BOMBSHELL! Diplomatic Agent Reveals That Benghazi Attack Was An Inside Job

"They knew where the gasoline was, they knew where the generators were, they knew where the safe room was, they knew more than they should have about that compound."...
3 months later an no one is held responsible. There has been no counter-attack. Nothing.

Exposing The Benghazi Coverup

The terrorists who attacked the Benghazi consulate last year knew the location of the safe room where Ambassador Chris Stevens and his security team sought shelter, according to a congressman who spoke for 90 minutes with the diplomatic security agent severely injured in the assault.

“He confirmed this – that it was a very well orchestrated, and well organized, almost a military operation, using military weapons and using military signals,” the late Florida Rep. Bill Young said after meeting diplomatic security agent David Ubben at Walter Reed Medical Center last summer, when both were patients there.


After Young’s death in mid-October, his widow, Beverly Young, gave Fox permission to use her husband’s comments about the Sep. 11, 2012 terrorist attack on the record.  The congressman had originally spoken to Fox on background last summer.

“He (Ubben) emphasized the fact that it was a very, very military type of operation they had knowledge of almost everything in the compound,” Young explained. “They knew where the gasoline was, they knew where the generators were, they knew where the safe room was, they knew more than they should have about that compound.”

Ubben was severely injured defending the CIA Annex when mortar fire rained down on the rooftop, killing former Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty and severely injuring a third CIA contractor who was interviewed by the House Intelligence committee Thursday.   After multiple surgeries, a source close to the contractor confirmed he has not regained the full use of his arm.

Asked if Ubben believed the terrorists had inside information, or had done reconnaissance, Young told Fox,  “Yes he (Ubben) did…It was pretty well figured out, where everything was, where the doors were located, where the safe room was – the whole thing.”

While Young debated whether to discuss his conversation with Ubben, he felt that, on balance, the country should know that the diplomatic security agent, who recovered the body of foreign service officer Sean Smith from the burning consulate, was heroic.

“He was pretty sure Sean was dead when he pulled him, but he felt like he had to recover him anyway and get him out.  He would have done the same for the ambassador but he wasn’t really sure where the ambassador was,” Young said.

Young added, “I think he is an awfully sincere young guy. And I think he is a real hero for what he did that night…He did something he didn’t have to do, put his life in danger, and we know he was seriously injured.  He took major injuries (that) came from the mortar that landed on the roof that killed the other two,”

An August 16 classified cable, reviewed and reported on by Fox News last fall, showed there was an emergency meeting in Benghazi less than a month before the attack due to rapidly deteriorating security.  The cable warned the office of Secretary of State  Hillary Clinton, and other State Department leaders in Washington, that the consulate could not sustain a coordinated assault.

The cable also reflected a grave concern among officials on the ground that the Libyan militia charged with protecting the consulate had been compromised, perhaps even infiltrated by extremists.

Summarizing the meeting, the cable reported that “certain sectors of the 17 February Brigade were very hesitant to share information with the Americans, but as the largest brigade they acted as a buffer for the Mission against some of the more anti-American, Islamist militias in town.” The brigade was charged with protecting the consulate.

According to Young, Ubben described how the guard force melted away as the consulate came under assault. “He said that when the attack started, the Libyan security folks who were supposed to secure the compound, they ran. So, they were at the mercy of their own capabilities.” source – Fox News

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  • Moe Lies!

  • I am not surprised at all. I don’t think anyone is. But it does seem anyone associated with the Clintons, and disagree with anything Ms. Clinton says or does, winds up dead. I cannot fathom a worse prez than the current one, unless Ms Clinton is actually elected. I pray every day for our government, for dems and reps to stand up and say, “This is wrong. Everything is wrong and this president needs to be impeached.” We can no longer say it’s the dems fault or the reps fault, it’s all of the senate, all of the congress, everyone who serves under this administration is guilty of war crimes against its own military and against the people of America.

    If you witness a murder and don’t say anything, you are as guilty as the person who did it. Everyone on capitol hill is guilty. There is not one person there who will pump up their moral strength to come out and tell the American people the truth or to begin the impeachment process against this president.

  • Obamacare is falling apart?

  • Just someones word (Say So) will not bring Obama down . There is a power that keeps him afloat regardless . IF the birth certificate did not bring him down, neither will this .

