of your Bushes. You ALL stink to the heavens with your NWO ideas anyway. Good riddance–you make me nauseated to think I ever voted for ANY of you. Now that I see your true colors, I am glad to see your true motives. You do not love America–you have used her. You only love yourselves and what you can get out of America and her people. I am so sad to think we were so gullible to believe your charades. I think GOD has prepared special places for liars and cheats like you. Your “rewards” will come unless you truly repent, come clean from your sins, and trust JESUS CHRIST as your Savior before it’s too late.

  • Y’all are absolutely hilarious! Never liked the Bushs but at least they are not being hypocritical like the other fools that put party before the nation.

    • Larry/vietnamvet1971

      You just dropped a load of Baloney, Laughing get over it the Bush family is History and are showing they have NO Class, go vote for hillary.

  • Sandra Shoop

    I want to take back my votes for the Bushes when they won! What turds they turned out to be! Jeb needs to get out of politics, and go somewhere where he can prepare himself for Jihad….Because if Hillary gets in, we will ALL be under the machete!

  • faye reed

    to think I actually voted for both Georges makes me sick to my stomach. Their true colors are shining through. What traitors they are. George W. you are A fake and I take back anything I said good about you.


  • I cannot stand the Bush family. They are irredeemably tainted for the horrors W. visited upon our nation and the world But it is good to see them making SOME attempt at redemption by refusing to support a bigot, misogynist, bankrupt hate monger.

  • Wendy

    People, people! Family of God! Is this site being visited by and increasingly commented on by the apostate Laodician church??
    Because I’m not reading much in the way of following Scripture here with y’all!

    Don’t forget that GOD places all rulers in power for his purposes…and tells us to PRAY FOR THEM……not to compound our sin by not only failing to do that, but by slandering them too!

    And trust me, I preach here to myself as well….thank you Holy Spirit!~~~~~

  • Mike

    The republicans who refuse to support Trump all attained their positions how? The people voted for them and they were put in office. Trump was elected as the GOP “presumptive” candidate, and now they want to sabotage it! Apparently, the voice of the people doesn’t matter anymore. If they are against Trump, they are against the people who likely voted for them when they won office. Looks like the Bushs are giving America the finger!!!

  • Linda Rogers

    This just really shows WE THE PEOPLE who the bush’ s are !

  • Mal

    I voted for George HW Bush and for George W Bush. In retrospect maybe that was a mistake. I am very upset that they will not support Donald Trump. He wasn’t my first choice but is a thousand times better than the liar and crook Hellary.

  • Larry Allen

    Sorry that I voted for them…(all three) George (Presidential); George HW (Presidential) and Jeb (Presidential Primary)…They are not what I expected of them, but politics always seems to show its FACE, whether good or bad. By the way, Trump has my vote….

  • There is no longer a two party system. Just the “Establishment” determined to implement their “New World Order”. Before long, we will all be under the rule of the United Nations because of these crooked politicians.

  • Larry/vietnamvet1971

    Poor Jebby boy mama’s boy and just because his last name is Bush is just like hillary those 2 figure they should be placed in Power since they THINK they deserve it. NOW the Bush family is Showing us & America their true Colors of “Traitors” when they do not get their way or their perceived Candidate of their choosing. GO way Bush family.

  • Ask me if I care, Bush. You’ve already showed yourself for who you are. Illuminati, HA! You don’t even come close to being Elite.

  • It makes sense (crooked sense of course) for the Bush league to support ‘crooked’ Hillary. They’ve been crooks themselves for generations.

    The GOP has been a cancer on this nation since the Nixon years. Time to cut the cancer out.

  • CHAR

    Andrew, you are telling us that we shouldn’t get involved in politics, which means we shouldn’t vote, right? I’ve heard some preachers say that God says it’s our duty to vote. So which is it vote or no vote? If we don’t vote, then we might as well put out the red carpet for the Hildabeast Hag to take our guns, give us martial law, keep killing babies, and let the LGBT take over in all businesses. Is that what you’re saying? Well bull hockey to you on that point. What makes you think we should just lay down and let the Demon Dem’s take over? Just curious, like George.

    • Nope, not sure how you got that from what I said, but you seemed to have missed the point. The author of this misleading article says that to not vote for Trump is to vote for Hillary, when that’s not true at all. I’m not going against my conscience to vote for a man who’s actions and words go against my values and the commands of Jesus. To vote for the lesser of two evils, is to still lower your standards and settle, because basically we don’t see any other options. Where’s the faith in that decision? There’s Gary Johnson, who I’m not comfortable voting for either, but is still a better option that the unloving egotistical racist that is Donald Trump. But I’m still not going to vote for Johnson. This election sucks all around and there are no good options, just horrible and not as horrible ones.

