On the thirty-second anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, America’s president is joining in with terrorist organizations and tyrannical leaders praising the removal of Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak. It didn’t take long for cream colored coat wearing Ahmadinejad to come out praising the events in Egypt today. Ahmadinejad spoke in Tehran’s Azadi Square (ironically that means Freedom Square) hailing a ‘’new Middle East.” Iran and Egypt hadn’t experienced a good relationship because Iran didn’t like Egypt’s ‘’good’’ standing with America nor Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel. Well Ahmadinejad can wipe those worries off his list since now it will be easier for him to wipe Israel off his list too! Ahmadinejad went on to say that now a new Middle East is being created that would be ‘’free of the United States and Israel.” Ahmadinejad went on to exemplify his Muslim beliefs by insisting that the world was witnessing ‘’a revolution managed by Imam Mehdi.” This is the twelfth Imam Ahmadenijad is trying to usher in. Ahmadinejad said “the final move has begun. We are in the middle of a world revolution managed by this dear Imam.” The crowds shouted ‘’death to America! Death to Israel.”

Not only was Ahmadinejad praising Egypt but Hamas celebrated in the Gaza strip firing their guns into the skies. Sami Abu Zuhri, Hamas’ spokesperson called on Egypt to help Palestine remove the Israeli blockade.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood was quite ecstatic in Mubarak’s departure too. A senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood said that Egypt has achieved their main goal.

Lebanon’s radical Muslim group also joined the party as they congratulated the Egyptian people for a ‘’historic victory.” Hmm, isn’t that the same thing Obama said? They must have been watching his speech.

However, in the meantime the former Israeli ambassador to Cairo Zvi Mazel said that Israel is facing a ‘’hostile situation.” He stated “It’s over. Egypt is no longer a superpower” and that “As long as we had Mubarak, there was no void in our relations with the region. Now we’re in big trouble.”

No worries though because it was a ‘’historic” day! Does anyone else see a major problem when the American president is airing on the same side as radical Muslim groups and tyrannical leaders that want to wipe America and Israel off the map? Does this not infuriate Americans that Obama’s speech basically parallels those given by radical Muslims and their fanatic groups? Are political pundits and Liberal reporters still going to question Americans who believe Obama is hiding in the Muslim closet? It seems more and more that Obama can just hop on his magic carpet and ride off into the land of infallibility.

The only thing that can keep us sane when we are surrounded by such insanity is the fact that we know there is one person who will make all things right when He returns. We are seeing a preview of what is yet to come. The question is will America awake before the final show or will we fall asleep during the previews?