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Tell Congress NO On Aiding Al-Qaeda Syrian Rebels

| September 5, 2013

A House Divided

Please call your Senators and Congressmen and tell them NO on attacking Syria. We have no business going in there, and it will only strengthen and empower the Al-Qaeda Syrian rebels. Call your Congressman and send a STRONG MESSAGE to President Obama that you are not standing with him.

From WashPost: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she’s not sure whether a majority of House Democrats will support the use of force in Syria.


“I don’t know,” Pelosi said in an interview with Time magazine. “I think it would be important to get a majority in the Congress. But I don’t know if it’s important how you would break it down. These issues are not really partisan.”

Despite Pelosi’s comments, it has become clear that a strong majority of House Republicans are likely to oppose the resolution, meaning it would need strong support among Democrats to pass in the GOP-controlled House.

So far, The Fix’s whip count has 22 House Democrats opposing military action and 23 leaning toward opposing it. Combined, that means about one-quarter of House Democrats are likely to vote “no,” at this point. source – WashPost


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  1. Dennis says:

    It has been said that Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. If he is allowed to strike the opposition in Syria he will have done a great service to his cronies. The truth of the matter is we should let that side of the world take care of this matter and keep our noses out of it. We should be doing everything we can do to help Israel, not the Islamic countries. They have said they hate US! God is keeping score!

  2. STL says:

    Its all in God’s hands, the birth pangs are moving more faster now, soon the Rapture will occur, and the whole world will be doomed!

  3. glenn dupuis says:

    The Arabs have said that they will pay from their billions to pay for our troops to go into Syria and be killed. Isn’t that nice that they will provide money for our troop’s blood.

  4. Our country has the best government money can buy.

  5. engineer says:

    That was a complement from Pat Buchannan back in 1990 when he said those words. Now Congress has a 16% approval rating. If you ask me, I think it’s a waste of time trying to call Congress for anything anymore. Sad, but true.

  6. engineer says:

    Hey Mark, where do you think we are according to the prophesy of the four horsemen in Revelation. Or anybody else. I believe we are approuching the 3rd horsemen of this prophecy and are already well into the 1st and 2nd horsemen of the prophesy.

    1. The White horse, representing leadership – one that is equipped to engage in war and conquest.

    2. The Red horse, representing the power to engage in war and take peace from the earth.

    3. The Black horse, representing a huge increase in price resulting in a shortage of food for those who cannot afford it.

    4. The Pale horse, destroying a fourth part of the earth with sword, hunger and death.

    • Ron Murphy says:

      I don’t believe the seals are opened yet, Eng. Daniel plainly state about the peace treaty of this white horseman and him conquering the kingdom of the ten horns through peace, (Rev 17:17 & Daniel 11:21). The bow in his hand represents defense of Israel and the beast kingdom. Bows are used for defensive purposes, related to the treaty.

      The Red Horseman will be Him attacking, the strong holds and the King of the south in Daniel 11:24 & 25.

      The black horseman is the beginning of tribulation, many things happen at this time. The antichrist is wounded to the head, the abomination of desolation takes place, the mark of the beast is mostly what is implied here in the black horseman. Black also represents evil, darkness, and the devil will bring this man back to life, that was, was not and yet is, whose deadly wound was healed, Rev. 13:12,14 & Rev 17:8).

      The pale horseman is the after math of the black horseman. He will come after the saints of God, ( Daniel 11:33,35 & 8:24 & 7:21. Also Rev. 13:7)

      The 5th seal proves the 4th seal as the ones that just died are seen with this same crowd under the altar. But it’s not quit over with yet. It goes on until the 6th seal , which is the rapture. Proven by the Great multitude in heaven, ( Rev. 7:14).

  7. I think it’s somewhat pretentious to engage in theorizing about this particular part of Revelation. I prefer to look at concrete evidence – like the statue of a woman riding a beast outside of EU Headquarters (Rev. 17), or the demonic murals at Denver Airport. Now that is just downright obvious (and scary). It’s easier to wake up lost people and help get them saved by showing them things like that. :)

  8. STL says:

    Mullin: The Devil has many different faces!

    • Ron Murphy says:

      True STL , but this is the only one I see.

      Isa_14:16 They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms;

  9. Tom says:

    There is a real threat to the US dollar being the reserve currency and hence the debt laden economy if Assad remains in power. When you have an opportunity to get your foot in the door you may have to take it even if its a very gray or immoral area to cross.

    Allowing Russia or Iran to intimidate U.S. with warnings of retaliation makes U.S. loom very weak. Syria is gonna push the envelope.

  10. Marthese Cassar says:

    I am from Malta, Europe.so I can’t tell any representative of Congress what to do. But I think if US strikes Syria the whole world would suffer the consequences. As a citizen who believes that wars are never on the right side of humanity I want to voice my opinion against this attack on Syria.

  11. STL says:

    MW: Rev is a she not a he? From the lips of NTEB. Now she (REV) is back as Mullin?

  12. STL says:

    Ron: This just ran across my mind.

    Obama has a good reason for starting this war in Syria. The Senate gave him 90 days to get in and out. Now this limited attack with last more than a few days, and it will cost billions.

    Now the debt limit comes up for a vote to raise it, on Oct. 15, if we are in a war or conflict, Obama will get his vote to increase the debt limit.

    Just a thought!

  13. Bristol says:

    Good Morning Rev. Trolling again?

  14. STL says:

    MW: Mullin just admitted she is Rev. 2:9, WOW!

  15. Please, leave me out of this one. I have enough problems keeping Heather on a leash! :)

  16. STL says:

    MW: See how Ron, like’s including others, to defend his policies of his opinion of the scriptures. Sound something like Obama is trying to do, just to start a fight!

