Egyptian Paper Says They Have Proof That Obama Is A Member Of The Muslim Brotherhood

The article says that Obama originally embraced the thought of the Brotherhood while living in Indonesia, and further alleges that the son of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat...

Al Jazeera’s blog posted a story Monday featuring tweets from the Director of Research at the Brookings Center in Doha, Qatar, who reported that an Egyptian newspaper’s front page story claimed President Barack Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Newspaper also claims that son of MB leader threatened Obama with release of ‘papers’ revealing his MB membership,” writes Shadi Hamid of Brookings.

One could hardly come up with a more explosive allegation about a U.S. president than secret membership in an Islamist group. And if that weren’t enough, the newspaper also claims that President Obama’s half-brother Malik is allegedly an Al Qaeda activist.


Jonathan Spyer, senior research fellow at the Global Research in International Affairs Center and an Arabic speaker, said that the newspaper — Al-Wafd — specifically accuses Obama of being a member of the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The article goes on to say that Obama originally embraced the thought of the Brotherhood while living in Indonesia, per Spyer, and  further alleges that the son of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat al-Shater had threatened to expose a document revealing the secret membership.

But Syper says such allegations are the result of an angry Egyptian populace expressing frustration. According to him, the publication of this kind of conspiracy is rooted in the ongoing dissatisfaction on the Egyptian street with the Obama administration’s policy which some have viewed as pro-Muslim Brotherhood.

This was seen clearly during the summer demonstrations calling for then-President Mohammed Morsi to step down. Among the crowds, signs were held deriding President Obama and then U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson. They expressed frustration at what those Egyptians perceived to be Obama’s failure to articulate clear criticism of Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood.

“The forces that overthrew Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood – namely the Egyptian army and the large civilian demonstrations that supported it — regard the current U.S. administration as a supporter of the deposed Morsi. They offer U.S. delays in arms deliveries and pressure to release Morsi as evidence of this,” Spyer tells TheBlaze.

“There is some degree of justification in their accusations. There is also a large degree of paranoid anti-American and anti-western sentiment in Egypt. As a result, the anger against the Administration has rapidly and predictably turned into conspiracy theories according to which Obama’s admittedly astonishingly naive and misguided attitude toward the Muslim Brotherhood can in fact be explained by the claim that he is a secret member of it,” Spyer explains.

Eric Trager, an Egypt scholar at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy says, “This sort of conspiracy theorizing is sadly common within the Egyptian media. It reflects Egyptians’ inability to take responsibility for the choices that they’ve made in the past few years – specifically, their choice to elect the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate in the June 2012 presidential election.”

“Many Egyptians blame the United States for allegedly supporting the Brotherhood, when in fact we simply worked with the government that they elected, and some in the Egyptian media have repeated ugly conspiracy theories about President Obama to depict American policy as subversive,” he says.

“It is also a sign that fascistic tendencies are hardening in Egyptian politics, since fascists always need an external enemy to justify their support for, or execution of, repressive policies,” Trager adds.

“Newspapers have run more and more bizarre and farcical stories over the last few months, but this one indeed seems to be the oddest story to have yet been printed,” writes Middle East Monitor. “The American president could indeed be accused of many things, but being a secret member of the Muslim Brotherhood would be the least probable accusation one could level at him.”

It adds that the media have “planted rounds of false stories in the press to tarnish the image of, not only the Brotherhood, but also their supporters or even those who may not be supporters, but are simply calling for a return to democratic legitimacy. And it seems that the media will go to any lengths to smear those who do not fall in line with them.”

The Al-Wafd newspaper is in fact affiliated with the liberal party bearing the same name. Brookings’ Hamid quipped, “The sheer, unbridled creativity of Egyptian media knows no bounds. This sort of outside-the-box thinking bodes well for #Egypt’s transition.”

Despite dissatisfaction with American policy voiced in secularist corners, the Muslim Brotherhood could also complain about some of the Obama administration’s actions, including the White House’s refusal to label the ousting of President Morsi a coup. source – Blaze

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  • I am totally shocked!!!



      In July 2012, author and former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy noted the following items about the Obama Administration’s relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood:

      • The State Department has an emissary in Egypt who trains operatives of the Brotherhood and other Islamist organizations in democracy procedures.
      • The State Department announced [in November 2011] that the Obama administration would be “satisfied” with the election of a Muslim Brotherhood–dominated government in Egypt.

      • Secretary Clinton personally intervened to reverse a Bush-administration ruling that barred Tariq Ramadan, grandson of the Brotherhood’s founder and son of one of its most influential early leaders, from entering the United States.

      • The State Department has collaborated with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a bloc of governments heavily influenced by the Brotherhood, in seeking to restrict American free-speech rights in deference to sharia proscriptions against negative criticism of Islam.

      • The State Department has excluded Israel, the world’s leading target of terrorism, from its “Global Counterterrorism Forum,” a group that brings the United States together with several Islamist governments, prominently including its co-chair, Turkey — which now finances Hamas and avidly supports the flotillas that seek to break Israel’s blockade of Hamas. At the forum’s kickoff, Secretary Clinton decried various terrorist attacks and groups; but she did not mention Hamas or attacks against Israel — in transparent deference to the Islamist governments, which echo the Brotherhood’s position that Hamas is not a terrorist organization and that attacks against Israel are not terrorism.

      • The State Department and the Obama administrationwaived congressional restrictions in order to transfer $1.5 billion dollars in aid to Egypt after the Muslim Brotherhood’s victory in the parliamentary elections.

