Obama Silent As Russia Tells Ukraine ‘Surrender Or Face Military Storm!”

| March 3, 2014

The Russian military has given Ukrainian forces in Crimea until 5 a.m. Tuesday (10 p.m. ET Monday) to surrender or face a “storm,” Interfax news agency reported.

“If they do not surrender by 5 a.m. tomorrow, we will start a real storm in Ukrainian bases in Crimea,” according to the statement sent by the Russians to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, a ministry source told Interfax. NBC News could not immediately confirm the report.


The sound of absolute silence coming from the Obama White House is deafening.

The ultimatum was attributed to Alexandr Vitko, chief commander of Russia’s Black Sea fleet.

Ukraine mobilized for war on Sunday after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared he had the right to invade his neighbor to protect Russian citizens.

The standoff in Ukraine has created the greatest moment of tension between Russia and the West since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, an event Russian President Vladimir Putin once called the worst geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century. source – NBC News

Reuters contributed to this report.

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12 Comments on "Obama Silent As Russia Tells Ukraine ‘Surrender Or Face Military Storm!”"

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  1. Mario says:

    Because Obama is a wimp

  2. suez says:

    Well, he should of never opened his big fat, lying mouth in the first place. Now people will know for sure he is a liar and a blow hard! I hope we do not get involved. The USA is involved in too many wars to begin with. Sometimes we should just mind our own business, and let some others clean up the messes!

  3. Sandra says:

    This is President Obamas chance to do something to show strength. The American people have lost faith and feel weakened. Mr. President make a bold move show Putin America is still Great!

  4. engineer says:

    Am I the only one who see’s that the Ukraine transition government are just Neo-Nazis who took control and are now backed by EU and USA funding. This is all a distraction for the economic collapse the ELITE bankers are planning very soon.

  5. engineer says:

    The question is, who’s going to blink first.

    Putin, (KGB ☭) man
    Obama, the (Elite PTB Bankers 卐) man

  6. Hope says:

    Engineer, you are not the only one who sees the manipulation here. Soros is deeply involved and this is his MO. He butters BO’s bread so there is no doubt in my mind that this is unfolding exactly as they want it to. We have reached the tipping point. The mideast unrest is now global and in my mind, WWIII is on. The US is probably relatively safe from international aggression as we are the perpetrators rather than the defenders. Those who could come against us don’t have any military power, the others are in our camp. Who we are against, though, is God. Big mistake!

  7. J says:

    Too bad Putin! Get out now!

  8. J says:

    I’ll never buy any more goods made in communist countries like russia, Vietnam, Venezuela, Burma etc…

  9. engineer says:

    Hope, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who see’s where this is headed, WW III. Here is what this man has to say about the current situation going on now and predicted it.

    Lyndon LaRouche, February 2, 2014
    “What you’re seeing is, if you look at the recent weeks since the first of January, and now look through the course of the month of January, and now look into the early part of February, as I have warned people, we’re expecting something no later than early March, if the actual event occurs, and right now it’s very likely, that is, actual thermonuclear warfare between the trans-Atlantic region, on the one side of the war, and the Eurasian region, on the other side.
    “That means an extermination war! And what you’re seeing now, for example, in the games which are being played by the U.S. and others in Western Europe, they are looking at the almost certainty of a thermonuclear war by about the time of no later than early March, probably earlier, sometime in February.”

  10. Mike says:

    Russia has a new address, P.O.Box. The Ukraine.

  11. Keir says:

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  12. Whose in control? God!