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US Senator Reveals Obama’s Deliberate Plan To Collapse America’s Law Enforcement System

| April 12, 2014

Washington, DC: Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) said today that Americans need to stand up to “a deliberate plan by the president of the United States” to collapse the nation’s law enforcement system regarding illegal immigration.

In a Senate speech, Sessions said:

Our law enforcement system is in a state of collapse, and it’s a deliberate plan by the president of the United States, and it’s wrong. And, people need to be aware of it and need to stand up to it and I believe the American people are beginning to do so.”

Sen. Sessions rebuked U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Vice President Joe Biden for their pro-amnesty efforts:

“So, you come into the country illegally and the attorney general of the United States declares that these individuals have a civil right to amnesty. How can this possibly be: the chief law enforcement officer in America?

“Vice President Biden recently said, quote: ‘You know, 11 million people live in the shadows; I believe they’re already American citizens.’ Eleven million undocumented aliens are already Americans? Goodness. The vice president of the United States would make such a statement. It’s stunning beyond belief.” source- CNS News

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45 Comments on "US Senator Reveals Obama’s Deliberate Plan To Collapse America’s Law Enforcement System"

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  1. Deanna says:

    UNBELEIVABLE? But look around?

  2. Jerry Saylor says:

    If our leaders cannot uphold the laws then elect leaders who will. I am a voter, concerned citizen, and veteran.

  3. watchman48 says:

    God forgive me…… Every once in awhile the wickedness that was once very prevalent and is now deep within me still creeps out….

    Many years ago I worked with a young man named Tyler who often used the phrase:

    “He thinks like an illiterate, inbreeded moron.” I was just wondering if anyone else is thinking this?

  4. STL says:

    Jerry Saylor: You said your a veteran. Did you served your country in a war zone or are you non-war veteran. Do you think its right for american to recieve benefits that was only set up for war veteran?

    when a non-war veteran does 3 years of inlistment then quit there job as a soldier, do you think they should continue to recieve these benefits?

    If you had a regular job and you worked for 3 years, then quit that job, would you continue recieving benefit, no you would not.

    this is the reason american taxpayers are spending money for no reason, also it why the VA medical system is failing.

    So if your a concerned citizen, should non-war veterans should recieve the same benefits as war veterans?

  5. Anonymous says:

    What has a plan to no longer oppress aliens got to do with a plan (conspiracy theory) to get rid of citizens? Don't you see any biblical kindness in making a way for well-behaved illegal aliens to have a pathway to legalization so that their families don't have to be broken? When was such harsh/strict criteria imposed during the waves of European immigration? Do you know US naturalization was strictly for the WHITE race until the 1950s or so? Brother, you need to see some things how GOD (who told the Israelites to not oppress aliens already among them, as they had been brought out of slavery in a foreign land/Egypt) sees things, not just the Republicans or libertarians….as much as I hate the liberalism of Democrats, in this matter they are more just and compassionate, as many of their forefathers came to the US without visas….perhaps yours did too?

  6. This and our defense policy are the two major issues the GOP should focus on in this election year ! Forget tracking,gay marriage and other inconsequential subjects,these are nation destroying issues and MUST BE addressed !!!

  7. Rosie Davis says:

    I just have to ask, Weren't they here first????

  8. Paul Kidd says:

    The current system both here and the rest of the world MUST be changed for the antichrist (Obama) to implement his BEAST system. He has quietly and behind the scenes been doing this GLOBALLY. After the IMMINENT Rapture, which will trigger financial and martial law shutdowns, it will be SHOWTIME!!! Are YOU ready for the IMMINENT Rapture???


  9. teresaB says:

    STL last I knew 3 yrs did not give you benefits unless GI Bill. Yes they should receive benefits. My hsbnd served 20 yrs in AF and retired, yes he deserves benefits promised to him. That changed they took some back. Why do you go on about this?

  10. STL says:

    Teresa: Yes if you serve in the Military service, yes they get the same benefits, as war veteran. And yes, your Husband served in the Air Force, but was he in combat? He recieves Tri-care, yes! And you have to make co-payments to VAMC.

    But war veterans that recieve 50% to 100% service connection are different than non-war veteran and retired military without being in combat service.

