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Obama’s Muslim Half-Brother Photographed Wearing Scarfs With Anti-Israel Threats

| January 29, 2014

Daily Mail UK: Malik Obama, the president’s Kenyan half brother, was photographed in 2010 at a public event in Yemen wearing a ‘keffiyeh’ – a special scarf – bearing two anti-Israel slogans of the terror group Hamas, it emerged today.

‘Jerusalem is ours – WE ARE COMING,’ reads one saying. ‘From the river to the sea,’ says the other statement. That rallying cry refers to Palestinian militants’ belief that the territory representing Israel, with the Jordan River to the east and the Mediterranean Sea to the west, rightfully belongs to them – and Israel should not exist.


The sayings, circled in red above, included ‘Jerusalem is ours – WE ARE COMING’ and ‘From the river to the sea,’ a statement that suggests Israel doesn’t exist

The photo appears on the website of the Barack H. Obama Foundation, a group that Malik founded and manages, despite its lack of a connection with he U.S. president. The name in the organization’s title refers to the president’s father, the parent whom the two men share in common.

Malik Obama also serves as the executive secretary of the Islamic Da’wa Organization, a group created by the government of Sudan. While the White House has sought to distance President Obama from Malik and his other relations, the Kenyan told GQ in July 2013 that the two speak regularly.

‘Of course we’re close!’ he said. ‘I’m the one who brought him here to Kogelo in 1988! I thought it was important for him to come home and see from whence his family came – you know, his roots.’

Malik told Mail Online in March 2013 that his more famous half-brother is ‘always at the end of a phone line if I want to talk. I last saw him on November 19 last year, shortly after the U.S. election. I went to the White House and offered him my congratulations’.

The Barack H. Obama foundation made news in 2013 after the IRS was accused of delaying the tax-exemption applications of tea party groups and other conservative organizations because of their political beliefs in 2010 and 2011.

But the Barack H. Obama Foundation saw its application approved in just 28 days. The final determination letter was signed by Lois Lerner, the former official forced to resign over the tea party scandal.

Malik is a practicing Muslim, but his embrace of militant Islam, including Hamas – a U.S.-designated terrorist organization – is curious because he has expressed a desire to run for president in Kenya, a predominantly Christian nation. source – Daily Mail UK


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  1. Steve says:

    What an awesome time we are living in, when we know the true end to this story!

    Israel belongs to Jesus, and He is the protector of His chosen people and His land.


  2. jay sprueill says:

    They better laugh and joke as much as they can now, the people of Israel, and the Christains of the world will have the last laugh when were sitting in the balcony of heaven watching them ROAST

  3. suez says:

    And this is a surprise? I don’t think so…:-)

  4. beloved777 says:

    Nothing,else surprises me at this point.

  5. Rebecca says:

    Good Luck with that guys……..I’ve read the book. I know how it ends……It’s an amazing time in history that we’re living in, watching history be made. To those that don’t believe, they call us crackpots and worse right now, but there will be a time when even they figure it out, but all us crackpots will be gone.

  6. )lezlow says:

    famous saying,I AM NOT MY BROTHERS KEEP,

  7. Reid says:

    The Arabs and the Armies of the beast powers will be slaughtered and their blood will flow to reach the bridle of a horse

  8. Jeremy says:

    Jesus is not coming… HE IS ALREADY HERE !!!!!!

  9. suez says:

    @Gump,,,LOL good one!!! :-)

  10. Jkittyc says:

    A muslim running for president in a Christian country? Where have we seen that before?

    • SS7 says:

      Nowhere I’ve seen. You want to be cute though so I imagine you’re referring to your belief that Obama is Muslim. Do you realize he’d be the worst Muslim ever with what he personally supports?

  11. Grampa says:

    How many half brothers does he have? Are they on food stamps? They will start a war all by themselves for one is a Jew and the rest are Muslim I am confused! ! !

  12. B.Blaney says:

    Africa does not need a muslim leader, this would lead to horrific bloodshed of christians. How can Obama be allowed to be president of USA if he wants it run by the demands of muslims. The world has gone mad. Im sick of hearing how muslims are trying to tell the world how to live, they should go back to their own islamic countries and leave the rest of the world alone

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