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Tenn. State University Requires Students to Wear RFID Microchip Tracking IDs

| February 28, 2014

We watch as, one by one, all our major institutions and corporations are mandating the RFID microchip wearable tracking devices. It won’t be very long before these mandated devices will be implanted to avoid theft. Even Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom will not let you enjoy their parks without being tracked by RFID.

National Review: Beginning Saturday, March 1, students and staff at Tennessee State University will be required to present identification badges at any time that can also track their movements in and out of buildings, according to a local-news report.



After a spate of break-ins and vandalism, officials at the university instituted the new ID requirement as a way to ensure safety on campus, a TSU release said.

“Our primary concern is always to provide a safe and healthy environment for all of our students, employees and visitors,” said Dr. Curtis Johnson, associate vice president for administration, who is in charge of Emergency Management. “Safety on our campus is priority number one, and with the new policy we want to ensure that our students, faculty, and staff are safe at all times.”

“Failure to comply with the new policy,” the school said, “may result in employee disciplinary action, student judicial action, or removal from University property.” Besides being used to access buildings, the IDs can be used as meal cards, to check out library materials, to access computer labs and athletic events, and more. source – National Review


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20 Comments on "Tenn. State University Requires Students to Wear RFID Microchip Tracking IDs"

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  1. Valerie says:

    Oh dear my nephew attends univ. Of tenn.

  2. Thomas says:

    The number one priority that needs protecting is the inalienable right of ‘liberty’ – in other words the ‘freedom’ to be – without governmental oversight – – freedom lost in the name of safety.

    Higher learning?? Hmmmmf

  3. Hey, don’t fall for this stuff. National Review is a SATIRE news site. This is supposed to be a joke.


  4. Valerie says:

    This is not a joke

  5. Billy Payne says:

    This is so “end of days” it’s not funny . All we need now is for some spark in the middle east .

  6. Valerie says:

    Really worried about my nephew

  7. ONE STEP CLOSER TO THE DANGER ZONE (that is fur those who are wishy washy in their christian faith walk)

  8. Its simple, stop going to school, then ID cards!

  9. How can any christian’s that know we are living in the last day, continue going to college, thinking after 4 years I’ll graducate, get a high paying job?

  10. Valerie says:

    It’s beyond me most everyone in my family are ignorant and think we still have years!!!

  11. Valerie: why they do not want to look at the last days, that mean giving up total control to Jesus Christ, and there not ready to do that right now. As my brother says to me, please do not discussed Politics or Religion with us.

    They say it will not happen in my generation!

  12. Valerie: If the rapture occurs before the Tribulation, there will be alot of people left behind,their be crying to God saying we were faithful to you,

  13. Valerie says:

    I agree my brother!! My sister actually believes tenn. Univ. wants to prevent terrorism with it. My gosh I want to shake her!!!!!

  14. Valerie: Most people are simple blinded by the truth or it so ugly to concieve it in their minds, its easy just to tell yourself, its never will happen to them.

    Most people will say that your acting this way, because you came close to death, that’s the only reason, your talking about the Prophecies and that the end is coming soon to civilization.

    Most people that goes to church, is 1/4 christian and 3/4 enjoying the world, no one like giving up their dreams of
    their worldly desires.

    They think since I attend Sunday Services and donate a few dollars each Sunday, I’m being faithful to God.

    Most of the time when people really find Jesus Christ, is when the bottom drop under them, and they lost all their worldly desires, then they open their eyes to the truth.

    These people makes 2 choices in life, they relize their whole life been decieve from them, and they relized they need God. Or the commit suicide!

    Look at 9/11 the churches filled up over night, then things cool down, then back to the worldly desires. But a few actually find God and start living their lives to God!

  15. Karen says:

    Government control is here just like the Bible said would happen in the last days. They don’t need an rfid cheap to get in buildings and for meals. What did colleges do in the past?

  16. Jay says:

    all this is familiar I think to so many who are born again and know that the revelation of Jesus is at hand. Remember the Lord said that just prior to the rapture, it would be as in the days of Noah. people will be ignorant and rebellious towards Him. A have also tried to tell people in my family and others that the time of the end is upon us yet most just shrug it off. Matthew 24:37 onwards. may we all endure in have oil in our lamps when Jesus comes to fetch us. Maranatha

  17. truthiskey says:

    this stuff is know joke this is truly the end times this is in my home state nashville tn wow

  18. truthiskey says:

    this stuff is no joke this is truly the end times this is in my home state nashville tn wow

  19. Keep your eyes focused on Russia and Iran as well as peace talks between Israel and “Palestinians”
    Brokered by Kerry.
    Also watch boycott of world against Israel.
    Come get us Jesus:)

A KJV Bible doctrine and end times prophecy study program designed to teach Christians how to fulfill Paul's command to