  11. Angela Vesey says:

    These people have come her ILLEGALLY and BROKEN THE LAW!! They should NOT BE REWARDED for it!! Hello!?!? I agree we need reform to make a way for people to be able to come here legally and only allow welfare for a short time and require they work etc. but a vast amount come with the INTENT of getting freebies and are bankrupting this country while our legal citizens can't get what they need. I have compassion for people in poorer countries but there simply is not enough space or resources to support everyone! Not to mention they are bringing diseases with them that then spread to everyone else!

  12. STL says:

    Angela Vesey: Seem you have nothing to do excep`t complain about illegal in the USA, that you believe using the welfare system.

    How about all the legal under age children getting knoted up and using the system. Or drug addicted mothers popping out babies just to continue recieving welfare benefits?

    I think americans are misusing the welfare system more than worrying about the mexicans using the welfare system?

    You know why their not enough money to go around, because the americans are miss using these benefits.

    USA has high rate of aids victims, drug addicts, alcoholics, so again you think Mexicans are spreading disease to americans?

    At least mexicans believes in marriage between male to female, not like american jumping from one sexual partner to another sexual partners, then you have the highest rate of gays spreading aids to other americans and you have the highest rate of homeless than any other country in the world. And most of your homeless are drug addicts and alcoholics, and there lining up for their food stamps each month.

    So how is the mexicans using your benefits and spreading disease in the USA?

  13. The stupidity and the unteachability of the illegal aliens and their children is being reflected in the dumbing down of education in this country. Studies have shown that most Mexicans find it difficult, if not impossible, to learn to read and write in any language- that’s why most drop out of school by the sixth grade…. In some states the majority of the students are the children of illegal aliens explaining why education in America is at or near the bottom of the industrial nations…I bet STL never made it pass the ninth grade, and it shows.,

  14. STL says:

    Mountain Saint: You realy are an idiot, just because I do not like racist people, that make me stupid in your eyes. Give me your actually email address and I’ll send you the documents that I graducated with a master from Multnomah Bible College and I have several documents from different agencies of my work being a preacher of theology in Rescue Missions for 25 years and I served in the 101st ABN. DIV. 1/327th INF. with 5 tours in Vietnam War with my decorations with a silver and bronze star.

    So I would not bet to heavy that I’m stupid as you are?


  16. Rosie Davis says:

    Elinor Martinez It is my understanding that Mexicans and Indians were in America first. There is plenty documentation of this. Research "The Trail Of Tears," on Youtube!

  17. STL says:

    Ron: where all these racist’s coming from, do not they know God will send them to the Lake of Fire?

  18. STL says:

    Elinor Martinez: These people like Mountain Saint that thinks there a christian’s but there hearts are full of hate for mexicans. People like this will only end up in the Lake of Fire. Why do they think Mexicans are stupid, look at Carlos Slim, he’s one of the riches men in the world, as he owns Telmex Phone Corp and he owns Sears. Who made it possible for television, it was a mexican!

  19. Rosie Davis says:

    I sickens me the way that so called Christians spew out so much racism and hatred as if people from other countries are not just as human as they are. Remember the word of God says, Love your neighbor and enemy and every one in between

  20. ARizona says:

    WHY does the LORD call america sodom and egypt?Because the egyptians were in america THOUSANDS OF YEARS BEFORE THE Indians or the mexians,do your home work kids,then talk about america,right now you should be getting ready for the coming of the LORD,its going to happen any day now,BE READY…..or be left behind……

  21. Roy says:

    The BIBLE says love your neighbor as you love yourself. It ddoesn’t say enemy or everyone in between. You should actually read a BIBLE before you flap out that garbage and lies.

  22. STL says:

    Roy: At least you prove you can read the Bible, but your attitude proves your not a Born Again believer in Jesus Christ.

    As for the lies as you said she said, your the idiot here, when Jesus said love your neighbor as your self, he meant love everyone, christians, unrighteous. So basically you do not understood that scripture in the first place. Maybe you should stop flapping your mouth, because its full of garbage.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Yes indeed, sister….

