Vatican Approved and Unveils Disturbing Last Supper Portrayal in Germany

| March 12, 2012

 Fully approved by Pope Benedict XVI

“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them. ” (Romans 1:28-3

The world today seems to come up with new disturbing stuff every now and then, but nothing would ever top that which would come forth from a self-professing “Christian” entity. Although the Catholic Church’s leaders in Vatican do preach about Christianity and the morals that go alongside it, there seems to always come out of the blue a hint of the kind of things the heart of these so-called “Christian” church leaders are focused in. The story below is yet another disturbing fruit springing forth from the Vatican.

With the full approval of Benedict XVI, The Diocese of Würburg, Germany reported on February 29, 2012, that it will permanently display a portrayal of the Last Supper by Henning von Glerken in its Cathedral Museum. In this parody the artist includes six women and two children among the 12 personages. Three adults, as well as the children, are completely naked, and one adult displays a bare torso.

With the full approval of Benedict XVI, The Diocese of Würburg, Germany reported on February 29, 2012, that it will permanently display a portrayal of the Last Supper by Henning von Glerken in its Cathedral Museum. In this parody the artist includes six women and two children among the 12 personages. Three adults, as well as the children, are completely naked, and one adult displays a bare torso. The place of Our Lord in the center is empty, but when a visitor sits on a bench in front of the painting, the picture of his face is automatically projected onto the wall to fill the central place of the missing Christ, as shown below.

Justifying evil as good

Fr. Jürgen Lenssen, above right, art director of the Museum, praises the portrayal and justifies it as a symbol of the different situations of life. Asked about the naked persons, he considers them as correct expressions of “the wounds of people.” He added: “For me the last supper is anywhere a celebration of life takes place.”

Source – Newsnet14

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  1. saleh nukho says:

    the end is near faster than you think

  2. connie says:

    Celebration?????? of Life????? Where??????

  3. nastyned says:

    SICK so perversely sicking. God will have a field day with this so called man of the cloth. I hope I get to witness his fall from grace.

  4. Dr.Kink says:

    Thats what YOU get for praying to false gods…

  5. Almeda says:

    It looks like a hillbilly get together! :)

  6. jenag says:

    Guess I’m not getting it. the ‘artist’ must not understand the reason for the Last SUpper.. :) ( Here’s a hint :Jewish Celebration )

    Sick .

  7. Insane, alright. It really shows the lust in their heart.

  8. Jody says:

    If you read Revelations, and understand, you know the Whore of Babylon is the Catholic Church. We should not be surprised. We’ve heard horror stories of pedophile priests for years, now this abomination, approved by the Pope! What’s next? This is just another sign that the End Times are upon us…

  9. jeftex says:

    This isn’t anything new. There is a movie called “Rape of the Soul” that exposes how the Whore of Babylon has used “art” to corrupt people for centuries.

  10. Daw says:

    Let us allow God’s Word to elucidate in Isaiah 5:18 and be comforted while our faith is given additional power through “….the hearing of God’s word”. Romans 10:17.
    God speed to all of you!

  11. Talk about a sacrelage. This is wrong. If the true portrayal of the Lord is not shown, then it shouldn’t be shown. They are demeaning the original artist, besides.

  12. Tom says:

    I see no happy people in this ‘celebration.’ Is the absence of Jesus from the picture an allusion to Jesus also being absent from their church? Art may just imitate life! Matt 7:23

  13. Cathy says:

    That is disgusting. They should be ashamed.

  14. mateus says:


    I think you should publish this:

    Mysterious website sets apocalyptic Ultimatum to the United States

  15. mateus says:

    They are saying this week there will be another tornado spree in the United States.

  16. Reginald says:

    Roman catholicism has really gone viral. I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ, my Messiah,Saviour, Redeemer and Yahweh for rescuing me from this false Christianity. It is not rational to be a catholic, by bowing and genuflecting before graven images,icons, statutes of dead people, and request dead saints to pray for called the practice of necromancy. This practices is very offensive to Yahweh, who stated not make any images of anything in heaven above,or under heaven in the earth,or underneath the earth. That you should not bow or genuflect to them,because Yahweh,is a jealous God, who will visit the iniquity of their fathers upon the children on them who hates Him, but showing mercy to thousands who loves Him. Yahweh hates these practices, yet pope Benedict XVI condones and permit this to go on. The false teaching of catholicism includes, praying to Virgin Mariyam, and placing her on equal pedestal as co-mediatrix with our Lord and saviour. Purgatory is another heresy of Rome! The vicar of Christ, usurpation of the title of Holy Father, which Yeshua used to address His Father in John gospel 17; for the sanctification of the believers and keeping them from evil,after His return back to heaven. The pope is wrong to be addressed as Holy Father. Pope is a fallible human being with sin and not God. Why call yourself God,which you are not. The sexual scandal in catholic institutions evidence this frailty. Also the doctrine of celibacy, that turned the catholic priests into sexual predators.

    Please come out of this false Christianity as commanded in Revelation 18:4; is Christ instruction that you leave catholicism,because her judgment is ripe and coming soon. Kiss the Son,less you perish!

  17. Dee says:

    Excellent point above. Well said.
    The painting is basically ugly and somebody’s rich kid has probably taken some class and demanding that it be shown off….