    • @Leo,
      I agree with you, but pray that we are both wrong. He certainly seems to have a power that no other president has possessed.
      I would like to see this administration walk out in shackles; plus several senators and congressmen right along with them.

      • @ Tracy…he does seem to have some sort of bizarre protection (evil) around him. He literally gets away with everything. Its crazy to watch him do outlandish things and walk away unscathed!

  • Not a surprise, not lies. I’ve known this, and have been saying it since before the Congressional investigation started! An Admiral (retired) posted on-line, said it was all planned by Obama to make him look like a strong leader just before the election. He failed and still won! He planned the whole thing! He arranged for some Muslim Brotherhood buddies to stage a demonstration, but when the SEALs fired back, unexpectedly, they got very angry, thinking they were set up, and decided to kill everybody! So they did! Obama knew he couldn’t stop them, so he didn’t even try! He just let them die, to save himself. THAT is what all the free give-aways have bought America: a murderer for a president! He’s a pathological liar; it was easy to blame a cheap video for a murderous riot and throw the maker in jail! He has no heart, no conscience, no guilt. He’s like his father – Satan! Maria: Why would Congress start impeachment proceedings, when anything they do would have to be approved by the Senate? It would be a waste of time and money! They will impeach him IF and WHEN the GOP takes control of the Senate in Nov. 2014! Then, they will be able to negate everything the Evil One has done, or just repeal the ACA. Their choice. We must do our part and VOTE! Drag our friends and family to the polls with us and do the right thing! Obama may be the pre-cursor to the Anti-Christ; maybe we can get a couple more years of freedom. Who knows, other than the Lord? We have to try! Please fill us with Your Wisdom, Father, and guide our leaders in Congress and the Senate to make wise decisions for America, and her People. I ask in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    • Jody: I glad your back posting!

      Explain this to me, that Mayor in Canada, smoking cocane, broke the laws in Canada, so why is he not arrested yet?

      • STL drug wars and statutes are not Law or the rule of law. Mayors know this and people above them know this, there is someone in Canada that talks a lot about this. His name is Robert Menard. Mayors pay for the cops therefore they are his armed men, and you don’t arrest the man that feeds you. Most importantly it’s the City Attorney who represents the Mayor that you pay for by the way. They sit in the back and think no one see them, but if you know anything about what it means if you have someone representing you then you know who is really in charge. There is so much to this, but I believe it will all be over soon and what that means is people need to lean to care for themselves and take personal responsibility which is a great thing.

    • AMEN

  • I read today, Obama Admin. is negotiating a super secret trade agreement its called ” Trans-Pacific Partnership,” has 29 chapters but only 5 chapter on trade. The others are internet freedoms, health care, copyright issues, food safety, civil liberties and its without Congressal approval.

    • Hi, STL,
      Mayor Ford has not been arrested because there is no proof! Even the Chief of Police said that! The Mayor is a conservative, who has paid off Toronto’s debt, improved the streets, the underground, and hired more police. Most of the people are very happy with what he has done in the city. But, the lamestream media is so far left in this country, they wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them! They have been after Ford since the day he won the election! They have huge anti-bullying campaigns all over the country, but the media doesn’t think it applies to THEM! They are the biggest bullies of ALL! They have made up stories, lied about him, even paid women to go on camera and fabricate horrible stories about Mayor Ford! When he goes to work in the morning, he’s met with dozens of reporters with cameras, shouting questions all over his yard, INSIDE his gated fence! NONE of them show any respect! He has not had ONE DAY of peace since he was elected! The media are ANIMALS! They are planting hidden cameras and mics, which is illegal, then running the film on tv! He is going to sue many of them – should have done it two years ago! He’s a good man, an excellent mayor! Many people say they will vote for him again! I hope he sues the media, too! And wins! They have turned on his marriage now, claiming he has used prostitutes, etc. There is nothing too low for the Lamestream Media! It’s no wonder the Lord has turned His Back on Canada, too! So few here know Him! So few ever knew Him! The Fields are ripe! Pray for my friends and I, as we witness to any who will listen. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!


    • Yes, it is something that was soundly rejected in the blogosphere a few months ago because of the attempts to control the internet that were seen as major inhibitions on freedom. Now he is doing it in secret. I think this is the most treasonous thing he has done. It gives sovereign rights away to foreign powers. Yes, and it does fit the end times scenario perfectly. I suspect it will go through under the covering of all the other evil that God is allowing right now. Look up, our redemption draws near.

