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BREAKING: Investigators Admit That Missing Malaysia Flight 370 Was Hijacked

| March 15, 2014

Malaysia: Investigators say the missing Malaysia Airlines jet was hijacked and steered off-course. A Malaysian government official said people with significant flying experience could have turned off the flight’s communication devices.


The last known position of MH370 was pinpointed as it headed east over the Peninsular Malaysia. Rada pings then suggest the plane could have then taken two paths along ‘corridors’ which are currently being searched. The northern corridor extends from northern Thailand to the Kazakstan-Turkmenistan border, while the south extends from Indonesia into the southern Indian Ocean

The representative said that hijacking theory was now ‘conclusive’, and police are now believed to be searching the home of pilot, Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah, in Kuala Lumpur.

While Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak refused to confirm that flight MH370 was taken over, he admitted ‘deliberate action’ on board the plane resulted in it changing course and losing connection with ground crews.

The plane’s communication system was switched off as it headed East over the Malaysian seaboard and its last known location was pinpointed six-and-a-half hours later than first thought.

It is not yet clear where the plane was taken, however Mr Razak said the most recent satellite data suggests the plane could have headed to one of two possible flight corridors.

One possibility is the northern corridor, which stretches from the border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to northern Thailand, while the other is the southern corridor from Indonesia to the Southern Indian Ocean.

The Boeing 777’s communication with the ground was severed just under one hour into the flight on March 8 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

It has now been confirmed the plane turned back and crossed over the Malaysian peninsula after setting out on a northeastern path toward the Chinese capital.

Experts say signals from the plane shows it then continued flying for at least five hours in an unknown direction. The plane’s messaging system and transponder were both deliberately cut off and with them all hopes of further tracking the plane.

The disabling of the  Boeing 777’s transponder and messaging system occurred around 12 minutes apart. Such a gap would be unlikely in the case of an in-flight catastrophe and gave authorities the clearest indication to date someone on-board was behind it. source – Daily Mail UK



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  1. S. Klein says:

    Word has it a couple of Iranians using purloined passports were on board the Malaysian airliner. Iran reportedly was connected to the Sunni jihadists that hijacked airliners they flew into the World Trade Center towers on 9/11/2001. Shiites and Sunnis will cooperated when it comes to the destruction of the Great Satan. Think what the world will look like in the likely event Obama has his way with Iran and they join the nuclear club. Yesterday, on a conservative website I was warned not to engage in fear-mongering. Is it fear-mongering to wonder what the world might look like when Iran has hundreds, maybe thousand of nuclear weapons and devices one day?

  2. S. Klein says:

    Maybe Barack Hussein Obama will order Department of Homeland Security to beef up scrutiny of elderly white men and women at airports lest we racially, ethnically, religiously profile; and lest we offend many millions of American Muslims and millions of Muslims in countries that America counts as friends. Because Islam’s teachings are good and peaceful. We know that.

  3. I don’t know why the article suggest the plane was hijacked. There are no credible news agencies as of yet that contends the flight was hijacked.

  4. Sheri says:

    (Just sharing some information) First Red Flag is, Why are DOD WF&W employees going to Beijing.
    Second Red Flag, DOD employees would be riding American Flag aircraft., not foreign aircraft.
    If they were DOD employees they would be eligible and more than likely travel on US Military aircraft.
    There is a fleet of aircraft for that purpose. No this aircraft was stolen or hijacked and more than likely taken to Pakistan.
    I suspect it will be used to deliver a nuclear bomb made in Pakistan to Israel.
    Welcome to the next World War.

    Malaysia Flight Were DOD Employees Involved In Electronic Warfare & Weapons That Can “Cloak” Or Make Planes Invisible
    – See more at: http://govtslaves.info/20-passengers-missing-malaysia-flight-dod-employees-involved-electronic-warfare-weapons-can-cloak-make-planes-invisible/#sthash.t5ifyzoy.kDJg3anR.dpuf

  5. @Sheri , while Mr. Deshaw claims to be at the forefront of news ; the website Govslaves is not well known , but I like your point of a plane being used to attack Israel with a nuclear weapon.

  6. What are the motives here? Who, what, why, where and when? There are so many questions to this story, how this could happen in these times of technology. If there is a conspiracy to this what is the motive is the ultimate question…

  7. Lisa says:

    Brandon@ Web

    Check out the article by Dave Hodges over at the commonsenseshow.com entitled the Malaysian airliner is not missing & much more.

  8. suez says:

    And it took all this time to figure all those things out??? Hmm :roll: You can’t believe anything you hear on the news!!! So, don’t get to excited about anything!

  9. S. Klein says:

    “Check out the article by Dave Hodges over at the commonsenseshow.com entitled the Malaysian airliner is not missing & much more….”

    Dave Hodges, another 9/11 TRUTHER loon?