      • If you won’t vote for the GOP candidate, then that missing vote only empowers Crooked Hillary. Parse that anyway you like but that’s the truth. This is no time for ideological stands, this is a war.

        • https://imgur.com/a/imTm6

          Although the quote in the linked picture doesn’t directly relate to what I’ve said in terms of trusting a politician over trusting God, His plan, and the values He lays out in Scripture, this does make a great point of why I’m not okay with voting for Trump, even if my lacking vote empowers “Crooked Hillary”. In the last two elections, I chose the candidate that was running against Obama, not because I was voting FOR McCain and Romney, but because I chose to vote AGAINST Obama. In my view, I chose the “lesser of two evils” then, even though the “goodness” I saw in McCain and Romney then, far outweighs that which I see in Trump now. Still, Obama was elected. I couldn’t believe that the majority of the American people wanted Obama, especially for a second term. But either the system was fixed, or God saw fit, for His will for America, to put Obama into office, for better or worse. I see it as worse myself, and perhaps even judgement on America for so effectively trying to “remove” God from their lives.

          Romans 13:1 states, “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those that exist are appointed by God.” I say this to focus on the truth that God puts into power those who are in authority, despite our best wishes and/or understanding. Now, I’m not going to pretend that I’m okay with this, considering that implies that God willed that Obama have 8 years in office, and for an even more horrific example, that He intended for Hitler’s inhuman reign of terror. God’s ways are not our ways, so I have no idea why God would choose certain authority figures throughout history, that have gone so far as to commit genocide and many other atrocities. What I do know is that I trust Him more than I trust any man (especially a politician), and that if God says that people “will know us by our love”, I will not put my backing behind someone who shows shows such a lack of love for certain groups of people. That would go against the nature that I seek to attain by trying to allow the Holy Spirit to shape and mold me to be more like Jesus.

          The way I understand it, through my observations with voting through 4 presidential elections, learning about history, and even considering conspiracy theories, either the most recent elections have been fixed, either by way of a crooked system and/or some sinister secret society knowingly or unknowingly driven by Satan, or God chooses the authority figures as a part of His bigger plan. Whether God allows or chooses this way to pour out His wrath or blessing, I do not know. Either ways, I’ve gone off on a crazy rabbit trail, that doesn’t feel very beneficial to the point I was trying to make.

          Point being, Hillary and Trump both exhibit more reasons for me, and a number of other Christians/conservatives, to not be at peace with voting for either. Of course Hillary isn’t a good option, and Trump appears to be a better option, but I’m still not going to go against my conscience and vote for the “lesser of two evils” this time…or ever again. I’ve received some clarity in this mindset that has made me see that we should never be okay with compromising our values to choose the “lesser evil”, especially if it means showing a lack of love for the “least of these”. This does not mean that we are “working to elect Hillary Clinton” or “throwing our weight behind Hillary Clinton”. What it does mean, is that we choose to stand firmly on what we believe in, and to not vote for a man who exhibits, in many ways, the opposite of what Jesus commands of us; to love our neighbors. I want to be like the sheep that Jesus describes in Matthew 25, that love the “least of these”, and not like the goats who He will tell to depart from Him. I’m far from perfect, and struggle greatly in my walk with Christ, but I try to stand for Who I believe in and exemplify the love He demands of me.

          At any rate, I hope I’ve offered better clarification in what I’ve said. Hope y’all are having a blessed week!

          • Aaron

            Andrew, understanding a bit more about the NWO proponents can help you to put things into perspective concerning politics. To understand that better though, I would suggest studying the book of Job. Yes, I know that it’s a weird book to suggest to study, but you will understand more about the world hierarchy that way. Satan still goes up to Heaven to ask God if he can do things, and God chooses which things He will allow Satan to do. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc were all put into power by Satan because God allowed him to do so. That doesn’t mean that God is complicit in what Hitler, Stalin, etc did. Was God the One Who caused all those disasters to befall Job? No, of course not. In the same way, Satan is responsible for installing those people into government. I know that you may think this could be a “blasphemous” remark, so to speak, but the USA is not a Christian nation, and never has been. Every single one of the founding fathers of the USA was a Freemason. If you do some research, you will find that Freemasonry teaches the worship of Satan. That is only explicitly taught to the Freemasons as they get into the upper degrees of Masonry though. But one other thing that you will find with more research is that every single US presidential candidate (as in major party’s official nominee) since the US’ inception as a country has been a high-level member of the Freemasons or associated organizations like the Rosicrucians, Skull & Bones, etc. No matter what political candidate you vote for in the US, they are guaranteed to be a member of a secret society and thereby worshiping Satan. So Geoffrey’s insistence that people vote for Donald Trump as the “Christian” representative in the presidential election means that Christians who heed his call will be voting for a Satan-worshipper.

