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U.S. Officials Now Believe Netanyahu Has Already Decided to Strike Iran

| March 5, 2012

Channel 2 in Israel, sourcing a “senior American official”, says that the decision has already been made by the Israeli government to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House on Monday. Photo: Israel PM Office.

“All U.S. intelligence officials are confident the Israeli leadership has already decided to attack Iran, unless a significant change happens in the coming weeks or months with  the Iranian nuclear program,” Channel 2 reports.

The report comes just hours ahead of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to AIPAC in Washington.

AIPAC is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and is widely considered the most powerful pro-Israel lobby group in the United States.

“A senior official stressed in a conversation with News 2 there is a dispute between Israel and the United States on the question of ‘day after’, which means the price of attacking Iranian nuclear facilities,” Channel 2′s report says.

American officials have warned their Israeli counterparts about a regional war in the region following an attack on Iran, along with the collapse of Israel’s stock market and an arms race in the Middle East, according to the report.

In response to the American official’s statement to Channel 2, “sources close to Netanyahu” said the U.S. is doing what it can to “handcuff”  the Israelis and to “frighten the Israeli public”. source – AlgeMeiner

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  1. Eddie says:

    I wish it were possible to strap OJUDASS to the front of a tank or a fighter aircraft and fly his sorry brown butt into a conflict. This idiot lied on his Selective Service App and now he has the audacity to order REAL Americans into battle. How can CONgress sit on their lazy butts and allow this to happen ? Aiding and abetting is STILL a crime no matter what that weasel “BOY” holder says. This governement is shameful and destitute and needs expulsion from America. They are each and every one a traitor in the truest sense of the word !!!!!

    • Jeff says:

      Eddie, it is a sure fire sign that America is under judgement she is drunk and unable to discern the evil that has overtaken her. I wrote to a, as you a CONgress member, and asked about what they intended to do about the Presidents acts of sedition and treason and the reply I got was well I share your concern about his actions they aren’t going to do anything. He has run over the rule of law and this would definitely make him a “lawless one”

  2. Jeff says:

    Also did you notice that all the Microphones where all on BIBI?

  3. I’ve said it before, and will say it again:
    “When you ‘lead’ a country, you take advice, if good, but you do not, ever, allow another leader to dictate your actions, or non-actions, OR, you no longer ‘Lead,’ you become a ‘Tag-along.’ Stand your ground, PM Netanyahu! Yeee-Haaa, and AMEN”
    BHO worries about the Poll’s, his job to Save,
    BiBi worries about keeping his country out of a Grave.

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