  18. ruth white says:

    this is sick and evil. God will deal with these w-mongers. i pray for the members of my family that are catholic, most of them are very good people , that have been deceived. i look foward to the time our Saviour will come, i pray for Him to take us out of this sick world.

  19. Julie says:

    I could not believe how people continue to serve Catholic church even though they tend to use idols in their church. thousands are blind… Now the picture shows and tells us that they are sick and not true worship.. AGAIN they are blind again. please spread this to our friends or famiilies who are still attending Catholic Church. Sicko pictures

  20. This is an abomination of our Lord and Savior….God help us all!

  21. KL says:

    I lived in Germany for almost 4 years, they have a different culture and view of the human body. While I’m not saying I approve of this, I don’t think the painting is meant to be a parody. The viewer, when seated in the right spot, will see himself in the place where Jesus sits. I believe the artist meant that we are to be Jesus to a hurting world. I hope this helps. While our culture shuns all nudity to be porn, so the culture in Jesus’ time did shun a lot of what He permitted, He was a scandal Himself 😉 I would like to be able to view the painting in more detail, then I may be able have a better informed opinion.
    I guess this story does sensationalize the whole thing, they are doing what media loves to do, shock and surprise us. I doubt German Christians will have much negative to say about this as they do not have the same notion that nudity is always about lust and sensuality. The article is poorly written, they have the name of the artist misspelled and the title of the art is nowhere to be seen. The title is important when interpreting art. I don’t really see anything sexual about the portrait, and it’s not meant to be taken literally. My interpretation of the nude woman, based on her expression and my experience with German culture is that she is prideful, not understanding that she is nude, like King Midas.
    Jesus said that the only unforgivable sin is to blaspheme the Holy Spirit, ie -call something that is Godly to be ungodly. I have known some wonderful spirit filled Catholic people in my time, so I would be very reluctant to call them by that name. Of course my beliefs more closely follow an Amillennial view of Revelation so I do not believe the “whore of Babylon” refers to a certain group of people literally, but more figuratively a condition of the soul that will effect different groups of people. I also believe I could be wrong though, so Praise the Lord He is to be the judge of all of this and not me lol. All I have to know is that I am growing in holiness, walk in love and bring as many to know the love if Jesus that I can. That frees me up from getting upset and offended by the world, because it’s not my job to judge them. Just something to think about before you “get a rope” John 3:17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

  22. IAMone2 says:

    The Pope has revealed himself !
    Finally everybody will see he is “The False Prophet” That revelations talks about!
    Praise you my precious Lord and savior!
    Come out of her(Catholicism) completely and forever!
    The true “Whore of Babylon!

  23. EBD says:

    This is in line with the other evil in this world – the catholic church is an empty shell not worthy of being a christian faith. Sadly I know many christians who are catholic and they will be set free at the return of the messiah…they are upright just people who seek only to worship the LORD…

    The catholic church will be judged when the messiah returns – they are a church of exclusion and moral decay.

    Standing up for pedophiles is the obvious, but to restrict communion from other christians, from their own members who get divorced or who marry outside the church they exclude you from your rights as a follower of JESUS

    This corrupt money hungry venomous den of deceivers will be have their day – in the long line that has no air-conditioning

    The catholic church has always been the worst of the faiths as they have killed in the name of Christ and that is of Satan

    Moreover they have been overt in their support of satan long before WWII – when they did not confront the atrocities the Nazi’s inflicted on millions of innocent people.

    This painting is not shocking, nothing is today, the idiot in the WH Obama is the most morally corrupt – non christian president in the history of the USA – he may be the last as well given the end times sequences that will continue to escalate starting with this months natural disasters which loom on the horizon…

    He like the pope are all in league with the power elite who think they can alter the plan of GOD himself – simply moronic and Eff;ed up if you ask me…READ THE BOOK ASS WIPES – YOU LOOSE GOD WINS – CHRIST IS THE MESSIAH AND WILL RETURN TO JUDGE THE QUICK AND THE DEAD .

    I pray the day of his return comes soon, I want to be with the LORD in his kingdom and watch those who are of satan be cast into the pit with Mr. Red – Lucifer – the great deceiver the beast the evil one cast out for thinking he is like GOD – dude are you insane – read the bible it is all there…

    Don’t be deceived, study the prophesy know the timeline and fear nothing as you are with the LORD…Love the Lord with all your heart and fear nothing – no man – no demon – nothing

    I spit in the face of evil for it is written, those who perish in my name will reign with him in his kingdom…

    Know it – trust it – it is written in the book of life…he is coming…

  24. Wow. I dont understand how people can be so blind to the evil teachings in the Catholic religion :( makes me sad. My mother grew up Catholic because she lived in Mexico and Ive noticed it really took over the hispanic/latino community. Only God should be praised not his servants (1 cor 3:5-9) I hope more people open their eyes to whats REALLY going on in the Catholic religion. I dont like bashing it but some things they do are obviously wrong. – @IscahImAlive

  25. I post them, they get 1 or 2 views, and then no more. I would like my content to do more than just give me a few views…how do I get them on the search engines or something like that? Will no one ever go to my blog just because I don’t post every day?.