Donald Trump Says Transgender Beauty Queen Can Compete In Miss Universe Pageant

Jenna Talackova, the Canadian transsexual beauty queen, is asking that Donald Trump eliminate the rule that Miss Universe contestants must be naturally born females. "The Miss Universe Organization will...

Ours is a confused and confusing generation

“For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature” Romans 1:26

Jenna Talackova, the Canadian transsexual beauty queen, is asking that Donald Trump eliminate the rule that Miss Universe contestants must be naturally born females.

What do YOU see, a man or a woman?

“I want Mr. Trump to state that this rule will be eliminated because I do not want any other woman to suffer from the discrimination that I have endured,” Talackova said during a press conference Tuesday.

“I have never asked for special consideration. I only wanted to compete,” Talackova said.

Talackova was originally disqualified from the 2012 Miss Universe Canada competition because she was not a “naturally born female,” according to Gloria Allred, Talackova’s attorney. Talackova was born a male but had sexual reassignment surgery at age 19.

“Mr. Trump, admit that you are wrong and get rid of your Trumped-up rule,” Allred said during the press conference. “She [Jenna] did not think for one moment that what she looked like at birth would be relevant. She did not ask Mr. Trump to prove that he is a naturally born man,” Allred said.

Donald Trump Says Transgender Beauty Queen Can Compete

The Trump organization announced Monday that it will not attempt to keep Talackova out of the competition.

“The Miss Universe Organization will allow Jenna Talackova to compete in the 2012 Miss Universe Canada pageant provided she meets the legal gender recognition requirements of Canada, and the standards established by other international competitions,” Michael D. Cohen, Trump’s executive vice president and special counsel, said in an email.

But this statement was not enough for Talackova and Allred, who called it “confusing.”

“It isn’t just about her being able to compete,” Allred said. “It’s about the elimination of the rule for others. Jenna is standing up for others, not just herself.”

Trump’s organization issued a statement saying, “Gloria Allred’s statements to the press [Tuesday] pay no mind to the fact that Mr. Trump and the Miss Universe Organization made the fair and just decision in allowing Jenna to compete in the Miss Universe 2012 Canada pageant. source – GMA/Yahoo News

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  • Transgenders are female “sculptures” made from males.

    Transgenders always are male.

  • As the ‘Walls’ are ripped out, or surgiclly removed, soon there will be nothing holding up Society, and we will be Social worms, wiggling around trying to find a Hand-Up, that will not exist anywhere but ‘You-know-where,’ and He might just Destroy EVERYTHING, this time.
    We do need to consider the ramifications from our actions, before we crush who we are.

  • he she looks like donald trumps daughter ivanka. lol

  • This is just another decline in the morals of America and a slap in the face of God. Those who do not obey God will suffer His wrath.

  • you can have all the body parts removed all you want it still makes you the same on inside, hmmm wonder if he grew a uterus and ovaries.

  • The ego of Trump has trumped his spirit. His god is money. As for the guy who made the wrong decision…. hell has a river of molten lava moving 60 to 80 miles per hour through it, like the blood veins of the body it’s shaped into. He does not yet know it exists, unfortunately he will.

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  • Its weird that in one way he doesnt care about minorities, like muslims or other religions. But then if the media (hollywood) supports them Trump will support them too. Strange behaviour.


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