  24. Anonymous says:

    Angela Vesey the vast majority of illegals are hardworking people who do low cash-pay work which most citizens would NOT lower themselves to do, and pay taxes in order to show earnings in order to obtain credit and other non-federal benefits. So can you please specify what you mean by their "bankrupting this country"? As for spreading diseases, most undocumenteds are from Mexico, which shares diseases in common with the US, and overseas (mostly documented) ones have undergone req'd health checkups….remember they are fellow humans, not dirty animals…

  25. Anonymous says:

    Rosie Davis yes, they were ultimately forcefully dispossessed of their land, and the treaties made with the Native Americans were not honored…many tribes faced starvation in their increasingly shrinking reservations as state/gov't food supplies were delayed, and were told to GET OUT when white settlers eventually came in…But GOD has not forgotten these silent injustices, and is now using the Messianic Jewish believers especially to reach out to Native Americans…

  26. Anonymous says:

    Angela Vesey just to clarify, I'm not saying they should be rewarded for how they entered and stayed in the US, only that those who have a longstanding US work and/or family history without criminal violations should be provided a pathway (even if it's a tough one) for legalization…Of course there needs to be an absolute cutoff date for legalization, along with a better securing of borders…

  27. Don’t pay attention to STL. He is a low-information trouble maker…Why is STL trying so hard to deny war time veterans their benefits while condoning the trillions of dollars being wasted on the illegal alien families who never contributed anything to America but stupid babies. ..As for the Mexicans being for traditional families, tell that to the 51% of the Mexican babies that are illegitimate. Their mothers are collecting $61,000 a year in welfare benefits while their shack job dads (sic) are working in the underground economy, denying tens of million Americans of all races employment…. It is estimated that the illegal aliens will be costing the tax payers $9.4 trillion in the next few years, especially if this amnesty garbage becomes a nightmarish reality…The Bible says not to go in debt supporting parasites when you can’t afford it (Proverbs 22:26-27). Our taxpayers should be helping our people, not illegal aliens and their families. Wake up, America.

  28. STL says:

    Mountain Saint:
    Why do not you face the truth your an racist, you do not like mexicans at all. It seem an mexican did an injustice to you, now your attacking all of them.

    But God tell you to love these mexicans. So by your attitude you’ll never be allowed into GOD’s kingdom.

    And please stop your lies and twisting others words, I SAID NON-WAR VETERANS SHOULD NOT RECIEVE VAMC BENEFITS, as I’m a war veteran as I did 5 tours in Vietnam War, wounded twice in combat action. And I recieve 100% Service Connection benefits.

    Your just unhappy that your a poor man, not doing very good being middle class. As you say that 51% mexicans recieving welfare payments.

    The truth is that 70% of the white trash in the USA, which are children having babies, and drug addicted mothers are collecting welfare payments, and most children from drug affected parents, there children are on welfare living in foster care.

    Most mexicans that work in the USA, are sending there money home each month, so they can have a better life in Mexico.

    And the USA is made up with all different parasites as you call them from many different countries.

    USA does not belong to you, USA belongs to God, since your not a christian, why do not you get your parasite ass out of the USA and get on the fast track to hell?

  29. Why do you play the race card everytime someone overwhelms you with the truth about your illegal aliens? We are not racists but realists and American patriots. Why not stand up for America for a change or go back to Mexico. Presidents Truman and Eisenhower deported 11,000,000 illegal aliens and those were the happiest and most prosperous times in American history…I didn’t write that 51% of the illegal aliens were on welfare (it’s probably higher that that). I wrote that 51% of the Mexican babies were illigimate. Wake up.

  30. STL says:

    Mountain Saint: Your the one that brought up this hatred against mexicans. And if you were a real christian, you would see that Obama gave your country away to the Chinese and Russians, USA is doomed. Can you find in Revelation, that speaks of the USA still existing? As you speak of President Truman and General Eisenhower, was you alive then to see this deportion? Did not President Truman issues the order to kill millions of Japanese with a nuclear bomb, so again why were those the happy days?

    You the one need to wake up, the USA will not exist much longer and soon the USA financial system will collapse, then there will not be any welfare for anyone.

    Your best bet, is going to Jesus Christ requesting to Him for His Salvation to you. And you need to ask Jesus to take all that hate away from you.

    If not, you’ll probably end up in hell with alot of mexicans.LOL

  31. STL, I am tired of your lies and name calling. And you call yourself a Christian preacher…Your 30,000,000 to 50,000,000 illegal aliens are like a cancer on this country, conmitting most of the crime in the cities, killing 4380 Americans every year with their drunk driving and criminal activities stealing nearly 100% of our low-end jobs, dumbing down our education and consuming most of our welfare, money, bankrupting government. Thanks to your illegal aliens, there won’t be much of America left by the time Russia nukes our country out of existence (Ezekiel 39:6 and Jeremiah 25:32-33)….It’s another one of your lies that President Truman kill millions with his two nuclear bombs., But he did save the lives of a million American service men..

