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Israel Launches New Biometric Database Tracking Project

| January 1, 2013


Israel unwittingly heads for the ‘time of Jacob’s trouble’

“Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob’s trouble; but he shall be saved out of it.” Jeremiah 30:7

The Old Testament prophets foresaw a time preceding the Day of the Lord, where Israel would go trough trial and testing, the likes of which it had not ever seen before. For those of us living now in 2013, who have witnessed the horrors the Jews went through in the 20th century, the prophecies take on an even greater significance. Whether you perceive the biometric database tracking project mentioned in this story as blessing or a curse really depends on if you believe the Jewish prophets or not. But before you fully make  up your mind, know this: for the last 3,500 years, they have had a 100% accuracy rate.

From Israel National News: Despite protests by privacy groups, Israel will begin amassing biometric data on its citizens beginning Tuesday. The pilot program for the biometric database will greatly enhance the ability of authorities to identify terrorists, supporters of the project say – while those opposed believe that the program will give the state unprecedented opportunity to control the lives of Israelis.


Technology has been a great blessing, but in the last days, it becomes a great curse.

The test program, which will continue for two years, will be voluntary. Israelis 16 and older who live in Ashdod, Petach Tikvah, and Kfar Sava will be asked if they want their fingerprints, a high resolution photo, and other information in a database that will be accessible to security forces, the courts, and, in some circumstances, police.

The law authorizing establishment of the database was passed in 2009, with the most enthusiastic supporter MK Meir Sheetrit, now number 5 on Tzippy Livni’s Hatnua list. Several human rights and privacy groups have filed numerous petitions against the project with the High Court. The court ordered the limited test program, and plans to review the program, and its impact, after the test period. source – Israel National News


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9 Comments on "Israel Launches New Biometric Database Tracking Project"

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  1. tommy says:

    just did this at my job,key in employee id number and then finger print id scan,first sign of the beast on the move.

  2. Faith says:

    Tommy, I have the veins ‘read’ on the back of my right hand.
    They are not telling employees this is what the hand scan does. People think it is just fingerprints.

  3. D. Digger says:

    Israel’s enemies are destroyed (Psalm 83) and later Israel will have to go into The Great Tribulation.

    Reminds me of Moses who was concerned about what other nations would think about a similar situation.

    Exodus 32:12: Wherefore should the Egyptians speak, and say, For mischief did he bring them out, to slay them in the mountains, and to consume them from the face of the earth? Turn from thy fierce wrath, and repent of this evil against thy people.

  4. Josef says:

    God’s Words (Bible) is true of what it says of the last days before the coming of the Lord…..

  5. david says:

    As I have said, I support the few dozen Torah Jews and Christians in Israel, or should I call it Rothschild land, but not the government which is the most evil government there is. EG: Among their crimes they murder innocent children. Even the flag & star of david is not what it is believed to be. As a veteran I have even worn this symbol. Trained in military intelligence, you get to a carreer point where there is a spiritual split to make a decision to either trust & serve the government, or to listen to the heart and depart from that dead-end future. An example of what they still don’t teach in Harvard or in military intelligence…. The so called star of david is a symbol for the corruptable energetic dimensions of entropy of which they are masters over. It’s greatest physical weapon is the earth itself, known as HAARP ( & the electronic cage).

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