          • Larry/vietnamvet1971

            SO, since you are so adamant against voting for trump or hillary then you do NOT have a Dog in this Race so after the election you can not come in here and throw your “You are a better Christian” by not voting around like it is in Stone, we do not want your 2 cent opinion NOW or LATER.

        • Aaron

          If you won’t vote for the GOP candidate you’re actually doing what Christians should do and staying out of politics completely. You seem to think that Christians have to fight against evil here on this earth as if doing so will help bring about Jesus’ reign on the earth. What Scriptural basis do you have for engaging in politics at all, let alone encouraging a Christian to vote for someone who isn’t a Christian? (“Ye shall know them by their fruits.”) Please show me where in Scripture we are told to engage in politics of any kind. If you can’t provide this proof from Scripture taken in context, then please cease and desist your calls for Christians to engage in politics, and please stop the baseless claims of this being a war. You are forgetting that Satan is the god of this world, and even though he still has to ask God for permission to do things (see the book of Job), God will not stop Satan from being allowed to do something if what Satan does fulfills Biblical prophecy concerning the end times. Stop your idolatrous nationalistic fervour and repent!

  • Barbara

    Seems as if we have a bunch of ex-Presidents who were greedy, pot smoking ba$tard$, nothing more! It has been a long time since we had a president who cared a thing about the people who filled their overstuffed coffers. Time to give them the boot. I just hope that the next president will reduce the unreal retirement income of them all. While we the people are lucky to save and earn enough after taxes to reserve a minute amount to see us to the end of our days! Used to think more highly of the Bush family, that’s over!

  • Wendy


  • Middle wing

    Wow. .finally a bush has finally made a good political decision. The best bush desicon ever.
    Im just wondering why trumps wife stole president Barack Obama’s wife speech. I mean she basically changed two words.

  • Satan

    This is why we did not think you meatpuppets should have been allowed free will in the first place. You had only one job! ONE JOB!

  • Ur Conscience

    Why didn’t you folks get behind a candidate with a demonstrated conservative record and who could run on his past successes reaching across the isle. To wit, John Kasich. So clearly a winner. Now you and I both have to put up with Hillary Clinton for the next 8 years. The only whiney crybabies are YOU. The Bushes are doing the adult thing. Refuse to take part in the circus.

    • Mariah

      Exactly! It’s called INTEGRITY. Not selling your soul to the devil. Putting party ahead of Country IS NOT the PATRIOTIC thing to do. A TRUE PATRIOT ALWAYS puts COUNTRY FIRST! Don the Con doesn’t have the integrity or demeanor, to hold the highest office in the land. Thank you Bush family for not throwing your support behind this narcissistic buffoon.

  • Middle wing

    Hey …who pissed off satan….

    • Satan

      You have any idea how many generations of idiot you need to find a date for to get a beast from the earth? With Mr Cruz it was exactly 44. The Trump? 3. There are rules people! Rules! Read your books! You can’t put a hot mess like Trump into office until a Ted Cruz has given Israel enough moxy to tear down a certain mosque on a rock and build a temple there. These end of dayers have set back their own agenda by at least 4,000 years. That’s how long it will take for the world to bounce back from the Trumpster and his “Oh yeah Putin?!? Well Suck on this!” I am not going to bring my forces against the army of light at Meghiddo fighting with rocks and friggin sticks! Bah! I need a hug. I’ll be on Grinder if anyone needs me!

  • Lisa

    I hope the Bush family feels good about themselves! Are you Republicans or not? Support the nominee Jeb liked you claimed you would! Get over yourself and do the right thing!

  • William

    The Bush family is responsible for the real drama the world is facing now. The war to Irak, based on a lie, brought us this terrible threat of Isis which is now spreading death and distress in the Middle-East and also in The US and Europe. Thanks to the Bush family, which now continue their treachery by supporting the Clintons. True rightness would bring this family to the International Court of Justice for their crimes against humanity !

