The meaning of Halal

Simply stated, food that is Halal Certified is food that has been prepared in accordance with Muslim Sharia law. Note the following information we got from website:

“To be halal certified the animal must be facing Mecca, have its throat cut while still alive and then ritually sacrificed by a Muslim who recites a prayer dedicating the slaughter to Allah. Fees must be paid to one of the certifying organisations for this service. Islamic certifying organisations benefit financially from providing this service. They receive a constant stream of funds to support Islamic projects which contribute to the advancement of sharia (Islamic law) here and around the world.” source – Halal Choices


Butterball proudly proclaims that their products are Halal Certified - November 2011

Now, is this true? Are Butterball turkeys Halal Certified?

We found this on the official Butterball website:

“As an international turkey provider, we have the expertise in serving different countries and different customs, and will work with you to meet any and all product needs. We have met the requirements for the following certifications: USDA Approved, Russian Approved, Halal Certified, and employ a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HAACP) food safety system with Good Manufacturing processes. From great customer service to new product innovation to the proper certifications, Butterball has the experience you need to get our great tasting turkey in your market.” source – Butterball web site

Butterball turkeys are, by their own admission, certified for consumption under strict Sharia Law guidelines. This means that the animals must be facing Mecca when they are killed, and that they are killed in the name of Allah. A fee is paid for this certification by Butterball to Sharia-based certifying organizations who in turn send the money to support Islamic programs, including Jihad, all over the world. If you buy a Butterball turkey, a percentage from that sale is sent directly to Islamic programs.

Happy Thanksgiving.