  32. STL says:

    Mountain Saint: Voice all the hate speech you desire, and your no christian to Jesus Christ. Enjoy your USA as long it last, which is very short and enjoy your stay in hell.

    Is not that nice, mexican stealing all you freebees from you. And remember I’m collecting over $ 5,000.00 dollars each month on my pensions from your taxes, if that what your doing paying taxes. And I’m living the good life in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. Thank you for allowing this mexican to live in my 5 bedroom house on my 5 acres of beach front property. I wish to thank you so much from your country depositing that money in my bank account each month. So I guess another mexican/american/jewish stealing those benefits from the white trash of the USA. Oh! I increased the debt ceiling by recieving 32 years of back pay from VA, so again thank you for all those benefits as you think I never earned.

  33. Rosie Davis says:

    joe.titus Thanks for that information. It is nice to know that they are getting help. Thank God.

  34. Rosie Davis says:

    joe.titus It is my understanding though, that the Hispanics were pushed out, just as the Indians were. I believe it was in the states of California and Texas, called the Gold Rush.

  35. Senator Sessions is right. As Ann Coulter says, “Amnesty will give the Democrats 30,000,000 more votes and the tax payers 30,000,000 more dependents.”Is this what Americans want- , thirty million iliterate, disease-ridden Commies competing for our few jobs. There are already 102,000,000 Americans unemployed. …The national debt is approaching $18 trillion and adding another 30,000,000 dependents would not only bankrupt government but would burden the taxpayers with $9.4 trillion in debt in a short period of time….We can’t afford another amnesty. It would be the death of America…Contact your Congress person and tell them “no” to all immigration reform legislation (Amnesty), whether Democrat or Republican. Stand up for America.

  36. STL says:

    Mountain Saint: Why do you post your hate against mexicans on a christian web site? No one really care what you believe should happen in the USA, your Congressman’s and your Senator’s only care if they continue in office. The Government is in complete control of your lives, and soon Big Brother will tell you how to live and think, if you resist, they have many FEMA prisons set up for you, to make you into a slave laborers, so I would be more worried about yourself than mexicans getting Amnesty in the USA. As for your country going Bank Ruptcy, that already has happened, you being condition to believe all their lies to you. No one is standing up for America, over 70% already believes the Government is protecting them. We been in Depression for over 2 years ago, their telling you lies that we are in double dip recession, but as you said, we have 102 million unemployed americans, so how could we be at 6.7% unemployment? So again, how will your Congressmans or Senators going to listen to you?

    Your American Politicans has sold out the USA to the Chinese and the Russians, and we should not forget the Arabs also. If the Arabs and the Chinese force payment in full for their outstanding loans to the USA, it will collapsed the financial system of the USA. So no Russians or Chinese will be attacking us with military forces, they already attacked us from within, loaning all that money to our politicans that they have spent that money. Show me how we could pay that debt back to them, it work take 100 years to pay back that money, if the USA stopped spending another dollar? So there is no way out of this financial problem that your government created for you and your childrem, you are basically doomed! Good luck blaming these problems on the mexicans?

  37. STL is no ordinary wetback. (1.) he is half Jewish and its his Jewishness that makes him smarter and more educated than the average Mexican (2.) Unlike most Mexicans, STL is a Protestant, not Catholic or pagan, and should know God’s plan of salvation through my Yeshua (unfortunately, Christianity doesn’t show up in his postings) (3.) STL is a veteran and knows how to milk the system (Boy, does he ever know how to milk the system) (4.) STL has abandoned America and is not concerned about how the illegal aliens, Mexican drug cartels and Mexican gangs are destroying this country (he thinks he is safe in Mexico – think again)….As we should know by now, America is not the Promise Land (Israel is). As long as we are serving God and blessing Israel, God will bless us (Genesis 12:3). Unfortunately,we have abandoned God and He is being forced to destroy us economically and to allow Russia to nuke us out of existence (Ezekiel 39:6 and Jeremiah 25:32-33). The illegal alien, Obama,,is just one of his instruments of destruction.