  • Sal

    It never ceases to amaze me how individuals with limited cognitive ability always revert to scripture to assuage their lack of serious thought; they are easily identified by their acceptance of un founded catch phrases such as raceist, greedy. and other epithets carefully crafted and repeatedly fed by the media so as to create a conditioned response that defies intellectual review.
    These individuals should practice what they preach…be INFORMED, use their mental capacity to reach an acceptable decision and then LIVE with it. GOD DOES not ELECT CANDIDATES.. VOTERS DO, he gave us a Brain, hoping we would use it…

  • Gloria

    FCC or those who do not believe Obama is pushing a NWO, just look at Hillary and now the Bushes. Both the father and son Bush have pushed this agenda. Bill Clinton pushed this agenda, Obama has been the most visible. And Hillary if Hillary is elected, she will continue kicking the can down the road to a NWO inspect of the facts that this will continue to hurt our country and her people. They are planning our lives or the elimination thereof with the NWO. Anyone who recognizes this is awake. The others who do not are sleeping our way of life away. We meet st guard our Constitution and all she stands for. The States have talked up the fight because Congress won’t. Take a hard loom at your Senator and House Representatives, are they doing the will of the people? If not it is time for grassroots to grow up against them and throw off such government to provide for the safety of the Republic our Founding Fathers have us!

  • antodav

    Who the hell can blame them, after how Trump treated Jeb? And this is *NOT* a race with only two candidates. If he endorses anyone, Jeb will most likely endorse Johnson, not Clinton.

    I’m really fed up with all of these phony Christian Evangelicals lining up lockstep behind a billionaire adulterous charlatan who is barely familiar with the Bible, never prays and feels he has no need forgiveness in spite of his numerous sins, unabashedly supports the babykillers at Planned Parenthood; redefining marriage by judicial fiat and punishing religious people who disagree; allowing men to share bathrooms with women; and generally being opposed to any principle of Christian love, charity, or mercy. All you care about is that he hates Muslims and immigrants, which makes you as un-Christian as he is. By rejecting Trump and his openly Satanic agenda, the Bushes have a far better chance of “getting into heaven” than you do.

    • Larry/vietnamvet1971

      Are you finished with your little christian Rant….I think Jeb Bush is big enough to take care of himself and he will get another Job besides wanting to be president…..he needs to learn there is LIFE after Politics…seems to me that fits a LOT of people.

      Are you a Phony christian or do you just like calling people in here phony.

      SO you think ALL our presidents in the last 50 years have been Good Christians you could like or vote for.?

      Tell us who you really want in the WH (AKA White Mosque )

  • DeniseC

    Birds of a feather…..? Did you all see that the 28-pages from 9/11 have been declassified and that Bush and Clinton knew there were Saudi groups threatening America and did nothing about it? Hillary’s girlfriend Huma has close ties to one of the groups. Why isn’t anyone talking about it? I saw it on another Christian website and went to the link. The first time I tried, a pop-up came up that wouldn’t go away, so I went to the home page and found it. Hope it works for anyone who wants to read it, but I put a few excerpts just in case. Sorry I ever voted for Bush, but with Al Gore as the alternative…..



    “The 28 pages of the recently-declassified report on the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack not only implicated the Saudi government and its network on U.S. soil, it implicates the Clinton and Bush Administrations in covering up that network and stopping the FBI from protecting America from it.”


    “The Bush Administration also opted not to blacklist two terror-tied organizations with strong Saudi ties: Muslim World League and International Islamic Relief Organization. The former also has strong links to Huma Abedin and her family, one of the closest advisers to Hillary Clinton.

    Perhaps that decision has something to do with the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. at the time, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, who was so close to the Bush family that he was nicknamed “Bandar Bush.”

    “It turns out “Bandar Bush” and his wife were up to their ears in terrorist activity. This includes the FBI finding copies of checks from February 1999 to May 2002 showing payments of $74,000 from his wife to the wife of one of the Saudi intelligence officers linked to the 9/11 hijackers for “nursing services.”

    “As you probably assumed, the FBI found no evidence that these services were actually rendered.”

    “Documents obtained by the Clarion Project show that President Bush was actually scheduled to meet with representatives from the Saudi-linked Muslim Brotherhood network on the very day of the attacks, September 11, 2001. This was the fruition of the Republican Party and Bush presidential campaign’s embrace of Islamists, many of whom belonged to the Saudi-backed Brotherhood network.”

    “A search of the Foreign Agents Registration Act website shows 14 active foreign agents of Saudi Arabia, including the Podesta Group. It is led by a major Democratic Party financier who is the brother of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign manager. The group is paid $140,00 per month by the Saudis.”