  10. Jeff says:

    That the said airplane was hijacked seems the most reasonable to me. The purpose could be an biological or chemical weapons attack on the USA or another country…ie. Israel or even Crimea or Russia. Crimea is home to Islamist who have ties to Chechnya and also hate the russians. If Iran is indeed imvolved which is more than possible as the missing passports were held by Iranians, then the plane could be fitted with a nuclear device…. Destined for the shores of Uncle Sam. Obama would then surely enact martial law and drone strikes on American citizens within our own borders. Truthers, gun owners, preppers, all suspected and so called home grown terrorists. Even Christians would be targets of martial law. This very easily could be the false flag we all knew was coming. Or Israel could be the target. Great Satan and Little satan drawn into a war no one wants, except the crazy Luciferians in charge of the NWO!

  11. Sheri says:

    Agenda 21 put into action. Been seeing this all over the web now.
    Against Ukraine War? Obama May Seize Your Assets

  12. TeresaB says:

    CIA/Mossad is what I am reading, but this is an excellent article w history that should amaze you but no surprise?

    The Malaysian Airliner Is NOT Missinhttp://thecommonsenseshow.com/2014/03/14/the-malaysian-airliner-is-not-missing-much-more/g & Much More

    Got this from a friend

  13. Jeff says:

    Makes sense to me. Rothschild with the help of the Israeli Mossad/CIA.

  14. @ TheresaB, Post # 12 very interesting . I don’t understand why Dave Hodges parents didn’t take advantage of reversing the aging process? Any thoughts?

  15. Suez is correct. its impossible to believe anything coming from any news agencies, you best bet, is to turn off the news, spend a little more time, reading scriptures, I believe our answers are in the Bible than these lieing news agencies?

  16. Exactly, Agenda 21 etc, Read the bible and turn off everything else.

  17. Turn our TVs off?? Why not turn the lights off too!
    Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water !

    4/14/2014 is coming up!!

  18. DAN: Do not have babies, then saved the water?
    Every T.V. will be turned on to the 1st Blood Moon 4/14-15/2014.

  19. DAN: Beginning of the Blood Moon start on the evening 14th and end on evening of the 15th, hebrew calendar goes by moon cycles not lunar cycles?

  20. DAN: As the Sabbath start on Staurday evening and ends on Sunday evening, not as the roman Catholics lied to us that 12 midnight Saturday ends on midnight Sunday ends the Sabbath!

  21. Brett Thomas says:

    @ Dan, What will happen on 4/14/2014 and what is the signifigance of 4/14/2014?

  22. April 15th is Passover, and the first of 4 “Blood Moons” or a Tetrad. 2014 -Passover April 15th, Tabernacles…October 20th, March 20th 2015 a total solar eclipse, on the Jewish New Year, 2 weeks later again on Passover 2015 the 3rd Blood Moon. Later 2015 in October the 4th Blood moon on Sukkot or Tabernacles. To the exact day!!! 1948-49, 1967-68 were two occurrences in the last century. These also occurred to the exact day as the Moahdim. Days of Appointment. 1948-Israel became a nation. 1967 Israel took Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Whats in the cards this time? 3rd Temple? According to the Rabbi’s the moon is a sign to Israel while an eclipse of the sun is a signal to the nations, (World). Joel 2 30-32. States that BEFORE the day of the Lord, the moon will turn a blood red color, the sun to darkness. on the earth there will be, Blood, fire and pillars of smoke. That sounds like war (WW3)?? Looking at currant events with Russia, USA, Europe, Ukraine, Israel, Syria, etc…Reading Ezekiel chapters 38-39 as well as other passages, it seems we are nearing the time of the end. The Obama administration with John Kerry, forcing a peace deal on Israel is also notable. Daniel 9:27 speaks of a covenant of peace forced upon Israel that is the beginning the the day of the Lord. 7 years of tribulation the last half, 3 1/2 years or 1,260 days as quoted by Daniel and Jesus, will bring forth the Antichrist, and end at Armageddon, with the physical return of Jesus Christ to begin His earthly kingdom. No one can argue these things are fortold thousands of years ago, Jesus is Lord, and good will triumph. Islam and the NWO will fail as will satan aka, Allah (Appollyon) Revelation 9:11. God Bless all, Jesus died that you may live. He who believes this will live forever with Him. This is the good news, this evil world is ending. The end of evil. The end of the beginning, if you will….

  23. @ Jeffery, well done! And, before I go on let me say I agree (but am cautious).. I’ve found the past blood moons that were accounted for on 1948 and 1967 are not exactly on the day of the event, so does this matter? Maybe not. I want this to happen as much as anyone else!
    So, we wait and we watch fully armored and ready!!

  24. What’s up LaRue !! Your usual sense of humor(missed) lol
    Don’t have babies save the bath water(Ha ha he cough agggg) .. Thomas read #23

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