  • thank God for truth, even in the word it saith. all secrets will be revealed whether good or bad. Gods knows it all and one day some of us will see truth coming out. and some we may not get to see. yet, truth will be revealed

  • Jail time for Ms. Clinton and impeachment for president Obama and any senior administration officials involved. It’s time for consequences. American citizens have to face consequences of our actions / inactions and so shoud they. If our senators and congressmen don’t hold them accountable , they should lose their seats in government. Enough lies and coverups – time to pay the piper !

    • reggie:
      Please there will never be any impeachment of any leaders.

      You need to relized God’s in Control, and He’s allowing this to happen.

      The best thing you can do for yourself, is make sure you have asked Jesus christ for redemption of your sins and beg Jesus for Salvation.

      Our World Leader are so decieved in their greed, they will never see the light of the day!

      • @STL,
        Let’s not say what God will do or not do. It’s strictly according to His timing.
        2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”
        I feel sure a lot of people are praying for God to heal our land. He is a forgiving God; therefore, maybe God is giving people more time to be saved. Just maybe….




          USA IS DOOMED!!!

          • Why is it when people start posting again on here you have to fight and argue? Tracy tries to be a peace keeper.God bless her tor trying.

          • NathanB: So what your saying is, that by your testimony that I give my opinions, if they are right or wrong, I should not post them?

            Tracy, is no different than anyone else, she states her half truths, she a peace keeper, does peace keepers care guns for protection?

            We walk by protection in God, not a weapon, Psalms 91.

        • Tracy: Why you think USA will just maybe get saved. God’s hear for the lost souls, that has not excepted him yet? Not for the USA. The only way, God will for give the people of the USA or thw World, is that they humble their selves and ask forgiveness of there sins and accept His salvation. So do you really believe that will happen.

          Let’s go back to Sodom, Noe went their and asked got if he could get at least 10 people of come out of Sodom, He would save the city and its people. But how many actually came out, Loy, his wife and 2 daughter, that made 4, so God destroyed the city.

          The destruction was coming to Sodom anyways, as God knew their would not be 10 people who would listen and leave the city. Now again, Noe spoke to the people at the new city where he lived, did they listen? No, they where living their lives as they wanted too, have no time for God, and everyone thought he was crazy building an ark. But the time came, and everyone died, except the ones who believe in God, Noe, wife, and 3 sons and their wives that made 8.

          So how many people will believe in God, and humble theirselves to saved the USA?

          • Tracy: typo=

            I’m very sorry I’m a bad speller!

          • Tracy and STL: What I read in your posts was healthy debate, not quarreling or denigrating. This site has gone to denigration lots of times but I think you can have healthy debate if you don’t overreact to each other. I am with both of you. I know God is in charge, that he has planned the end from the beginning and that we are here for the ride. As with Sodom, we could hope that he relents, but the Bible tells us of the end and signs indicate we are there.

  • OF COURSE it was an INSIDE JOB, engineered by Obama HIMSELF!!! We have known this since 3 months or less, after the attack occurred and so has Hillary. In fact, she probably knew the NEXT DAY!!! Why do you think they dont want to talk about it and changed the names of the Benghazi witnesses? Because they hope we were as dense as they were, when obama came up with this poorly devised plan, which would never pass the smell test. If it looks like a rat, squeaks like a mouse, moves like a mouse, its a MOUSE!!! Even the parents of the fallen soldiers and Ambassador Stevens knows the Administration has been lying, since day one!!!

  • shelly

    NTEB why do you not report the supposed ‘positive’ changes Obama makes? My local paper reports that Obama has backed up and is allowing cancelled insurance to be restarted. All significant events must be reported on so that the American public can make decisions for themselves. We know the cancelling and restarting of these policies is costing the public millions and a migrane trying to sort thru their insurance carriers’ confusion and backlog of changes BUT a full picture must be reported.



