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Iran Now Says They Are ‘Ready And Willing To Wipe Israel Off The Map’

| February 25, 2012

‘Iran ready to wipe Israel off the map’

“Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Zion.” Psalm 129:5

Tehran’s deputy defense minister warns Jerusalem against strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, says ‘any action by Zionist regime will bring about its destruction’

Iran will find out too late that they won't really be fighting with Israel, but with the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. What a Day that will be!

As speculations over a possible strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities grow, the Islamic Republic is exacerbating its rhetoric.

Deputy Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi on Friday warned Israel against mounting such an attack: “Any act by the Zionist regime against Iran will bring about its destruction.” Hezbollah, he added, “Is at the forefront of the fight against Israel and it is growing stronger by the day.”

Speaking at a ceremony honoring past Hezbollah commanders, Vahidi said that “Israel is weaker than it has ever been and its army is tired and humiliated… This is why it is trying to solve its problems by talking about taking action against Iran. But these are ridiculous statements.

“Iran’s warriors are ready and willing to wipe Israel off the map,” he declared. source – YNET News

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9 Comments on "Iran Now Says They Are ‘Ready And Willing To Wipe Israel Off The Map’"

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  1. visit israel | May 3, 2012
  1. bert martin says:

    I know what God says in his word, they will win for a short season, But God and Israel prevail in the end. Nothing done is done without Gods permission. By his own hand God draws them to battle then destroy these peoples, so all the earth will know he is GOD.!!!!Even so come Lord Jesus. amen

  2. sunaurora says:

    I feel so heartbroken for those who live there and don’t know Jesus as their savior. Let us walk boldly, speak lovingly and lead them to the cross with the sincerity needed to cross all borders. Reach out and allow Jesus to build the bridge between the vastness and increase the citizenship of eternity. Remember it is a free gift for all. Life doesn’t stop when we die, it continues on forever. There are only two places to go, heaven or hell, there are no second chances. God will have mercy on who he has mercy upon, but I don’t want anyone to burn in hell, do you? Go out boldly proclaiming the simple truth. God bless… always, michelle

  3. Michael says:

    Those that put their trust and hope on physical weapons are blind and weak, how much of such weapon can destroy a soul? Well the Holy scriptures must be fulfilled; to all these (wars and rumours of war) I say, LORD let thy will be done. You did foretell us of these events LORD, now we are witness to the manifestation of it all. We are not afraid of the arrow that fly by day or the pestilence by night because we already know their end before they begin. Jesus our Lord and Saviour thank you for insight and uncommon wisdom.

  4. of course Iran is ready to wipe Israel off the map, they were always been ready since pre-historic times? the problem is, iranians are all talk… that’s what they are so good at… talking.

  5. Raphael says:

    The Western governments have let Iran build their bombs…They’ve played into the hands of these crazy people…..All for their 12th Mahidi to come…..

  6. How dare Iran says they’re ready when it is actually rellying on Hezbollah’s help..Yeah I agree,iran is good at talking..In fact,they’re trying to prolong this negotiations to spare time building bombs but unfortunately they’re pobbly runnin out of time for Israel were willing and almost cant help it to make its move..WE ALL KNOW ISRAEL AND ITS PEOPLE..When it talks,it is followed by action and it is proven and tested..Israel hits Syrian Nuclear facililty on 2007 and Syria cant do nothing about it..

    May God bless Israel,and all the living things is this world.

  7. Unknown19 says:

    i dunno what are you talking about iran, but please open your eyes widely ! What do you think about what israel have done to palestine ? And do you only know because the reference from mr. google ? Sigh… I dunno why you all hate iran, but please let us be tied together again and i’m not mean to provoke you. I just want to tell you and beg you to open your eyes WIDELY !

A KJV Bible doctrine and end times prophecy study program designed to teach Christians how to fulfill Paul's command to