  38. teresaB says:

    Get the hell outa Dodge! For all you who are happy w all the Ilegals here, come round where I live and go to the food banks or anywhere things are free. No speaka Engles! Free cell ph from Govt,
    give me a flippin break. We have Millions of legal citizans out of work and NO work to be had. And DONT tell me I refuse to do labor. I am old enough that’s all the job I can get, 10 an hr. Our Farmers treat the Mexican workers well, and yes they are short people now, guess why? MEXICAN ILLEGALS DO NOT WANT THAT HARD WORK. They need to go back to the country of origan and straighten them out instead of coming here to change us or our Laws. THAT GOES FOR ALL PEOPLES. I cannot go to another Country and make changes, I have to adapt. Ask Vietnamese , they come here speak English, work hard get NOTHING free and gee never incur debt. At least Islam has that going for them. My friends from other Countries all had to do it the long hard way to become a Citizen, AND they had to learn English.

  39. Everyone wants to blame everyone else but themselves, for all the complacency. Why? Because it is easy to do.
    Sometimes we can not see the forest for the trees.
    It’s always the good ole blame game!
    But in reality, if you know what the Bible says, it is the end times, and things are just gonna get worse, not better, regardless of who we blame.
    We can blame government, we can blame Obama, we can blame whomever, but it all points right back to “we the people.”

    2Ti 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

  40. STL says:

    Mountain Saint: I do not belong to any religion, I’m a born again believer of Jesus Christ and I love all races, so stop blaming the mexican its your government that allowed these illegal into your country. How many Israelites loves America just a few of them, the jews are milking the USA, you allowed Obama the illegal alien to become your President twice, so what does that say for your countryman, their as stupid as you say the mexican are.

    Your the post that has never posted any nice words about mexicans, some of these are christians also, but with all that hate in you against mexican, When are you going after the blacks, most of the prisons are filled with the blacks, 80% are on welfare payments, most of the poor in the USA is the blacks, when are you will stop this blaming game, its completely childish.

    Your no christian, your no jew, but your doing exactly what Satan loves you to do, supply hate to others. For your country its doomed, your President Obama sold out your country men to the Arabs and the Chinese, soon your financial crisis is coming to the USA?

    And you will enter the 7 year Tribulation with all that hate. Would not it be funny LOL that you end up in a FEMA Camp prison and in your cell is you and the rest are mexicans only speaking spanish? Ha-Ha! Sucker.

  41. STL, you are not only an idiot but anti-semitic. It’s the Hebrews who have been a blessing to the world (Genesis 26:4) and your illegal aliens a curse…. It doesn’t make any difference who brought them here but they are here now stealing nearly 100% of our new low end jobs, robbing us of our welfare money, (majority in several states), commiting most of the crime (half of the Federal prisoners) and dumbing down education…. Two great presidents deported 11,000,000 of them and restored greatness to America for awhile, until Reagan came along and gave amnesty to the parasites……To recover ,we need to deport all illegal aliens and their families and give their stolen jobs to Americans. This move would empty our welfare rolls, our class rooms of unteachable kids and our prisons and free up money to balance the budget. …Will we do it? No, as long as we have Democrats (Marxists), and RINOs (Quislings),in Congress and the White House, we are going under. Eventually the Russians are going to nuke us and we will no longer be a superpower, or even a sovereign nation, (no mention in scriptures)….I hate spiritually dead christians like you accusing me of hate when I was only writing about the reality of the 21st Century….I hope you know that Mexico is one of the most dangerous places on earth. There were 50,000 dead along the border alone. The devil can easily find one of his own in Mexico, where he is king.

  42. STL says:

    Mountain Saint: Good luck with those theories you have? If and when the Rapture occurs and your still here, you will know your hate of Mexicans caused you to be left-behind.

    Did you watch the Red Moon early this morning?

  43. STL, I had enough of your “hate” BS., You are no longer an American and don’t care what happens to us. …Today is the start of the 2014-2015 Tetrad – lunar eclipses falling on Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles over a two year period…. The one in 1493-1494 occured after a Jewish admiral discovered a new home for the persecuted Jews of Europe. The one in 1949-1950 after the Jews won back their homeland of Israel, The one in 1967-1968 they acquired Judea, Samaria, Galilee and the rest of Jerusalem. I believe that with this one, they will acquire Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. It will be a nuclear war and Israel will have to annihilate the Arabs and bomb the Aswan dam, in Egypt, flooding Cairo with radioactive water (Psalm 83, Isaiah 17:1 and Ezekiel 29;10-12). My people can now build their third temple without Arab opposition.

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