    I guess even Heather and Rev. 2:9 has the right to voice their opinions, because so far, we still have free speech in the USA!

    • My only problem with Her Heatherness is she (it?) took a swipe at me waaaaay back on a George Zimmerman thread. It was our first interaction, and she was her (it’s?) rude self. You never can re-do a first impression, they say.

      We had never interacted before, so I figured OK… Ya wanna Play?? I’ve owned her (it?) ever since. But to my credit I haven’t released the Kraken on her yet, because she really isn’t Kraken-worthy if you know what I mean.

  17. STL says:

    Ron: I’m sorry I attack you so many times, I’m asking forgiveness to you personally.

    Let’s guit bitching at each other, stop talking about Pre, Mid, or Post Tribulation, first our priorities should be leading the unrighteous ones to Salvation.

    We both are educated in Scriptures, we should know that our main goal on this eart in these last days, is to lead others to Salvation.

    Can we do that?

    • Ron Murphy says:

      Steve, I love ya, Brother. You know we are in the last days, as well as I do. I forgive you, and I hope you forgive me for insulting you, calling you a clown and believing in fairy tales. I know it’s your faith and you have every right to believe the way you see fit. I can not quit warning people of the times we must face ahead. I know you don’t believe what I say, and that’s fine, Brother. As long as you are aware of my teaching, then that is good enough for me. At least you will know what’s going on when it happens, but others still don’t understand. I’m here to help them to. You really just can’t tell, it might just happen the way I think it will. So if you can bare with me just to teach, as I’m sure you understand, there are some out their that won’t go in the rapture, so they might need to hear what I’m saying. Either way, I must continue in God’s will for my calling. It’s a crystal clear picture for me, Brother. I’m not promoting Ron Murphy, I’m promoting the word of the Lord. You will never see me getting rich, nor seek to. My message is not going to be popular enough to, anyway. I’m here for the Lord, only. Beat me up if you desire, I’ll forgive you. I must obey God, that’s all I’m concerned about. You can make it hard on me, or you can let me do it peaceably. That’s all up to you. But souls need saved , Brother and that is your job, don’t waste your time on me.

  18. STL says:

    TYPO= guit= quit

  19. this sent me over the edge, how long will they stay in business. selling to China, are you kidding me???


  20. Hey people… Check out the “Obama Supported Syria…” thread from yesterday. A lot of posts have been deleted. I have asked the moderator why, and not received any type of reply. He removed posts relating to the USS Liberty incident.

    Wonder why??

  21. STL says:

    Ron: You know I’m doing alot better than most christians, I read alot of Christian Prophecy books back in the 1970’s, and when I was studying scripture, I relized I needed to listen to God and prepare my life for the future, but most christians thought I was crazy or just pushing the issue. So here I’m am, after I listened to God, my christians friends and family do not think I’m crazy anymore. So I’m setting alot better than most, but when we all get to the beginning of the Tribulation, my finances will be gone, because I’l be given a choice the way of Satan or God, which I’ll choose God, i’ll be just like any other christian, broke!

    I’m a prepper and I will last a little longer, as I have enough food saved up for 1 year, after that I’m basically screwed. If your right, then I’ll be in the st part of the Tribulation, if I’m right we both will be in heaven, and alot of my family will be eating my food.

    So are you a prepper, since you believe in Post-Trib?

    I have 1/2 acres where I grow vegetables, I have chickens and a few pigs, I buying a milk cow. But with my luck, the Tribulation starts, an earthquake hits us, and kills me, so I guess at least in spirit I’ll be in Heaven?

    Only reason, I moved from USA, its alot cheaper to live here in Mexico.

    • Ron Murphy says:

      STL, I’m still working on the prepping, a little to pour to be setting secure, I do have things to get game with such as traps, ect. It will be a little easier in Mexico, I believe. I believe it will be at least 3 1/2 years before it starts getting serious though. Most of the sainst in tribulation die near the end of it. some will still be left alive though. The main thing is trust in the Lord all the way even unto death, Amen. Because we know what we do, we will also know just how real our God is. The word of His patience , Brother. God bless you.

  22. STL says:

    MW: I’ll show you that we need to tolerlate others, I and Ron tolerlate each other, even if our views are different, we are christian brothers.

    You said, we need to forgive, yes? So if we forgive that sin against us, then we should forget that sin against us. So we are tolerlating those sins?

  23. STL says:

    MW: Try this about tolerating others from scripture: Luke 11; 2-5 The Lord’s Prayer:

    Thy Kingdom Come
    Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
    Give us the day our daily bread,
    And forgive us our trepasses,
    As we forgive those who trepass against us.
    And not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

    So explain in your life, every time you back slided from Jesus, did it your own way, that listening to Jesus. Did not Jesus tolerated you, until you came back to him.

    And are not we suppose to act like Jesus.

    So again are we suppose to tolerate them?

  24. STL says:

    MW: How did I paint myself in a corner, I do not own any paint to speak of? LOL

    The Lord’s Prayer proved your wrong,

  25. “As we forgive those that trespass against us”.

    This is NOT tolerating sin, it is forgiving sin.

    You haven’t explained “Expel the immoral brother” yet and I suspect you won’t because you can’t.

  26. DCity, if you are reading these posts:


  27. Bristol says:

    Sometimes you just dust your feet off and move on. I think that’s what he has done. God be with him.

  28. Ron Murphy says:

    D City, leaving was a spiritual battle. That why he needs our prayers!

  29. The Pied Piper from Kenya is trying hard to lead America into the Abyss… We have sown to the wind; and are now: http://zionsgate.wordpress.com/2012/11/09/reaping-the-whirlwind/

  30. Dennis says:

    The seventy two so called virgins will be with these animals in an everlasting hell so horrifically hot that sex with them will be the furthest thing from their mind.

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