Community Organizer Obama Reassures Putin That America Is No Threat To Russia

The Wimp Factor: We have no interest in encircling Russia and we have no interest in Ukraine beyond letting the Ukrainian people make their own decisions about their own...

The Wimp Factor

In over his head and badly in need of a distraction, US President Barack Obama yesterday issued a pusillanimous message of reassurance to Russia by telling Putin that “we have no interest in encircling Russia.” America has the strongest, most amazing military on the face of the earth, what we don’t have is a leader. Putin knows this, and he will take the Ukraine.

CBS News: President Obama, in an interview in Rome with “CBS Evening News” anchor and managing editor Scott Pelley, said Russia must take steps now to reduce tensions over Ukraine.

“It’s well known and well acknowledged that you’ve seen a range of troops massing along that border under the guise of military exercises. But these are not what Russia would normally be doing. And, you know, it may simply be an effort to intimidate Ukraine or it may be that they’ve got additional plans,” Mr. Obama said.


Putin has no fear over what Obama will do. Obama has shown that he will shy away from any real conflict that can get messy. He ignored the pleas of Iranians who were being shot at in the streets of Tehran. He refused to send military aid to Benghazi even as our ambassador was being murdered by Islamic terrorists.

To resolve and de-escalate the situation right now, Mr. Obama said Russia needs “to move back those troops and to begin negotiations directly with the Ukrainian government, as well as the international community.”

“What I have repeatedly said is that he may be entirely misreading the West,” Mr. Obama continued. “He’s certainly misreading American foreign policy. We have no interest in encircling Russia and we have no interest in Ukraine beyond letting the Ukrainian people make their own decisions about their own lives.”

He continued, “And it is true that we reject the notion that there is a sphere of influence along the Russian border that then justifies Russia invading other countries. Certainly they’re going to have influence because of trade and tradition and language and heritage with Ukraine. Everybody acknowledges that. But there’s a difference between that and sending in troops, and because you’re bigger and stronger taking a piece of the country – that is not how international law and international norms are observed in the 21st century.” source – CBS News

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  • Dear GOD: I praise You GOD Jesus Christ! I bind the strong man! Please protect Ukraine by putting Your Holy Angels around the Ukraine as a hedge. Thank YOU, Amen

  • What confuses me is those who continue to put down and attack Obama, when they know full well he is only a puppet and doing what he is told. But I suppose it is just easier to go after the visible one.

  • To. Mary, You need to join the militsryand go and get shot at.
    Who elected AmericA to be a world police The UN has a force .why is it not being called upon. Did you go to fight in Iraq or Afghanistan. Obama withdrew the soldiers from these. Countries and now you want him to send soldiers to Ukraine. What Russia do is its business as long as it do not attack America.

  • The problem with American politicans is that its impossible for them to mind there own business. Why not start in the USA first, stop all these job losses, help our wounded veterans, lower the debt ceiling. Does God state we should clean the speck out of our eye then do to others? But american politicans rather push our ideas on others, where the do not belong. I’m Vietnam veteran, after 10 years in that war, did we help Vietnam, never happen!

  • Yes,indeed that statement made to dimitry medevev was chilling.I see,he kept his word.

  • The only threat We face, (America) is Obama to the citizens of the U.S.

    Be mindful of Agenda 21 (google it)

  • people be fast asleep here in S.A, everyone so wrapped up with Oscar trial and little to no reporting on developments in Ukraine. maybe they will wake up when the Lord shows His awesome strength in overthrowing the vast army that will advance on Israel. amen brothers. Maranatha!

  • kenneth

    Thats what barry meant when he said after the election he would have more freedom

  • Remember his secret little ploy when he was in Russia – telling Putin, it will be okay once I am re-elected, he would have more freedom to ruin America apparently was behind that little secret. Of course they are working together to destroy America. Many foreign nations had a big purse to keep that monster in the WH.

  • We have never seen a people who interfere with others to satisfy their greed, perversions, dirt, murder and a-moral behaviour. Once in a while that creatures human beings is to much honor think they can challence the real people and try on and get even with every occasion until now, We hope on your complete downfall and the sooner the better that is what this world need.

  • Great photo. The picture alone says it all: wimp-in-chief.

  • This article is an example of how the so called church finds itself caught up in the events of the World. If the church should be separate from the World be separate, in other words stay out of the affairs of government. The this that are taking place are the things that are supposed to take place. The “beast” is doing what he is supposed to do. As hard as it might be to except things, The King still sits on HIs Throne.

  • russia is DOOMED!!!

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