  • Shelly: that is NOT a “positive” change! First: it’s illegal! Only Congress can enact a new law to change an old law. The president does not have the authority to change ANY law!
    Second: The Insurance Companies all have to go through their respective state Insurance commissioners, many of whom have already said they will NOT approve this! They have already approved all the insurance plans to be issued in 2014; they do not want to go back and re-do 2013 plans!
    Third: the insurance companies WON’T do this because they will lose money! Obama knows that, which is why he said what he did! Now he hopes you will blame the insurance companies, instead of him! He’s hoping you’re that dumb!
    See the picture? He’s a pathological LIAR! He is in Satan’s pocket! NYEB CAN’T report “positive” changes when there aren’t any! IF any of this happened, the taxpayers would have to fork over BILLIONS to cover all the people who have signed up for Medicaid!

  • Maria

    Matthew chapter 24; we’re living it NOW. Seek Him, while He may still be found. It’s time to get into The Ark and bring our families with us. He comes QUICKLY! Shalom

  • SJ Tubbs

    And Obama is still in office? And Hillary has the nerve to step on the stage with those who are who worthy be running.

  • I’m actually hoping that the puppet-master Globalists will turn on their seriously damaged darling-Obama, and use this unresolved incident (along with ‘Fast & Furious’; the 22 Navy Seals death via Intelligence Leaks; the IRS scandals; the ObamaCare fiasco; his birth in Kenya (NOT Hawaii!); ‘illegal’ Connecticut SS#; foreign exchange student funding award status; poor grades in college; history of addiction and alleged sexual escapades [with missing or dead persons littered in his past]; and the NSA-Snowden ‘revelations’ to bring his timely end to disgrace and indictment. WHY? Primarily because of his unflagging support worldwide for the murder of innocent ones in their mothers’ wombs! PLEASE Fast & PRAY like never before:

  • A brief history of the times.

    Bugging lies…impeachment/ resignation

    Sex scandal lies…impeachment/ resignation

    Murder lies…go directly to start and collect a Nobel peace prize.

    In those days good will be called evil and evil will be called good.

  • Wooow…Iàm astonished about whats going on in your so-called `Land of the brave and free`…
    -I dont even have a clue for the crap you have too eat from greedy and ego-centric` sociopath`s.
    In the north of Europe, where i come we offcourse have a nother culture…and i dont want to step one your toes or tell you what you should think or say…so this is just my point of view…from an outsiter.
    But i know that the bible…if its chapter 1,2 or 3 dosent help you…at all…
    Religion is power, just like politic…and it corrupt people and put you to hope…that is equal to fear, a lot of distrust and discussion about who is right and wrong…and it`sad. Religion is for people who are afraid to go to hell, spirituality is for people who have been there. I dont say there is a god…or moore… I just say i dont belive in Dogma`s who dictate ohter how to sit, talk, live or think.
    Evil is made by man and forced by man…who can bleed and die like the rest of us, and theres no difrence in Bush or Obama`cares administration…They are all greedy and dosent care about you or me, or an ambasador who was brave enaugh too stand up for what he belived…how sadhope for you that your mainstream media will wake up soon so America again will shine as the star she is.

  • Cherish, therefore, the spirit of our people, and keep alive their attention. Do not be too severe upon their errors, but reclaim them by enlightening them. If once they become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress, and Assemblies, Judges, and Governors, shall all become wolves.

    Thomas Jefferson, letter to Edward Carrington, January 16, 1787

  • How much lower can obama fall before the great abyss opens up and devours him? He is the most treasonous, traitorus, unqualifed, uneducated, questionabled valued person, I think we have ever had in office. Is his whole network of people he works with, as moral less as he is, devoid of any feeling, or patriotism. Is he a nephelim or just possessed by a demon.

    • Marlio: I’m not sure the American people exactly know what really happen with Obama. We have the same problem as we had with Bush Jr. both are limited educated idiots as the Big Brother (NWO) is pulling their strings as their both puppets and God is allowing all this to happen to the USA and the World powers. Its all coming together in God’s plan for this unrighteous world we call home.

  • DoD Identifies Army Casualty The Department of Defense announced today the death of a soldier who was supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. Staff Sgt. Michael H. Ollis, 24, of Staten Island, N.Y., died Aug. 28, in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan, of wounds sustained when insurgents attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device, small arms and indirect fire. RIP I Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice Your Life Lives On!

  • Ron Murphy
    • Brenda: Every time I hear “Amazing Grace” I begin to cry and lifting up my hands to the Lord Jesus Christ. When I finally get the Feast Dinner in Heaven there will be so many beatiful singers there!

  • Most knowledgeable americans, have always known it was an inside job and that’s why obama doesn’t want it investigated.


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