Irene may be Worst Storm in Northeast in 50 Years

| August 25, 2011

First an unusually rare earthquake, now a hurricane

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There is potential for the worst hurricane impacts in 50 years along the northern part of the Atlantic Seaboard as Irene plows northward. The impacts on lives, property, commerce and travel will be serious.

Raging: Hurricane Irene is moving north towards the East Coast of America, as shown on this satellite image

While Irene is not forecast to track as far west, nor as fast, as Hazel did in 1954, it will ride up along the mid-Atlantic coast in such a way as to inflict major damage in many coastal and some inland communities. In today’s dollars, Hazel was a multi-billion-dollar storm and reached Category 4 at peak intensity.

Irene will track farther east than Hazel, and farther west than Bob (1991). Meteorologist Heather Buchman compares Irene to storms in the past.

While Irene is expected to weaken Saturday into Sunday after encountering cooler waters in northern latitudes, that will not happen fast enough to prevent serious problems from wind, rain and ocean water. If you live near the projected path of Irene, you are at risk for power outages, flooding problems and property damage with this storm. source – AccuWeather

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