Heartbreaking before and after shots of Kiev’s Independence Square put into perspective the scale of devastation as activists and police continue to clash in Ukraine’s capital city.


This is the Trade Unions building as it burned on February 18, 2014. What began as a peaceful protest ended with over 70 activists being killed.


Amazingly, the beautiful glass dome remains undamaged as the fires raged.


The square’s central monument was surrounded by a fountain, but is now completely destroyed.

Truce crumbles! EU votes to impose sanctions after Ukraine President Yanukovych’s forces kill up to 100 protesters in new bloodbath

The White House is weighing its options after anti-government protesters and police clash in Kiev’s Independence Square, leaving a grueling trail of violence just one day after the Moscow-backed Ukrainian president called a sudden truce and met with opposition leaders.

Protesters cut down by sniper fire flailing on the ground in agony. Demonstrators cowering from the bullets beneath shields stripped off riot cops. Trails of blood on the cobblestoned square as rescuers carry off the dead and dying on wooden boards. source – NY Daily News