Controversial Painter Depicts Obama With Burning Constitution

Jon McNaughton, a controversial artist who often mixes religion and politics in his work, has released a new painting. In “One Nation Under Socialism,” President Obama holds the U.S....
The Controversial Painting ‘One Nation Under Socialism’ (Photo Credit: John McNaughton /

Provo, Utah (CBSDC) – Jon McNaughton, a controversial artist who often mixes religion and politics in his work, has released a new painting.

In “One Nation Under Socialism,” President Obama holds the U.S. Constitution as it burns.

The Controversial Painting ‘One Nation Under Socialism’ (Photo Credit: John McNaughton /

While McNaughton previously depicted Obama stepping on the nation’s founding document, “One Nation Under Socialism” glowers directly as if challenging the viewer. His right hand is holding the Constitution and his left hand is pointing to the flames.

McNaughton tells CBSDC that the hands “represents his recognition of what is happening (to the Constitution) as it goes up.”

“There are numerous symbols and subtleties in this painting, and I’m not ready to reveal all of them,” McNaughton said.

CBSDC contacted Jerry Saltz, an art critic for New York Magazine, about the painting.

When asked for an opinion, Saltz said that the painting contained “bad academic derivative realism,” calling it “typical propaganda art, drop-dead obvious in message” and “visually dead as a doornail.”

“It panders and preaches to the converted and tells them what they already believe,” Saltz told CBSDC. Saltz said the painting could not be compared to WWII art.

“It has no graphic power of its own. It simply attempts to crawl into the body of that sort of illustration.”

When asked if removed a few years from Obama’s presidency could the work be then viewed as art, Saltz said the work is “inverted, with an American as an enemy — Hitler, Tojo, Stalin, whoever.”

“It’s much closer to the hate images produced in Germany pre-1939, in 1950s USA Red scare, in the USA around Jim Crow, etc.”

Whether stale or arresting, the painting turned McNaughton’s Facebook page into a battleground, where comments are flying from both political adversaries.

McNaughton acknowledges that his latest piece “has brought out more feelings among those on both the right and left than my other previous political paintings.”

Although President Obama is the focal point of the painting and he is the one holding the Constitution, McNaughton insists that he does not “presume to suggest that he was the lone culprit responsible.”

But despite the bickering, McNaughton hopes that he will get the “public talking about what the painting represents. Is Obama pushing a Socialist agenda on the American people?” He hopes his art will get people to answer such questions. “People need to start talking, and the conversation is about to get heated,” he said.

As with his other works, McNaughton released a video on YouTube detailing “One Nation Under Socialism.”

In the voice over, McNaughton says, “This is my pledge. I pledge allegiance to the United States of America and not to an ideology that could never stand: one nation — under socialism — divisive with no liberty or justice for anyone.” source – CBS News DC

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  • 3 Things i wrote that go right along with this Each showing different stages in what is happening and where we are headed if things do not turn around

    Propaganda moves the masses ,telling lies we all believe
    living lives we think were happy, all the time we are deceived

    Led by those who are in power , by the words that all is fine
    never seeing the truth around us , that it’s they controls mankind

    now the people are awakening ,now the people start to see
    but a fear takes hold the people ,that they never well be free

    some by choice are blindly hiding ,from the things they fear well come.
    others talk but never acting ,knowing not what can be done.

    all the time those in power ,ever pushing for their goal,
    take away from the people ,their very heart ,and their sole.

    moving closer to slave labor , to a life upon our knees
    serving now our governing masters,taking care of all their needs

    now i waken from my sleeping ,thinking of what Ive seen
    was it all in the future? was it now just a dream ?

    as i lay there, and i ponder of the vision i just had
    I hear the crying in the distance ,and know the truth ,,,,,,,,i am dead .


    The day that freedom died

    On 9/11 we saw the airplanes, on the day that freedom died
    We were told it was Al-qeda ,and of a war we had to fight.
    That this war ,was on terror, hidden far from our eyes
    And it was ,for our protection ,that our men must bleed and die.
    So we agreed for our protection ,to do the things that we must do
    And gave the power to our leader ,for our freedom to stand true.

    Then a crash , of our money , hit us hard two thousand eight
    We lost our homes , jobs, and plunty,It was then we lost our faith

    Then elected was a man, that had promised change had come
    we saw that change in the airport ,when we found our rights were gone
    We saw it in our heath care system ,as the pages then were read
    Saying it was mandatory , must obey ,our government said

    Then we saw our Constitution being taken far away
    When the man in January spoke the words we see today
    A New regime,,Ive created, they well write all new laws
    and make it so you can be held , without A trial without A cause.
    bit by bit our freedoms fading ,soon to be just a dream
    but we the people could now stop it if we stand up as a teem

    Sitting and thinking of days gone by, Watching the times change before my eyes.

    Knowing tomorrow well not be the same ,and yesterdays gone as fast as it came ..

    Contemplating what now lies ahead .It can not be stopped from what they have said.
    All we have known is starting to change ,we have no more choice ,it’s all gone insane.

    Our freedoms all gone, our rights are revoked ,We watch what we say and how it is spoke.
    Most of us now ,Just keep to our self ,in fear of the lies that others might tell.

    No trust of our neighbors ,no trust of our friends, we hide what we have, and stock what we can.
    Each day is a test ,just to survive .Many we’ve known, are no longer alive.

    Some of them taken away in the trucks .Branded as traders for the freedoms they loved.
    Others just changed and went with the plain , now are informants in the governments hand

    A friend of mine died I herd them to say, they found all the food he had hidden away
    Oh how I now long for what use to be ,knowing tomorrow, that it Just might be me

  • bravo!! Someone saying what many American’s feel.

  • Absolutely, Bravo!! I’d like to pass your words on, to my email list, to help them, in their hour of frustration. Remember, please, BHO is only the last, in a long list, who have been feeding the monster of Socialistic devouring; it began at or before 1932, with ‘Social Security.’ BHO, IMO, is the Chef who applies the frosting to this Heinous-Cake, we’ve allowed to be baked.

  • Hey! If the shoe fits…check out the video

    If you believe that communism and the Soviet Endgame has been dead since 1991, you should skip this video. If you believe that the Soviet Endgame may still be in play, you’d better watch it.

  • This is accurate. Obama, many congressional officials, and bureaucrats have committed multiple anti-constitutional actions reported on and recorded from multiple sources. And what is the outrage over; a painting of him burning the Constitution with his normal countenance looking at us straight in the eye for once.

    If Leftists do not want this sort of rhetoric and reputation, then they shouldn’t had done all those unconstitutional, illegal, immoral, and unethical acts in the first place. O deserves this sort of satire; he worked very hard to earn it after all.

  • Nice Piece! Thank You!

  • I bought a print of his wake up America, Jon is a great artist.

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