      • The State Department and the Obama administrationwaived congressional restrictions in order to transfer millions of dollars in aid to the Palestinian territories notwithstanding that Gaza is ruled by the terrorist organization Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch.

      • The State Department and the administration recently hosted a contingent from Egypt’s newly elected parliament that included not only Muslim Brotherhood members but a member of the Islamic Group (Gama’at al Islamia), which is formally designated as a foreign terrorist organization — so that providing it with material support is a serious federal crime. The State Department has refused to provide Americans with information about the process by which it issued a visa to a member of a designated terrorist organization, about how the members of the Egyptian delegation were selected, or about what security procedures were followed before the delegation was allowed to enter our country.

      • On a just-completed trip to Egypt, Secretary Clinton pressured General Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, head of the military junta currently governing the country, to surrender power to the newly elected parliament, which is dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, and the newly elected president, Mohamed Morsi, who is a top Brotherhood official.

      • Huma Abedin, who has close personal and familial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, is a close aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

      • In 2011 the Obama administration turned to the Muslim Brotherhood’s leading jurist, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, to mediate secret negotiations between the U.S. and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Qaradawi’s anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism are legendary.

    • @Steve, I doubt that very many people are shocked!!!

  • If these charges were ever proved true, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised! It would actually explain an awful lot of things. It would also prove me right! I’ve believed all along that Obama is trying to destroy America, in an effort to keep a promise to his dead, communist father. Even so, come quicklu, Lord Jesus.

  • The sad part is that Americans elected him president, not once, but twice. The time is coming and I wish it was yesterday when King Jesus is sitting on the throne in Jerusalem and ruling in righteousness and might. It saddens me to see the current state of things in America. We are so blinded by our own sins that we can’t see the light in front of us.

    For example, when I was young I never heard about terrorism, same sex marriages, or most of the garbage that is on the television. Want an example of how far we have fallen? When Leave it to Beaver first came on and Wally and Beaver had a pet alligator, the producers weren’t allowed to show it being kept in the toilet tank because that was unacceptable to society back then. Look what they show on TV today.

    My heart cries out everyday, “Come back, Lord Jesus!” May it be today!.

    • Another thing Lewis..on Leave it to Beaver they made several references to God, going to Sunday school and saying their prayers. How things have changed!!

  • Obama is there to pull America down. How do we know that? The Bible tells us…”how fell you oh great Babylon…in one day…you who ruled the nations!”



    • Well said Dawm. I do forget that we ARE to still pray for everyone…even those where IT’S SO HARD to pray for. Thanks for the reminder.

  • SYRIA: Obama-armed and funded al-Qaeda linked rebels force 24 civilian
    passengers off bus and behead all of them, including a mother and baby.

  • OUTRAGEOUS! Los Angeles County Police tell Conservative group to ‘quiet down’ because Muslim Brotherhood supporters were praying nearby.

  • Once again Barack Obama is promoting race based hated, social unrest & physical violence in America.
    Obama needs to be arrested for inciting violence against Jews, but this is what muslims do.
    Please remember that the so-called “Hate Crime” laws do not apply to muslims, Obama is
    proof of that.

  • The skunk has replaced the Eagle as the new symbol of the American Presidency.

    It is half black, half white, and everything it does stinks.

  • A U.S. Attorney and FBI agent warned people they would be subject to criminal prosecution if they said anything about Islam that offends Muslims.
    Once again our own government supports what is evil.

  • Gang of Muslim savages attack TV News crew who were doing a story about radicalization of young Muslims

  • Obama is a closet muslim and many of us Americans know it. Anyone who has studied Obama and his murky past knows that all things point into the same directions — muslim and Marxist ideology. It is sad that rather than the media and Congress vet this false messiah more closely in years past, they simply got enthralled with the fact that he was exotic and half black and could spew all kinds of falsehoods and flowery promises of obscure hope and change with no substance or sound life’s experience to be POTUS. Obama is merely a narcissistic fool, but the electorate that voted him in are even greater fools asking for their own destruction.

  • Here is something I don’t understand. WHY does obama want to start a war with Syria?? Whats his TRUE motive? What will he gain from it? Terrorist killed Americans in Benghazi and he did absolutely nothing. Why start a war now that could escalate to enormous proportions?

    • O is simply a puppet doing the bidding of his Masters, the world banking cartels. They want this war.

      • Right on Mark. Being a part of this sad affairs on earth there is nothing we can do but…Get our selves ready (heart, soul and mind) for Christ’s coming for His church. But…till that day come we need to make sure we can save as many souls as we can. Keep your eyes up. Have you noticed lately how beautiful the clouds are?

      • That’s right Mark, that’s why he can go play golf instead of “tending to business”. He is not the one “calling the shots”, he is just a puppet. He never, ever, makes a decision, that’s why he has to use cue cards, did you ever hear him speak without the cards…ah, ah, ah?

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  • BO: each night when I go into prayer with Jesus Christ. I request Jesus forgiveness of every single sin I made that day!

    I also pray for my wife and her family which are more than 100 of them, my dog, that gives me companionship, and I pray for Dc, Ron and Family, tracy, Ruby and even you- Bo!

    But when someone blast my beliewf in Jesus Christ tells me, I believe in fables, then i rebuke them!

  • If America makes a strike on Syria, you can bet that Obama has his not our military staff directing any ordinance to benefit Al Queda and not help the Syrian people. Be reminded he is the one funding terrorists, make NO mistake about his motives.

    Praise be TO GOD HE is ultimately in control!!!!!

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