  • bremertonchristian

    A question for self righteous vote haters: where in the bible does it say we are not supposed to vote? Also, if you are an anti-vote christian and a vote was proposed to make abortion illegal would you vote? ALL people are sinners including King David a man after God’s own heart, would you vote for him, an adultering murderer? Guess what… God did. If you can’t vote in good conscience don’t vote but inaction is action. God bless ya’ll.

    • Larry/vietnamvet1971

      I agree, but they come in here and tell us all about how evil Trump is and hillary might be as evil but they will not vote for either one, then they say they are a “Good Christian” because they know better, we know there are NO Christians running for president but like you said GOD can use a Man for His Good & His Purpose for GODS ways & thoughts are Higher then ours.

  • bremertonchristian

    Amen Larry! God bless our service men and women, past present future, USA! If the voting system isn’t rigged, why not vote for a lesser of two evils? Doesn’t that infer less evil fruit will come from the lesser of two evils? Only applying logic here. P.S. service men and women applies to LEO’S also…. and Bikers for Trump… giterdone

  • DeniseC

    I just saw a Hellery ad that had kids watching tv and there are Trump soundbites that are not flattering to him, to say the least. The take-away line is, “The children are watching.” I hope his camp gets it out there what WND/Breitbart reported about when in AK they had the Easter egg hunt with mentally challenged kids and she asked when the “f-ing retards were going.” Yeah, Hellery really loves the kids.
    At least Trump hasn’t had anyone “Arkancided.”

  • Jim Burkiewicz

    Even though I can’t stand the Bush’s there are more than two candidates in this race. Just because the establishment press wants everyone to think that there is only two candidates doesn’t mean it’s so. What’s failed to be mentioned is that the Libertarian candidate for president Gary Johnson is polling at 13% and on the ballot in all 50 states. The smarter people will be voting for Gary Johnson, the sheeple will continue to vote for the democrat republican candidate’s.

  • timetowakeupamerica

    Ben Carson: Hillary Clinton is a Lucifer Worshipper

    Read all the comments.

    • jeremy vee

      Ben Carson is a Kookaboo. Does he still believe in devils and angels? Unicorns are real, too, right?

    • jeremy vee

      If you believe that crap, I’d like to sell you some property in a Florida swamp. A “Lucifer” is a match! (as any Brit can tell you.)

  • I’m ready for both the Bush and Clinton families to exit the political theatre. There isn’t a lot of difference in the two really. George H. Lost my support after “read my lips” and his support for NAFTA. George W. was clueless when it came to economics and a total embarrassment in the way he handled Katrina. They tried to claim to be conservative but we’re actually moderates. Neither could hold Reagan ‘s jock strap when it came to being a great leader. I never voted for Slick Willie and damn sure wouldn’t vote for Killary. You never Trump people are going to make the same mistake I made when I voted for Ross Perot because in effect I helped put Clinton in office. Not proud of that by any means. I’m bringing it up so hopefully history doesn’t repeat itself.

  • Jack
  • jeremy vee

    Has it occurred to anyone here that other than the “conservative issue” the Bushes can see what a disaster Trump would be as POTUS? He is a clueless blowhard who spouts a lot of big promises with not a word as to how he can accomplish them. Maybe the Bushes recognize what a lot of dyed-in-the-wool over their eyes republicans refuse to ackknowledge, for the sake of the Grand Ol’ party!

  • jeremy vee

    I was not a fan of either Bush, certainly not Bush No. 2, after he stole an election with the help of a republican-stacked Supreme Court, and changed the entire Middle East by invading Iraq on the pretext of (non-existent) WMDs, but suddenly I have more respect for them. Go Bushes!

    • Larry/vietnamvet1971

      Bang, you sure are shooting your 2 cent opinions from the hip there young feller……Don’t shoot yourself in the foot I think we get your point you do not like trump…guess what? we don’t like that Lying hillary clinton..Lucifer’s daughter…

      I will take a clueless blow hard any day over that Slithering hillary…I guess you have been out of the country and not keeping up with current events…like hillary exposing America’s secrets to foreign countries….OOPS…hillary forgot where her email server was..all kinds of weird, unofficial Crimes.

      Just keep cheer leading for the Bushes…sorry they are GONE over the hill..out to pasture, Jeb has to get a Real job.

      Or you could hitch your wagon to the Hillary and be in her Parade….

  • The Bush family is a disgrace to the great state of Texas.I have voted for them in every election and now am very ashamed of the entire family.


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